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Male, 30, Brazil

I've been a gamer since 1990, when I got my NES and Master System. I love Nintendo because their titles are a haven of personality and witty gameplay in an era when, sadly, everyone puts way too much stock on cinematics and gritty realism. Also a huge fan of Civilization and Magic Online on my PC.

Fri 19th April, 2013

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ricklongo commented on Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo ...:

I don't think emerging markets need specific hardware, and especially not in the times we currently live in. Anyone can find out about new worldwide successful software with a simple Google search nowadays, not to mention play cutting-edge PC games; offering inferior versions of those famous IPs simply won't cut it.



ricklongo commented on Hardware Review: AtGames Arcade Gamer Portable:

That's a surprisingly slim list of games. Here in Brazil there's a new version of the Master System (an official one, too, since it's produced by SEGA's old Brazilian subsidiary, TecToy) that comes with 150+ games for what amounts to about $50. It's not a portable, though, but that' a plus in my book.



ricklongo commented on Review: Mega Man 6 (Wii U eShop / NES):

The entire NES Mega Man series is enjoyable, but this one, along with the very first game, are at the bottom in my opinion. The new Rush adaptors were pretty interesting though, and the chiptune music is great as always.



ricklongo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Evolve It...:

I think Nintendo is dropping the ball with the lack of Directs. They may not be too important for the more casual crowd, but as an enfranchised player I can say that my level of hype for Nintendo products reaches enormous levels after each Direct presentation.

Take the Comic-con, for example - I must admit I'm not excited or "hyped" by Nintendo's forthcoming participation. That's because, as far as I know, there won't be a focused presentation with hand-picked footage of upcoming releases and new surprises to build my hype levels. Their participation in these large events is definitely a necessity, in order to "spread the word" on Nintendo products for those not necessarily up to speed on future releases. But come on, throw us hardcore fans a bone as well.

The lack of Nintendo Directs is also worrying in that it may mean there really aren't many surprises in store for us in the near future. I'm not even talking about unannounced retail releases that get revealed out of the blue (like Hyrule Warriors and Kirby Triple Deluxe), but stuff like Gamecube / DS / N64 games on the Wii U virtual console.

Especially in a slow retail time like this one (although yes, the e-Shop has been killing it lately), new Direct presentations could help immensely to tide us over until the next big game.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo Serves Up Over Four Minutes of Awesom...:

I'm a huge Zelda fan, but have no idea how the Warrios gameplay is like. Gotta say I'm not entiiiiiiirely feeling this one. Will still get it, since I'm lacking for retail releases since Mario Kart 8, but I'm not terribly excited.



ricklongo commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

What this summer needs is a Nintendo Direct already. :P

Incidentally, I just finished the fantastic Guacamelee, which should be a pretty good source of latin heat to go with the summer (or winter, for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere).



ricklongo commented on Sonic Boom To Be Playable At Comic-Con, "Never...:

@DiscoGentleman Is it funny that I feel the exact opposite way? :P

Excited about Sonic Boom (a bit less so after I learned of all the constant banter during gameplay, but oh well), absolutely no interest on any Aliens game.

As far as wishes for unannounced titles go, I want a Phantasy Star single-player epic JRPG for Wii U. Please. :)



ricklongo commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Those are great updates. The system transfer is especially good news, since it seems to pave the way for a true account-based system in the future.

The e-Shop navigation options are nice to have, but I fail to see why anyone would want to navigate it without the gamepad. The touchscreen makes everything so much easier, ESPECIALLY when it comes to write things up (such as a game's name in the "search" function or a credit card number).



ricklongo commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

"If you're reading this outside of Europe..."

Certainly you mean "outside of Europe and South America", right? :)

The Master System was a huge success in Brazil, mainly because, while Nintendo refused to acknowledge the country existed in the 8-bit days, SEGA went all in with their own Brazilian subsidiary company and snatched the market.

I had both an NES and a Master System back in the day, and I loved them both to bits. Initially most of my friends had Master Systems, because of the aforementioned reasons, but NES clones made by Brazilian companies started flooding the market at some point, evening the gap between the consoles here a bit.

Nowadays, I believe most Master System games just haven't aged that well, sadly, whereas there are plenty of NES classics that I play to this day. In my opinion the best SMS games are Phantasy Star, Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Sonic 2 and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Those should be a good starting point for anyone wanting to explore the console's library.

