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StephenYap3 commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I'll admit it, 2015 has been a pretty bleak year for the releases, especially for the Wii U. Aside from Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World, and Happy Home Designer, all of which I enjoyed, the others I didn't seem to have any fond memories of. Mario Party 10 was okay and as for the 3DS's library, virtually neither of its 2015 games seemed to appeal to me at all. 2016, on the other hand and so far, I'm definitely excited for, with Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Please please PLEASE be good, Alpha Dream!), Fire Emblem Fates (especially), Mega Man Legacy Collection, Star Fox Zero, and Pokken Tournament on their way.

And even though 2015 has been disappointing, it is not the most disappointing year I faced from Nintendo.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: Memories of Court Battles in Mario Te...:

Adrian's post
"Mario Sports Mix and everything else aren't fun to me"

Honestly, the only part about that game that was not fun was the Star power up, which was the Spiny Shell of the game that pretty much Game Overs the opposing team most of the time. Other than that, it's one of the best Mario Sports games I ever played. The only other Mario Sports game I'd be playing right now would be Mario Power Tennis (PLEEEEASE, GCN VC!!) or Mario Golf: World Tour.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: A History of the Mario Tennis Franchise:

I truly love the Mario Tennis series (with Power Tennis being my all-time favorite), but Tennis Open is the game in the series I did not enjoy and judging from all the footage I've seen, I'm passing up on Ultra Smash.

Camelot seriously needs to get their heads in gear and make a Mario Tennis game that boasts content (I don't usually play games for content, but with the very few games/series like Mario Tennis, I feel like it actually needs it). Online Play just isn't going to cut it anymore for this series. Sure, online matches are a must for multiplayer games, but not if it means at the cost of content. When I think of Mario Tennis, I think of wackiness, quirkiness, and kookiness, all of which were in Mario Tennis 64, but were very well represented in Power Tennis. It's a massive shame that all of that is entirely gone in Mario Tennis Open and recently, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Mario Tennis would have also been the best Mario Sports series I've ever played, had Camelot focused more on what made Mario Tennis 64 and Power Tennis great and expanded upon them...but alas, what happened...

This all don't mean that I am no longer a fan of this series, but if Camelot continues to follow the path of what they assume that is this series' "brighter future", then they will have officially lost a long time fan.



StephenYap3 commented on Preview: Crossing Over With Mario & Luigi: Pap...:

Ah, fine. I'll get this game. I happen to personally enjoy Dream Team and Sticker Star (with the former by a margin).

The lack of bonus stat choices doesn't bother me as I felt that this feature has went from awesome to meh for me. What does bother me is that Alpha Dream keeps rehashing the same dang box art since Bowser's Inside Story. I mean, look at Superstar Saga and Partners in Time's box arts. Why can't they make box arts like those anymore?



StephenYap3 commented on Video: Catch Up With All of the Nintendo Direc...:

It's good to finally have another Direct again after 5 months, though the man who brought directory to these will be missed...

Anyways, while this direct may not be anything to be excited for, it did bring up some stuff I was interested in.

Pokemon VC (I never thought this day would come)

Pokken Tournament (Finally, a Pokemon game I'm actually excited for)

Some footage of Star Fox Zero

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam footage! (Please please PLEASE be good!!)

Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector's Edition (Just got it preordered today)

Fire Emblem Fates Special Triple Edition (I gots to have it! Wish it had the face plates...)

Cloud Strife (I fainted)

Overall, I feel that this direct is decent.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

New Leaf is pretty much my only favorite game on the list, but not one of my favorite 3DS games overall. Dark Moon was okay, but could've been better, in my opinion. The rest I haven't played, despite having only played the preview version of Extreme Exorcism, which I personally found repetitive and boring than scary and terrifying.



StephenYap3 commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

Wow, this is definitely not looking good at all for Mario Tennis's side. I mean, no Tournament Mode, no Mii characters to play as (personally for me), no minigames, no gimmick courts, etc. When I think of Mario Tennis, I think of the amazing Power Tennis on GameCube or the good N64 one. Tennis Open on 3DS did not provide me nearly any defining moments or charm in the series and as a result, is a complete disappointment for me. I have this on preorder at GameStop and from what I've seen in this preview, I'm now this close of cancelling it for my other preorder being Xenoblade Chronicles X, a game from a series which I have had no gameplay experience on. I'm a huge Mario fan here who wanted to play a good Mario Tennis game so badly, as well as wanting to play this with my baby brother, but I'll just go get this at a later date if possible.

@ikki5 Up to this point, I virtually agree with you.



