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Sir_JBizzle commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

@gamermole @MightyKrypto This is what I did: I bought the Wii U first, because it was released first. I bought the PS4 because it came out second. Then I bought the XB1 because it came out third... That's just how I roll. I don't like missing things on one system that I can't get on the other, though to be fair, I'm not a normal consumer either.

And if we HAVE to mention PC, I got a powerful gaming rig as well, but I never game on it because I hate PC gaming, but I just like having in the event I want to.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

Another example how Nintendo shaped the gaming industry further. Lol. If they hadn't created it's biggest rival, who in the world knows what would have happened. Now as it stands today because Nintendo's questionable decisions at times, Nintendo has ironically become it's own worse enemy. I still enjoy the fact that Nintendo tries to be different from the industry standard. You need that to break up the monotony, ya know?



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Aims to Avoid 'Notorious' Smart Devic...:

@Yorumi well that's why gave the user base theory as well, as I know the server theory may not have been very sound. I'm not much of a CoDer, but doesn't Splartoon maps rotate in a similar fashion to the aforementioned? I believe Titanfall was the same way.

Another theory I have, and I think I've seen it stated before, is that they weren't done refining/tweaking the all the stages and modes but they pretty much had to rush the game out the door with what they had at launch which if is the case is pretty crappy, but I understand the logic as they would have absolutely nothing to launch in May otherwise. I'm not even going to touch the legal aspect as I don't know if someone does or doesn't have a case. In the end, and I'm probably not alone in this, but i feel like there's enough content to justify my purchase. Also, it's not like I'm being charged beyond my initial investment, so there's that. You're clearly the minority in this situation, and probably blowing this out of proportion to be harsh for harsh sake.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Aims to Avoid 'Notorious' Smart Devic...:

@Yorumi Concerning Splatoon: Not sure how it's a scam. Is the drip feed of content slightly annoying? Maybe. But having played the game, the model is fine as it is. The only thing I wish at this point is that all the maps available were eligible for rotation as opposed to every four hours. Also I'm far from an expert in this field, and it's pure speculation on my part, but I'm thinking it has more to do with preventing server stress and testing it as they add more modes/maps. That and the Wii U user base is so small (so by extension the Splatoon user base) they don't want to further thin it out between modes and maps. The scam would come in if the content was locked on disc and they charged you for content/modes... Sort of like how Capcom went under fire for locking Street Fighter IV disc content behind a paywall I think?

Splatoon amiibo, from what I've heard from others, as I've yet to use them in game, is nothing more than merely reskinned challenges/gear. So it's something a little extra for those who've invested in amiibo. Which is fine by me. It gives my $35 purchase some purpose should I delve into that. Nintendo is in a no-win situation there. They either don't utilize it right/enough to some or some feel it's locking them out if content mo matter how minor or trivial. I'm far from saying Nintendo does everything right because Nintendo, as I know for sure they have their gaffs, but I think in the case of art least Splatoon it's being criticized sort of unfairly.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Pokémon Shuffle is Heading to Android and iOS...:

4.5 million downloaded, sure - but I've always wondered how many people have actually played vs how many people have the app on their 3ds because spotpass? I've never opened mine...


This is a good little revenue builder for Nintendo. Smart move. Even if it's not a shocker. I may actually download it so I'll have something to do when I need to kill time.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Cuddles Up to Fourth Spot...:

Glad to see Yoshi do so well. Batman? Yea, that's not much of a shocker. Like I said the other day, I love the latter, but boy do I miss the Gamepad map/inventory management functions of the Wii U Arkham games! Going back to the old way, makes Knight seem archaic. 😜



Sir_JBizzle commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

@rjejr true. But did we forget that they've shown XCX at E3 for the past few years now? And even dedicated a whole what? 1-2 hour Treehouse segment to it last year? I'd say the public has seen enough. All that's needed is a quick 90 second blurb and a release date. Marketing and commercials will take care of the rest. If they plan on a marketing push being it's their big holiday game, I can't see why they wouldn't.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

@rjejr Concerning XCX: I'm glad it only got a brief mention. They showed way more than enough for me over the last couple years to know I want it day one. All I wanted at this point was a date and I finally got it.

