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Mon 12th Apr 2010

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nuke13 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

While I was disappointed by the overall event. It was nice to see something so whimsical. Also great to see Star Fox looking sharp and Super Mario Maker looks to be amazing. Furthermore it was a fantastic surprise to get Earthbound Beginnings.

The whole Animal Crossing Wii U spot was the most disappointed I have ever been in regards to conference reveals about video games. In the grand scheme of life, that doesn't mean much at all...but it really did feel like the rug was swept out from under the collective feet of all those hoping for a proper release.

Now to don my tin-foil hat a little bit. It was quite a quick response from Nintendo to address the disappointment people where feeling, indicating that they do indeed monitor social media in real time. So they may have seen that the majority of people where quite disappointed that Retro's next game was (EDIT: Could possibly be) related to the DK franchise, and perhaps they pulled that from the presentation. It would explain the bananas well, don't you think? Like I said, tin-foil hat stuff.

Well, in trying to understand the ebb and flow of the video game world, it is likely that a lot of their (Nintendo and friends) resources are being transferred to the NX, and so filler games will be the norm until then.



nuke13 commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Knits Up Some Release Det...:

As much as I like the character and the looks of the game, the globulous fall release date makes me think that they may be setting this up as the "big Fall release" due to Zelda being delayed. This would not be a proper substitute in my opinion.