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Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

@JaxonH@ Spoony_Tech I haven't played a whole lot of strategy games, but I can honestly say STEAM has genuinely piqued my interest. I know I'll more than likely pick it. If noting but to say, "hey Nintendo, I support new IP"

I hear you guys talk a lot about Fire Emblem. Do you have any other suggestions of strategy games I should pick up to get my feet wet?



Sir_JBizzle commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

@JellySplat I suppose my line if thinking is that there would be tons of red and black 3DSs made... At the very least they'll keep supplying/producing them. Why not just do a short production run of limited ones... They don't even have to do it for more than 3-4 months really. Just long enough to fulfill pre-orders and backorders. You gotta think some will eventually get impatient and just get a regular colored one. Lol



Sir_JBizzle commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

I could never get my hands on one. Which in and of itself, I'm not too hurt, because I was on the fence about it anyways (wasn't quite feeling the color). Though it seems like the solution would be to make it a limited edition for X amount of months, then stop selling/producing them. That way it takes power away from scalpers while giving people a chance to procure one if they want one. But I suppose that would kind of take the "limited" out of "limited edition", eh?



Sir_JBizzle commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

Lucario and Rosalina are the only ones that elude me, as I've never been able to pre-order them. I have a feeling I may have to try my luck at importing them or get lucky by winning with a low bid on eBay.

As for the rest, I've pre-ordered them all and haven't received any bad news... Yet.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

I think overall, use of amiibo in games are subpar, but I'm just really collecting them because I love Nintendo and they look cool. The fact they work in games is a bonus (backwards thinking, I know... But I feel I'm the target audience Nintendo had in mind. Lol) folks who aren't really that into video games always admire the Pit, Samus and Falcon amiibo I have on my desk.

As far as me using them in games, I unlocked the MK8 costumes and I use them daily in Hyrule Warriors and that's it really. I haven't been bothered to level up in Smash. As far as upcoming games, STEAM looks like an intriguing use, but I haven't decided if I want that game yet. It looks like MP10 will use them well, but I'm not that into MP, but I might get it for Family and friends game night at my place.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

@rjejr the faceplates seem like a cash cow according to everyone that wants the standard one I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo release the Standard New with a ton of faceplates around E3 time to capitalize on the media attention.

@JaxonH has the full upgrade armor, so he probably wins! Haha

Speaking of settle it in Smash, does the NintendoLife community ever get together for some Smashing? It'd be awesome to lock horns and practice with you guys!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

@rjejr you definately have a point about the 2DS, though I wonder how well it has sold and if they would even deem it worthy to even update it to "New" status? Also, could they make the new additions with out making concessions in it's low entry price? I also wonder if they'll even bother to release the Standard New 3DS. We can say "supply constraints", but given that Nintendo is releasing two special edition N3DSes, it almost clear what Nintendo's priority is in the states. They seem content on selling the XLs with the flood of special editions that that's become commonplace with them.

@k8sMum I might as well throw my hat in this cereal convo too. I'm a Cap'n Crunch and Froot Loops guy! The 'hot chicks in bikinis' if they gotta stay on the beach, I'm joining then with cereal in hand! :-D



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Kicks Off a "Throwback Sale" on the e...:

Bought them all (with the exception of SM3DW, as I already have that) interesting note, I was pleasantly surprised that Nintendo has widened the selection of games you can buy digitally on their eShop site. I'm getting my tires changed this morning, and I was able to buy what I wanted while waiting. So suffice to say, it will be waiting for me when I get home...

On a some what related note, I'm upset that I forgot my 3DS at home... I still need to finish A Link Between Worlds. Ha.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Video: Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offe...:

I'm getting these games for the fact I don't have to get up and put in the disc (lazy, I know) and at 10 bucks, it's a pretty solid deal. I'll make a net of $5 for galaxy and $2 for prime, so there's that.

@rjejr there's a 17 character limit on naming the Wii U folders, but my OCD won't allow me to stomach words to be split in rows especially when:


Looks like...


