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StephenYap3 commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge Director's Cut is Nea...:

I bought Pirate's Curse instead of Risky's Revenge on my 3DS since I've been holding out for the definitive version. Was hoping this game would come to 3DS, but I guess Wii U works as well. I mean, I do have a Wii U and love it this generation, so...



StephenYap3 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

I want to say Super Smash Bros, but only to have better Single Player and have both Single Player and Multiplayer balanced together. I love Smash 3DS and Wii U, but good lord, its single player content is a dry wasteland, in my opinion.

As much as I want a 3D Mario, the chances of a title in which Mario regains his Fighter-Style Melee Attacks from 64 is pretty much in Wario's laundry. I love 3D Mario games, but I just don't even care about what the next 3D Mario would be anymore.

I guess my picks would be...

Mario RPG (A Paper Mario RPG, a non-gimmicky and less minigamey Mario & Luigi game, or a sequel to Super Mario RPG)

Animal Crossing (The NX would be a hybrid handheld and console, right? I could see this series blending to this feature to please both worlds of players)

Nintendo Land 2 (Please, I need a Nintendo Land 2, plus online play)



StephenYap3 commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

I guess I'll be the only one saying that I've enjoyed SPM and Sticker Star (though not as much as the first two games). Experimentation is one thing, but I happen to enjoy what I've played of those two regardless.

Hopefully this new installment will appeal to old and new fans. Although it probably won't be another turn-based RPG, I am also hoping it will be something as good as that.



StephenYap3 commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@Drac_Mazoku Agreed so much. Opinions are one thing, but this is one of the worst reviews I've ever read this year. The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2: The Price of Desire improved so much over the first game and has been my personal saving grace of 2015 on 3DS. If it wasn't for this game, I would've been all but disappointed and left alone.



StephenYap3 commented on Super Mario Maker Joins Elite List of Wii U Ga...:

So amazing game there. Lord knows how much I spent with Super Mario Maker. It's even my GOTY for 2015. Yoshi's Woolly World (not on this list, sadly) and Splatoon are good as well, in my book.

@Socar Agreed. I don't mind a franchise getting "milked" as long as there is fun to be had with it.



StephenYap3 commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

As much as I am excited for Star Fox Zero and Zelda Wii U, I'm not sure about how it is going to do this year. 2015 had Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, and Runbow, both which made last year a decent year for me. Until there are more 2016 games coming for the Wii U, I'm just gonna leave this as "I'm not sure".

The 3DS, on the other hand, seriously needs to get back on its feet after a bleak year it had in 2015. Happy Home Designer was enjoyable for what it was, Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash is Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash, Box Boy was okay, and...I guess that's it. The only saving graces the 3DS had for me were the standard New 3DS finally coming to the US (in a bundle with HHD) and The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2. As for the titles in 2016, I have my eyes on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Fire Emblem Fates, and Mega Man Legacy Collection.

So far, I'm indifferent with how Nintendo is going to do in the smartphone wagon. Miitomo looks intriguing, but so far not hyped for it. If it was offered for free, I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

As much as I want to be excited for the NX, the controllers for it have me mixed about it. Sure, they're patents, but from the looks of them, they look...awkward. I'll just have to wait and see what its controller truly look like when e3 2016 rolls on by.

Optimism is what I have always had throughout the years with Nintendo, but it seems that 2016 doesn't have that for me yet. Barely enough new games coming pre-e3 and the upcoming Smash DLC is too hard for me to say goodbye to the whole Smash DLC wagon. The only game I'm even hyped for is Fire Emblem Fates, but that's pretty much it. Nada.

Overall, I don't think 2016 would be a bad year and even if it does turn out that way, I can't imagine it any worst than 2005 or 2008.



StephenYap3 commented on Video: Super Mario Bros. Z, a Stylish Sprite-B...:

I remember watching this back in my high school days and loving every second of it. Although I am glad to see this series get back on its feet, I can't really get back to watching more of this series anymore nowadays due to life. Watching every episode, the last episode I've watched is 8 and I felt that the action blew my house open (I was THAT satisfied). Hopefully when I have the time, I'll watch the future episodes.

After watching this series, it makes me sad that we never got a proper Mario and Sonic game that isn't Olympics (I have nothing against the Mario & Sonic Olympic games) to this date. The closest to having that Mario & Sonic game would be Super Smash Bros series (after Melee) and Super Mario Maker.



