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Technosphile commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...:

@IceClimbers of course it isn't. Hence why I mentioned YouTube and mobile advertising as well. But facts are facts: watch ESPN, any time of day, and you will see many video game commercials. Some are Xbox games. Some are mobile games. You know what none of them are? Nintendo games. And do you know why ESPN is a good choice for buying ad space? Because ESPN caters to the key demographic: men, aged 18-49. People who actually buy video games. You can't possibly be suggesting that traditional TV advertising isn't still incredibly important; since other video game companies, whose products are doing quite a bit better than Nintendo's, seem to spend a lot of money thinking it is.

All that being said, I completely agree with you about the importance of branding and how Nintendo lacks any. Even a little pulsing blue "U" could have worked wonders, but it is far too late now. My understanding is that Nintendo handles most of its marketing and promotion itself. In the future, at least for NoA, I would strongly suggest that they hire an outside firm with some grasp of how to market products in the 2010s, because Nintendo seems almost painfully clueless about all of it.



Technosphile commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...:

Awful, as usual. Hey NoA, how many people have to say that your marketing sucks before you step back and say, "ten million people can't be wrong.."?

Here's my idea for a Splatoon commercial: very realistic, Saving Private Ryan, "war is hell" scenes featuring a girl made up to look like the Inkling girl. She is traversing a war-torn urban enviornment when she is suddenly confronted by enemies. She lifts her weapon into view..and it is the Super Soaker ink gun. She fires a volley and her attackers explode in colorful inky bursts. The Splatoon theme starts rocking, with a very brief sizzle reel of gameplay, and then Splatoon! ONLY FOR NINTENDO WII U! rips across the screen. You run this on ESPN, during WWE shows, and on Comedy Central every day, around the clock. You get this same ad to be the ad video on YouTube. You get little banner ads on iPhone apps that, when clicked, link to this commercial on YouTube. You FORCE people to know what Splatoon is. See, because that is how you advertise a video game in the year 2015.

Not Nintendo Directs.

Not sporadic ABC Family ads.

Not relying on your fans to spread the word.

Am I wrong here?



Technosphile commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

So I realize we're 300 comments into this, but this needs to be reiterated:

That next big Zelda is never coming to Wii U. Forget any kind of dual-platform release. Whatever their next move is--mobile, this "NX" which will fail as hard as the Wii U, another handheld--I guarantee that Zelda game they've shown is now being reworked as a launch title for it. Mark my words. I'll even put money on this, any takers?



Technosphile commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

Honestly shocked by how terrible this is, given its pedigree and the fact that it is a shameless ripoff of a really great game in Valkyria Chronicles. Literally everything about Code Name Steam is worse:

-hideous graphics and an even worse aesthetic
-boring alien designs
-the maps have crap all over the place that you have to maneuver around
-you can't see any of this crap clearly because the camera is atrociously bad and implimented poorly
-defending during enemy turns requires conservation of what you need to move, so you can't make large treks during a turn unless you want to get barraged
-the alien design is so boring and terrible I cannot believe Intelligent Systems had anything to do with this

I can't say I'm disappointed because this never looked good, from the start at E3. I can say that I agree, the right call was made to demo this so Nintendo doesn't end up with thousands of furious customers, duped by a crummy game.



Technosphile commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

You should probably give Emily Rogers author credit; Dromble is just where her work gets posted. It's her that comes up with these great articles that provide insight to how Nintendo works behind the scenes, and what developers want out of them.



Technosphile commented on We'd Probably Buy This Fan-Made Resident Evil ...:

Bought REmake HD on PSN; it's as amazing as ever, blurry backgrounds and all.

How it didn't see release on Wii U is yet another example of how the system's userbase is perceived by third parties, even with ones Nintendo is supposedly cozy with like "Capcom". But who can blame them, this stuff didn't sell on the Gamecube, either.

It's such a shame though. Gamecube controller support and everything..



Technosphile commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Comic ...:

Ishinomori did a bit more than "don the cap of manga artist" for Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009. He created them, and his characters are among the most known and beloved in Japanese history.

I wonder why he never seems to get his due in the west, but Tezuka does.



Technosphile commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I like when NintendoLife has poll questions for the readers within articles, this is one that should have had a few.

The Wii U has its positives but overall it's been extremely disappointing. The friends and messaging system is so clumsy and slow it's barely useable. How could Nintendo see how this works on PSN and Xbox Live and not think that works better? There's not even an on-screen prompt when you get a message, it's ridiculous.

