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Hey, guys! You might know me from my YouTube channel or...this is the first time you've ever seen me. What you need to know is that I'm a big Nintendo fan (why else would I be here?), that I own both a Wii U and 3DS, and I'm a Christian. My political stance would just cause arguments.

Fri 23rd May, 2014

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DBPirate commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

Completely agree with both the fact that it draws in many types of gamers and the bit about the remaster. Honestly, by 2016 I'd probably be burnt out on Smash but a remaster with updated graphics and NX specific features (Ice Climbers cough) would grab my attention.

It definitely would flesh out the launch library. But this begs the question: will 3DS features like Smash Run and the branching path Classic Mode be in the game? Perhaps an option to choose between Classic Modes?



DBPirate commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Wii U. Tropical Freeze, MK8, Smash 4, 3D World, NSMBU, LEGO City, Pikmin 3, etc. are some of my favorites on the system and I'm sure I'll continue to keep going back and playing them.

I am not one of those people that only buys Nintendo exclusives though as I bought both Batman: Arkham and both Assassin's Creed games that were available on the Wii U. It's a shame many other third-party titles weren't able to come to the Wii U but I have a feeling that was mainly because of developers being scared they weren't going to get a lot of sales as well as the Wii U not being as easy to work with as the other consoles (because they're pretty much the exact same thing with a few exclusives on each).

At this point, I'm just looking towards the future for Nintendo and by that, I mean the NX, Mario Maker, and Zelda. It does seem like the Wii U is winding down, which is a bit of a shame as I was really hoping for an HD Animal Crossing but we can't always get what we want. Nintendo's probably going to be in a bit of a changing period after Iwata's passing. I guess we should just enjoy the Wii U's (probably) last year while it lasts.



DBPirate commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

I didn't even know there was a level cap. Maybe they should extend it past 20. On launch day, so many people had already reached Level 10 I thought they'd been playing non-stop! (then again, they probably were)



DBPirate commented on Industry Analysts Speculate On Nintendo's Futu...:

@gatorboi352 I just like to keep that feeling of familiarity in there. I said a dramatic shift, not a slight shift that will improve sales and get people thinking about Nintendo.

By dramatic shift I meant, a president who wants to drop all of Nintendo's current ideas and do something like move to software only or create mainly mobile games.

I do think Nintendo is actually quite relevant for the sole reason that all the NX buzz is drawing attention to them from both 3rd parties and fans.



DBPirate commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

I will never be able to watch a Nintendo Direct the same. R.I.P. Mr. Iwata.
You will be missed by all Nintendo fans.



DBPirate commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

If Nintendo wasn't announcing many games at E3 2015 because of the NX, then I am definitely hyped.

I hope to see a mix of the great titles we got from Nintendo on past consoles as well as titles from third-parties. Next E3 is going to be huge for me: this is going to be the first time I watch both the Sony and Microsoft conferences (I got a PC so I want to see what games are coming; don't care about the Xbox and PS exclusives) and the NX will be revealed!



DBPirate commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

If true, that is very, very, VERY disappointing. But if third parties were "impressed" or "satisfied" or however they put it, then it must be at least on par.

At least we know it won't need to be as powerful as the PS4 to get a great looking Animal Crossing. Let's put those HD models to good use, people! And I'll be getting a PC soon so I won't really need to worry if the NX doesn't get the third party games.



DBPirate commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I was originally against Nintendo launching the NX in 2016 but at this point, I wouldn't care. E3 was pretty embarrassing--for me, the only Wii U must buy was Mario Maker with Amiibo Festival being a giant slap in the face.

Have a new 3D Mario, a new Metroid, a new Animal Crossing, possibly a new IP, and I think @Quorthon mentioned a Smash U "ultimate edition" and the NX is an easy must buy. In fact, it'd already be one for Animal Crossing.

The summer release date is a bit strange but at this point, it's early 2017 at latest.



DBPirate commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

Too bad Mario Maker won't have that long to get sales. It could've been really successful. I'm really looking forward to the NX though.

I'm hoping for a 3D Mario and a new Animal Crossing at launch and I think I saw someone around here mention a "Super Smash Bros. U" Ultimate Edition with all the DLC. That's a really neat idea.