StephenYap3 commented on ​Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is Now Available t...:

Glad this game got the prepurchase treatment. Once I have enough, I'll no doubt be buying and downloading most of this. I just wish more and more games get the prepurchase feature...

Although I vastly prefer the Paper Mario series, the Mario & Luigi is good for the most part, in my opinion. Hopefully this one turns out good for me.



StephenYap3 commented on ​Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Developers Explain...:


I wouldn't mind a Paper Mario game that tries a new idea either, and yes, stories don't have to involve Peach-saving and characters being quirky. As for locations, I personally want them to be a mix of old and new (I feel that Paper Mario 64 was perfect with it). I don't mind the NSMB-style locations for one bit, but I'd rather 50 or more % of that be new locations (how about a feudal Japanese village?).

However, the one thing that I always expect about the Paper Mario series (and is always important to any game for me) is the gameplay. To me, the first two's battle systems made battles fun and one of the highlights of the series. I never cared for SPM's gameplay and RPG elements and I enjoyed Sticker Star's battle system, aside from the lack of incentive to battles and cryptic puzzles. Again, I don't mind a Paper Mario game (or any game) that tries something new in the gameplay department, but a gameplay that is not fun or satisfying will severely limit the fun factor for me. Besides, despite enjoying SPM and SS, I wanted the series to return to its roots already since I missed the classic formula for 11 years.



StephenYap3 commented on ​Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Developers Explain...:

I felt mixed at first about the three buttons, but I am glad Miyamoto told them to add the X button for use. I still want a new Paper Mario game that plays like the first two while bringing back some ideas from SPM and SS, but I guess Paper Jam will do for now. Still gotta wait for the 22nd, though.

@GoldenGamer88 I am still waiting for a new Paper Mario as well, hopefully playing like the first two titles while bringing back some of the ideas from SPM and SS (i.e. Recipe Disks and 9,999 coin capacity, to name the few)



StephenYap3 commented on Crush 40 Facebook Post, Since Deleted, Points ...:

Hopefully a good game out of it, though I'm not interested in Fire & Ice, and PLEASE no Sonic Compilations.

After playing Sonic Colors, I was hoping a game would excel that, but sadly I was my opinion, that is. Generations (not on 3DS) was good for what it was, Lost World was flawed to the bone and personally, I didn't think Rise of Lyric was bad either. Yes, it is very buggy and unfinished (haven't updated it), but I've played far worse games. I never played a Sonic game that I hated, though.



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

As much as I like Mother 3, I doubt it would be localized, but if it happens, okay.

Anyways, things I am hoping to see in 2016 are...

-Some juicy info on the NX (and announcements of some launch games for it)
-GameCube VC for NX
-Some juicy info on My Nintendo Account, the replacement for Club Nintendo
-More Miitomo info
-More 30th Anniversary Mario goodies
-More VC games and digital Wii titles on eShop
-Info on that mysterious amiibo game rumor
-More standard New 3DS bundles (the HHD bundle isn't enough)
-More New 3DS games
-More Super Mario Maker and Splatoon content


I would dip in for that. Then again, I loved all four Paper Mario games thus far.



StephenYap3 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

I thought this year was decent. It's no 2013 or 2014, but it is a rather decent year for me. And personally, e3 2015 was okay for me, but the NDirect months after that was only marginally better for me.

The Wii U had games that I thought ranged between SUPER AWESOME!!!!111 to...well, just okay. Super Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, Runbow, Plague of Shadows...they're all amazing for me. Mario Party 10 was okay, Mincraft Wii U is decent, and Fast Racing Neo was...not bad. Additionally, Smash 4 DLC was amazing for the most part whereas Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 was...okay. Sadly, I had to pass up on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Xenoblade Chronicles X due to my budgets. Overall, while the Wii U wasn't at its best, it definitely did a bit better than the last two years.

The 3DS, however, was rather a disappointment for me. Aside from the standard New 3DS finally being released here in the US and The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2, everything else was...not amazing. Happy Home Designer was good for what it was, Etrian Mystery Dungeon was good for the amount of time I spent on it, and Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash was bleh. Gunman Clive 2 was good for one playthrough while 3D Sonic 2 was good. But, because I felt the Wii U needed more focus this year (and hopefully, the next), I'll let this slide.

