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Male, 42, United States

Thu 5th Jun 2014

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Kejomo commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

This game is broken. Between the voting on dungeons, the lag, players dropping out, and losing connection, I'm barely progressing at all. Then when you play the single player and you fail it takes forever to get back in the game. It's a lot of replaying levels and wasting time.



Kejomo commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

@Deviant_Mugen I agree. I averaged about 800 - 1100 per match before the update. Played about 10 matches after the update and was averaging about 400 - 600 per match. I don't know if it was unfamiliarity of the maps or the new weapons were overpowered. I guess I'll have to relearn the game.



Kejomo commented on Disney Infinity 2.0:

I don't understand this... Do I have to buy a whole new starter kit to play or will the Marvel characters work with with the old software? My kids love this game but it's been a pretty big investment so far and I don't know if it's worth buying.