So I just named my TV folder VOD :-P



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@rjejr I was actually considering the Tab 4... Now that I know it has a mono speaker, I'll pass. I'm more keen on the Tab S series anyhow, which I believe have the stereo speakers. That or the Note Pro 12.2... Though I'm tempted to wait until the MWC in March to see if Samsung have any new tablets on the horizon before I pull the trigger on getting a new tablet. This is way off topic, but what can I say? I like talking tech. Haha

EDIT: by the way, I don't think that's petty at all. Gotta go where best your preferences are met, right?



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@rjejr just read yours, I was thinking system transfer by binding your hard linked data to the SD, then pop in SD to the target device and binding it to the system memory on transfer. I just wasn't very clear. Haha.

And yea, I could see some sort of class action suit coming. Lol. I think a couple of devices I bought came without an adapter, with the exception of Samsung devices. Though I suppose if you're going to use a proprietary method like Nintendo loves to do, it would be wise to include a charger.

@Spoony that's stupid the way Nintendo makes you jump through hoops, but it is what it is I suppose. Thanks for the info. I'm pretty chummy with my GameStop guys so I'm sure they'll take care of me in that regard. Thanks!



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@darthllama Ahhh gotcha! I almost figured as much based on Wii to Wii U system transfer. When I say unlink my NNID I should've been more clear. I was thinking I could at least start the system transfer and then finish when I have the new system. Or is that done by linking the two systems in the same session?



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@rjejr I almost think that's where tech is going, even some mobile phones don't package things like headphones and USB cables/adapters anymore because they figure the average have a zillion laying around. I'm thinking Nintendo is banking on the average Nintendo consumer having a DS charger or two laying around somewhere. If not, perfect time for an upsale! We all know GameStop will be the first to let you know so they can sell the normal Joe something extra! Lol



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@Spoony good thing I'm forward thinking. I use a micro SD card already for my 3DS XL. So all I have to do is pop out our of the SD adapter and I'll be good to go.

Though one question. I'll be trading my XL in for the newer one, so I can just separate my NNID from the old XL, pop in my micro SD into the New XL and bind my NNID to it and I'll be good to go right? I won't necessarily need both systems in hand to do the system transfer, tight? (I'm noob to that since I've evert only owned one 3DS lol)



Sir_JBizzle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Was going to order the MM N3DS but apparently GameStop says it's not available :-( I already have the Black XL, so I guess red it is.

Concerning the lack of AC adapter in the N3DS, it's basically a power play by Nintendo to squeeze more profit from every unit sold and to get the customer to buy an official one separately, thus gaining more profit. Also from the sound of it, the most ardent 3DS owners have at least two already from their previous purchases (you can use one at a time, right?) , so in part Nintendo is making a business decision based on that. It sucks for someone like me who's going to trade in my sole XL for a newer model or for first time buyers, but such is life.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@DESS-M-8 I wouldn't be too mad if they resurrected the NES moniker. Call it the "New NES" or "NES 7". Maybe bring some of the old Nintendo magic back. :-)

@Quorthon I'm not too sure Nintendo even wants to try with the Wii U anymore at this point. If I was a betting man, I think they will probably just get what they can out of it and move on... Though let's just say Nintendo goes all in with the Wii U from this point. Perhaps they should take a page out of Sony's book and form a third party relations division. As we discussed before, everything doesn't have to be a Bayonetta. Or even what Sony has done concerning Street Fighter V (and Ultra IV), I just think they need to be more aggressive in regards for third party support or have a team concentrated solely on that. Heck who knows, if they were aggressive they might have been able to keep RE Chronicals from jumping ship, or able to get the RE HD remake ported over to the Wii U or any number of things, really....



