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I love UBER PIKA's

Thu 25th October, 2012

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Uberchu commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

@Grumblevolcano oh. guess I never cared enough before

@Kaze_Memaryu I can't even legit 200cc atm so i might not bother with that :P

I've just started working on 150cc the new tracks though with my toad suit. I'll do 2 races of that then 2 100cc's with the remaining chair/suit I need to use.

I'm having a blast but I won't stop you form having your opinion. no need to fight over opinions. I have people try to do that to me a lot of the time in an online game I play. makes me sad D:



Uberchu commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X & Y Rec...:

@AVahne Feel free to name another company that will update an old game with a NEW game's features or additions to you know lesson the sales of a new game? :P

literately that would be the reason their not doing it, they want you to buy the new game, and I would too. Why would I put the new megas randomly in the old game? Just doesn't make much seance to me. Never mind the fact that all the new tournaments require you to have x1 copy of the latest 'mon game any way. :P



Uberchu commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

I am ok with this, I got lots of GB and a few GBC games on my 3DS because I actually havent played a lot of them. (also have the ambassador 3DS stuff.)

But for Wii U I didn't buy it for VC (or lack of it) I bought it for the NEW games, remakes, ect... if I want VC I'll use my Wii or 3DS and get whatever Nintendo has released that I don't have but want to buy and/or get.



Uberchu commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu I respect your opinion, but don't you think its a little too early for any sort of review? (negative OR positive)

Personally I love the AC track the best...

What I hate is that the retro courses aren't all bundled together, and that people actually like baby park. I never did. When the heck did retro courses spew out into the new tracks section? BABY PARK (and cheese land) SHOULD BE IN RETROS FFS.



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (North America):

10/10 week for me just because MK8 DLC and Mii racing suits. I own 11/19 of em. the 4 Newest ones I got are : Mario(from MP10 bundle), Villager Rosalinda, and toad. (thats the order I bought them in form retail stores, not scanned order. I only scan the suit when I have time to use it in at least 1 cup of any cc of any kind, was alternating today. :P Villager rosa and will get used tomorrow time permitting. )

Really hope I can get Pikmin and Olimar at some point, as well as Captain falcon. I plan on getting all the racing suits eventually. (was origonally just gonna get the figures I wanted, and all the pokemon ones... now I want all the Mk8 suits lol)

Can't blieve people complain about this week. this IS THE GREATEST WEEK FOR ME. MK8 + Animal crossing FTW!!! (X2 villager, X2 cars, X1 Isabelle X1 Villager suit, X1 AMAZING ANIMAL CROSSING TRACK!)

I haven't played MK in a while but i beat 50cc and 100cc using some of the new stuff today will do some more tomorrow :P (Haven't played as Villager yet, but have used the new suits. I don't have access to 200cc :'(



Uberchu commented on Hacked Passcodes Leaked For 3DS eShop Microtra...:

Thanks for the post! will use the gems codes and the outfit codes.

The gems should snab me 1 balloon and help me towards a 2nd. I own all but 2 balloons currently available to my rank I think... and balloons get more costly first 3 were 10 gem, 2nd 2 are 20 gem third is 30

So with these gems I'll be able to snab a 30 gem balloon. Since 20 gem is easier to get for free, or save up for when i get access to the next set of balloon which will probs cost 40 gem. :P



Uberchu commented on New Safari Event Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle:

@KTT I haven't spent a penny and im at mewtwo and have all pokes from before it.

have missed out on 2 mega stones and havent done most of the EX time stages yet but still.

@kirbygirl I fought with him twice in a row...

Like if I go VS a safari mon and dont beat them they vs me the next time the same dang one. so im always vsing the same ones i dont capture. Mind you i only did 5 battles so far and i caught 2 of em.



Uberchu commented on Weirdness: Hospitalised Man Steals More Than $...:

@rennandovale I'd totally steal a vite coz it costs more than a DS. Just saying.

But then again why steal? earn it like a REAL PRO, not via your level 99 Thieving. (clearly this guy is sub 30 Thieving though haha)

@dariusq I got maybe what 50 DS games max?

don't carry them all with me, and I own all but 3 or 4 pokemon DS games. so most of my collection is that. Didn't think that would be worth $1k, unless you add in my Units, Broken DSLite still usable(hunge,game card slot issues, both can still be used though), DSi, DSLite, DSi XL

2 DSes are $99 brand new but used their probs like $30... so I'm not quite sure how 30 though 40 game is $1k worth...



Uberchu commented on Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack Brought ...:

Can't wait to get my Rosalinda & lumaMan, Villagerman, and toadman suits!

Amazed 3 3rd party suits made the list, This is basicly smash kart at this point. :P

Now please give me a 200cc mirror mode and maybe 300cc/300cc mirror



Uberchu commented on Super Mario amiibo Series Can Now Be Preordere...:

Pika pika pika pika pee pika

(Wating for na to get their heads out of their rears and stop the timed BS with the mario Amiibo from this set.)

Pika pika pieka pika... pee pika :(

(Apparently when the SM set first comes out, you gotta get the LE bundle with mario included just to get Mario... like what the Palkia man :()



Uberchu commented on Battery Manufacturer Mugen Reveals Bigger Batt...:

Pika pika pika peee pikachu pee
(I'd buy it if the reg N3DS was coming to NA along with the XL and the reg battery extender supported the faceplates...)

pika pika pee pika pika
(makes me wonder if this would lower the chance of the game cart getting hit by your hand and if it would fit in your pocket.)


Pika pika? Pika pika pika pee :)
(Noticed theres no red one... Blue/red combo would actually be a good combo, but they need to offer red if they want more sales :))



Uberchu commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

@BensonUii Except for the fact that accoring to best buy, which happens to be one of the worst Amiibo restockers, they say that Amiibo sells more than Skylanders figures there. So, no a separate game not needed. Remember that both Infinity and Amiibo use ALREADY EXISTING characters, where as skylanders does not.

I own 10 total Amiibo atm with Lucario Pre-ordered. I got Luigi form best buy less than an hr ago because they finally decided to restock some and had 2 wave 2's and a few wave ones I didn't have but wanted luigi. I will get a Charizard and maybe toad for captain toad though.