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Thu 25th Oct 2012

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Uberchu commented on Fire Emblem Fates Releases In North America On...:

so according to the comments here, $80 for the complete game is a scam, yet $80 for x2 pokemon games isn't, despite the fact that the normal change is just what is version exclusive??? I mean if you want to complete say pokemon Y by yourself you need at least 1 or 2(or more!) other pokemon games... never mind adding in the cost of a 2nd 3ds or 2DS

OR/AS (and R/S/E) at least made the story line slightly different in them but still.

oh don't forget PDM used to do a similar thing...



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

@Tman GBC might already have a badge if not already. I put a badge on every folder I have except for the junk folder...

currently I only got the free badges and some AC ones, I spent $2 and can see me spending way more. ($2 was the amount required to get free 3DS theme.)



Uberchu commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

bought it and spent $2 to get some ac badges,only messed up once and wasted a 1 go but got both of the ac ones I tried on complete

also got the free exclusive theme, which is why I paid $2, but the theme isn't really worth it.

I can't wait to spend more on this app lol. I love decorating and I'll be using it at leas when more AC themes come for it, and to get pokemon badges.



Uberchu commented on Make Your New Nintendo 3DS Cuter With Yoshi Co...:

@Pokefanmum82 NoA sells 10 cover plates on their online store last I checked, I got 2 of them from there for my bday, only 1 out of the 10 plates they sell are AC themed....

NWS also has the 10 plates btw.

EDIT: ANNNNDDDD I just checked 4/10 plates are now gone form online including 2 of the ones I got for my bday wow...

you can get 6 of them at least.



Uberchu commented on Yo-Kai Watch 2DS Bundle Coming To North Americ...:

@dkxcalibur by that logic you were always getting the system for $70.

I think all 2DS in the US come with MK7 for free except for this bundle, but your still getting it for $99.99 because its digital copy and you can't sell that. just saying.

I get where your coming from but since you can't get rid of the game, eh idk...



Uberchu commented on Lottie amiibo Will Be Exclusive to Best Buy in...:

I don't have any issues with exclusives unless their TRU coz not everybody has that, hell some people don't even have any of the stores that contain exclusives at, but theres less trus than walmarts targets bestbuy and the like.

Best buy store exclusives are the only ones I really like because gamers club unlocked lets me save 20% off of new games and toys to life stuff...

so 20% off lottie for me.

I wasn't gonna get her before, but if shes exclusive in the US I'll get her falco, and mewtwo.