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Thu 31st January, 2008

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Varoennauraa commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

Star Fox is my game of the E3.

Its graphics looks mixed so far for sure, but as some levels actually look very nice, I have a feeling that some levels were quickly made for prototyping purposes. And even in the "classic" Star Fox 1st level, the fluid controls made it look good in my eyes; its immediacy makes me want to play it more, than anything else out of Virtual Reality games.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Says That Star Fox Zero's Gyro Contro...:

@BigBabyPeach I hope they are. And it goes other way too:
RE4 for Wii was game breakingly easy even with the unlockable difficulty level.

I hope the developers are not holding back when creating challenges for immediate controllers. Now, that we have finer, immediate control available in games, I hope it is used, and demanded, and not have watered down experiences because of popular demand of sticking with 80's controller hardware.



Varoennauraa commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

I think the controls look very well thought and the gyro aiming makes the game even look smoother, and I have a feeling, that when you get over the past conventions, never mind not instantly being able to get gold medal in a new game, the finer control and immediacy of the motion should only make the game faster paced and more exhilarating experience.

And I think the Miyamoto brought up a really important point, when he was talking about increasing the level of control even during cinematic scenes. The StarFox is rather cinematic game, where the player has no control of the viewpoint but this tme, the director can still make cinematic scenes, while the player is simultaneously being able to 'directing' his own view and this way they can increase the playability and level of control mechanisms and be able to make new kinds of challenges for the genre.

The graphics look somewhat mixed so far, but the desert level looked very good in my eyes.

I have not yet had time to check if there are any VR games on E3, but this far the Star Fox is my no1 game of this E3. (Unless not the "3 Swords").



Varoennauraa commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

I'm really happy...well, a new Wii U game and a small peek at Zelda would have been nice.

But 3DS got good stuff. Zelda 3 Swords got me screaming, and I have been dreaming about a game like that Federation thing. Well, it looked a bit repetitive and I don't like area defence games, but it's fantastic to see two new co-op games in one presentation, and perhaps it still has time to get some more meat around it's bones.

One thing is making me sad though; I don't have time to play all the games, that I want.



Varoennauraa commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

This is even more amazing, than what I thought! It gets better and better every day and in my opinion it is RIGHT THERE with Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

One of my favorite games ever. Smash Bros of shooters.



Varoennauraa commented on Devil's Third Will Be Much More Than Just Anot...:

They have also always specialized in taking the most out of the platforms hardware, they have been working on.

Wiimote would be very powerful piece of hardware in this case, as this is a melee and shooting game. They could take that autoaim away and make players do their shooting for them selves.

I hope, that they would at least use they gyro aim option.



Varoennauraa commented on Video: Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade...:

Oooh!! It looks nice! It's even better than if even Outrun itself became to Wii U!!!

And I love some of the tracks!!! Both racing and music! While not super memorable, some of the music tracks set the mood just right for the title and the racing tracks seem to be memorable on behalf of other aspects.

If they just could even have squeezed a GamePad Multiplayer into it as well!



Varoennauraa commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

It's a painting game, of course it is played on the GamePad. I liked the first game, but the bigger touch screen is a big improvement for the painting aspect as well as view distance.

And I just f****ng love the CO-OP in it! It's great fun and there is nothing like that in the whole wide world.



Varoennauraa commented on ​New FAST Racing Neo Footage is Set to be Re...:

@Mandalore they denied it somewhere, but I am pretty sure it will be the case.

Which would be shame as I want a couple of specialized developers in each platform for trying to get the most out of it, and there has rarely, if ever, been a system, where there would be so much to explore as Wii U. If this came to PS4, we can be sure, that they are not going to use GamePad in any way and you should just get the PS4 version.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

!!! P A N D O R A S !!!

!!! T O W E R !!!


Amazing game in many ways and the best 3D Castlevania ever made.

It will be mine! I borrowed it for awhile, but had to return it before finnishing it, and finally I can put it to an end.



Varoennauraa commented on Video: Roguelike Adventure Temple Of Yog Cele...:

@gurtifus I think in real time roguelikes too. Real time adds pressure of course, but decision making is still the same and all the choices are there. The choices are much more genre defining thing when thinking about roguelikes in my opinion.

It's up to gamedesigner to balance the game so, that there is time to make decisions, and it's also up to the player to use his/her brain. Or die.

If Nethack became a realtime game, I would still call it roguelike. I think the variety of choices makes Nethack the Nethack.



Varoennauraa commented on Video: Roguelike Adventure Temple Of Yog Cele...:

Roguelikes are usually turnbased, but to me it's not a definitive feature. If you turned Nethack into realtime, it would still be roguelike to me.

And multiplayer roguelikes are typically realtime, even if they are ascii and all.



Varoennauraa commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

Nothing for easter!?! I would think, that it would be more favourable launch day, than most other days at spring.

I have waited for local multiplayer game for easter holiday for YEARS.