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Tue 23rd December, 2008

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Pablo17 commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

Picked up a second WiiU so my son and I could both play online. I have only been able to find the boy Amiibo, better than nothing, I guess.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Bloons (WiiWare):

I wonder if this version of Bloons is a lot different from the iphone and PSP mini versions. I actually like both the iphone and PSP mini version of Bloons.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Tomena Sanner (WiiWare):

If you have an iphone or touch, you can get this for .99 and it is really good. The iphone version is only single player though, so I will be buying the Wiiware version when it comes to the USA.



Pablo17 commented on Interviews: Mecho Wars - Luc Bernard:

I picked up the iphone version for .99 and it is pretty good. I am not sure I would pick up a wiiware or DSi version since the differences probably won't be enough to pay the higher price,



Pablo17 commented on Review: Wacky World of Sports (Wii):

I actually really like this game. I found that it plays really well and the graphics look nice, not that you can tell from the screen shots.

The ability to play through the tour mode with three human players, one computer player is a huge plus and the inclusion of Mii masks is a nice addition as well.

If you like party games I would suggest at least a rent but if you are burnt out on them, this may not change your mind.



Pablo17 commented on Castle of Magic Trailer is Conjured Out of Thi...:

I just picked up an ipod touch and grabbed this game for .99 and it is very good. I might consider the DSi version depending on what (if anything) changes.

I have already noticed that a few of my DSi purchases that were 500-800 points run me only about a dollar on the ipod touch.



Pablo17 commented on Nintendo Download: Jedis, Drills and Bubbles (US):

Well I picked up Mr. Driller and it is fantastic, of course I am a big Mr. Driller fan though. There are five profiles and then one guest profile, so even though there is no multiplayer, there are enough saves for multiple users. I also like how it keeps track of how long you have played. Overall, it is an excellent game and well worth the 800 points.



Pablo17 commented on Review: Mr. Driller Drill Land (GameCube):

I imported this for the gamecube and loved it. I had a modded gamecube at the time but sold it off when the freeloader came out. This was one of the first gamecube games that would not allow you save if you were using a freeloader. You could boot the game up fine and play it but it would always make you start a new save, so there was no way to continue your progress.

Mr. Driller (all) are some of my favorite games. I wish they would bring the other games out to the USA that have so far been kept in Japan. I would love to play the Wiiware version but thought I read that there were no plans to bring it out in the USA.

I felt a little ripped off on DS release as well. The Japanese version allowed five players to play off one card, where everyone needs a card in the USA version. Of course you can now pick up a copy of the DS game for around $5, so it isn't that big of a deal.



Pablo17 commented on Medieval Games Gameplay Trailer:

I love mini game collection/party games. However, very few companies know how to do it right. A great mini game collection needs to have fun mini games and most companies cranking these games out forget that part.