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Sir_JBizzle commented on Discontinued amiibo Figures Could Be Released ...:

@mike_intv I'm assuming sans Lucario? I tried pre-ordering him and it wouldn't let me add to cart. So I switched to my computer and it didn't show up in search results at all. Sad Sir_JBizzle is sad. :-(

On topic: I'm down for cards, and it's a great idea to have for those that missed out, but it's way too soon to be looking at that route. I do hope from here on out retailers will put a hard limit on how many of one amiibo you can buy at once if it's true that toys r us is doing that!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

@Mchl496 I don't have a problem with Nintendo moreso than the eBay opportunist. They're the ones driving up the demand. Though concrete info from Nintendo would be nice. Then again Ninty said from the get-go that some will be discontinued. When all is said and done, I've calmed down a bit as I haven't had too much trouble finding the amiibo I wanted, sans the Wii Fit Trainer, which is my fault for not picking up one when they were in numbers. Also, I eventually figured what was the use of deciding to open or not open my amiibo. I have a special curio to display my amiibo with my faves on my desk. Even if I didn't open them years down the line, I'd never sell them anyways. That said, I did pre-order two of Shulk. I may see if I can get some of my amiibo investment back. Haha

@agqwestern like someone said above, the game pad is kind of awkward for this game, especially as it pertains to the shoulder/trigger buttons. My hands are big, so for a game like this, I personally have problems hitting the wrong face button at times.

@RadoGoji so that's what happened with Luigi, Pit, and Capt Falcon! I've been in the look out for them with no luck. Though I have seen them on eBay, so I thought I missed out there for a second.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Yo-Kai Watch: Shin'uchi Storms to Japanese Cha...:

@Lloyd_Wolven I'm still trying to figure out Yokai Watch myself! If it comes to the west I just may buy it sight unseen. Haha.

Concerning the article: Man, I was hoping Wii U could pull more numbers. Especially with Smash out. But darn it, good for Nintendo overall. When you dominate the charts overall with software (13/20) and hardware (owning 4 of the top 5 spots and why is the OG 3DS still selling five figures?) it's easy to see why Nintendo can stay afloat despite the Wii U not selling like gangbusters... Of course the caveat is this is Japan.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@rjejr that's exactly how I got my Xenoblade. The B2G1... I can't remember the third game I got, but I know games 1 & 2 were XC and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Concerning exclusives, I could see where exclusive skins would be idea. Heck, I even can see where having exclusive characters could be idea, paticularly Shulk, being he's a character in a game that was unique to GameStop. But the way Nintendo has handled the regular amiibos doesn't give me faith that things will be handled smoothly with exclusives. They've stopped taking pre-orders for Shulk, and you can't even pre-order Rosalina (the one amiibo I really want), Meta Knight and Luciano is hit or miss depending how Toys r Us is feeling that day. So I'm not even sure what's gonna happen if I don't manage to get a pre-order in for any of them. I'll hold out hope and keep grinding!

@Grumblevolcano I can envision GameStop doing exactly what you're saying. I'm still kinda peeved that I tried to pre-order Shulk the other day, and they kicked him out of my cart when I checked out. I may have to go into the store personally and do so tomorrow.

Speaking of GameStop, they are kind of ticking me off with this one Wii Fit Trainer they have in stock in my area. It's been on hold for well over a week, and they won't release it for sale.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@rjejr I'm in the group that's beginning to be put off by the whole amiibo fiasco. It's the lack of stock across retailers that's bugging me the most, as I have to zip back and forth across town, just for one or two. Then eventually I'll have to deal with retailer exclusives and even that's being elusive as I'm unable to pre-order those.

That said, I have all of wave 1, sans the Wii Fit Trainer, which I may have to resort to eBay and I have part of wave two. Which is frustrating because I'm unsure of the release dates. I know some stores broke street date, so that's how I got my hands on Zelda and Litte Mac. The stores in my area only got enough Diddy Kong to fill some pre-orders, so I'm holding out hope that more will be in this week. Luigi, Pit and Captain Falcon on the other hand I'm unsure of as I'm getting conflicting info and I haven't seen them in stores at all I'm hearing either a 12/19 date or 12/30 date depending on who I'm talking to. I've managed to pre-order all of wave 3, minus the exclusives.

