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Pablo17 commented on Review: Bloons (WiiWare):

I wonder if this version of Bloons is a lot different from the iphone and PSP mini versions. I actually like both the iphone and PSP mini version of Bloons.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Tomena Sanner (WiiWare):

If you have an iphone or touch, you can get this for .99 and it is really good. The iphone version is only single player though, so I will be buying the Wiiware version when it comes to the USA.



Pablo17 commented on Interviews: Mecho Wars - Luc Bernard:

I picked up the iphone version for .99 and it is pretty good. I am not sure I would pick up a wiiware or DSi version since the differences probably won't be enough to pay the higher price,



Pablo17 commented on Review: Wacky World of Sports (Wii):

I actually really like this game. I found that it plays really well and the graphics look nice, not that you can tell from the screen shots.

The ability to play through the tour mode with three human players, one computer player is a huge plus and the inclusion of Mii masks is a nice addition as well.

If you like party games I would suggest at least a rent but if you are burnt out on them, this may not change your mind.



Pablo17 commented on Castle of Magic Trailer is Conjured Out of Thi...:

I just picked up an ipod touch and grabbed this game for .99 and it is very good. I might consider the DSi version depending on what (if anything) changes.

I have already noticed that a few of my DSi purchases that were 500-800 points run me only about a dollar on the ipod touch.



Pablo17 commented on Nintendo Download: Jedis, Drills and Bubbles (US):

Well I picked up Mr. Driller and it is fantastic, of course I am a big Mr. Driller fan though. There are five profiles and then one guest profile, so even though there is no multiplayer, there are enough saves for multiple users. I also like how it keeps track of how long you have played. Overall, it is an excellent game and well worth the 800 points.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Mr. Driller Drill Land (GameCube):

I imported this for the gamecube and loved it. I had a modded gamecube at the time but sold it off when the freeloader came out. This was one of the first gamecube games that would not allow you save if you were using a freeloader. You could boot the game up fine and play it but it would always make you start a new save, so there was no way to continue your progress.

Mr. Driller (all) are some of my favorite games. I wish they would bring the other games out to the USA that have so far been kept in Japan. I would love to play the Wiiware version but thought I read that there were no plans to bring it out in the USA.

I felt a little ripped off on DS release as well. The Japanese version allowed five players to play off one card, where everyone needs a card in the USA version. Of course you can now pick up a copy of the DS game for around $5, so it isn't that big of a deal.



Pablo17 commented on Medieval Games Gameplay Trailer:

I love mini game collection/party games. However, very few companies know how to do it right. A great mini game collection needs to have fun mini games and most companies cranking these games out forget that part.



Pablo17 commented on Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii:

The problem with this kind of thinking is that a lot of gamers own more than one system. If they really want Modern Warfare 2 they will probably be picking that up for the PS3 or Xbox instead of Modern Warfare for Wii, since they have already played it.

I own multiple systems but I prefer the Wii. I love playing fps on the Wii due to the controls. If Modern Warfare 2 was coming out at the same time (all systems) I would be picking up the Wii version.

I am still planing on playing Modern Warfare on the Wii to see how it ends up but I really think that they should have just put Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii now.



Pablo17 commented on Fossil Fighters Comes to DS:

Well, I have only put a couple of hours into this but I am very impressed with it. There is a lot of polish to this game and it is rather addictive so far.



Pablo17 commented on Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare:

Call of Duty WaW had well over 500,000 online users (I am sure not all current now) at one point. So, there is clearly a market for FPS with online features on the Wii.

I happen to love these games and prefer to play them on the wii due to the wiimote. Even though I have other systems I prefer the way they play on the wii and I am willing to sacrifice on the graphics and extras.



Pablo17 commented on First Screens of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll:

I loved the two Gamecube games but thought that the Wii version was a bit of a let down.

SInce this uses the balance board, how will multiplayer work? I guess they could alternate turns but the games where you play at the same time were some of the best.



Pablo17 commented on Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare:

I will be picking this up even though I have played it a little on the 360. I have put about 100 hours into CoD WaW online (Wii) and even though there are issues, I have had a blast with it. I have to believe that there will be online in Modern Warefare and that makes it a must buy for me.



Pablo17 commented on New Metroid Prime Trilogy Artwork:

I started with Metroid on the Nes and then played the Gameboy, SNES and DS games. I have never been able to get into the first person Prime Metroid games but I still may pick this up.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Excellent review, very detailed. I have this pre-ordered since it is a good deal for wii motion plus. Nice to know the whole package is great.



Pablo17 commented on High Voltage Working on Conduit Glitches:

I really like this game but there are some online problems for sure. I have experieced the freeze glitch when joining a game several times. I also know several people who can't connect to a match (ever), even though they have no problems with their other online games. I actually have to use a lan adapter to get into an online match. Odd, since my wireless connection works with all of my other games. (multiple systems).



Pablo17 commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

Well Let's Catch received a 2 and there are only 59 posts. This game gets a 5 and we are headed towards 200.

I will wait for some other reviews on this game but I won't be surprised to see some other average scores. As for Let's Catch, it received scores of 75, 70 and 65 else where.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

I might give this a try when it hits the USA. I am a little surprised that so much has been posted about this review, yet other games like Let's Catch get a 2 with very little being said.



Pablo17 commented on Review: NEVES Plus (WiiWare):

This is a nice game and a great deal for 600 points. To the person that asked, Neves DS was released in the US and goes for 10 new at gamestop.



Pablo17 commented on Wii Storage Solution Solved - Finally A Use Fo...:

@ Nintendo-Naut- Actually most game saves can be backed up to the SD card. Most of the games that can't are games with some sort of online play. (Which for the Wii is still a fairly low number) It seems like there are a couple of non online games that can't be saved but again, the number is low.

