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Moshugan commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

Wasn't it possible to bring an extra helper to a match via an amiibo figurine?

I remember in the Reggie VS. Iwata video how Iwata brought a beefed up Mario into the match to help him beat Reggie. The said helper was computer controlled and didn't replace Iwata's char.

So the devs had to take into consideration such an occasion that all four players were using the Ice Climbers and all four used an Ice Climber amiibo to bring an extra Ice Climber helper on the screen.
That's 12 separate AI controller entities on the screen in addition to the four individual Ice Climbers which the players control directly.
So yeah, it's conceivable that the poor 3DS couldn't handle it.

But it IS a shame if they're not in the Wii U version.

"there being no real reason to promote the Ice Climbers"
Really? Is there any real reason not to include them in the Wii U version?



Moshugan commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

Lovin' the demo so far! ^-^

But I'm a bit disappointed if the games are just named "...for Nintendo 3DS" and "...for Wii U". Brawl and Melee were just perfect subtitles that you could just toss around and everybody would know what you're talking about.
Now you have to cumbersomely say ''the 3DS version" etc.



Moshugan commented on The Great Ace Attorney:

Now that's a cool idea!
It seems at least part of the game takes place in Japan, judging by the Japanese look of the court room in the teaser trailer.



Moshugan commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

@XFsWorld ''However I think this will be Nintendo's last handheld.''
@NImH ''I predict a console/handheld merging next gen.''

There's no sign that Nintendo will give up on making proprietary hardware and games that utilize them.
There's likely change coming up, but to which direction, no one knows.
The handheld/home console merging is an interesting idea. I would be excited to see a unified Nintendo platform.



Moshugan commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I'll get the white standard model provided I can trade my 3DS XL for a reasonable price. I doubt I really -need- many of those "New" features, but I really like a lot of them - and it's always nice to get new (ahem) hardware!

It IS a stop-gap without a doubt, and I don't like it how many people have just got their 3DS's and a new one is announced, and soon an even newer one will be unveiled! (My guess is E3 2016 for the 3DS successor)
Still, it should extend the 3DS life a few years more.



Moshugan commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

To be honest, every feature of the New models "should've" been in the 3DS originally. Especially the better 3D effect and the c-stick.
So this feels a bit like a too late update. But I understand if some features weren't technically possible or were too expensive at the time of 3DS's release.



Moshugan commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Hey, even if it is stop gap and will confuse some customers, it indicates what the next gen Ninty handheld will be.
It will probably have 3D (since they spent resources developing a better screen) and it will have four shoulder buttons and two circle pads along with NFC.

@FragRed Maybe the New 3DS exclusives will be eShop only?



Moshugan commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Wow! I'm liking the packs so far, and including other Nintendo franchises is just smart.
But they seem to be pricing the DLC in similar rate to the main game, so if the packs keep on comin', this game will end up costing near a $100. x___x
And including franchises such as F-Zero seem to indicate that no new games in that series is in the works. :(



Moshugan commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

It's impossible to pick one in such a bunch. :D

I love all of the NES and SNES iterations. They're all almost perfect games on their own right, wouldn't change anything about them.
SMB. is just pure platforming fun, pioneering the genre. The second one changes things in just the right ways and it has some incredibly memorable tunes! The third one perfected the original gameplay and fleshed out the franchise more. World felt like an organic next-gen evolution to SMB.3 and it oozed with personality.
I think the first Land is a great Gameboy iteration, but it's not that spectacular. And please, let's not talk about 6 Golden Coins... :p
Yoshi's Island could be considered as the first in a new series so I wouldn't vote for it, but that game is just my favorite as a piece of art.

The ''New'' SMB. series has some tight gameplay and I've enjoyed them quite a bit, but they're just so uninventively generic Mario that they don't really have a life of their own (and I'm guilty of thinking that it was the intention all along).

I think that the 3D games are the most inconsistent, but most of them are very lovable. SM64 was a genre shaping game and it's still awesome, although the old 3D hasn't aged too well. It really deserves a HD facelift.
Although by no means perfect, Sunshine has a special place in my heart. I has a leisurely and adventurous vibe to it.
But oh, Galaxy was sublime. At first I was upset by the loss of freedom in it's structure, but later on it showed itself to be a near perfect gameplay experience. Voted for that.
I really liked 3D Land and especially 3D World, but they're not as memorable or coherent as the earlier games.



Moshugan commented on Rivyd Announces Kenji: Rise Of A Hero For Wii ...:

@LDXD Well, you do have an admirably positive attitude, I'll give you that! ;D
For the developer's sake I hope they manage to produce something good and make a winning with it.
I too hope to become a dev in the near future, so I do have sympathy for other budding devs.



Moshugan commented on Rivyd Announces Kenji: Rise Of A Hero For Wii ...:

@LDXD ''no I'm not kidding, are you telling me you can review a game based on 1 simple screen shot?''

Dear LDXD,
Reviewing the comments in this thread, I think no one made that kind of a claim.
Everyone, including me, just said it ''looks'' bad, or ''seems'' like it's of a poor quality. There's actually no comments that include a statement that it's going to be or is a bad (or a good) game.

And I restate that yes, I think you can form your overall expectations from the THREE screenshots I found on the web and the one musical piece linked here. Omenapoika is also very correct.
And I restate: It looks horrendous.
But heck, who knows, even if it ends up looking and sounding like this, then maybe the game mechanics are still going to be sublime!
But I'm highly doubtful...



Moshugan commented on Rivyd Announces Kenji: Rise Of A Hero For Wii ...:

@LDXD ''lots of great indie games''
I agree completely! But there's an alarming number of really bad ones too.
''You don't like kick starter or indies don't support it/them its that simple''
Believe me, I won't support them. But I do support those that I like. But I've been burned before, especially with Steam's Early Access.
''And enlighten me on how you can tell how good a game is by looking at one screen shot?''
Are you kidding me?



Moshugan commented on Rivyd Announces Kenji: Rise Of A Hero For Wii ...:

So far it looks and sounds like a homebrewn freeware PC game. Something someone would make in their basement with a game maker program and Fruity Loops.
Where is the Nintendo quality control? And developer pride?
I would be ashamed to announce a game this early in development, let alone attempt to publish a game with this low production quality.

Good riddance, now I'm angry.
Where is the game industry going, with all of these ''indie'' devs with their no-talent garbage trying to grab a slice of the indie-pie, and all of these sad ''early access'' games which on the most part are left forgotten?!
I actually thought Kickstarter was a good thing, but there's so many would-be's trying to trade our money for good old crap.