Games-wise, I can't say that practically anything on the system is must-own software. Mario Kart 8 is excellent but what really does it offer that is uniquely new? They even blew having a really dynamic exclusive by also releasing Sm4sh on 3DS, and months beforehand. Even now I think the most "interesting" game on the Wii U is ZombiU, which is so sad it makes me quite sure Nintendo is determined to limit their losses with the console and just play it safe with easy rehash like Mario 3D World. Third-party multiplat shovelware is not my thing but for Nintendo to be almost completely without any is just embarrassing for them. How can Alien Isolation release for literally every other platform BUT Wii U? Who is dropping the ball at Nintendo with this stuff?

I'd like to say things will get better but I just don't see it. Nintendo's priorities are all over the place and they just don't seem focused. Amiibo is not going sell Wii U's, Nintendo Directs are not going to sell Wii U's. I'm not even convinced Sm4sh or Zelda can sell the Wii U. It is overdue for a massive price cut. $199 for the 32g system with no game would be a bold move that would at least move some dead stock.

The Wii U gets a D from me at this point.



Technosphile commented on Weirdness: Mike Tyson Fights Himself in Punch-...:

So like, here's an idea: how about Nintendo does something cool for once and signs Iron Mike back, just so we can have the proper version of the game again? No one in their right mind would prefer that "Mr. Dream" nonsense, and at this point in his life I think Mike would do it for free.



Technosphile commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

This hardware, by itself, is not worth more than and should not be more than $199 new. It's time for Nintendo to do something really bold if they want to compete: $199 for the 32g system, just the console and Gamepad, no game. Have your bundles, price them accordingly, but stop pretending like the Wii U has any business being in the same price league as an Xbone. It is delusional.



Technosphile commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Set to Bloom on ...:

I just want this one to be more engaging than A New Beginning, or whatever the last 3DS one was called. That one was just too bland with too slow of a start, even for these games. Animal Parade on the Wii was so wonderful, if this can emulate that style somehow it would be really great.



Technosphile commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

@Zombie_Barioth well what it's actually "about" is a bunch of fat manchildren furious that a girl got laid. But the line is something about paid reviews, or certain benefits for a positive review, which is exactly what he said.

Hint: don't fight other people's battles. Especially when you have no clue what you're blathering about.



Technosphile commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

And this, friends, is why Fatal Frame will NEVER come out for Wii U outside Japan. Nintendo are a bunch of Puritan prudes.

Just about finished supporting this company. I imported games for decades because I hate censorship in video games. With region lock, censorship of anything remotely sexual (Bayonetta 2 must have Iwata gritting his teeth), and basically being the laughingstock of the industry, I'll just say it: Nintendo is everything wrong with video games, and deserves to fail.



Technosphile commented on Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title...:

How ridiculous is it that Pro Wrestling has never:

*been included in a compilation, Animal Crossing minigame, etc
*been released on any Virtual Console
*been given a sequel despite its enduring quality, legendary status ("A Winner Is You"), and being Nintendo property
*had any of its memorable fighters appear in anything; no Smash trophies, no Captain Rainbow, nothing.

It's time, Nintendo.



Technosphile commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Like Wolverine, Samus was better as a mysterious character with nearly everything about her open to interpretation. Since Zero Mission it's been all downhill, so you might as well have Zero Clothes Samus in Smash: it can't get any worse.



Technosphile commented on Sega Announces Chopper Action Title Thunder Bl...:

Stop doing this, NintendoLife. Sega doesn't see these as viable western releases, so don't give them the press. It has been nearly a year since After Burner 2 was released in Japan; I'm sure the lengthy translation and localizing process is all that is holding it back..



Technosphile commented on Video: This Is Possibly The Most Almighty Falc...:

@SockoMario Brawl was (and still is) a big disappointment. So...

Let me give you a better example. At EVO this year, Street Fighter IV was the big competition. Now, the same guys who have always played SSF2 Turbo were there, and they played it, but it was like a one-hour diversion from the main event: Street Fighter 4. Which all of those same guys were playing.

See, the Wii U is a big flop and needs all the help and hype it can get. Having Smash U be anything but a masterpiece and have people going back to their fan mod would be, like I said, a failure. It needs to be the game at these tournaments.

tl;dr: people played Melee after Brawl because Brawl sucks, and people play Project M because its better than both of them. Smash U needs to trump them all, or Nintendo failed the Wii U yet again.