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Tue 18th March, 2014

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ottospooky commented on Yo-kai Watch Localisation Creeps Closer With A...:

I think the game will have more impact if the anime arrives first and people see the game as a tie in to to tv series. Whether the success of this title in the west will emulate that of pokemon before it remains to be seen but I'm skeptical: times have changed. Kids are all COD and sh*t these days.



ottospooky commented on Mysterious Murasame Castle's Takamaru Was Cons...:

Sakurai could make amends by giving the game a remake and do what he did with Kid Icarus.
But then someone who's shown interest in reviving the franchise is Hideo Kojima. He's going to have some time on his hands soon.



ottospooky commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (Europe):

Happy to see Conception II reduced. I'm out of space completely on my SD card so it's going to involve picking up a new one and doing very slow data transfers. Could be more trouble than its worth. Might see whether I can get an imported US version for (region free) Vita since its all about the retail copy for me :)



ottospooky commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

Regareless of your opinion or anyone else's, this is a move that stinks of desperation. They have hyped the Wii U and been quite resonant about sales. None of that has come to fruition and investors are getting twitchy. The industry is changing. Iwata has got to do something to please investors. And predictably shares have soared.
It's all very early days. But... At least in the short term I believe that they will not dump off ports of NES games with a free to play element. They will it to create brand awareness. They're more open to licensing and they want kids to look at mario and think he's cool, instead of Kevin Spacey playing a peripheral role in a franchise that's hoisted on them every. Sodding. Year.
They'll create an interactive experience that maybe stars Mario or Link.
We know that as soon as new hardware is out they're thinking about what's coming after it. But to announce publicly that theyre thinking about the next iteration also seems a bit desperate to wave hands shouting 'we're not deserting the home console business'.
mobile gaming en masse is probably here to stay. i just hope Nintendo don't do things for the wrong reason just to create a short term solution.



ottospooky commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:

I think the people interested in the Japanese dub are the same sort of people that watch subtitled anime with Japanese audio - and while it's in no way a deal breaker for me, I can see why people might be a bit irked by its omission.



ottospooky commented on Gallery: Mega Man: The Board Game Gets Closer ...:

The miniatures look immense. I've not been keeping up with the project outside of knowing it actually exists but I'm intreagued as to whether it will resemble how the video game is played ie, does is share the same dynamics. I think even if you have no intention of ever playing this it would be nice to keep in a box on display



ottospooky commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I have them all except Little Mac. I am a completist and I want them all displayed together, but with every announced wave my heart skips a beat. When can I preorder? Where from? How long have I got before they all sell out?
Scalpers continue to get scalpier - the 'rarer' wave 3 figures are listed for twice the price as those hard to get in wave 2. The more headlines these create across the Internet, the more canny the resellers are becoming.
And don't be fooled into thinking Nintendo will avert any sort of stock crisis by making more: these stock shortage headlines are great for them and for brand awareness of their new products. There are people who know Shulk who didn't have a clue about him or Xenoblade before all the stock shortage stories. And behind Dedede and Meta-Knight shortage stories is access to information regarding a new Kirby title that's just been released. The margin on the sale of a single amiibo is worth nowhere near as much as marketing and brand awareness. It's within their interest not to overstock so people talk and post and spread the word.



ottospooky commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

I can't really imagine Pokemon Snap working particularly well on a smaller screen, to be honest. And gyro controls even with 'new super stable (as long as you're not a spectacle wearer.. and if you are, woe betide you!) 3D' are far from ideal. Sin and Punishment would be my choice.. or if I could choose my own, Space Station Silicon Valley (probably just 'cos I want to play it again!) or Blast Corps. But yeah, as others have stated previously, I think F-Zero is a pretty good fit. To me it seems to be the final part of a trilogy of sorts, the other two games of which have already been remade for 3DS....



ottospooky commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

Both my Shulk preorders were cancelled by GAME UK. Meta Knight was delivered today with Mega Man and I ordered Sonic from the official Nintendo store. Imported a DeDeDe from Japn that arrived last week and a Japanese Shulk is on the way too.
With this in mind, all Im missing now is Little Mac. I absolutely refuse to pay upwards of £40 for something that retails at a quarter of the price but I'm a completist



ottospooky commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

Believe me, the Faceplate version will undoubtably come out in the U.S. This reeks of a marketing ploy by NOA. Those who can't wait will purchase the more expensive XL version and their seeming refusal to release the Faceplate version will create media attention which will sell more units.



ottospooky commented on Amazon UK Delays Some Shulk Pre-Orders to Late...:

GAME UK has completely cancelled my Shulk amiibo and not offered compensation at all. Preordered the product on 16th December.
I initially ordered two Shulk amiibo, one to display unopened. bear in mind this was before they imposed a one per customer rule and you could pretty much buy as many as you wanted. They cancelled the first one citing said rule.
At a later date they canceled my remaining Shulk figure because of stock shortages.
I'm not best pleased but I want a Shulk Amiibo so I've paid double the price and had one imported from Japan.



ottospooky commented on Review: NES Remix Pack (Wii U):

@Obito_Tennyson from reading the review it seems that the slightly lower score is due to the fact that it doesn't integrate the two titles in any way, they've just stuck the two releases on a disc as they are.
It's a game you've already played, exactly the same and charged at more than if you purchase both games from the eshop; they're not just reviewing the games as is, they're rating the entire package and giving it a monetary value ...
Well that's how I read into it anyway.



ottospooky commented on Review: NES Remix Pack (Wii U):

@theberrage I respectfully disagree. Yes, it was released during a games drought as you have mentioned, but it takes a cellphone game type ethos to Nintendo's pretty rich legacy and I like that. It's something you can pick up and put down, and it's generally not to expensive. I thought the presentation was quite good - and they generally didn't have to add the Miiverse interaction. So, yeah. Plenty of blood in that particular turnip and its sequel.