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Thu 31st January, 2008

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Varoennauraa commented on Renegade Kid Now In A Position To Produce More...:

Please, I am begging you:
Take the monopoly of FPS games on Wii U!!! I am dying to shoot things with my Wiimote!!! (And use the gyro option in the GamePad for local multiplayer as well.)

You wouldn't even need to break your back with the burden of bankruptcy inducing competitive graphics; the feel of shooting experience with the Wiimote more than makes up even mediocre graphics in my experience.



Varoennauraa commented on Feature: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heist,...:

@B3ND3R I would buy it WITH MONEY!!!

There would be so many opportunities. Of course, the Star Fox fans have been waiting for a sequel for so long, that it might be beneficial for the public health to just make a traditionalish Star Fox game first, but perhaps the campaign structure could include some strategic elements, like occupying enemy territories and taking control of their factories, and the missions them selves could also include some tactical elements in the form of giving orders for your wing men with the touch screen(drawing routes for them on the map).



Varoennauraa commented on Feature: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heist,...:

I SO cannot wait, that I need to buy the Dig today to ease the wait. (even when they are completely different)

I cannot get enough turn based strategy games, but I would just LOVE to see some real time strategies on the Wii U as well. The GamePad is(or would be) the real time strategy machine!

And I would also like to play 4x games on the Wii U the most. I know, that Wii U don't get any of them, but I would prefer to play them on the Wii U.



Varoennauraa commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

That's really strange.

The third parties did excellent job convincing people to expect, that their Wii versions were always gimped poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople, and on the Wii U they did not even try to sell their games for Wii U. The worlds most popular game and it was not even available on the eShop, like it was so risky to try it. Wtf is with that. And wtf was the secrecy of the previous Cods Wii U versions all about? They announced the version, when people has already preordered other versions, and printed so few games, that I couldn't find it from my country in months and had to order it from abroad.

Cod AW would have been a low risk and high potential situation.

The Wiimote is affordable way to differentiate in the FPS market in general, and they would have had the whole platform for them selves.

There is a monopoly of Wiimote FPS's on the table.

Please some one. I would settle for a mediocre FPS, if I just got one more Wiimote FPS. That's the only reason, I have ever bought Cods.

High Voltage! Please!



Varoennauraa commented on Wii U Reference Discovered In Call of Duty: Ad...:

Even these hints makes my nipples hard!

I have always considered Cods mediocre, but apparently they are still the best that Wii U will get on the FPS front, and I am CRAZY about Wiimote. And now. because of Wiimote, I am addicted to Cod. Out of all games.

The controls in Blops and Ghosts are fantstic, but I wish they would try the Conduit. It has another layer of kind of head tracking simulating fine tuning on top of the dead zone turning, and it would be really welcome addition.

Even more welcome addition would be gyro aiming option for the GamePad for making the local games a bit more fluent for Pad player too.

ALSO! Please make the leaning work by twisting the nunchuck.

I would love to see at least some DLC, but to me they are meaningless next to Wiimote support.

I cant stand this nerve wrecking wait, but Activision always seems to keep the Wii U version secret, until the games are in the shelves. Why they do this to us!? It shouldn't hinder anyone, if they just announced the Wii U version along with others.



Varoennauraa commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Putting Zeldas in strict order is the most difficult game series for me to rate, but if I was threatened to be thrown into a pit filled with spiders if I didn't give an answer, I would probably shout, that Skyward Sword is my all time favorite game. While plummeting into the horrible death.

I especially loved the story, the world, the art, the time stones(which I want to come back in the next game) and the controls of course.

The GamePad would be awesome 'Time Stone Tuner';
Link would stay in his era, but through the GamePad he could see and interact with different times.(or even better, Links companion would be using the GamePad)



Varoennauraa commented on Renegade Kid Open to Another Kickstarter Campa...:

Aah, I will support an FPS that is specifically made for Wii a high price.

Just use Wiimote or/and GamePads gyro. I NEEED new things to shoot with my Wiimote.

And If someone tried to make an FPS that used that Wii U Zapper like thing, I'd go even higher.



Varoennauraa commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

According to my own anecdotal research, kids are more likely to play 3DS, when both are available.

Owning a tablet is almost a norm, and people in general don't know much about 3DS and the difference of the platforms as a gaming devices and their libraries. Most parents seem to be content to having a 500€ device for playing Angry Birds and Where's my Water.



Varoennauraa commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

Looks amazingly fun, especially the multiplayer.

But the autosnap aim is ridiculous and I'd like it to be removed and instead use gyro aiming or Wiimote. I'd like to play my games my self, thank you.

Wiimote would also be fun for melee.



Varoennauraa commented on Eiji Aonuma Hints at The Legend of Zelda on Wi...:

OMG! I'm still not holding my breath, but it sounds like my dreams might have a slight chance of coming true.

Co op Zelda was my first wish, when I saw the GamePad.

Link has had a companion since The Ocarina, and in my view the best use for the GamePad in a Zelda game would be controlling the companion and leave Link wielding a Wiimote.

The two characters would obviously be very different and complement each other, which would explode puzzle design possibilities and help to make battles even more interesting. When playing alone, the companion would be controlled by AI, and the player would alternate between the characters by changing the controller.



Varoennauraa commented on First Impressions: Getting Creative With Mario...:

I think, that they shouldn't fear the cannibalization of the New Super Mario series, and in fact, I think it would be the best for the series to fully embrace this Maker stuff. New Super Mario could use something refreshing, and this would be VERY refreshing, and GamePad could make fit very naturally too.

They could include a New Super Mario adventure into it, and perhaps make it so, that the platformer players on the TV would need the help from the "Maker" on the GamePad and vice versa.

And I hope, that they don't leave the opportunity to highlight the benefits of the touchscreen in the GamePad unused. A tile and sprite editor with stylus and sharing on the Miiverse would automatically hit the viral nerve and sell over 5 billion consoles. It would eat the NSMB series, but it is somewhat fatigued already and would need something of this caliber to be able to release another one for one console anyway.



Varoennauraa commented on Mario Maker to Include Additional Graphical St...:

Being able to draw your own tiles would make it The Anything Maker. And they should make it so.

Also. It would be cool, if second player would be able to play the game on the TV, WHILE the GamePad player is placing the tiles. There could be a new Super Mario adventure, that would be impossible without a little help of from the "Maker".(as well as being able to make your own adventures, ofcourse).



Varoennauraa commented on Satoru Iwata Won't Attend E3 For Health-Relate...:

I hope it's nothing serious and he gets well soon. I was looking forward to watching his presentation...but hey! Thank goodness for the Direct! No need to fly around the world, when we watch him in a video anyway.

Perhaps QoL -product will get his body ready for future events.



Varoennauraa commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

Seeing people make a such big deal about this 1 frame, the smallest deal in the world, makes me sick. It's still as beautiful game and still as loving smooth as it was yesterday.

It's far, far, in the smoother side of games and I wish even half of the games were this smooth.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Varoennauraa commented on Fresh Nintendo Wii U Patent Looks Like a Wii M...:

Sequel for Wii Music has been my one of my fondest wishes since Wii U announcement.

The GamePad is made for writing music and sharing songs with friends would be eternal fun. The Wii U could also handle immensely more powerful synthesizer and effects, perhaps making the sound appealing enough even for those who couldn't give a chance for the idea of an interactive music game because of gamey sounds.

A midi keyboard controller with piano lessons and karaoke would make it a 10million hit.