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Moshugan commented on Koji Kondo Discusses Music Creation for Iconic...:

@Kenology I checked that out and yes, you seem to be correct on Kondo composing only one song for Skyward (the intro music)!
I didn't expect that. Since that's true, I'm not worried in the slightest about Zelda U's score. Skyward Sword has one of my favorite soundtracks ever, and if the same people are working on U, the music should be awesome!



Moshugan commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@CB85 @Tainy @bbliksteen8 @Tsurii897 @Jstrummer @mizumaru @bro2dragons and other,

Here's the exact wording:

You showed the Zelda trailer, and that's such a huge world, and how is that gonna be for you guys to approach that as far as gameplay and story, because it's such a huge world?

Bill's traslation:
So yeah, with Zelda games what we've always done is we've always tried to make them a game where you enter this big world of Hyrule and there's a lot to explore and discover. But because of the hardware limitations what we always had to do was segment off each area and piece those segments together in a way that made them feel like a big world. But now with the hardware capabilities of Wii U, what we did was we first started by saying, "Well let's see what we can do if we take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess and just try to make that as one area on the game."

I think it's apparent from the answer, that they first started out by seeing if they could make a one seamless are the size of TP world as a technology test, and went from there.
And if you stretch the interpretation, you could say that it might mean that not the entire world will be seamless, but the loading times only occur between segments the size of TP world, so no constrained areas.

To me it's funny that they didn't really answer her exact question, tho. :)



Moshugan commented on Koji Kondo Discusses Music Creation for Iconic...:

@JasonAnArgoNOT64 @Kenology He is listed as a Supervisor for Zelda U. So he will be in charge of the score even if not composing it.
Skyward Sword soundtrack is one of his greatest scores so I don't know how he could've topped it with Zelda U anyway. :D

I hoped they utilized the amazing sound fonts from A Link Between World to recreate the MM music, but that comment seems like it might just be remastered. Either way, I loved the N64 sounds!



Moshugan commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

Aaaa! Getting a real streetpass hit from Miyamoto-san!? @ ___ @
It's so cooool! So jealous! ;)

EDIT: Commented too soon. Let's try again...
AAAAA!!!! Getting a signed 3DS from Mister Myamottooooo!!? x____x
I want to take that man to a dinner! >:3



Moshugan commented on Koji Kondo Discusses Music Creation for Iconic...:

Koji Kondo is my hero!
His music has instilled such emotions in me that would not have been felt without them.
The games he worked on would not have been the same without him. I feel like he has shaped Nintendo and it's franchises as much as any game designer who worked on them.



Moshugan commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

Good Lord there was some top notch games released this year!
It's too hard to choose the GotY for Wii U retail and overall!
I've enjoyed Mario Kart 8 immensely, but Smash is just too awesome. I haven't sunk my teeth into Bayonetta or Donkey Kong too much yet so hard to say about those. The rest have no chance. ;)

Shovel Knight was my definite choise for eShop win on both platforms. It took my heart by storm! Smash for 3DS got my vote for 3DS retail, so maybe I'll give the Wii U one to Mario Kart 8 ? :)



Moshugan commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I got the adapter through Amazon Germany, but of course it cost a bit more due to postage. Otherwise it was at a regular price.
Also the shipping took a week, but the adapter isn't even released through the normal national importer yet, so I got it relatively early.
My SmashCube controller should arrive in the next days.

I'm quite happy! :)
Sorry for everyone who has to wait or resorted to buying an overpriced one. :

@SuperAlex12 "Was the Smash Bros. bundle limited edition?"
That's a good question! They weren't labeled or marketed as a limited edition, so maybe there will be more? As to what quantities, remains to be seen.

@Luffymcduck '"I got both, so I'm one happy gamer" but I still need another adapter for maximum awesomeness."
Haha! I'll probably end up buying a second one too at some point!
But it is awesome for those rare moments of mass Smash that all kinds of controllers are compatible.



Moshugan commented on UCraft Wii U Beta Plans Outlined as New Traile...:

"Siege mentality" . . . Aptly put! :D

Well, this will obviously never replace Minecraft nor probably never reach it's level of quality, but it could shape up to be a game that offers reasonable amounts of amusement. The different genre elements like karting and gunplay, while not original, are fun deviations to the mining/crafting formula.
And there sure ain't nothing like it on Wii U.

I could see people playing this if they manage online and persistent worlds and keep adding stuff.

What bugs me the most is the total lack of humility of these newbie devs. You can't tell me your shizzle is the thing if it ain't!



Moshugan commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

@LordOfGamez "I went through all these trailers that was just CGI and then the Zelda U part was when I listened."


It's awesome that most all of Nintendo's trailers and demos from recent years have been comprised almost completely of true gameplay video!
It pays in the long run, even if some Ninty trailers might seem boring in comparison to more cinematic ones.