StephenYap3 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

Yeah, it isn't bad. I played the demo, but partially wasn't impressed of what I've seen. Very little communication options, shared health bar (seriously, who in the whole wide universe and Solar System likes this feature!?), and lack of CPU-controlled Links option in single player mode.

I wouldn't mind getting this game sometime down the line if I have friends nearby, but not when I'm alone. I guess I'll be sticking with Four Swords 25th Anniversary in the meantime.



StephenYap3 commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off a Few More Challenge...:

I still dunno if I want this game. I mean, I was hoping the Chance Shots would be done and gone, but sadly, I guess they're here to stay. The only thing I can hope for is the option to turn them off, but that's seemingly unlikely.

@ShadowLuigi2 I do. It's one of the reasons Power Tennis is my favorite in the series.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015 - Q4 Ed...:

Chibi Robo, Pokemon, SmileBasic, and DBZ are pretty much the only ones I'm looking forward to this year. And if The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2 is also coming this year, that too.

This year for the 3DS, in my opinion, was okay.



StephenYap3 commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Version 1.1.1 Is...:

I personally couldn't understand the appeal of Pirate Ship. That stage was just boring, if not bad, in my opinion. But whatever, I'll just buy it for the sake of having more stages.

While it is nice to see Business Suits, I was hoping to see School Uniform costumes for Mii Fighters

Surprised to see Monster Hunter costumes in there, though.



StephenYap3 commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

Eh, I wasn't bothered with the original method, but this method is better without a doubt. Besides, if I can wait five days to unlock all premade microgames in Wario Ware D.I.Y., then I can wait 9 days to unlock all tools in Super Mario Maker.



StephenYap3 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

I felt bland feelings about the first game that I expected more out of it. Luckily, Galaxy 2 stepped in and I was blown away by the fun I had with it. After playing and beating the second game, I felt contented on what I had experienced.

I don't care what the majority say about Galaxy 2 being a "rehash", for all I know is, I ain't ever going back to Galaxy 1 after the fun I had with Galaxy 2.



StephenYap3 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Produce Another Supe...:

@Peace-Boy I'm sorry, but I was mainly refering to the time-travelling part. As you said, it was restricted, but I expected a lot more out of it. I mean, what if I wanted to explore other areas in the present, as well as change some parts in the present in the past (mainly for the sake of...maybe, puzzle-solving)? That would've made it a lot more sense for the game to have a time-travelling mechanic.



StephenYap3 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Produce Another Supe...:

As much as I want to respect this man's direction, I feel that the Super Mario Galaxy series is better off with two titles, and I liked those two titles (especially the second). Making a third one would just be milking it, in my opinion.

I'm still holding out for a 3D Mario game, where Mario regains his fighter-style Melee Attacks from 64.



StephenYap3 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy - 2007:

As much as I want to agree with popular opinion, I personally could not find the appeal in this game. Whereas each and every 3D Mario (before and after) left me contented after beating them, Super Mario Galaxy 1 left me with these words coming out of my mouth: "...that's it?".

While I don't mind stories in games most of the time, I felt that SMG focused too much on the story, a similar problem to Super Paper Mario (though a great game, otherwise) in my opinion, and some of the gimmicks introduced in the game felt like either they were too tacky or just not expanded enough (particularly the Flying Star power up). As much as I like Luigi, I felt that his role could've been better in that he could've been used for better purposes (i.e. having him team up with you in certain puzzles or enemy ambushes in the game) instead of just "find him and get a star". And as much as I welcome the Prankster Comets idea, I feel that the comets are very unbalanced (the Fast Foe and Speedy comets were barely a problem in most cases) and the Daredevil Comets are just the absolute worst, especially in Melty Molten galaxy. Purple Coin comets would've been a fine idea, but the fact that some of the levels forces an unneccessary timer on you hurts the fun of it, plus hunting down those 100 Purple Coins became tedious for me, unlike Super Mario 64.

Overall, I would honestly say that I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy for what it was. I wouldn't call it a bad game nor a disappointing game, but a decent game at best. I was a little bummed after playing this until when Super Mario Galaxy 2 hit the store shelves and when I brought it to my house, I vastly enjoyed it to extreme lengths. Even though Super Mario Galaxy 1 is my least favorite 3D Mario title in the pack, I'll still remember it for the soundtrack.



StephenYap3 commented on Mario History: New Super Mario Bros. - 2006:

@NintyMan Agreed. I'd go as far as saying that NSMB DS is my most favorite in the series, despite me enjoying the other three titles, even though 2 and U weren't as good as DS and Wii. I definitely prefer DS's bosses over the Koopalings and the castle theme is by far my favorite.