As far as the Gamecube adapter, as you guys already know, I lucked out on that as on a random trip to GameStop I came across a used one that was just sold to them. I have four near mint controllers and Wavebirds already, so I wasn't wanting for controllers fortunately.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:


If Nintendo is making more money than MS and Sony, why has there been two years of constant losses? Where the hell is this magic money coming from when the Nintendo consoles have far, far fewer games being released on them?

I agree with your argument in principle, and I'm not denying that Nintendo is in an awful spot, and that they have work to do when it comes to advertising and staying in touch with the pulse of the consumer, but to put a different perspective on on the situation, the one thing you have to remember is that Nintendo, until the Wii U era, has always been profitable year over year. I think they have rarely sold their hardware at much of a loss, if at all. So one could argue that as solely a video game company, they have a much larger war chest than Sony or Microsoft. Working on a surplus, they can absorb a few failures, otherwise they would have been dead after the N64 era.

Which brings us to the 'magic money.' That's simple - Nintendo is propped up by their handheld division, which had always done extremely well. They had a slip-up with the 3DS, but it has made up for itself by now.

Even though Nintendo doesn't have the the 3rd party support the other two have, they can survive off their own titles are because the great deal of their games are evergreen titles. I'd wager that even if Mario Kart 8 falls off the top 40, it'll make its way back on the list... Heck MK7 still manages to creep on there every now and again, and as niche of a title Tomodachi Life is, it's still on the list. Nintendo themselves said they make a profit with each piece of software sold. Obviously with first party game sales, most of the money is coming back to Nintendo, as opposed to if a 3rd party game was sold.

EDIT: That said, they can't live off of 1st party perpetually. They need to find some way to get them back on board. It may be too late for this gen. But next gen, they are going to have to do something, anything to get that support, lest they want their next system to be, to put in your words, their Dreamcast.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Video: We Go Hands On With Some 2nd Wave amiib...:

I'm hoping to pick up a Diddy Kong this week I noticed stock this weekend, but it was all taken up to pre orders. I saw Zelda and Mac as well so I didn't want to take any chances, so I picked those up. Hopefully I can beat everyone to Captain Falcon and Pit. Haha



Sir_JBizzle commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

@sillygostly that's what I should've done. Worked backwards and got the rare ones first. That was totally my first mind! Good thing I did manage to snap up a Villager and Marth. I didn't think the Trainer was going to be so hard to find as they were in a somewhat abundance. But of course that was right before the story broke about the "discontinuation" the rare ones slightly differ in my area. Mario, Fox and paticularly Peach are in abundance. Pikachu, DK, Link and Samus I can still find several in stores. From there, Kirby and Yoshi are hit and miss depending on retailer and obviously, you can't find the other three.

@ericwithcheese2 yea Ninty miscalculated for sure! It's so maddening! Haha. It's understandable, considering the Wii U install base. And it's not as if they had a marketing blitz for the toys, so they probably didn't want to seen bins of their toys not selling. (which I think will be the case with Mario Bros specific characters) I do honestly think that if I'm patient, then they'll send at least another batch of the "discontinues" before all is said and done. I'm just more or less kicking myself for not following through on my foresight. Lol



Sir_JBizzle commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

@ericwithcheese2 I know what you mean about the whole breaking the street date thing! There was a Zelda and Diddy Kong at my GameStop when I was there today, so I just went on and picked those up! I'm hoping they didn't get the others in and I just missed out.

I'm beginning to not care about the whole amiibo thing. It's wearing me out trying to hunt them all down. And now I have three different stores I have to deal with as far as buying exclusives, that's if my pre-orders don't get cancelled because of no stock. The GameStops in my area are playing games with the one Wii fit trainer they have in stock. I was told it's been on hold at a GameStop for a week and they won't release it. Now it looks like upon just checking, got transferred to the gamestop I was at this morning! I'm not even mad at them, it's the damn eBay sellers that snatched all of them up and have control of the market. I'm even more so upset at Nintendo for not making enough and paying for more retail space. You'd almost think they weren't in business for 125 years the way they are handling this. I sent them a tweet today about this whole thing. Not that they would acknowledge it. Okay I'm done ranting! Haha



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

I'm still looking for the Wii Fit Trainer... Hopefully Nintendo does send more stock of wave one when wave two gets in, if anything to spite the resellers. They're controlling the market right now, as they snatched up a batch of the "discontinued" amiibo. I saw one guy on eBay with at least five listings of each one. Ridiculous.