Overall, again, Nintendo had a decent year for me. The only disappointment this year for me was the Smash Bros Final Presentation. Aside from Corrin and the Midgar Stage (though needs more songs), everything else about it left me very disappointed. I mean, I was hoping we get a DLC that is not characters, stages, Mii Costumes (School Uniform costumes for Miis, please?), and balance patches (Custom Specials for DLC characters, at the very least), but...nope. We just got the usual like we always did in the last four waves, though I will understand how tired Sakurai is from doing all this DLC thing and I'll commend him for the effort, regardless.

Edit: If this was truly Nintendo's worst year, then I'd rather take a vacation in 2015 than in 2005 or 2008. Now, those years...oh my goodness, they were the absolute worst years for me. shudders



StephenYap3 commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Yacht Club Ga...:

Shovel Knight is one of the absolute best games to come in years. I can't wait to see what Yacht Club Games can do with the other two knights. I'm also getting the Shovel Knight amiibo as well

To be honest, after all the effort that was put into this game, I don't consider Shovel Knight to be an indie game my book, that is.

@Fearful-Octopus I...don't think Shovel Knight is a Metroidvania...



StephenYap3 commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Reader Award...:

@Splatburst I can understand that and yes, not-good levels are a problem...but when I encountered such levels, I usually swipe on the GamePad (hold minus on other controllers) to skip them when in 100-Mario Challenge Mode. Creators seriously need to stop with automatic levels or bad levels.

I'll admit that Splatoon did bring new things to the shooter genre and I'll understand why it is very liked among the fanbase (and I'm also quite surprised it won the best Shooter and Multiplayer awards). I also like the game, but not enough to name it my 2015 GOTY. Given how many shooters are nowadays, in this case, I'll be sticking with Splatoon since it feels more fun and satisfying playing it while other get the idea.



StephenYap3 commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Reader Award...:

I can respect others' opinions, but I personally disagree with a lot of the picks here.

Wii U: As much as I liked Splatoon, I prefer Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Woolly World.

1) Super Mario Maker
2) Yoshi's Woolly World
3) Splatoon

Wii U eShop: I bought Fast Racing Neo yesterday, and...not bad. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is good, but I prefer Runbow. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, didn't Pirate's Curse come out last year?

1) Runbow
2) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
3) Minecraft: Wii U Edition
4) Fast Racing Neo

3DS: Aside from Happy Home Designer, Etrian Mystery Dungeon (which I was unable to bring myself to play it any further past the first dungeon), and Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, I haven't bought any of the others. I honestly don't care what the others say about HHD, I felt that it was okay at worse, but definitely not GOTY material. If Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is as good as the others say, then I guess it's time for me to invest in it. If Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam were released in the US this year, HHD would definitely be tipped off of my list.

1) Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
2) Etrian Mystery Dungeon
3) Chibi Robo: Zip Lash

3DS eShop: Well, I guess Gunman Clive 2 deserves to be on the list and I had some fun with 3D Sonic 2. My pick? That would be The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2, which is the most fun I've ever had on the 3DS eShop category this year.

1) The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2
2) 3D Sonic 2
3) Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
4) Gunman Clive 2
5) Box Boy!

Overall: Super Mario Maker gets my vote for being the most fun I've ever had for a creation tool.

1) Super Mario Maker
2) The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2
3) Yoshi's Woolly World
4) Splatoon
5) 3D Sonic 2

Compared to 2014, I haven't bought that many games this year, which is why I haven't bought at least five games for most of the categories. Not to say I hate 2015, but I felt a little underwhelmed. Let's hope 2016 exceeds this year.



StephenYap3 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Talks About the New Fighters ...:

I too was afraid that Bayonetta would have an effect on the ratings, but then again I felt that Smash 4 (Wii U, in particular) is a T-rating in my eyes, so it ain't much of a problem for me. Even though I still feel mixed about Bayonetta being the last DLC character, I'll still be willing to buy her to try her out.

Now, Corrin...I don't care if there are "way too many" FE characters, I am rather interested in Corrin, much more than Cloud and Bayonetta. His/her moveset is rather unique to a degree and I wanted him/her in the Smash series since Fates was revealed in the US.