Sir_JBizzle commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@Wouwter will this suffice? :-)


I agree with @ZenTurtle both devices having the same architecture for easier development and portability. To add, tie it all together via NNID. So you purchase games for whatever format you like. Though if they are even thinking about the Fusion rumor that's floating around, I could see a a Gamepad 2.0 device that's standalone but also doubles as the main console controller with all the bells and whistles of the previous one, except with a better screen, micro SD slot for downloads, and a card slot for portable games. Hopefully that would lead to buying a VC or indie game once and saves and everything would link across formats.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Nintendo Sending Out amiibo Surveys to Select ...:

I got one almost a month ago. I think there were a couple questions where you could type a free form answer, so I took that opportunity to discuss amiibo availability, eve if they didn't ask about it. I did that on the Smash survey as well though in that one I got to express my concerns about the gamecube adapter as well.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Toys "R" Us amiibo Pre-Orders Cancelled Again:

I'm thinking that maybe I should have pre-ordered my Rosalina and Lucario across the pond like others have done... This is getting pretty out of hand. sigh

@DiscoGentleman how long ago did you try to pre-order Meta Knight? I did mine a couple months ago, no problem. They took my money then they refunded it about a week later, I checked my orders and Meta Knight was still open... I've never pre-ordered anything from BB before, so them refunding the money was kind of odd. I wonder if that's just some temporary hold on my funds to make sure was a valid card? Anyhoot December 2015 is just one of those generic placeholders, I believe...



Sir_JBizzle commented on Video: Hacker Allegedly Shows Hidden Duck Hunt...:

@rjejr Haha thanks. It hasn't been a too bad a hit on my wallet. I was just thinking this morning, as I saw that my Pit is on his way today, that I've spent over well 500 dollars (If you include gas on amiibo runs alone) by the time Wave 3 is all said and done. It was just more or less a "Good god!" moment. :-)

6 weeks sounds reasonable, honestly. Though distribution leaves a lot to be desired, by how crazy the waves were coming in. I almost feel like maybe they should have come in 6 at a time, 6 weeks apart. Though in hindsight, the next wave of 11 isn't due until February. So that's at least another 8-10 weeks from the last wave so perhaps the time frame is more reasonable than I'm thinking considering that they do have to get out the Smash amiibo roster in a timely fashion. They got some way to go, as after wave 3, they still have another 19-21 (depending on if they do Dark Pit and/or MewTwo)

After all is said and done, the hunt has been fun, if not a tad stressful. I've pre-ordered everything I could now so that should make subsequent hunts a little easier on me. Haha ;-)



Sir_JBizzle commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

I can't even touch on the subject, as I've yet to get online with the bloody game... I'm trying to up my ZSS game so I don't go in there and get my arse handed to me. For some reason, I play at a pretty decent, competitive level at say, Street Fighter, but Smash, I struggle at a little more. I'm not terrible or a noob or anything like that, but my skills some what lack in comparison. Le sigh! :-)

Where's a good place to go for some intermediate skill builders or some proficient training? Lol



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@Quorthon Oh yeah, I'm definitely not talking about reviving a ton of franchises, just key ones that people are clamoring for, that probably won't see the light of day. For example, and I may be the minority, I want Mega Man, X, and Legends games. Capcom and Nintendo seem to have a good thing going on with that franchise, with him being in Smash and all the eShop releases, so reviving that would be perfect for Nintendo. I'm for sure on board getting console exclusives for various PC/Mobile titles.

I keep forgetting about the discount aspect of the subscription services. I'd pay for a sub to get discounts on games for sure. I got Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 season passes at a good Gold discount this year as well as Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider for half off. That's not to mention all the games I got on Sony's various flash sales. You can't beat Lego Marvel for 8 bucks, ya know!

Zelda is my favorite all time franchise, so I'm a little biased, but I never mind seeing a new Zelda game. Wind Waker, I never finished because around the time of the original release as my GameCube got stolen, so the remake was the best thing that happened for me.

Personal preference for me, but I'd like a new Mario game in the style of 64. Galaxy is too fresh for me. outside of the billion other things with Mario on the packaging, I think it went into overkill with the "New" and "3D Land" series I did enjoy "World" however. Though it's massively better played in co-op! The best thing they could do with Mario is transition all of those auxiliary titles like golf, Strikers, Party and Kart into Smash variants and release only one per console with paid DLC through the life of the generation. That way it shines a light on the lesser known characters and hopefully helps to get them recognition for standalone games.