Though I wonder, and I think I've said this before, if it's truly demand or is it perceived demand because of the abhorrent lack of shelf space? The allotted shelf space as/is will cause problems when wave 2, 3 and beyond start rolling in...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

@Spartacus3765 the Walmarts in my area after their abysmal selection finally started to get some in. I just picked up the last Marth and Villager yesterday. There were still five Fit Trainers left, that I assume I'll pick up this week (Just one, not all five lol)

I 100% agree with you @rjejr, discontinuing any amiibo before the end of the complete run would be a mistake especially at the rate they are releasing them. Hopefully amiibo are selling well and it gets more shelf space rather than it being an illusion of selling well for lack of stock...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

@Captain_Gonru though I wonder, if maybe a new Fire Emblem makes it's way out, perhaps Nintendo would do a second run of Marth amiibos? But then would they rebrand it as Fire Emblem amiibo? Or would they keep the Smash branding?

Hopefully, they'll keep all the amiibo around at least until the 3rd wave is released to give budget conscience collectors a chance at grabbing them all. At the very least continue to sell them on Nintendo's site or something... And as much as we hate exclusivity, perhaps they should partner with some stores to carry a larger, continuous selection of amiibo, if shelf spaces is ultimately an issue...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

Well that's good to know. Had I known this info before, I wouldn't have went on a mad dash to find Villager, Marth and Fit Trainer. But thanks to the worry of trying to find them, I ended up finding a used GameCube adapter at my local GameStop yesterday that was sold to them an hour prior!! They were having a 30% off accessory sale, so that with my rewards discount and coupon I walked out with it for around 8 bucks! Who says GameStop is a terrible place to shop!? :-) I found the figures I wanted at Walmart.




Sir_JBizzle commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

@Nictendo64 I can play without the GCN controller, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't more comfortable and my preferred method of playing. Though the Pro Controller is almost just as comfortable to me. The thing that holds it back for me are the buttons, they're too small for my larger hands. (though that can be said for just about every other game that uses the pro controller)



Sir_JBizzle commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

I actually found a Smash bundle at one of my GameStops yesterday when I went to pick up a couple of amiibos. I bought it and sold the game to my friend for 50 bucks and kept the adapter and controller. Sure, I lose 10 on the deal, but that's better than getting price gouged on Amazon/Ebay.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:

@JaxonH I don't think it'll ever stop! Haha. I had to manage expectations and punt on a few of those until I feel like I'm at a good point so for now, I skipped out on Halo, GTAV and Far Cry 4. I may go ahead and pick up Pokémon, because 3DS games are the only ones I get through because portability.

Heck, I may just go ahead and pick up Halo and GTAV before the end of the year anyways. Haha


Oh how is Persona Q? Is it any good?



Sir_JBizzle commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:

@JaxonH @Mooj738 I feel your pain! So many games, so little time. I'm trying to commit to finish Bayonetta buy then I still have Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and now Smash! (which is taking up the lion's share of my gaming time) Not to mention Capt Toad is right around the corner and I still have Sunset Overdrive to get through!! It's hard being a responsible adult and gamer sometimes. Haha

Concerning the article, I'm loving how committed they are to expanding the Hyrule Warriors experience!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@XCWarrior TL;DR :-P

Concerning the article, good read! One thing to add if there was a #6, backwards compatability with all Wii games/accessories.

I know the point is to sell the Wii U and it's current crop of games but I kid you not, I sold a friend of mine on Wii U, almost on that fact alone (she also felt the Gamepad sounded invaluable). She was shopping consoles for her 5 year old and herself and wanted to add a Nintendo to the line up (she only had a PS3 last gen and she wanted) and she asked what's the best to get, a Wii or Wii U. I mentioned the Wii U's BC and the fact she'd have two amazing libraries at her disposal and she was on board!