@Quorthon can you not be disappointed and also apologetic at the same time? That's the boat I'm in. By and large I was disappointed with the Digital Event, but some of the games they showed I was genuinely interested in. And obviously interested in the ones they neglected to show. Of course I own a PS4, X1 and PC also, so maybe that's why my mindset is the way it is, not to mention it's painfully obvious Wii U production is winding down.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

Digital Event aside, there are still some great titles on the way, I'm even interested in a few titles that they showed on Tuesday. So I'm not sweating too much, as I'm just going to enjoy the 18-24 months the Wii U has left. The Wii U has had some great games in it's short time and I don't regret my purchase one bit.

That said, part of me wonders if they left Devil's Third and Fatal Frame off because they're saving it for another, special Direct? They're mature games and didn't really fit the theme they were going for this week (whatever that was). Though I have a feeling that the absence of Devil's Third means that it's slipping to sometime in 2016 or beyond. Fatal Frame has a vague Fall date, it may suffer the same fate.

Though @rjejr may be on to something. ;-)



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

@rjejr To be fair, Reggie was probably asked about the tweet. Considering it's E3, and in America, it's technically in his jurisdiction. So it's his responsibility to spin (if that's what his comments were) He just can't not answer the question if it was indeed brought up. (sorry for the bold text Haha) That would be am admission of some kind of guilt. Really he's in a tough spot, Reggie was probably going to get ridiculed no matter what answer he gave. :-P



Sir_JBizzle commented on Feature: Nintendo Wins at Its Own Game - A Rev...:

@rjejr Horizon is actually the one game that made me take pause and gave me a "wow" moment. I was telling @JaxonH yesterday that it sort of reminded me of a Monster Hunter game (which could very well be far from the truth) I wanted more stuff like that.

I'll admit, CoD switching sides was surprising, but at the same time wasn't, as it was missing from the MS presentation so I figured it had to go somewhere. I mean who would leave CoD hanging. Lol

Most of the other stuff like Batman, Uncharted, Street Fighter V and what not, I already knew about and have made up my mind I was getting, so it really didn't do anything for me, which if anything is my one fear for Nintendo today - announcing a bunch of stuff they already talked about. So I suppose that was my main hangup with Sony's E3, despite it's strengths.

And I say this as a (and I'm sure you've seen me use this term before) rounded gamer, someone who owns and plays all three systems... So I'm totally not speaking from a fanboi POV. :-) but hey, I can't be mad at you about FF7R man. Everyone had that one or two things they flip their table for. Mine is Zelda and Batman.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Feature: Nintendo Wins at Its Own Game - A Rev...:

@rjejr "The Last Guardian.
FFVII remake
Shenmue 3

Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get it. Those games are more like a "finally!" to me than any conference winner and two of them aren't even platform exclusive. That said, Shenmue does have me excited, even if my excitement over it has waned over the years.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Apologises for eShop Issues Caused by...:

I tried a couple times in the first thirty minutes, then I left and walked my dogs and took care of house chores. Came back in a couple hours and things went off without a hitch. You don't pay for Nintendo's online, so I'm willing to take the trade off of the servers crashing with a popular release. It's after all not the end of the world...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Splatoon Storms to Top Spot in Japanese Charts...:

@Faruko That's pretty crazy how people were thinking Splatoon was going to be like TW101 2.0. Nintendo pushed this game. Hard. No way it was going to sell as low, especially considering the install base now vs a couple years ago.

If Nintendo cared about marketing for all their other games and the Wii U in general, as much as they do for games like Splatoon, they'd probably be in a much better place.



