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Male, 41, United States

Thu 5th June, 2014

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Kejomo commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

@Deviant_Mugen I agree. I averaged about 800 - 1100 per match before the update. Played about 10 matches after the update and was averaging about 400 - 600 per match. I don't know if it was unfamiliarity of the maps or the new weapons were overpowered. I guess I'll have to relearn the game.



Kejomo commented on Disney Infinity 2.0:

I don't understand this... Do I have to buy a whole new starter kit to play or will the Marvel characters work with with the old software? My kids love this game but it's been a pretty big investment so far and I don't know if it's worth buying.