EDIT: just finished reading the rest of the comments after taking too long to type on my mobile. Of course @rjejr was on top of Backwards Compatibility. Haha good comment all around!!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

@Allx360 Sonic Adventure 3 would be amazing!

I hope Sega can get on the right track with Sonic, as the series has been too inconsistent over the years. It seems like for every good/decent game they develop there are two mediocre/bad games. Nintendo would never buy Sonic, but maybe they could hand the keys to one of Nintendo's arms for a go, say maybe Retro? Or at least a collaborative project between them and Team Sonic.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

I'm having trouble finding amiibo in my area sadly! At least the ones I want. I may have to go the mail order route (even though I don't want to) btw, Walmart is the WORST place to go for amiibo. All my local one had on launch was 4 marths and the amiibo display... Flanked on each side by a ton of Infinity characters!





Sir_JBizzle commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Hits 10 Million Sale...:

@WiiLovePeace By my count, it's nine if you exclude 3D Land/World (they're close enough to 3D to not count IMO) and include the Kirby, Yoshi and Donkey Kong games. Though you could argue that DKC Returns 3D is is essentially a port of the Wii game and that Luigi U could be considered a game since they released it as a standalone, but after it was initially an expansion pack of the base game. For that reason, I didn't include it on the list. In any case, at least the games are spread out between three consoles. Here's what I came up with:

Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Yoshi's New Island
New Super Mario Bros 2
New Super Mario Bros Wii
New Super Mario Bros U
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze



Sir_JBizzle commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

@sinalefa @rjejr I vote for the DDP to be extended as well. Nintendo needs their incentive program. Microsoft has theirs with XBox Live Rewards (in which I've received tons of credit from that since it's inception) and Sony has their Sony Rewards Program. Sure you can say that we have Club Nintendo, but that's not exactly the same.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS):

@FullbringIchigo I never played the Mega Drive version. I think at the time, I had to choose between that one and the SNES version. I remember regretting that choice, as the former had Megazord battles. Ha.

@RaphaBoss Zeo vs. The Machine Empire I believe was the game... I remember that have stiff controls and choppy character movement. There was also Zeo Battle Racers for the SNES. I found that one pretty fun. It was sort of like Super Mario Kart, as it used Mode 7. I wish I still had that game as it's quite a rare cart!

EDIT: A quick peruse through eBay shows that the pieces have come down drastically since the time I had looked for it... I may have to jump on a copy.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS):

Given how lame this season of Power Rangers is even when judging it by itself, it's not a surprise that the game is a dud. Then again, has there ever been a decent Power Rangers game?

@LunaticPandora I think the Disney era gets a lot of undeserved hate in the Power Rangers fan community. Sure, they had a couple of duds, but they put together some really decent seasons.



Sir_JBizzle commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Ha. I do tend to overthink things a bit sometimes. I've read your posts and I do agree with you, and I should have pointed that out in my last post to you, about it being heralded as the "future" (in the context of it being a mind blowing thing) it just seems like the natural evolution of digital servicing. Like I said in my way earlier post, I think most people are excited about this because from a Nintendo fan perspective, it seems like they are getting with the times, as pre-downloading brings them parity with Microsoft/Sony. I feel like that's what was meant by a step in the right direction for Nintendo specifically.

Though I feel like we're all just speculating about how the pre-loading is occurring. We don't know if they do all the pre-orders en masse, or at Point of Sale (given that you can't get a refund for digital pre-orders typically) for all we know, when the pre-order bulk data is ready, they could distribute it in waves as opposed to all at once, similar to how Google distribute updates to their core Android apps. Without knowing what happens behind the scenes, we can only speculate what effects things have on their servers. Though even still, now that you have the pre-load people out of the way, that leaves everybody else who will just go to the eShop on the night of which will for certain lighten the load on the servers and help downloads speed along.