Everybody hates false advertisement!



Moshugan commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

This was the best surprise to wake up to this morning! ^___^
It looks really promising. I really love the horse play (no pun intended) and the grand feel of the world.

There's a lot of promising things in this, although some things look like they still need some polish. My main worries are that the world will mostly be empty and it'll get boring riding around, and some elements like the far away views look quite low detail. Well, it's hard to make too far reaching conclusions from this, so I'll reserve my judgement.

A whole year to go, so I'm trustful they'll make it good. ;)



Moshugan commented on Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Order...:

@noctowl Yeah, I would, but those mothers cost a ton where I'm at. :I
Been doing fine with the Upad and Classic Pro so far, even Wiimote+nunchuk works fine (Thank God for button mapping)!
Wiimote only is just too clumsy, but we've had to do that for over 5 player matches.

Still, I'm looking forward to getting to utilize my collection of Gamecube controllers!

EDIT: Just reserved myself one Wii U Pro Controller along with a Smash Gamecube Controller. ;)



Moshugan commented on Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Order...:

Oh man, sorry for everyone. :(
Fortunately my adapter is on it's way in the mail! Managed to order from Amazon Germany and saw a couple in Amazon France, but the prices are either high or they won't ship to everywhere.
Hopefully Ninty makes another production run soon!



Moshugan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

Well, this sucks.

It's not acceptable that such a high profile game suffers from a fatal error like this, not to mention how embarrassing it must be for Nintendo, but there's always the possibility for a single mistake left in the code that only surfaces in a very specific set of conditions. Such bugs can't always be completely corrected before the launch date, but I'm sure it will be before long.

In that sense the game was released "unfinished" but this isn't all that unusual people. We'll get over it.



Moshugan commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

It hasn't even released in every country. ;P
The release in Finland isn't until sometime Q1...

I looked through every Euro Amazon site, and I could find stock in the Italian, Spanish and French Amazon sites, but only a few would ship to Finland and those were not cheap when including the postage.

On Thu-Fri night I managed to make an order from Amazon Germany and the state of the order is "Expected to ship on Dec. 1.-2." so fingers crossed!



Moshugan commented on Nexis Games Defends UCraft's Multiplatform Mov...:

Yeah, who cares about this.
We wanna hear more about Kenji: Rise Of A Hero! :p

EDIT: What the heck!? :D I was just joking and I thought they'd scrapped the game, since there hasn't been any word after the initial announcement around July 25.
But now from Kotaku ( ) there's news that it should be coming on November 25! Might it just be a placeholder date?



Moshugan commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I love my Wii U. I think it's a great machine and it has many awesome titles and uses already - and just like any other Nintendo console, it will have it's library of games to look back on. :)

C- might seem a bit harsh, but I think your assessment is honest and fair.
Wii U has a lot to like in it, but overall it just hasn't done as well as it ought to have.



Moshugan commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

I just absolutely LOVE this game!
I'm glad it's finally out in Europe. ^_^

I'm still on the fence about getting it for both the Wii U and 3DS. It's tempting, and I think the game is worth 25 euros, but additional 10€ for the same game is a bit too much.



Moshugan commented on Eiji Aonuma Confirms Majora's Mask 3D Has Been...:

I love how detailed and careful the work in these remakes are!
Watching the trailer, every asset feels genuine like it was on the N64, but when compared, everything is remade with much more detail and refinement, just as it was when playing OoT3D. It really makes them feel familiar, yet fresh.
And this game especially needs a refresh! The Virtual Console version for example is pretty awful with it's 12fps. ;p



Moshugan commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

Haha, I love this comment section. :D

This is how the Conclusion reads to me:

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest ten to ten what ten would ten at the ten ten ten; it ten the ten for Ten Ten Ten, ten out the ten ten and ten ten to ten it ten. Diddy’s Kong Quest is about as close to a perfect game as the SNES got, and every single aspect of it feels like it belongs, ten ten ten ten in the ten, and nothing feels like it’s missing, ten ten ten Ten ten ten ten ten ten the ten ten. Ten ten ten ten a ten ten ten, this is an absolute must-buy and should frankly already be on your Wii U console.



Moshugan commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

What a great review! I wish there was more bashibg though, this game deserves it. ;p

I just don't get why Nintendo let's shuttle like this reach their console. Everyone can see from a mile away that it just is not worth it.



Moshugan commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

@AlexOlney I must agree with everyone else on the part that you're score and the content of the review don't match. You give absolutely no arguments as to why you dropped a point from the score!

The only negative points in the review: :D
"Expresso . . . has been sadly omitted from this entry."
"On the whole [secrets are] not quite as well hidden as in the first instalment."

Some might say that "No game is perfect", but that is an invalid argument, as it gets too philosophical and vague.