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Moshugan commented on Weirdness: These Chinese Game Controllers Look...:

It'll be interesting to see how The Real Thing will fair against all of these copycats. It won't be good if Nintendo will price it's products too high, but if they can make the public understand that their original products are of that much better quality then maybe they'll succeed.



Moshugan commented on Christian First-Person Shooter Super Noah's Ar...:

@Bitten ''I want to see a real time Noah simulator, 40 days and 40 nights of sailing, feeding and mucking out fun!''
Actually, according to the Bible, Noah was in the Ark for somewhere around 375 days! The raining might have lasted for 40 days but the flood took a lot longer to recede.

It could work as a resource management and a social simulator, where you'd have to deal with the limited food and water on board and take care of the animals as well as the other seven members of your family.
Bible based games need not be crappy edutainment romps that try to teach ''bible stories'' nor they have to twist the Bible's accounts into something that will get people to call blasphemy. I wish there were more games about the Bible and more good quality games with christian values and themes.
The christian game making community needs to start thinking outside of the box.



Moshugan commented on Christian First-Person Shooter Super Noah's Ar...:

Someone should totes do a remake of this game! B) Maybe as a Source mod?

Some features:

  • The Setting: Freely explorable full size ark (137.16m/450ft x 22.86m/75ft x 13.716m/45ft) during a global flood.
  • The Hero: Play as Noah, the surviving antediluvian patriarch from a lost world, who has the fate of Earth, it's creatures and the human kind in his hands.
  • The Story: There's only six days before the ark lands on dry land but the animals are getting restless...
  • The Goal: You must make sure every animal remains unharmed until the ark lands - and survive while keeping your family safe.
  • The Genre: Survival Horror

Other Gameplay elements:

  • Explore the ark and it's various sections containing a myriad of animal kinds and different environments to suit them.
  • From farm animals to swarming insects, forest dwellers to dinosaurs, there's always a surprise around the corner!
  • Protect the prey from the predator by trapping, tranquilizing or taming the animals gone wild.
  • Boss fights! Try to tackle the likes of anaconda, the great bear and t-rex or outwit a pack of velociraptors or the mighty ant colony.
  • Tame and utilize different animal to reach your goal and travel efficiently.
  • Use tranq darts, clubs, cages, food and lassos among many more items to do the job - or utilize the environment to your advantage.
  • Manage limited food, water and other resources to make sure your family and the animals on board survive and stay happy.
  • Co-operative mode: Play as other members of Noah's family to help him round the animals.
  • Co-oppose mode: Play as Noah's sons and hinder Noah's work by pulling some pranks of the animal kind on him.

What do you guys think? :D



Moshugan commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

@Ernest_The_Crab #52 ''Judging from the design of Link, isn't that the Link from the Great War in the Zelda Universe? Specifically, the one from the manga included with the Historia? I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet.''
Oh, I didn't catch that one! Combined with it's closeness to the art style of Skyward Sword this is a viable option. Might be...

Yet another possibility is The Interloper War (which some speculate to be related to the aforementioned Unification War or ''Hyrulean Civil War'').



Moshugan commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

The other possible point in the timeline would be The Unification War prior to Ocarina of Time. This would offer multiple human parties (as well as other races) that would wage war to determine who would rule the land that would later become Hyrule.



Moshugan commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I will reserve my judgment, but this looks cheap in every way! (I never liked the Warriors games anyway)
But since their making it, and it's going way off the main series, I'd like for it to feature no Link whatsoever. I wish they'd set it in the time between Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, in the fallen hero timeline.
That's where The Imprisoning War takes place. The Hero of OoT has fallen and Ganondorf is able to take the Triforce by... erm, force. There is a great war between the Hyrule Kingdom and Ganondorf's troops, which leads to Ganon getting his hands on the full Triforce and the Sages sealing him in the Sacred Realm which becomes the Dark World.
This setting would be perfect for this kind of a game because there would be no single Chosen Hero to rely on, so Hyrule must go to total war to fight back Ganon.



Moshugan commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

Oh, such fond memories with this one! ^-^
I have NO idea how many times I've played it from start to finish. :D

I absolutely love this game, so I was a bit surprised that it's started showing it's age! :)
Especially after A Link Between Worlds, which is one of the smoothest gameplay experience I've had, I did find myself longing for a bit more fluid controls and I also couldn't help missing A Link Between Worlds' stellar soundtrack! Some tunes, like in the boss fights and The Skull of Woods, could use a bit more bass and variation. ;)
Those aside, this is a true classic in design, composition and execution!

I know it's a bit foolish to compare games with over 20 years between them, but you can really see the advancements the series and it's developers have gone through.



Moshugan commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

People are buying Knack only because it's a launch title. It will be soon forgotten and Super Mario 3D World will keep on selling at a steady pace for as long as it's available, and it's lifetime sales will be exponentially higher than Knack.
This is dissappointed fan boy speak, but hey, what can ya' do?



Moshugan commented on Super Mario 3D World Sells 57% of Its Initial ...:

None of the other 3D Mario titles were available as downloads when they were released. That has to be taken into account. Even I bought the game from the eShop even though I'm a huge Mario fan!
But it's a realistic estimate from these figures that it might have made it worst.



Moshugan commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
I can't contain my excitement!!! :D
I'm glad there's a week between the release of Zelda and Mario in Europe, so we can focus on both of them proper at their launch days! ;)



Moshugan commented on Nintendo Download: 21st November (Europe):

Oh man! Getting the physical version of Zelda this friday, then on saturday there's the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special! What an awesome geekend it's gonna be! ^-^
... Oh nice, there's also a demo of Sonic.



Moshugan commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Mobile Strategy for Nin...:

I wish Nintendo would make apps that work in conjunction with 3DS and Wii U games!
Here's a few examples:

  • Some sort of easy social app for Animal Crossing would be handy.
  • A proper and robust Pokédex app would be a huge must-have! It would be awesome if I could use my phone to easily check type match-ups and other useful info during a match.
  • An eShop app, or some sort of ''Nintendo Channel'' for easy access to Nintendo game videos and even make purchases on the go.
  • And of course a Miiverse app has been wanted for so long.

These kind of useful apps that would make a good use of the smartphones but still focus on Ninty's hardware and software would be the way to go!



Moshugan commented on Video: Watch Our Friends At Eurogamer Argue Ov...:

I would've preferred it if Mario and Zelda would've been released in different months. Both of them are released on the same day in the states!!
At least we have a week to dip in to Zelda before Mario is released in Europe!