BTW, your Ice Climbers idea... I'm salivating at the thought. Haha



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I think Nintendo uses Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Link so much because they are iconic. It would be like asking Disney not to slap Mickey, Donald and Goofy everywhere; or Warner Bros to not use Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and crew. In the case of Pikachu, it is also a symbol for Japanese national pride (it was on their soccer team's plane even). So Mario appears on their sports games because it sells copies of the game that otherwise wouldn't sell.

@Darknyht The problem with that argument is that I'm hard pressed to find Mickey and the crew plastered everywhere. I can't remember the last time I've seen a Mickey Mouse cartoon series, or for that matter mickey plastered everywhere on their branding. There's the Mickey ears on the main Disney channel logo and whatever they have going on at DisneyLand/World. When all is said and done, I see more Disney Princess and Marvel branding than anything from Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Of course this is all from my observations.

Edit: Though yea.. all those partnerships you listed at the end of your post. Nintendo definitely needs to make that happen!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@Quorthon Thanks! As I've said before, They have their evergreen titles in Mario and Zelda, they just can't live off those perpetually. Concerning the Wii U, the only reason I didn't say what they could do to help this particular system out is because I was trying to stay on topic, as often times I go off the rails. Ha. Also, I don't mind them talking about a new system because every company looks to the future. It's negligence if they aren't. I do agree however that they need to start looking at ways to help the Wii U now as it pertains to 3rd parties and building confidence in the Nintendo brand for the future.

To address your points:

1) Not only go after PC/Mobile games, but they need to crack open that warchest a bit a pull more Bayonettas and Devil's Thirds: Publish dying or dormant franchises that no one wants to take on from other companies. Hey, Nintendo! Capcom isn't doing much with MegaMan, how about signing an exclusive deal to get some new games developed on your system. I'm sure folks would kill to have another Mega Man Legends. To add, perhaps reach out to other developers to make games for genres that they are sorely lacking such as sports. Kind of like what they did in the N64 days.

2) I wouldn't mind a paid subscription service, even if it was just for their VC service and like you said, indies. Though I don't know how well this kind of thing would work for third party offerings anyways, as Nintendo doesn't have a ton to choose from and because the Wii itself is all but dead, they can't offer much on that side of things. What they could do is keep Digital Deluxe Program indefinitely and open it up for everyone with a NNID/Club Nintendo membership.

3) To add my opinion on the whole MZP debate that's going on right now, I don't mind a new proper 3D Mario or main Zelda entry as they only come really once per home console (Twice if you include the cross-gen Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy). Mario Party, Strikers and the lot are skippable to me, you either get those or you don't. Mario Kart comes once per home console, as well as Super Smash Bros. which is really a celebration of all their franchises than anything else. I do take task that you do see Mario's face everywhere it seems. They have other franchises that could probably use the spotlight. Where's Eternal Darkness? Geist? Will they bring Fatal Frame to West? DK:TF is nice, but where's the Rare style 3D adventure? Ice Climbers? Kid Icarus? F-Zero? 1080 Snowboarding? Wave Race? Hell, they could make a pretty good adventure out of Balloon Fight if they wanted to... I know it's basically another spin-off of Mario, but where's Luigi's Mansion? I also know that Pokemon was a point of contention for you, but what about a Pokemon MMO for the Wii U. I could probably go on and on...

4) Bundles? Whole heartedly agree with that. They were the undisputed kings of that from NES-N64 era... I can't even count on both hands how many special edition N64s were released. Heck even the 3DS gets tons of skins and special bundles.

But yea... that was long, but that's all I got for now.. LOL



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@Platypus101 Okay. For one, if you know my post history, I don't exclusively blame N for their problems, but I'd be remiss to say they didn't play a part in their problems, The marketing of the Wii U being a big black eye in paticular. It's the whole catch 22 thing. Nintendo didn't sell enough units to appease 3rd parties, since they didn't sell enough units, then game sales suffer, since game sales suffer, they pulled support. Another one of the 3rd parties excuses for not supporting Wii U is that it's different to develop for than the PS4 and XBOX ONE. Not to mention the supposed power gap. So there's two things Nintendo could do off the bat to improve 3rd party relations:

