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I love UBER PIKA's

Thu 25th October, 2012

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Uberchu commented on Super Mario amiibo Series Can Now Be Preordere...:

Pika pika pika pika pee pika

(Wating for na to get their heads out of their rears and stop the timed BS with the mario Amiibo from this set.)

Pika pika pieka pika... pee pika :(

(Apparently when the SM set first comes out, you gotta get the LE bundle with mario included just to get Mario... like what the Palkia man :()



Uberchu commented on Battery Manufacturer Mugen Reveals Bigger Batt...:

Pika pika pika peee pikachu pee
(I'd buy it if the reg N3DS was coming to NA along with the XL and the reg battery extender supported the faceplates...)

pika pika pee pika pika
(makes me wonder if this would lower the chance of the game cart getting hit by your hand and if it would fit in your pocket.)


Pika pika? Pika pika pika pee :)
(Noticed theres no red one... Blue/red combo would actually be a good combo, but they need to offer red if they want more sales :))



Uberchu commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

@BensonUii Except for the fact that accoring to best buy, which happens to be one of the worst Amiibo restockers, they say that Amiibo sells more than Skylanders figures there. So, no a separate game not needed. Remember that both Infinity and Amiibo use ALREADY EXISTING characters, where as skylanders does not.

I own 10 total Amiibo atm with Lucario Pre-ordered. I got Luigi form best buy less than an hr ago because they finally decided to restock some and had 2 wave 2's and a few wave ones I didn't have but wanted luigi. I will get a Charizard and maybe toad for captain toad though.



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Download: 25th December (Europe):


Now I gotta buy that 3DS theme later today after connecting to Wi-Fi. lol...

Vacation sux...



Uberchu commented on Interview: Goodbye Galaxy Games on Tappingo 2 ...:

Can I has all 3 color options? Just add an options menu or something ingame.

I plan on picking up both at some point, I suck at remembering to use a sale at my advantage when I have eShop funds. I did pick up Darts Up 3D for $.99 cents though.



Uberchu commented on Video: This Minish Cap Trailer is as Cinematic...:

@Crimzonlogic na 1/10 because Wii U is not portable, and Nintendo is effectily putting Portalbe VC on it which will make consumers even more confused.

GBA was portable, GBA on Wii U = Wii U portable? I better go buy one so i can finally play GBA's on the gos without having to get a GBA and weed through fake carts... lol



Uberchu commented on Photos With Mario Official Website Launches Wi...:

@JaxonH wow you spend too much on the eShop lol

@KnightRider666 Correct, and you can use the ? block old AR card to get a warp pipe. (green warp pipe that is)

So far US only has 3 and a better deal than Japan's Prices...

Apparently browsers card is the equivalent of $50 of eShop cash.
The others are $10 through $30 I think... Not 100% positive though...