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I love UBER PIKA's

Thu 25th October, 2012

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Uberchu commented on Video: See the Unboxing of the Animal Crossing...:

meh don't care for the XL design.

I got the N3DS bundle since I'm NA, and I can eventually get that PIKACHU PARTY THEME! (and others)

Wish it included standard white plates... maybe NoA will sell replacement basic plates when the N3DS gets a real launch in NA?

@JaxonH wish I had the funds for that. I got amiibos and N3DS at midnight launch for some NBA game or something tough so I'm good.

I hope for stuff like AA and the colors 3D it still works good for me, theres no Colors title for Wii U sadly, but AA is on Wii U as well. (I got digital AA a long time ago for the promo where you got DK:Original edition for free or w/e, have pokemon AA physical cart but it isn't the same as regular AA so no basic free drawing there. )

I downgraded for an pikachu XL to the Standard N3DS just for the pika plates and other plate, so far its 100% worth it. love the unit, love the included house plates. hope to get the pikachu plates and the smash plates NoA has on their website sometime soonish and maybe another one for a set of 5 plates to use.



Uberchu commented on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Support 18 amiib...:

@DarkKirby your logic is flawed though, almost all of them are repeat chars or variations of a char. (only exception being toad?)

are 5 marios listed, or the 7 Yoshi's listed each gonna do a different thing in game? might want to think that over.

you'd only need like 5 or 6 of them MAX probs and thats if they even do anything NOTEWORTHY AT ALL.

@rjejr Japan doesn't have gold or silver mario same with the EU region, plus all other marios are supported including the SM Mario, which are what the modified Amiibo-Chips in golden silver/gold mario are based off of, which that mario is just a smash mario in a new case... lol

TD;LR So its safe to assume they will work



Uberchu commented on Nintendo of Japan's Website Reveals Four More ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu is that why my smash collection contains mostly rares bought at or below MSRP?

I need to work on the last 5 remaining amiibo suits, but thankfully their all common/uncommon. Glad Olimar is common, hes the remaining suit i want, that is one of the 2 first parties I don't have. (now bowser yet )



Uberchu commented on Rumour: Retailer-Exclusive amiibo Look Set for...:

@crimsontadpoles erm they never restocked golden mario? so GL w/that...

@GamePerson19 erm they have never done dual exclusives before lol... why start now? some places put stuff in their system sooner rather than later...

@shigulicious LOL'd at hard to come by... he was easy to find launch week, might be OOS but now but idk, I didn't try for him but he was super easy to find. (I'm out of funds to buy things atm, thanks N3DS!)



Uberchu commented on New Style Boutique 2 Uses amiibo To Keep You A...:

I never played the 2nd but NA date please would buy this ASAP coz IM GETTing my new 3ds in less than 20 hrs from now form GS @ midnight or around abouts there and my retro 3 pack.

need more 3DS games that support the figs pls.

really loved the first though! please come to NA soon.



Uberchu commented on Black New Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing: Ha...:

GG aus, my bundle has no game pre-installed(DL code) so I get a free 3DS theme! score! $2 saved lmao.

So glad their getting the black version now, wonder what the hold up on it was though?

I'm rather surprised noa has the balls to do white first and not black, their gonna then not actually release standalones if white sells like CR@P, thus proving their point that nobody wants a smaller model, and that their ideas are the best for us. cough Amiibo 3 packs cough

have a good day everybody! and good luck for all that want the black model or the bundle in AUS!



Uberchu commented on Weirdness: Wii U Title Bombing Bastards Become...:

@rjejr I don't mind paying for themes TBH as long as It's a high quality theme, the first pikachu theme didn't have looping sound so it was the worst one so far, the other themes are quite good, wish they were slightly cheaper though. I hate the AC 2015 Newyear theme mostly because of the clown sheep, but w/e. Their might be a 2016 one then maybe

picking up the new Pika 3DS themes on friday after I transfer to my N3DS. Might consider looking up other Themes as well, looking for ones that have matching face plates, I know all the stripe themes have one.



Uberchu commented on 3DS System Update 10.1.0-27 Available Now, Hac...:

3ds is so stable I can use it as a table, or lable, maybe a mable? with a side of sable and lable.

hax untuched basically GG.

now then fix it so hax can't undo region lock so everybody has to buy more 3DS thus more $ for nintendo!!! /s



Uberchu commented on Weirdness: Wii U Title Bombing Bastards Become...:

@rjejr yeah its tax evasion, but whatever. I think I do it on my 3DS but not Wii U.

I'm not paying tax on every AC or pikachu 3DS theme I buy. NTY.

I did it since I got the OG 3DS when it came out, I got all of the year 1 eShop stuff, good library of games. haven't legit used the eShop in a while except for the Humble Nindie bundle, and the AA game...



Uberchu commented on Video: We Look at Every Single Mystery Mushroo...:

@Trikeboy ryu is smash dlc... shovel knight is well erm 3rd party as well...

we knew about mewtwo for ages not the roy or the other one that came out that day but idk if there in there. ik mewtwo is but yeah.

amazed theres 2 isabelles why?

I'll be having a hayday tomorrow with this game and my splat 3 pack. gonna make a level for each a simple stupid level for each...



Uberchu commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Update to...:

@rjejr all they announced where how the figs were coming at least in the US, digby and isibelle will be exclusive to game bundle, recie and cyrus along with kk is a 3pack, the remaining 2 or 3 are single chars.

so yeah most people are only gonna want 2 or 3 chars... but to get those 2 or 3 chars in the US you'd end up with almost a full set of AC figs!



Uberchu commented on Video: Get Into the Anniversary Spirit With Th...:

@bofis this is true but you have tha thome menu saving thing whatever that is, maybe that will treet theme managment differently?

I own all Animal crossing an pikachu themes to this date, as well as all free themes and a few others.

are there any other themes that do the SMB theme? Not really kene on this one but might pick up a different one if this song is offered in it...



Uberchu commented on Image & Form Explains the SteamWorld Timeline ...:

@ULTRA-64 you can always get it on 3DS!

but now that I know it exists. I got steam world dig for 3ds/u but havent used my 3DS code yet. might buy the DSiWare game on my DSi XL though maybe...

will have to get an SD card for my DSiXL... if not my regular DSi Will work.

cool to see the developer comenting here will have to get a job asap in the future to buy all their games.



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (North America):

physical 95% of the time for me here and for super mario maker.

I got best buy's GCU so I get 20% off all new games & toys to life. so stuff it eShop. It might be more of a hassle using retail copy, but at least on vacations if I want to bring my U i no need to bring external Hard drive, plus my copy's are cheaper than MSRP at launch and beyond!



Uberchu commented on Weirdness: You Can Get Apple, Sorry, 'Aple' Co...:

I'd like LE 3DS XL's of the past to get face pates at least the one of the pikachu XL. would 10/10 buy 50 of dat... well at least 2...

I'd go for a fruit set of face plates, red apple, orange orange... lol bananas.

maybe dk and diddy plates? Nintendogs + cats?

how about a pokemon plate some how featuring all the current mons? if not that do generational plates gen 1 plate has 151 gen 2 has 101 or w/e ect ect



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Treehouse to Broadcast a Super Mario ...:

0/5 Nintendo legit 0/5.

got zelda concert at 8pm that day even missing my 3rd official day of college class for it. (hadn't had one last week teacher was out, he didn't say why)

oh well non live for me it is when i get home then. I'll watch it tell i crash.