-Market the heck out of their next machine

-Put it on par with with current technology standards at the time it's released. If it needs other bells and whistles, do the whole "Separate OSes" thing that Microsoft did with the XB1. That's what I mean by meeting in the middle with 3rd parties. Make it easier to port games to the system. As Sony did with the PS4. I'm as big a fan of Nintendo as anyone else, but honestly they've shot themselves in the foot for years, from proprietary formats (N64 carts, GCN discs, odd control schemes and under powered systems [Wii]) to whatever is going on with the Wii U now. 3rd parties have seem to lost confidence in the Nintendo brand, so it's time for Nintendo to reach out for real and listen to the 3rd parties to see how they can get them back on track. I will say that there's some work to go, but Nintendo has knocked it out the park with indies this gen for the most part. They need some of that magic with the major pubs/devs.

Where was I complaining about backwards compatibility? it's more of a "nice to have" thing for me. If they don't, I won't complain, as I'll still have my Wii U, just like I still have my Wii and every other system from every other gen. I still revisit games from previous gens, while still enjoying the current gens offerings, especially as it pertains to Nintendo games, I don't know how many times I went back to classics like OoT and Super Mario 64. There are also some games I go back to on the Wii as well (and some I've yet to play) I ask you this: Cash grab arguments aside, if people didn't care about revisiting classics, then why do people snap up re-releases when they drop on current gens? As far as the daily argument, that's an absurd question for a multi-console owner. Of course I'm not playing any Wii games daily, I don't play any one game daily, on any system. Heck there are days I don't play at all. As far as what I'm currently going through on the Wii, I'm replaying the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.... I also just started up Xenoblade Chronicles again to tide me over to X. All of those I'm playing on my Wii U. That's backward compatible. So there's that. BC also helps with cross-gen gap. From a regular consumer standpoint (not necessarily a gamer), I directed my friend to a Wii U over a Wii when she was deciding what to buy her daughter for Christmas. Backwards compatibility sold her. She even picked up a few Wii games because she wanted some suggestions on what games were good for that gen.

On VC: Perhaps you didn't read my whole point on that thoroughly, as I said on release, the VC should at least have all the games that were released on Wii and Wii U. Obviously there's overlap because there are titles that released on both. There's no reason Nintendo can't have a team dedicated to that. When I say all the games released on Nintendo systems, I'm painting with a broad brush, honestly. I don't literally mean every game, as some games were duds that should never see the light of day. I'm more or less talking about games that were released on Nintendo systems (I was excluding the ones that never hit a Nintendo system like Neo-Geo and SEGA games) I also added the further caveat that there's no reason Nintendo couldn't strive to have at the very least all of their first and second party offerings represented on the VC eventually as they have licencing control over those. Third party, as I said in my previous post, is beyond their control and I can understand that.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@ericwithcheese2 I don't see a problem with them talking about a new console. I know at least Sony is on record saying they are already thinking about what's next. Gotta remember, consoles aren't whipped up out of thin air it takes years of R&D and they have a whole separate team working on it. Besides, general consumers aren't usually reading this kind of news anyways.

Though I understand the concern as it pertains to the Wii U and Nintendo... The Wii U still have ground to gain and talking about a new system doesn't instill confidence that the Wii U will be around much longer... Lol



Sir_JBizzle commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

First and foremost, the next system should take steps to repair their relationship with 3rd party developers. And that means listening to them in some capacity. They don't need to bow down, but at the very least comprise and meet in the middle.

More powerful hardware. I don't really care about the larger hard drive so as long as I can attach my own storage. The fusion system goes without saying.

I'd love to see a redesigned Gamepad and Pro Cintroller with analog triggers with support for all their previous controller schemes because you'll need that with...

... Backward compatibility with Wii/Wii U games. Which would lead to a revamped Account system, that will allow me re-download my Wii U games if I need to.

Revamped VC. At least all of the games that were released on Nintendo systems need to represented, paticularly first and second party. There's no excuse that those should be missing. I know it's really up to the License holder as far as 3rd party is concerned. The new VC should have all the games that were released for the last two gens ready to go at launch for fusion support, or whatever they have to do to upgrade them to the new system, I wouldn't mind paying an upgrade fee of .50-1.00.