Sir_JBizzle commented on ​Lego Jurassic World Pre-Order Freebies Comi...:

@ikki5 (comment #51) is how I feel. As a rounded gamer and a person that would have absolutely no problem buying 3rd party games on Nintendo systems and actually have - I cannot, in my right mind, purchase any games that are gimped or has content foregone in comparison to other platforms, if anything, it prevents me from buying that game at all no matter the platform in question.

Concerning Nintendo, if I don't buy that third party game, no matter how valid the reason, that effectively makes me part of the problem. It's really a catch 22. I'm not buying a gimped game that the devs/publishers are giving me for X, Y and Z reasons (depending on what company it is).



Sir_JBizzle commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@Quorthon though the difference with Sony PS3 situation is that they never really lost 3rd parties... at least not the ones that really mattered. The worse thing that happened was MS got the lion's share of timed 3rd party exclusives, (if I'm not misremembering) and lost a few as people preferred to program on the 360 because it was easier and their online infrastructure was better. Sony's biggest problem out the gate was they almost priced themselves out of the war. PS1 and 2 were rousing successes, so I honestly think not as much confidence was as lost as folks like to make it. Really the PS4's primary success came from the PR nightmare surrounding the XB1. And great marketing. Something that if done correctly by Nintendo, they'd be sitting on little more than the what - 9.5 million units that are out in the wild?

Concerning the Wii U, I don't even know what the world they can do to build 3rd party confidence at this point. All but very few have jumped jumped ship and I'm sure they have no intention of jumping back on. Pretty hard to build confidence on a machine that no third party has an inkling of interest in for every reason under the sun. The only move I think Nintendo has at this point, and I've said this before, is listen to the third parties in what they would like to see in the NX and find that healthy comprise between Nintendo's innovation (read: different) and approach in hardware philosophy, and the power and ease of programming that 3rd parties seem to be comfortable with. For all we know that could be going on behind the scenes right now and we're not privy to it because of NDAs and aren't figureheads of any of these establishments. But my guess is every bit as valid as yours. The best thing Nintendo can do now is continue churning out whatever games/DLC they have left slated for the Wii U, move a few more units and move on.

Though my main point is we can say this and that about what's going to happen or what's not going to happen, but despite any opinions you, me or anyone else have, I still think it's fair to say it's all conjecture, as none of us have crystal balls, so all we're doing is spouting predictions.

Oh for the record, I would have been one of those Nintendo fans (and have been) that buys third party games on their platform (within reason). You can't lump us all into the same category, granted I will concede that there's probably very few of us.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@rjejr well it was also said early on that some Gamepad features were built with Zelda U in mind so, your argument has more merit. At this point, talking about what game will realise on what platform, like the what the NX us, everything we say is pure conjecture.

@Quorthon, who's to say that Nintendo doesn't already have 3rd parties lined up for NX (whatever is ends up being) or at least in the process? Perhaps is why it gives the appearance of little effort on Nintendo's part? Concerning 3rd parties, it would certainly be of little benefit for them to release any substantial titles on the Wii U, for one because of the tired argument of install base, and now you have a new platform on the horizon. But once again, conjecture.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

I wasn't upset yesterday more than just disappointed because I really wanted to play. Lol

Though I wasn't freaking out last night because I came to the conclusion that everybody was trying to get on at one time because it was the only time they could play, unlike the last time where you had the somewhat convenience of picking one of three slots. Then you'd have to wager the popularity of the last sessions brought even more people to try out the game. Considering those factors, this test was probably the most important test for Nintendo as meltdown level failure with the amount of people trying to get on gives them a better measuring stick of how to tackle the servers come launch.