EDIT: There's also the Wonder Boy series, which was pretty great. We got it here in Brazil localized as game versions of a popular Brazilian comic series, Turma da Mônica, but the gameplay is pretty much the same.



ricklongo commented on Areal Passes Kickstarter Goal, Yet More Peculi...:

Man, I'm glad this is a first-person shooter and not, say, a collect-a-thon 3D platformer or medieval RPG. This way I get to sit back and just amuse myself watching the drama unfold, whereas I'd be facing quite the dilemma or backing it or not if one of my favorite genres had been chosen. EIther way, I probably wouldn't bite; this definitely looks like a huge scam.



ricklongo commented on Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based ...:

I've been watching this one closely, but I kept my hopes in check due to how lofty the 3DS stretch goal was. What do you know, here we are. Super stoked and looking for a day-one buy (I'd contribute to the campaign itself, if I wasn't already swamped with games I want to get right now on the Wii U e-Shop).



ricklongo commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (North America):

People are crying doom and gloom, seriously? The past couple of months left me with a HUGE e-Shop backlog - I finished Shovel Knight and Guacamelee, still have to get Armillo, Stick it to the Man, Bombing Bastards, Scram Kitty, and One Piece. Some weaker weeks are to be expected.



ricklongo commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

I saw someone on another site wonder whether the designers were going for "worst game on the entire Wii U library" here. I think they were, truth be told - a "so bad it's interesting" kind of thing. It seems to have worked, too, since the game made the Top 20 e-Shop sales this week, presumably on the back of all the bad press it's gotten.



ricklongo commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

The trailer looks awesome. Never played a Fatal Frame game, and I'm not really big on horror, but I'd give this a shot. They need to localize it.

I also like this sort of "just in time" reveal: the game will be released in just two months!



ricklongo commented on Sega Still Considering Its Options For The Wii...:

I've been increasingly willing to pay for Mega Drive classics. As a SNES kid back in the day, my experience with that console was extremely limited - but I'm not booting Wii Mode for that; no, sir.

I did own a Master System though, and it would be quite cool to play its games again.

Either way, I'd be all over SEGA games on my Wii U. I hope it happens.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Hmmmmm. Mother is one of my favorite series, and I've been meaning to get EarthBound for a while; the only reason I haven't gotten it yet is because I already finished it more times than I can count. On the other hand, I've been increasingly curious about NES Remix.

I'll try and solve this conundrum until I get home tonight. :)



ricklongo commented on Just Dance 2015 on Wii U To Be Featured in The...:

I have no interest in the Just Dance franchise, but recently I got the 2014 game at a discount for my girlfriend. It was easy to notice how unnecessary those annual instalments are. I don't see her wanting another version, well, for the entire lifetime of my Wii U, truth be told. In an ideal world Ubisoft would just release new track packs as DLC for years on end and be done with it.



ricklongo commented on First Impressions: Exploring the Depths of Aff...:

This game has always intrigued me, but learning about the control methods leaves me wary. I'm reminded of one of the reasons why I could never get into Etrian Odyssey: the map-tracking mechanic is way too much of a chore for me. Likewise, when I watch the trailer for Affordable Space Adventures, I think about exploring this vast mysterious world, not being tasked with a more reallistic approach at how you'd control such a spaceship. Seems like the kind of thing that could really kill this for me.



ricklongo commented on Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship E...:

I finished this game last night (still a few collectibles short, so right now I'm backtracking), and let me say it: it is a Masterpiece. With a capital M. Please, don't miss out.

The fact that this and Shovel Knight came out within weeks of each other means this is the best time ever for downloadable games on Nintendo platforms.



ricklongo commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

That wouldn't surprise me, really, since I think Nintendo's attitude towards the Wii alienated a lot of core gamers. I, for one, skipped the Wii, in part due to the "party" nature of the console's marketing, and stuck with a gaming PC and a DS for that generation. I'm not a fan of motion controls, and even now, owning a Wii U, I find it hard to even boot Wii mode to clear my backlog precisely because of control methods.

That said, I personally have no interest in the PS4 as of now. I don't see that changing in the near future, either; there are a couple of enticing titles in the pipeline, like No Man's Sky and even Final Fantasy XV (even though the atmosphere and overall world design footage shown so far has completely disappointed me), but nothing that would make me want to buy a new console for. I do love the Wii U to bits, though, and I think a setup of Wii U / 3DS / gaming PC will suffice me just fine for this generation.