I really don't care if Nintendo doesn't ever support CD/DVD/blu-ray. I'd wager most people that are clamoring for that are in the minority. All I care about is proper DLNA and MP3/digital video support. If I need to play a physical disc I all my other devices, including a proper Blu-ray player. I'm sure the majority of folks are the same.

I'm sure I'm missing some things, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Reminder: The Nintendo Network Premium Promoti...:

@ChessboardMan you should be able go to and sign in with the Nintendo Network ID you registered your Wii U with. Whatever you bought digitally should already be there with codes waiting if you made enough purchases at worst it'll take 24 hours to show up upon first sign in...

The caveat is obviously you would have had to buy the deluxe model Wii U to be eligible for the program.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Discontinued amiibo Figures Could Be Released ...:

@mike_intv I'm assuming sans Lucario? I tried pre-ordering him and it wouldn't let me add to cart. So I switched to my computer and it didn't show up in search results at all. Sad Sir_JBizzle is sad. :-(

On topic: I'm down for cards, and it's a great idea to have for those that missed out, but it's way too soon to be looking at that route. I do hope from here on out retailers will put a hard limit on how many of one amiibo you can buy at once if it's true that toys r us is doing that!



Sir_JBizzle commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

@Mchl496 I don't have a problem with Nintendo moreso than the eBay opportunist. They're the ones driving up the demand. Though concrete info from Nintendo would be nice. Then again Ninty said from the get-go that some will be discontinued. When all is said and done, I've calmed down a bit as I haven't had too much trouble finding the amiibo I wanted, sans the Wii Fit Trainer, which is my fault for not picking up one when they were in numbers. Also, I eventually figured what was the use of deciding to open or not open my amiibo. I have a special curio to display my amiibo with my faves on my desk. Even if I didn't open them years down the line, I'd never sell them anyways. That said, I did pre-order two of Shulk. I may see if I can get some of my amiibo investment back. Haha

@agqwestern like someone said above, the game pad is kind of awkward for this game, especially as it pertains to the shoulder/trigger buttons. My hands are big, so for a game like this, I personally have problems hitting the wrong face button at times.

@RadoGoji so that's what happened with Luigi, Pit, and Capt Falcon! I've been in the look out for them with no luck. Though I have seen them on eBay, so I thought I missed out there for a second.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Yo-Kai Watch: Shin'uchi Storms to Japanese Cha...:

@Lloyd_Wolven I'm still trying to figure out Yokai Watch myself! If it comes to the west I just may buy it sight unseen. Haha.

Concerning the article: Man, I was hoping Wii U could pull more numbers. Especially with Smash out. But darn it, good for Nintendo overall. When you dominate the charts overall with software (13/20) and hardware (owning 4 of the top 5 spots and why is the OG 3DS still selling five figures?) it's easy to see why Nintendo can stay afloat despite the Wii U not selling like gangbusters... Of course the caveat is this is Japan.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@rjejr that's exactly how I got my Xenoblade. The B2G1... I can't remember the third game I got, but I know games 1 & 2 were XC and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Concerning exclusives, I could see where exclusive skins would be idea. Heck, I even can see where having exclusive characters could be idea, paticularly Shulk, being he's a character in a game that was unique to GameStop. But the way Nintendo has handled the regular amiibos doesn't give me faith that things will be handled smoothly with exclusives. They've stopped taking pre-orders for Shulk, and you can't even pre-order Rosalina (the one amiibo I really want), Meta Knight and Luciano is hit or miss depending how Toys r Us is feeling that day. So I'm not even sure what's gonna happen if I don't manage to get a pre-order in for any of them. I'll hold out hope and keep grinding!

@Grumblevolcano I can envision GameStop doing exactly what you're saying. I'm still kinda peeved that I tried to pre-order Shulk the other day, and they kicked him out of my cart when I checked out. I may have to go into the store personally and do so tomorrow.

Speaking of GameStop, they are kind of ticking me off with this one Wii Fit Trainer they have in stock in my area. It's been on hold for well over a week, and they won't release it for sale.



