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Fri 25th October, 2013

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MamaLuigi commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

I switched from 16GB to 32GB in my SD card slot last year and am still running out of space quicker than expected. You don't suppose they'll be making SD cards running 128 or 256 Gigs in the next two years, will they? :/



MamaLuigi commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

Something seems VERY suspicious here... I know it's ok for a Sony guy to own a competing platform but making his Miiverse comments public like this perhaps means he's got talks underway for a kind of Nintendo joint venture.



MamaLuigi commented on Review: Disney Magical World (3DS):

It looks like Nintendo is using DMW and the Mickey themed 3DS XL to exploit Disney much like they tried to exploit Square Enix and JRPGs with Kingdom Hearts.

Hey still better than the Rareware made Mickey racing games...



MamaLuigi commented on 3DS Enjoys a Major Hardware Boost in Japan as ...:

I'd be amazed if 3DS falters after this, but eventually they've got to come up with some kind of new product that plays both console and portable games. The strategy has already started on Wii U with GBA and DS... now they've got to consider making everything playable on both console and handheld.



MamaLuigi commented on Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Announced For ...:

This is another giant company that needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The majority of these Tales titles are Japan-only but JRPGs are selling far more worldwide. As always, if they can't provide the money for that special edition packaging they may as well make Reve Unitia an eShop exclusive.



MamaLuigi commented on Square Enix To Focus Less on the 'Global Aspec...:

If that means they want to go back to emphasizing on the Super Nintendo/PS1 days of JRPG classics in order to sell more games then I'm all for it. Tomb Raider and Deus Ex are both well and good but they're not even RPGs and they also drag Square Enix into unfamiliar territory with Western tastes.



MamaLuigi commented on Two Brothers Still on the Way to the Wii U eSh...:

I expect to hear the name of this other developer for the very first time. I feel they're going to be a brand new developer that handles ports of other games.

@vonseux I'm pretty sure that's the kind of thing the Gamepad was built for, in order to lure more portable-friendly developers to a home console. Still beats PS Vita in cost alone.



MamaLuigi commented on Weirdness: First Zelda, Now Mario And Luigi Ma...:

@Gamer83 Haha, they might. :P

Most games these days like Bioshock and Infamous are fun, but they stand out more for being broad open worlds in HD than for being fresh and original experiences. If a big asset purchase were to happen and Sucker Punch or Naughty Dog are bought out then it would likely result in another franchise revival like with DKC or Luigi's Mansion. XDD



MamaLuigi commented on Video: We Dash Through the Sonic Lost World Le...:

I decided to download this for the DLC alone. Yes, even though the main game is still pretty fun judging from the demo, I still think Sonic crossing over into Nintendo territory far outweighs the disappointingly rushed Wii-waggle Secret Rings and Black Knight.



MamaLuigi commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

The US game market isn't doing so hot right now (no thanks to robber barons like EA with their Zynga and PopCap brands raking in too much profit on casual titles) so Advance Wars hitting Europe first before America is the only way to assure international markets are still paying attention to GBA.



MamaLuigi commented on Nintendo Considering 3DS Build of Unity Engine:

I'm all for them using Unity to support smaller-scale indie developers over giant corporations who only want to stuff their proverbial pockets with more cash over mediocre games. 3DS would be a great addition to Nintendo's Unity strategy.



MamaLuigi commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

He's clearly contradicting here. Saying Nintendo lost their way yet shouldn't be underestimated, only to claim later on the Wii U and Gamepad are not sexy all within that same interview? It's really ironic because he's produced more crap with the "Fable" name than recent Miyamoto and Anouma-made titles failed to meet expectations. Hell, Sonic games fared better.

Clearly shows what happens when you've sold your soul to a major corporation.



MamaLuigi commented on Nintendo of America Releases Snaps of Young Ce...:

I still want this game! It might not stack up to the original in reviews in the end, but as long as it doesn't have that pesky screen gap like Yoshi's DS interfering with gameplay that already makes it better. XD

@Alshain01 You never can tell who many TV actors are... >_>