It would've been nice if NoA kept us updated, but my theory is, (and thus goes for NoJ as well) it was late afternoon/early evening here and past dawn Sunday in Japan so that's why they couldn't be bothered by keeping us updated, meanwhile in Europe, most places it's near the middle of the night. Still really no excuse though. :-)



Sir_JBizzle commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

Well said, @BLP but the only criticism I have is not nearly enough words in bold type ;-)

Anyhoot given it's an E3 event, I didn't really expect them to go all out, but it makes sense to start off small and if it's a rousing success, they can go bigger in subsequent years. I have to agree with @JaxonH in that Remix 3DS was a really odd choice. If you had to do that game, at least make it the Wii U version.

If Nintendo have no time to develop a Wii U remix of current games, they could have used the SM3DW time trials or even Tropical Freeze, as the latter would have tied back to the Donkey Kong Country tourney they had at Blockbuster Video way back when.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: Nintendo World Championships 20...:

@rjejr your comment could have been counter-talking point in and of itself, Bravo!


I have a thought about "games" possibly featured in the NWC2015, what if it isn't any one game, rather a brand new game (basically a Wii U version of World championship) that will be released on the Wii U eShop during E3 week. I'm sure there is some logic fail in my thought process. :-)



Sir_JBizzle commented on Silver Edition Mario amiibo Hits North America...:

Nintendo sure is running with the "Leave luck to Heaven" concerning amiibo. Lol I'm getting a Silver Mario, but this is like what? The fourth Mario variant? The worst part is that three of these variants are nothing more than palette swaps, as they all read as SMB Mario (at least in the case of Hyrule Warriors) time to plan out a Silver Mario could have been used for another reprint. Though I suppose that maybe some of the SMB Mario allocation was used for re-paints, being that it uses the same mold.

@rjejr I'm with you on the silver paint. I remember half joking a good while back (I think with you) that Nintendo would probably make Gold Mario unlock special gold paint in Splatoon, just to ruffle people's feathers because of the lack of Gold Marios in the wild. :-P



Sir_JBizzle commented on Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo R...:

@tsukipon I'm thinking it's a mixture of greed and demand, you gotta remember the US customers are importing so overseas retailers are adjusting prices to cash in on that. Some places you can't even import from, so I'm not sure why those paticular retailers are raising prices.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

@rjejr I'd image they mean shelf space relative to the shelf space their contemporaries receive. It may be different out east, but here in midwest it's maybe 15-20 hooks or 2 smaller shelves underneath the amiibo demo. Of course those are filled with commons like Mario, but it all goes back @ASonic3582 explanation.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I got in for a session and a half and enjoyed every bit of it. It definitely left me wanting more, so if that was the goal, mission accomplished. Speaking of which, I think 100% that three short sessions was absolutely the right call. With only 4 weapons and two stages, perhaps part of Nintendo's thinking was they didn't want us to burn out for lack of variety. Though I suppose it wouldn't have hurt to do a few more sessions to cover a wider variety of times.

@IceClimbers I totally agree with your assessment of voice chat. The only thing I'd say about that is perhaps there should be a lobby chat just to co-ordinate with your team on who's taking what weapons into battle, as from a strategic standpoint, you probably don't want everyone to take rollers with them. Or maybe have the ability to adjust your load out before starting.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Announces Higher Than Expected Profit...:

@Quorthon if I recall, Bayo 2 didn't hit the Nintendo million units club, so they didn't feel like they should mention it? But it also sold within expectations and both games tracked better on Wii U than its last gen counterparts (If I'm not misremembering) it would seem odd to leave it off. Though perhaps it's more due to the fact it's not really a Nintendo IP, even if they published the darn thing. Baffled.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR your story hit me right in the feels... I share a similar story. Instead of drawing out levels on paper, I used all my toys and stuff available in my room to build levels. I typically used my G.I. Joes and Ninja Turtles in place of Mario. Sometimes I used Legos to layout levels. I would take my mom's recorder, fire up SMB, and tape it so I could have the soundtrack to play out my levels...

So yea, this Mario Maker game has me excited in ways that LBP and the like couldn't dare touch. After all it's probably the closest I'll get to my childhood dream of working at Nintendo :-)