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Tue 30th August, 2011

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StephenYap3 commented on Nintendo of America is Cutting the Price of Fi...:

These price cuts are nice, but I already own all the Mario games on that list and as much as I enjoyed them, I feel that NSMB2 should be at $19.99 or lower. Not that I'm calling it a bad game or a cash cow, but in terms of content and replayability, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 fills in that void more.

I'd have a more likely chance of diving in to Animal Crossing now, since I enjoyed both games in the series (except for Wild World).

Even with new levels and the Crash Guard, getting my #1 favorite Wii game again on 3DS is still not a possibility since motion controls are what made DKCR and TF playable for me.

For Retro's DKC series: No waggle = No buy



StephenYap3 commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

Yeah, I'm cool with this. Nintendo's been doing great with DLC, keeping them worth the content and price tag, and Fire Emblem Awakening is one example I can think of. Maybe we'll get some courses, inspired off of the Wii Sports Golf games?



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

Can't wait for this game.

However, one thing I'm hoping for is there being more to the customization than just attacks, like design-customized fighters like how the recent Soul Calibur games are doing now. I'll be bummed out if there isn't, but not bummed enough to pass this up for both versions.



StephenYap3 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

@Emblem If it a Paper Mario U, as much as I loved all four Paper Mario titles in the series, I'm hoping U will return to its roots with the first two titles.

Anyways, I'm seriously hoping this new Mario title will not carry over from 3D Land or 3D World, although I liked those two. Instead, have it focus on the open-ended exploration of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, as well as bring back the punching and kicking for the red plumber. Bring back the 8-hit variably-damaged health meter because I personally disliked the 3-hit health meter the Galaxy games had.



StephenYap3 commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Yeah, I'm fine waiting for the Wii U version. It won't help the Wii U, but we'll see what Mario Kart 8 has to say about that :)

And if I remembered correctly, long before work on this game even started, Sakurai wanted to release the 3DS version first so that players can familiarize themselves with customizable features of some sort for a while before they can move on to the Wii U version so they can "show their moves".



StephenYap3 commented on Review: Super Dodge Ball (Wii U eShop / NES):

I fully agree with this review. After trying it out at a friend's house, I was disappointed how "awesome" it turned out to be. I'd take Mario Sports Mix's Dodge Ball over this anyday.

One thing I will give Super Dodge Ball credit for is health gauges for each player, as well as the music for the last team you have to face in the single player mode.



StephenYap3 commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is what I'm most hyped for.

Smash Bros is still going into my library, but until enough juicy news for it gets spilled out, I'm not as hyped for it.

I'll probably get Mario Golf after all the stuff I've heard about it.

Shovel Knight and Shantae are going into my SD Card.



StephenYap3 commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

I have the game people and trust this review: It's really that good. I have beaten half of the stages this game has to offer and I'm still trying to beat that certain boss.

Also, $30 maybe sounding too high, but to me, it was worth it. I enjoyed the gameplay (even more than the Super Famicom version), the graphics (though I don't play games for them), and the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard on 3DS (right on par with Fire Emblem Awakening). The many unlockables and goodies the game throws at you is another plus. Thank you so much, Natsume, for localizing this. As of now, this is my #1 favorite 3DS platformer.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: Looking Back on the Year of Luigi:

It was amazing to have Mario & Luigi: Dream Team in this year. Not only did was it the best Year of Luigi game I played, but it finally brought my faith back to life after how fatally disappointed I was with the DS Mario RPGs, and this is coming from a man who loves the heck out of Mario RPGs out of any RPG series.



StephenYap3 commented on GBA Titles Super Mario Ball And Pac-Man Collec...:

Pinball Land? I'm sorry, everybody: I absolutely love Mario, but that is one of the worst Mario games I have ever played, as well as the worst pinball game I have ever played. Even if this game was on the eShop for $0.01 or free, I wouldn't even dare to DL it.

Pac Man Collection, on the other hand, I might, if it has Pac Man Arrangement...



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in SNES Remix:


What I mean is that some of the NES Remix stages in Zelda 1 weren't "literally" challenges. They were just merely the simplest of tasks that shouldn't be considered being in NES Remix at all, such as "Collect enough Rupees and buy an item", which depends on luck as enemies randomly drop Rupees than skill. I was expecting something like "Kill 5 Keese with only the Boomerang" or "Kill 5 Wallmasters without getting grabbed by one of them". Now, I don't hate Zelda 1's stages in NES Remix in general, I just hate some of those challenges that don't involve skill.

...and Zelda II Link is playable in The Lost Levels of NES Remix II!? I'M IN!! :D



StephenYap3 commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

Good. It's nice to have games like Link's Awakening DX, Wario Land 2, some Indies, and some 3DSWare, but the GBA titles are highly needed for the 3DS.

I'm thinking Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and...that's all I have.



StephenYap3 commented on Intelligent Systems Development HQ Image Emerges:

I love Intelligent Systems and if one of them is a Paper Mario game they're working on, I cannot wait as I loved all four of them. I don't care if the next one on Wii U is going to be another Sticker Star, but I'd be more delighted if the next one is going to return to the roots of the first two titles :)

By the way, I became a Fire Emblem fan with Awakening :)



StephenYap3 commented on Next Level Games "Doing Only Nintendo Products...:

Good. Even though I wasn't as stoked with their recent Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, I looked at them as Nintendo quality regardless. Besides, even though I love Mario and Zelda, we need more IPs revived and it seems that NLG is the one to look up to after how they pulled off the modern Punch Out on Wii.



StephenYap3 commented on StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii...:

For Mii Plaza standards, the DL games are fun and my favorite so far is Monster Manor (lol, 'Mystery Manor').

As for the 10-Mii Limit, I don't mind it at all, but what I do mind (at times) about it is that you can't add any more Miis to that cycle for games. Say, for instance, if you have 6 Miis to use in the games you have, but there's only 2 waiting for you to retrieve at the Plaza gate. Can you have 8 to use? Nope. You have to use the 6 (or skip using them) before going to the second batch. Oh, and ANOTHER batch of ONE Mii comes in! Can you have 3 to use? Nope. You have to use the 2 (or skip using them) before going to the one-Mii batch. For games that aren't Find Mii I, II, and Mii Force, this isn't much of a biggie.



StephenYap3 commented on Reggie Cuts North America's Biggest Wii U Fans...:

I hope I get one. I got some juicy games for myself, such as NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and I'm hoping to getting Wii Party U in the coming months. Oh, and other games too like Tropical Freeze, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros 4, Zelda Wii U, etc.



StephenYap3 commented on Review: Bravely Default (3DS):


1) I wanted to see the game's art in the artbook.

2) I wanted to see the AR cards since I have never gotten back into AR for a long while (I got bored of AR Games and Kid Icarus: Uprising).

3) I wanted the CD since I listened to a pinch of its soundtrack on YouTube. By getting the CD, I can listen to it anywhere :)

However, I could have just gotten the game itself, but because of the enough amount of cash I had, I wanted the Collector's Edition, so I preordered it.