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A Christian Nintendo fan

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Hey, guys! You might know me from my YouTube channel or...this is the first time you've ever seen me. What you need to know is that I'm a big Nintendo fan (why else would I be here?), that I own both a Wii U and 3DS, and I'm a Christian. My political stance would just cause arguments.

Fri 23rd May, 2014

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DBPirate commented on Hands On: Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 Brings A...:

Is there not going to be a clear path on the races or is that just for beta?

They probably should've picked the Death Star instead of Tatooine. I mean, if there's a bright center to the universe, Tatooine is the planet it's farthest from.



DBPirate commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

It's in Texas?! Wow! (Yes, we DO have electronics on Texas--we don't ride horses everywhere and we don't talk like Cowboys) Not that I'll be driving THAT far just to play an NES Remix mode.

I might as well go to my own Best Buy, play the mode there, and pretend I'm going to the finals.



DBPirate commented on Rumour: Customisable Mii Fighter amiibo Could ...:

It's not a very detailed amiibo (though if it's going to be customizable, they might make it simplistic for mass producing) so it may be fake. It does also seem to be implying you won't be able to customize the hair...



DBPirate commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

To be fair, I think Nintendo's been wanting this for all of the games and they haven't exactly turned out that way (except for Mario Kart 8, that is).

Who knows, maybe Splatoon will be the breakout success Nintendo will want it to be. I'm not sure about that but I really hope so...



DBPirate commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

If only Microsoft didn't buy Minecraft. There's so many great GamePad opportunities! It's not like they're going to put it to good use anyway. I mean, just look what happened to Rare!



DBPirate commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

You know, after all the not so optimistic news coming out about Konami you'd think they'd try to strengthen their relationship with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony but not the way to go, Konami. Not the way.



DBPirate commented on Video: Nintendo of America's Musical Splatoon ...:

Well that was...interesting. Nintendo is employing stars of Disney shows? Has Disney got rid of all their good singers?

That first one was pretty cringe-worthy but the second one was fine. Whatever appeals to today's kids, I guess...



DBPirate commented on Producer Of The Mario Kart Series Appointed As...:

I'm not so sure a Mario Kart game would fit well with mobile so I doubt we'll see that. Also, I doubt they'd work on another Mario Kart without Hideki Konno so does this mean the team is going to work on DLC until then?

Also, ever since Mario Kart DS, there's been a Mario Kart every 3 years which would mean the next game will be 2017 (which is when the first mobile game lineup is set to end and when the NX is most likely going to launch).