I'm not sure I get the Forza example you gave. Does this pertain to Pre-loading the game, or when it's already available. I'm not a Forza guy, so I don't know how they handled that. However, when pre-loading went live for Sunset Overdrive, I took advantage of it, and on release night, there was a very small install, which took less than a second, and I was ready to play the full game. I'm assuming that install was the unlock key, which I'm hoping that will be the case with Smash (and it seemed from the tone of the article, what the author is hoping is the "minimum requisite data") That's the selling point of the "feature", particularly if you're all digital. if you can have pretty much the whole game on the hard drive, ready to go at launch, then all you have to do is boot up the game at midnight and you're good to go. No waiting in line at midnight (for the midnight launch customers). Also, for those that know they are getting the game digitally, but they aren't staying up to play it at midnight, then it will just be ready for them when they do decide to play. So I don't know what the disconnect is with you and this service, outside of the fact people are excited about it.



Sir_JBizzle commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu by your logic, pre-downloading is about a laziness tool as sitting on a couch playing the games you're downloading... Unless you're just against digital in general. I think you're looking at it wrong, it's not a tool for laziness, more than a tool for efficiency for Nintendo as it pertains to server capacity and whatnot. It just benefits us as a consumer for the ability to play our games sooner.

"The future changes our lifestyle, environment, our societal standards in ways that our general experiences in life are largely impacted."

It does when you think about it. Me pre-loading a game helps Nintendo out by not overloading their servers on launch. If the servers aren't overloaded, then more people can play their games sooner. It saves Customer Service the headache by not having to field a bunch of angry emails and calls, It saves the IT guys a headache of trying to rush around and fix server problems.

It helps me, because for one, I don't pay taxes on eShop purchases. It saves on clutter in my house. It gets me to my game sooner, which gives me more time to play with my other friends or people that has pre-downloaded (societal standards, anyone?) Also As busy as my job keeps me, sometimes I'm not in the mood to make my way to GameStop. So it saves me a trip there which helps the environment because:

I'm not wasting gas by driving. The less gas I'm using, the less harmful emissions are being pumped into the air. Also, It's one less disc that has to be manufactured and every disc that's not manufactured is a carton that doesn't go to a landfill eventually.

BTW, isn't calling something a "laziness tool" another way attacking people and calling them lazy for utilizing a service being provided?



Sir_JBizzle commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

I think this is great, if for nothing but to bring parity with the other two platforms (This article neglects to mention that Microsoft has pre-download for some of their titles as well) I think that's the reason people who's primarily digital are very excited about this. Myself included. It's far from useless or unimportant.

Pre-downloading essentially shifts a huge download digital buyers would have made at midnight on launch to an earlier point in time, which will vary by when someone pre-orders, thus reducing server load, sans whatever day-one patch is needed, if that's particularly small, shouldn't be a problem for Nintendo.

Touching on server capacity, their last huge release, Mario Kart 8, I was up and running in 45 minutes, a tad quicker with Hyrule Warriors and both Bayonettas, so I doubt they'll have any issues with servers as they have come a long way from the Wii U day one patch and SM3DW (which took about 1.5 hours)

The biggest benefit is for people who are midnight launch buyers. No waiting to download and install, no waiting in lines. Just launch and go. Not to mention that launch is Midnight EST in the States, so that's 11pm when I'm at home, or when I'm out on business out west, it's 9pm. It was a great thing to just hop on and play Sunset Overdrive when the clock hit 11 earlier this week.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@IceClimbers you said almost the same thing I was going to say.. Besides, the game at the center of discussion, Smash Bros. It's not like it's unplayable on the new hardware, or even crippled for that matter, well unless you care about suspend states and Miiverse.

As far as the New 3DS, I'm sure they'll keep the exclusives to a few, just like they did with the GBC and DSi...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

@Punished_Boss This may go down as the longest thread in NintendoLife history! I don't know how versed you are in urban vernacular, but the thirst is real in this comment section!. [insert Vegeta "it's over 9000 gif here]

That said, I do have more codes than I do actual friends that have 3DSes, so I'm going to start at the bottom of this page with the first two I saw when I started typing out this comment. Have either @MegaStoneSmash91 or @IceClimbers received a code yet?