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Male, 31, Brazil

I've been a gamer since 1990, when I got my NES and Master System. I love Nintendo because they're are a haven of personality and witty gameplay in an era when everyone puts way too much stock on cinematics and gritty realism. Also a huge fan of Civilization and Magic Online on my PC.

Fri 19th April, 2013

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ricklongo commented on Bandai Namco's Project Treasure Is Now Called ...:

Doesn't really look like my thing, but hey, it's free to start. I'll at least give it a try, even though I like my multiplayer with friends to be local (which is why I pretty much always play Splatoon with strangers).



ricklongo commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

This is interesting in so many levels. I'm not necessarily a Telltale or Minecraft fan, but I'm happy to see this nevertheless.

I hope they eventually bring their Game of Thrones series to the console. I played episode 1 on Steam and it was okayish, but as a huge ASOIAF fan, I'd very much like to play the whole thing on my preferred gaming platform.



ricklongo commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

"It's mature in every sense of the word" - Sorry, I had to giggle at that.

You may say it's mature in one sense of the word - that is, the hideous gaming euphemism that encompasses gore and sex. As for the other, more generally used sense of the word, doesn't seem like it.

Either way, not sure what to think about this one. It was never gonna be exactly my kind of thing, but I've been pondering whether I should give it a try. I gotta say, the review made me lean towards "no".



ricklongo commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@NintyMan They won't really do a fine job recreating music in my opinion, because they're not independent of gameplay itself. What I (and other musically-inclined folk) want is a way to create new tunes that work independently from whether the player is moving Mario accordingly or not.



ricklongo commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

My (admittedly very high) interest in Nintendo only goes as far as gaming. I hope the QOL initiative is indeed dead, and that they use the effort and manpower to make more great games and an incredible Wii U successor instead.



ricklongo commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

I' getting a feeling we may have sadly seen the last of Nintendo Directs. When Iwata was sick, we experienced a several months-long gap. Without his guidance, I think the format may be done. Worst decision ever if it is, by the way.



ricklongo commented on Chasing Aurora Dev Porting Electronic Super Jo...:

I'm a bit tired of those monochromatic platformers. One of the great things about stuff like Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, Elliot Quest or Teslagrad is the worldbuilding - those are well-constructed settings, with characteristic landscapes and different regions to explore. These backgrounds, however, just feel drab and uninteresting, making it a tough sell to get me interested in yet another sidescroller (as much as I love the genre).



ricklongo commented on Mario Memories: The Creative Joy of Childhood ...:

I never made imaginary Mario levels specifically, but I made TONS of imaginary platforming levels for games my brother, my cousin and I would dream up back in the day. That boy would be incredibly excited for Mario Maker, as is the adult he became.



ricklongo commented on Video: You Can Turn Boss Weapons Against Their...:

Aside from the obvious article oversight, I'm still appalled that this isn't coming to Wii U. I mean, being in Smash was the most prolific Mega Man has gotten in years, and Nintendo can't even strike a deal with Capcom to have this legacy edition of NES games come to their current home console? It blows my mind.



ricklongo commented on Dragon Quest XI 3DS Screens Show Off the Blend...:

The nuts would be a Wii U version, with gorgeous HD on the big screen and 16-bit graphics on the gamepad.

To be perfectly honest, this dual screen gimmick has me wondering whether to buy this on PS4 or 3DS, when I'd 100% have gone for the HD game otherwise.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

Wait, what was that about music making tools? I can't watch the video at work, but if this game has an honest-to-goodness music making mode, it genuinely has a shot at being my favorite Wii U game, bar none, after all is said and done.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo and DeNA Smart Device Game Still On T...:

To be honest, I'm indifferent. I don't think these are games I'll be playing, first because they're probably not bringing them to Windows Phone, secondly because at the end of the day I don't really have any interest in mobile gaming.



ricklongo commented on SNK Playmore's New Chinese Owners Aim To "Do A...:

The King of Fighters is to this day my favorite fighting franchise, even more so than Street Fighter or Smash Bros. That said, nothing of worth can come out of this. I want new games that do justice to SNK's legacy, not bad movies and multimedia efforts.



ricklongo commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

I honestly feel like I'm kinda over my 3DS. The vast majority of my game playing is done at home, and I'd rather play on a big flatscreen than on a handheld, so my Wii U sees tons more use from me right now. Plus, the system really is starting to show its age to me, especially since I ended up deciding against getting a N3DS.

There are still a few games I'll get in the future, mainly RPGs, but other than that I don't see myself spending a ton on my 3DS anymore.