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Wed 22nd May, 2013

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Technosphile commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

So why can't Nintendo replicate the fun, engaging experience I'm having with this game on the Wii U? Why hasn't the Gamepad been used in the creative ways the 3DS is in Rusty's? I just bought The Aim Game and was once again impressed with how the system's features are used. You know what is STILL the only U game to use the Gamepad worth a damn? ZombiU!

Rusty's is 1000% percent why the 3DS is so far ahead of the Wii U in every single worthwhile aspect of gaming: it is new, creative software that doesn't use established Nintendo IP. It isn't some rehashed sequel. It uses the hardware in cool, fun ways. It is very clearly made with love and holds your interest for more than a few hours!

Seriously, a 7/10 is what this breath of fresh air deserves from NintendoLife? What a joke. Go play Pikmin 3, with its rehashed gameplay and 3-hour campaign, then give it a 9/10. Shame on you, Shapiro.



Technosphile commented on Square Enix To Focus Less on the 'Global Aspec...:

Hypocrisy. He says there's a global mass market for these games, but still allows censorship of them, creating pointless regional differences.

It's too bad that Bravely Default sold well outside Japan. It sends the wrong message. Apathy is a terrible thing to have.



Technosphile commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS):

This is the definitive version because of the crouch-walk, 3rd person aiming, free camera standard, and control options. Not to mention Yoshi.

There are so few 3DS games that utilize Circle Pad Pro, but Metal Gear Solid 3DS and Kid Icarus alone make it a must-own if you're really into 3DS gaming. Why oh why didn't Namco include it in the US version of Assault Horizon?



Technosphile commented on Mario Party: Island Tour Makes Japanese Chart ...:

Did the PSN Japan version of Ground Zeroes also have the reduced price vs. physical that we enjoyed here in the west? If so then I bet this was a great week for Konami and everyone at Kojima Pro.

To think, that little game on an obscure PC platform has grown into what Metal Gear has become. Proud to say I've been playing it in some fashion since I was 7 years old. Saddened to say Nintendo has missed out on almost all of it.



Technosphile commented on Hardware Classics: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color:

I liked Last Blade on the Pocket, but never on the "real" Neo hardwares. That home run minigame was so great.

Dynamite Slugger, Neo Turf Masters, SNK vs. Capcom MotM are all great. I dunno how cheap the Pocket stuff is anymore, but if you've never played one you should definitely check it out.



Technosphile commented on Koji Igarashi Discusses Leaving Konami and Bei...:

Igarashi made some really questionable decisions with the Castlevania franchise over the last...13 years. The two best in the entire series are both from the mid-90's; he and his teams were never able to replicate the greatness of Dracula X when they tried the action style, and none of the Castleroids come even close to Symphony. He oversaw a (terrible) Castlevania fighting game, a light gun (whip) arcade game, dumbed down Dracula X on the PSP, and made more Castleroids for handhelds than I can even remember. Castlevania was oversaturated in the market ever since 2000 or so, that is why these games have seen declining sales.

So I don't feel sorry for him, though I do think Japanese publishers handing off their beloved franchises to Western devs is sacrilege. Konami isn't as bad as Capcom in that regard, but it is still heinous. Igarashi will likely try to crowdfund another tired Castleroid game instead of trying something new, once again demonstrating that he doesn't get it. The reason Mighty No. 9 has been successful is because that type of Megaman game has largely been absent from the market for a long time; you could trip over how many bland would-be successors to Symphony of the Night Konami has published over the years.

Castlevania needs a break.



Technosphile commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

Fine by me, but unfortunately good games never show up in the used section at big stores like Wal-Mart. Check out these areas at Target and Best Buy, and all you will see is the worst shovelware garbage that you can't believe anyone bought in the first place (Mary-Kate & Ashley DS games, awful Sonic titles, etc).



Technosphile commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Funny that this article mentioned the prison level, which made me turn Thracia off forever, and sell my Collector's Edition of the game. Not only are you initially weaponless there, but the goal of the map is to get your team to an exit at the top; leaving anyone behind loses them forever, they're dead. So to successfully get everyone out, Leaf (this game's Lord character) will have to be the last one out. Meaning he has to remain and fend off the endless waves of much-stronger enemies as your numbers slowly dwindle. Freaking infuriating. These sorts of levels are also the very worst of Fire Emblem, where enemies endlessly respawn, and immediately behind you. Crave a challenge all you want, but ideally you'll clear a map with no casualties on the first try, that stuff makes it nearly impossible.

I also had high hopes for the game in terms of sprite animation and graphics, given its release date. Very disappointing, not a huge amount better than Monsho no Nazo. All in all I wasn't happy with Thracia 776. The GBA trilogy really are the best of the series.

Bonus Time: I sold my Collector's Edition of Thracia to a guy in France. It took forever getting there, despite me sending International Priority. He went completely ballistic during the wait, and at one point threatened to fly to Seattle and get his money back from me in person. Would have loved to have seen him. Then the game showed up and he sheepishly apologized. Made me wanna fly to France and get my game back since it was unfortunately now in the hands of a crazy person.



Technosphile commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

This decision has lead me to decide that 007 Legends Wii U will go on ice for three months, and I will return to Goldeneye Wii full-time. Even though I have Reloaded now on PS3, I need to enjoy every moment I can of the game that forever changed my opinion of first-person shooters.

Goldeneye Wii and its community are perhaps the hardest-hit by this. I'm not saying we should be able to play online forever..but we'd like to.



Technosphile commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:

I dunno about a "remake", but seeing VF2 get the M2 Sega 3D classics treatment on 3DS would be swell. Why does everything always have to be "remade"? Can you not enjoy and appreciate the real game, with its limitations? If that's the case, why do you want it at all? And yes, this has technically already happened--VF2 saw a PS2 Sega Ages release, with the Shun Di river float stage finally available on a home console version.

Kudos also to those showing some Fighters Megamix admiration in this thread. One of my favorite games of all time. I'd sell my liver for Fighters Megamix 2. I'd even buy an Xbone for that.



Technosphile commented on Interview: Rainy Frog Talks About eShop Publis...:

So why isn't Japan teeming with indie development on par with the west? It is crazy to me that after the renaissance of the 90's with Japanese game development, there aren't hundreds of indie games making waves. But there just aren't.



Technosphile commented on Nintendo Completes Share Buyback, Including So...:

I agree fully with folks in this thread pulling for Nintendo to make a move with regards to western development.

To the uninformed people who are disagreeing with that: you are living in a fantasy world where Japanese game development has not rotted and is still the core of the industry. Today, an example of how a AAA Japanese game sells is The Wonderful 101.

Nintendo should purchase Next Level Games outright, for starters.



Technosphile commented on Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes D...:

My team is playing in the Super Bowl for the first time in many years. You better believe I'll be watching.

However, I'll be disappointed to see Sony and Microsoft running actual TV commercials during the game, while Nintendo once again fails to take advantage of a massive marketing opportunity.




Technosphile commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

@Ben_Rage_V2 this.

It just seems like every bad decision Nintendo has made over the last 20 years is finally coming home to roost; and instead of facing the challenge head-on with a clear game plan, they're just flailing in all directions.

Can you fathom Nintendo limping along with the Wii U for the entirety of this generation? I will be honestly stunned if they're still supporting it three years from now.