StephenYap3 commented on Here are the Top Three Wii U and 3DS Games, Ac...:

I'll agree with the Wii U votes, though I'd switch Splatoon and Super Mario Maker's spots (Super Mario Maker is excellent while Splatoon is...just good, in my opinion) and replace Xenoblade Chronicles X with Yoshi's Woolly World (honestly, it was excellent to play a Yoshi game that is just as good as its SNES game, if not better. Haven't played XCX,

I don't care about the 3DS votes, though I am enjoying replaying the living droppings out of The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2, which is pretty much my personal 3DS GOTY.



StephenYap3 commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Wild World (Wii U eSh...:

Of all the Animal Crossing games I played (aside from amiibo Festival, which I haven't played), I did not like this one at all. Whereas the other mainstream games had charm and improvements to their own, Wild World felt like a beta release, lacking virtually any improvements over the original Game Cube game (aside from portability). As a result, it felt more than downgraded and barebones all around. City Folk, in my opinion, at least had a city, the players having their own houses, and had reasonably-priced mortgages. New Leaf was virtually an entirely new experience and full of much-needed improvements.

After playing Wild World for a while, I felt ripped off in that there's nothing else to do, and I had immediately gone back to the Game Cube game after that very second. The only things I'll give this game credit for are being the first game in the series to include online play (which is already defunct), introducing options of character customization, lack of grass erosion (I honestly have no idea why Nintendo implemented this in the later releases), and Bottled Messages (no idea why this isn't in New Leaf). Other than that, the watering feature for the flowers is so tedious and pointless, the Top Screen showing the sky (even for Balloon Presents and just looking at your Constellations) is unneccessary, the Touch Screen could've been implemented so much better (other than tapping on a neighbor to say "Hi" to them, the Touch Screen should've been like how New Leaf was), and the lack of a basement is very saddening.

I have never felt so disappointed in a Nintendo game and I would gladly take it back to the nearest GameStop to get a bit of money back. Portability does not save this game for me and for now, I'll look at New Leaf as the true first portable Animal Crossing game.



StephenYap3 commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

Of all the directs I've seen, this one...I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping to see either new gameplay modes or Custom Specials for the DLC characters, but alas...

Cloud looked amazing in the trailer back in the last direct, but after trying him out, he didn't live up to what I expected. He isn't a bad character, but not one of those handful of characters I'd be using very often. Bayonetta...I'll be honest, despite having the most votes in Europe and being in the top 5 wanted in the US, she is one of the very few characters I was very mixed about. I don't hate her, but her appearance in the roster just made me feel weird. And lastly, I was hoping to see School Uniform costumes for Mii Fighters, but that won't be happening...sadly for me.

Pretty much the only things in the direct that appealed to me were Corrin (I gots to download when that time comes), and the Geno, Bionic suit, and Gil costumes. Now, I know Sakurai himself didn't want to continue on DLC any longer as I know how exhausted he is from supporting this game from all the DLC he's been giving us (and I don't blame him, he needs more than a well-deserved rest), but seeing how this Final Presentation went just didn't fit well for me.



StephenYap3 commented on Corrin Chooses to Fight in Super Smash Bros. f...:

Definitely getting Corrin. I kind of wanted to see him/her in Smash anyways.

And honestly, I could care less about the representation of FE in terms of characters. For me, as long as a character is fun to play as, it is fine by me.



StephenYap3 commented on Rumour: Data Miners Leak Some of the Informati...:

@MitchVogel The last four waves of DLC, we've gotten the usual and those are characters (only for the first two, though), stages (not until the second wave), and Mii costumes.

As much as I enjoyed those, I am hoping that this direct will probably reveal another DLC that is not characters, stages, or Mii costumes for once. Don't get me wrong, I love Super Smash Bros 4 and its DLC, but I want DLC that is not like the usual we have gotten for the last four waves, especially since this would be the last presentation of Smash 4. Of course, Adventure Mode is not an option since Sakurai shot that down



StephenYap3 commented on An ESRB Rating of Super Mario Galaxy for Wii U...:

I'll be passing this one up. I've enjoyed all the 3D Marios thoroughly to date, but Galaxy 1 is just missing that charm that made the other games memorable for me.

I want to see Wario Land: Shake It!, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Mario Sports Mix on the NA eShop.



StephenYap3 commented on Nintendo Remains Bullish Around the 3DS and It...:

It must stay. The 3DS has so many good ones that are quadruple the amount of good things I could ever find for the DS. I could barely find anything I would want for the Vita, which is why I have no interest in getting it.

Bottom line: The 3DS has so many good games that it's a candidate for "My favorite handheld" award in my book.