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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Expa0 commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

Already got it on steam, I liked it a lot (probably my GOTY runner-up for 2015), but don't really feel the need to play it a second time, it's just one of those games you only play for the story and characters and not the gameplay, which really doesn't translate well to good replay value.



Expa0 commented on Nintendo Outlines Details of DLC Map Pack One ...:

DLC like this doesn't really work for Fire Emblem, or at least for how I like to play my FE. I'm kinda tempted to get the Elincia's Gambit map though, that is one of my favorite Fire Emblem chapters of all time.



Expa0 commented on Hands On: Seeking an Awakening in Fire Emblem ...:

Uhh.. Dunno exactly where you live, but the special edition was already available for pre-order a while back and sold out in an instant everywhere.

At this point you probably need either some connections to game stores or just pay the insane scalper prices if you haven't pre-ordered it already.



Expa0 commented on Hands On: Seeking an Awakening in Fire Emblem ...:

I really don't like the concept of the child characters because it makes perma-death even more punishing than it already was. Nowadays all my runs are no-reset runs, I just feel those are the most fun. Grinding also isn't something I do in a FE game, so the children characters are basically useless to me.



Expa0 commented on Video: See How Much Mario Kart has Changed Sin...:

MK8 wasn't very good, sure it looked pretty, but they toned down all the franticness both in terms of stage hazards and items, and that was what made Mario Kart fun, at least for me.

Mario Kart DS is still the highpoint of the series for me, though MK64, MKWii, Super Circuit and Double Dash we're all fine also.

@PlywoodStick Indeed, Diddy Kong Racing is one of the finest kart racing games ever made and beats any given MK game too, Crash Team Racing is amazing also and I didn't even get to play it for the first time until last year.



Expa0 commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

Meanwhile PS3 has Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection which has like 40+ genesis games, if you want to play genesis games get that if you don't already have a Genesis/Megadrive. I really fail to see the point of this tbqh.



Expa0 commented on Bravely Second: End Layer Demo Arrives in Euro...:

Generally I don't like to play demos of games I know I'm going to buy because I think it's a huge break of immersion when you get to play the game for an hour and then you can't continue until after the game actually releases at which point you'd rather just start all over again. But since the demo has exclusive content that's not in the main game, like it was with BD's demo, I might as well play it.



Expa0 commented on Video: Watch as New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gets...:

The New Super Mario Bros games are all really boring to me, Every single sprite based Mario game had it's own personality, whereas all the NSMB recycle the same graphic style, same level themes, same bosses and the same music.



Expa0 commented on ​Ichiro Hazama Would Like to Keep Making Mor...:

I don't mind, Theathrhytm Curtain Call was awesome. Though I'm hard pressed to think of a series that is as big as Final Fantasy and has as good of a soundtrack through pretty much the whole series. Maybe Castlevania? Though with Konami being the way they are now I doubt awesome crossovers like that are possible.



Expa0 commented on Feature: Exciting Wii U and 3DS Games to Play ...:

Bravely Second definetly, the first one is my favorite game on the 3DS. Carefully optimistic about Fire Emblem Fates as well.

SMT4: Final should be coming later this year as well, SMT4 is my other favorite 3DS game and seeing both my favorite 3DS games getting sequels is pretty epic.



Expa0 commented on First Edition Pokémon Trading Cards Are Getti...:

Love those first few sets, never got to actually play it though since I lacked the attention span to learn them when they we're actually still a thing. And nowadays (and I guess back then too) Magic is just a far better card game in just about every way possible.

I have played the Gameboy Pokemon TCG game recently though when it released on the eshop and it was pretty fun.



Expa0 commented on Random: Turok Remaster on PC Opts for a Prehis...:

I had this on my N64 as a kid, and still do.

Never was a fan, only way I can have any fun in the game is by using those cheats to add in invinciblity and whatnot and just mess around. FPSs just aren't my thing, at all. As a kid I thought that all the weapons in the game we're neat at least.



Expa0 commented on Hitoshi Yamagami Talks a Bit About Shin Megami...:

Well can't say I'm the fan of the direction they decided to go for, it doesn't look at all like Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei to me.

The original teaser gave me such high hopes too, actually seeing two of my favorite series of today doing a crossover would've been epic.



Expa0 commented on Review: The Legend of Legacy (3DS):

It was okay. I really liked the art direction and character design, but I found the soundtrack dreadfully boring, which I honestly was kind of expecting since those we're my exact feeling on Final Fantasy XIII's soundtrack as well. I just don't like that particular composers work.

And when I don't like a game soundtrack, the game itself doesn't hold my interest for long either since that is one of the most important parts of a game in my opinion.



Expa0 commented on This Handsome Infographic Shows Off All The Jo...:

The game seems too multiplayer focused to my tastes and I kinda doubt I can persuade any of my friends to buy it either since they're not the biggest JRPG fans.

Red Mages are always so dapper, it would definetly be my class of choice.



Expa0 commented on Mitsuru Hirata Expresses Interest in Pursuing ...:

Wasn't a huge fan, but more JRPGs is always good and who know? If they do the time travelling gimmick better and overall make it less bland and repetive maybe I will like it. I feel the premise has potential.



Expa0 commented on Legend of Zelda Maker Fan Project is Currently...:

Zelda classic has been a thing for quite some time now.

It's been forever since I used that, it was my 1st game making program I ever used. Too bad I don't have any of the stupid stuff I made with it anymore, I would probably get a good laugh from that.