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Mon 29th Nov 2010

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Dr_Corndog commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

I think every review of a major release I've seen on this site has been fair. I'm not sure what kind of reasoning is going through people's heads when they accuse a Nintendo site of having an agenda against Nintendo.

Some positives, though: Wooly World is great (if a bit safe), XBCX looks amazing, and Splatoon is one of my nominees for overall Game of the Year.



Dr_Corndog commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I'm not going to debate whether the Wii U is any more powerful than the Vita--I hardly care, anyway--but the excuse that the system is not capable of handling a 2D rouguelike is pathetic. Apparently the guy has upset some PC gamers with his attitude, too, based off some things I've read on Steam. And I'm not surprised, personally, as Nicalis has not impressed me in the past.



Dr_Corndog commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

I love my Wii U. I understand why it's sold poorly, and it has nothing to do with the quality of Nintendo's offerings. The quality is undeniably there, but the quantity isn't. As Tim says, though, you can't play everything, so I want the console with the games I most want to play. I have my PC for everything else.



Dr_Corndog commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

"Wow, SF Zero's graphics look like crap. I heard that from NetWarrior1129, so I think so, too. Don't tell me I should watch the video. I know it looks like a PS2 game. I've never played a PS2, but those are PS2 graphics, I can tell you."



Dr_Corndog commented on Super Smash Bros. Fan Provides a Suprisingly D...:

"Alpha" stages aren't intended to be a "middle ground." This idea that Final Destination is the ultimate competitves stage comes from a poor understanding of competitive Smash--FD is not a true neutral stage. The ability to disable stage gimmicks without otherwise altering the stage is something the competitive scene has wanted since before the game released.