I would say that I have well over 100 Wii game saves backed up and probably only about 10 games that won't allow me to do so. I will agree that it would be nice if Nintendo would change this but I think it is there to protect the online integrity of the games.



Pablo17 commented on USA WiiWare Update - Pop 'Em Drop 'Em SameGame:

Pop 'Em Drop 'Em SameGame, is an excellent game and in my opinion is worthy of the 8/10 it received. It is a simple game that can be very addicting trying to get the boards cleared and a higher score. I kept replaying the same level trying to top my previous bests and considering there are multiple boards with options, this is a pretty good deal.

The only fault I have with the game is the lack of a way to show what player achieved which high score. For a puzzle game, the ability to save initials by the high score should be included.



Pablo17 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Family Table Tennis and Jun...:

Jungle Speed is a fantastic game and in my opinion, well worth the 1000 points they are asking for it. I really didn't think this game would work on WiiWare but the controls are spot on and it is one of the better party games out there.

I will say that Jungle Speed is at it's most fun when there are at least three players playing though. If you have some friends to play the game with, you might want to give Jungle Speed a closer look.



Pablo17 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Family & Friends Party:

@KS8-For the most part all of the games work well and that is why I am surprised that there doesn't seem to be any quick or free play mode to play just the games you like.

There is no board like in the Mario Party games. There is a crane that picks games at random and that is the game type that your team will play. This is where the coins come into play, as they allow you the ability to pick a game that you need instead of a random one.

The Pictionary type game works fine but as with all of the other games, they are set up in quick bursts, so you never fill like you get enough time with the games that you like. I can't say that there was a game that I hated, as I like word, drawing and shooting games.

My problem with the game is the very low production values. I don't expect a work of art for 1000 points but this game feels cheap, through and through. If you love party games, have people to play the game with and can get past the generic look of this game, you can have some fun here. As to whether it is worth a 1000 points or not, I still don't know.

EDIT:I should mention that although this may look like a kids game, a good portion of the questions would be too hard for younger children. There are math questions that have very simple solutions, however the goal of that game is to get the answer before the other team. Also, the word games can be a little tricky, such as spelling a word backwards, or guessing a word based on a simple clue. The Simon Says and Duck Shooting are two games that pretty much anyone can do though.



Pablo17 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Family & Friends Party:

I down loaded this because I play a lot of the party games and it is pretty average. The graphics, music and overall presentation are bland and generic. This game can be played with two to eight players, so as stated there is no single player here. However, this is a party game, so I don't think the lack of a single player option is a deal breaker.

This game has a two vs the computer option, a three player option and then a team based option for up to four players per team. In the team mode, each team takes a turn and then every other turn the teams battle it out at the same time. There are six activities (from what I remember) ranging from word based games to pictionary and shooting games. The games play okay but they are not going to blow anyone away. When a team succeeds at an activity, they win coins and aquire the badge for that accomplished game. First team to complete all of the activities first, wins the game. The coins come into play in that you can buy a badge out right for a large amount of your coins, or pick a game to play where you still need a badge for a lesser amount of coins. This works pretty well and gives a purpose for the coin collecting.

Miis are supported in this game which is a nice feature or you can use the generic characters that are already available. Overall it is a pretty average game but if you like party games, you might have some fun with it. I didn't see an option to play the games individually in a practice or quick play setting. This is a little disappointing as a few of the games are fun and a quick play option would add some replay to the package.



Pablo17 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Onslaught and Pop-Up Pirate!:

I think it is good to see a game like Onslaught on WiiWare. I am interested to read the review and find out how the controls are.

I am a little surprised with the lack of death match or team versus modes though, as I think that would have been pretty popular online. Is there at least split screen here?



Pablo17 commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

@KnucklesSonic8 Well let me know what you think of the BB support. While it does work, it is not a good fit for this game. I am sure with practice I could get better but my lap times were two to three times longer when using the BB.

In regards to Snowboard Riot, I can kind of see a comparison to Mario Kart Wii but there is a big difference. Mario Kart Wii online can have up to twelve racers vs the four found in Snowboard Riot. The number of racers can make a huge difference when you are dealing with four power ups. I would also say that the power ups in Mario Kart are spaced out much better as well.



Pablo17 commented on USA WiiWare Update: LIT:

I think this game looks interesting but I am going to hold off on buying it until I read how it plays. 800 points for 30 levels seems like a good deal if the game is fun.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

Being able to comment on reviews, is what makes this place so great. It allows people that have played the game reviewed, to express their feelings about the review and the game in general. It is always a good idea to search out multiple views on a game, especially since there are no demos for Wiiware games.

As for the game. Snowboard Riot is a game that after I reviewed it, it went straight to my SD card and I doubt I will play it again. As I stated in the review, there is some fun to be had online, so that may play a role in how much you enjoy a game like Snowboard Riot. For me, I felt the overall package was a 5.

In regards to online play, I played several matches and each match had three other human players. I will say that I had a bit of a hard time finding a game but once I did, I just stayed with that group. I finished in each of the four places possible, during my online experience. I felt like the online play was fun but not enough so to change my opinion of the entire package.

I felt like there were just too many power ups. You will encounter a row of two to four power ups (usually four) every five to ten seconds. That's just too many in my opinion. By the time I started my fourth online game, I noticed that no one wanted to jump off into first place because of the first row of power ups. The person that took the lead in the previous three races took a serious beating.

Again, I would suggest that players interested in any game, search out multiple points of view to help make their decision.