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Thu 6th August, 2009

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electrolite77 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

The list of things that are horrible and the end of the industry when someone other than Nintendo does it but OK when Nintendo does it keeps growing. We can now add bullshots to F2P with microtransactions, DLC, locked on-disc DLC and mobile gaming. Such hypocrisy.



electrolite77 commented on Reaction: LEGO Dimensions Could be a Sales Phe...:

What a bizarre article. When I saw the title, not knowing what was being launched, I assumed Nintendo had got some big exclusive Lego game. Turns out it's a multi-platform Lego version of Skylanders.

So how is a multi-platform Lego game going to ignite Wii U sales where Mario/Mario Kart/Smash Bros etc failed? Short's not.



electrolite77 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:


10 out of 10 does not mean perfect. If you only give 10 out of 10 to 'perfect' games then none ever get 10 and you lose a point off the review scale. I've no idea where this idea comes from. Nobody ever sees a film or an album get 5/5 or 10/10 and label it perfect yet this misconception exists where gaming is concerned.



electrolite77 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

About the easiest 10 out of 10 NL will have to give out. Still plays like a dream and the graphics while aged are still full of charm. Nothing else from that generation (bar 2D stuff on the Saturn) has aged well and SM64 also has a decent framerate unlike the likes of Banjo-Kazooie or its sequel.

Also, the move to the Wii U Gamepad benefits this game greatly. Running the original hardware on a modern tv looks appalling, especially the PAL version with its slower speed, borders and lack of RGB. I gave up and sold my N64 last year after my CRT died. But playing it on the Gamepad smooths off the ugly edges and the perfectly responsive controls are better than most portable emulator options.

This is an all time classic.



electrolite77 commented on Review: WarioWare Touched! (Wii U eShop / DS):

Very harsh review. This is an excellent game full of wit, charm and energy. You can almost feel the buzz among the designers as they compete to make the wackiest use of this (at the time) bizarre new hardware. It's also a terrific game for chasing high scores.



electrolite77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

I thought this comments thread would be funny. Its a shame Nintendo have to go down this road as it runs the risk of sacrificing their reputation for quality at the altar of a few pennies more. You can put your unlockable DLC behind a cute toy but its still unlockable DLC. However, it was inevitable and some of their DLC has been good value. Its funny to see the zealots at work though. If Sony or MS or third-parties do it, its bad. If Nintendo do it, regardless of whether its good or not, its good. Yes it is yes it is yes it is its good because its Nintendo etc....



electrolite77 commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:


The Pad damaged the Wii U in that it kept manufacturing costs high which kept the sale price higher than it should have been. Anyone who didn't want the Gamepad then just saw a relatively underpowered, overpriced machine.

Oh and Rayman Legends wasn't anywhere near ready for launch. They launched Zombiu because it was ready and because they believed Nintendo when they said they were going after (for want of a better word) 'core' gamers. They launched a New IP with the machine that actually used the Gamepad. Nintendo got behind it and even put it in a bundle. They couldn't have done much more. It flopping is down to people not buying it



electrolite77 commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Obviously we don't really know much but generally I'm pleased. It's obvious Nintendo were heading down a blind alley especially with their Home Console situation. It's heartening to see signs of long awaited change even with the undertone of admitting they can't compete in their core business. Of course we have to hope they play their cards right, and there's no guarantees of that.



electrolite77 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:


But you said "third party has been proving since last gen and especially during this gen, that they don't care about quality of their products, they just care about mass appeal and sales.". That doesn't match up to the quality of product out there.

I've played a lot of good third-party games on my PS4. Not only that but they're significantly better than the versions I'd have been able to play on my PS3.

Some gamers get too hung up on exclusives when in reality what sells systems is depth of software library which you need third party support for. Without the big multiplatform games any system will struggle for sales and software.



electrolite77 commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

Well folks that's where the Wii U is. They've decided to go with the 3 similar machines to get as many versions out as quickly as possible. I understand the situation with the Wii U so it's fair enough however they should be more honest.

I'll pick it up on PS4 or PC if it's any good though my backlog across the 6 platforms I own is getting ridiculous



electrolite77 commented on Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Isn’t Comi...:

Fair play to them, honest about their reasons. And let's face it, the reasons are fair enough. If any machine is going to get left out it's going to be the one with the lowest install base, quirkiest architecture and lowest third-party sales. Such is life.



electrolite77 commented on Indie Developers Praise Nintendo's Policies an...:


I dunno, I'm critical of Nintendo when I think they deserve it but they're doing well with the Indies. Not quite the volume that Sony are getting but considering the size of the Wii U userbase the machine gets great Indie support. It seems like Nintendo are doing everything right in terms of getting developers on board.

As for Angry Birds, best ask Rovio about that!



electrolite77 commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:


No they're not. Exclusives get gamers on discussion forums excited but it's multi platform titles that are the biggest sellers. They're the bread and butter of consoles. Look at the Wii U. Great exclusives, no third party games, poor sales. PS4 has the worst selection of exclusives but is selling most because it offers variety. The exclusives are just a bonus.

The Gaming PC comparison is a false one. A lot of people don't want the expense and effort of setting up a Gaming PC. Again, it gets said on gaming forums but in the real world Console sales remain high regardless of how many extra pixels a much more expensive PC can put out.



electrolite77 commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:


See I don't know. I think the reason they stick to those franchises is they do sell to the mainstream in reasonable quantities. If they were looking after the core fans they'd be gambling on things like Metroid, Wave Race, F-Zero (or even new franchises) but instead they get neglected became they don't sell enough. They'd be working hard on the VC instead of putting in minimal effort and trying to milk users by making them pay for the same game multiple times.

I agree with your last paragraph though. Stuff like this it makes it look like they're backing away and are scared to compete.



electrolite77 commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:


Yeah after a long time as a Nintendo fan you kind of get used to it don't you? Even when their focus is on 'gamers' it's all focussed on 'expanding the gaming audience' and long-term fans are always way down the priority list.


Quite. They keep going on about innovation but their last two consoles are

A) A DS with a 'fashionable in 2010' 3D effect tacked on

and B) The Wii U which looks like a 'fashionable in 2011' tablet tacked onto a games console and has as its most innovative feature 'assymetric gameplay' or to call it by its other name, variations on 2003's Pacman Vs.