Sir_JBizzle commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@rjejr I'm in the group that's beginning to be put off by the whole amiibo fiasco. It's the lack of stock across retailers that's bugging me the most, as I have to zip back and forth across town, just for one or two. Then eventually I'll have to deal with retailer exclusives and even that's being elusive as I'm unable to pre-order those.

That said, I have all of wave 1, sans the Wii Fit Trainer, which I may have to resort to eBay and I have part of wave two. Which is frustrating because I'm unsure of the release dates. I know some stores broke street date, so that's how I got my hands on Zelda and Litte Mac. The stores in my area only got enough Diddy Kong to fill some pre-orders, so I'm holding out hope that more will be in this week. Luigi, Pit and Captain Falcon on the other hand I'm unsure of as I'm getting conflicting info and I haven't seen them in stores at all I'm hearing either a 12/19 date or 12/30 date depending on who I'm talking to. I've managed to pre-order all of wave 3, minus the exclusives.

As far as the Gamecube adapter, as you guys already know, I lucked out on that as on a random trip to GameStop I came across a used one that was just sold to them. I have four near mint controllers and Wavebirds already, so I wasn't wanting for controllers fortunately.



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If Nintendo is making more money than MS and Sony, why has there been two years of constant losses? Where the hell is this magic money coming from when the Nintendo consoles have far, far fewer games being released on them?

I agree with your argument in principle, and I'm not denying that Nintendo is in an awful spot, and that they have work to do when it comes to advertising and staying in touch with the pulse of the consumer, but to put a different perspective on on the situation, the one thing you have to remember is that Nintendo, until the Wii U era, has always been profitable year over year. I think they have rarely sold their hardware at much of a loss, if at all. So one could argue that as solely a video game company, they have a much larger war chest than Sony or Microsoft. Working on a surplus, they can absorb a few failures, otherwise they would have been dead after the N64 era.

Which brings us to the 'magic money.' That's simple - Nintendo is propped up by their handheld division, which had always done extremely well. They had a slip-up with the 3DS, but it has made up for itself by now.

Even though Nintendo doesn't have the the 3rd party support the other two have, they can survive off their own titles are because the great deal of their games are evergreen titles. I'd wager that even if Mario Kart 8 falls off the top 40, it'll make its way back on the list... Heck MK7 still manages to creep on there every now and again, and as niche of a title Tomodachi Life is, it's still on the list. Nintendo themselves said they make a profit with each piece of software sold. Obviously with first party game sales, most of the money is coming back to Nintendo, as opposed to if a 3rd party game was sold.

EDIT: That said, they can't live off of 1st party perpetually. They need to find some way to get them back on board. It may be too late for this gen. But next gen, they are going to have to do something, anything to get that support, lest they want their next system to be, to put in your words, their Dreamcast.



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I'm hoping to pick up a Diddy Kong this week I noticed stock this weekend, but it was all taken up to pre orders. I saw Zelda and Mac as well so I didn't want to take any chances, so I picked those up. Hopefully I can beat everyone to Captain Falcon and Pit. Haha



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@sillygostly that's what I should've done. Worked backwards and got the rare ones first. That was totally my first mind! Good thing I did manage to snap up a Villager and Marth. I didn't think the Trainer was going to be so hard to find as they were in a somewhat abundance. But of course that was right before the story broke about the "discontinuation" the rare ones slightly differ in my area. Mario, Fox and paticularly Peach are in abundance. Pikachu, DK, Link and Samus I can still find several in stores. From there, Kirby and Yoshi are hit and miss depending on retailer and obviously, you can't find the other three.

@ericwithcheese2 yea Ninty miscalculated for sure! It's so maddening! Haha. It's understandable, considering the Wii U install base. And it's not as if they had a marketing blitz for the toys, so they probably didn't want to seen bins of their toys not selling. (which I think will be the case with Mario Bros specific characters) I do honestly think that if I'm patient, then they'll send at least another batch of the "discontinues" before all is said and done. I'm just more or less kicking myself for not following through on my foresight. Lol