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Tue 18th March, 2014

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ottospooky commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

It's clearly not the fault of Kickstarter. The most misguided thing one can do is blame the medium. It's like blaming iTunes for music being crap.
It falls to people to think carefully about where they pledge their money. Loads of people keep mentioning Playtonic. I backed their game because i was convinced by the transparency and meticulous detail of where every pound pledge is going.
People are so entranced by nostalgia nowadays that they're happy to literally throw money at the screen. Any monkey with a keyboard can promise the world. It's down to conscious consumers to vote with their wallets, exercise caution.



ottospooky commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

Yeah so I'm just gonna pull a figure out of the air and start a Kickstarter. Okay guys, if I get $1m I'll fly you all to Jupiter.
It's been funded! Oh yeah, get ready guys, we're going to Jupiter
Sorry, guys project canceled - just discovered Jupiter is made of gas.
However we can fly you to Jupiter, Florida so you're going to have to make do with that



ottospooky commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

Just out of interest, does anyone know about whether Wii U (and other formats') releases were promised in the initial pitch or part of stretch goals?
whats now going to happen to backers who sought a Wii U version? Will they get their money back? Will the developers even be in a position to refund if the money is spent on making the game?

The very least they should do for Wii U owners is offer a code for the Wii version so that they can play it on Wii through Wii U. Still it's inherently wrong to promise something and not deliver on exactly that. There's not really ANY excuse for 'unseen circumstances and no excuse for people to be in limbo for EIGHT MONTHS waiting for a game to come out with the development team probably aware that those formats are never gonna happen.

People should do their research before going cap in hand to Kickstarter begging for money to make a game



ottospooky commented on Stella Glow Developer Imageepoch Has Gone Bust:

@ollietaro the one advantage of getting games in Europe years late and digital only is that they're usually at a lower price: £24.99 for SMTIV (around $37 - good for UK) NIS America are publishing a lot of Atlus titles nowadays in EU - they do boxed copies where Atlus don't want to



ottospooky commented on Introducing The Very First Support Character I...:

I have nothing against bawdy humour and I'm not easily offended by any stretch of the imagination but that said I hope this game's humour isn't tailored towards 'men of a certain age'.
Rare's games had a universal humour that was like Disney in its breadth - appealing to kids and adults alike. Seeing a shorts-wearing failed snake business man who has an 80s style mobile phone... That's not particularly relevant or recognisable to kids today.
That being said, im stoked for this game because I played all of these types of games as a kid!



ottospooky commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

@AyeHaley saying you're going to assault an ageing Japanese President over shortages of a plastic toy is really laughable so, thanks; it gave me a laugh.
In all seriousness, it's a new thing for them. There's nothing they can do at the moment about production numbers and stock shortages but the silver lining to this particularly large grey cloud is that figures are getting what we presume are second runs and re-releases so be patient - you'll get the figures you want eventually. Plus the only thing driving the ridiculous secondary market prices is the popularity of these things. People want them because they can't get them. Look at what happened to Beanie Babies. The market will drop out of these things eventually and they'll be so easy to get for a cheap price. If the figures are available everywhere they become valueless. It's simple economics - supply and demand. Nintendo refusing to buckle to the demand is driving sales of these things. And they produce enough to make the excersise profitable. It would be like quantitive easing if they're hanging on the shelves of every toy store, or in the bargain bin, and retailers would never again trust nintendo on a similar venture in the future.



ottospooky commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

neither game has been promoted at all. It's hardly any wonder they've not fared well sales wise.
Kirby's new game is a unique and fun title that makes use of the Game Pad, the Puzzle and Dragons game, although I haven't played it, is supposed to bring smartphone gaming to the 3DS and should therefor typically be quite popular among those who like that sort of thing.
The marketing budget must be so stretched on Splatoon that these two titles have just been left to sort of rot. Shame on them.



ottospooky commented on Rumour: Koji Igarashi's Castlevania Successor...:

@OMC79 It's like if, in some alternative reality, Shiggsy left Nintendo in 1995 to pursue other interests, after they decided to focus on wearable fitness products.
Miyamoto is seeking crowd funding for the new 2D, sprite based platforming title Amazing Miguel Sisters, Spanish siblings working as electricians, who one day mysteriously put their finger in an electrical socket and find themselves in the Carrot District, where they are tasked with rescuing Prince Pineapple from the evil clutches of Dowser the evil Rabbit and his seven rabbit maybe-offspring, De Niro, Coleman, Van Damme, Kilmer, Angelina, Lungren and Pee Wee



ottospooky commented on Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter Campaign Smashes Its ...:

They've smashed their funding goal in 40 minutes. Surely that's some sort of record? They've also done it with little to no actual marketing. Word of mouth, trading on the promise of nostalgia has cemented this in the minds of gamers like me. Before the internet I thought I was the only person who bought Banjo-Kazooie. So happy to be proven wrong about that



ottospooky commented on Video: The Nintendo 64 Kid Is Taking Unboxing ...:

In one paragraph the author of this piece indicates that the guy became 'something of a celebrity' and in another expresses the opinion that the advert won't appeal to anyone because no one knows who he is.
Taco Bel and their advertising agency have a clear indication of what demographic they want their food to appeal to, the decision to use this guy as a representive for their product, was clearly not taken lightly. Viral marketing will buoy this along - that's how advertising works nowadays



ottospooky commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

Well I cracked and paid some dude on eBay £30 for a Ness amiibo. He's the only one I dont have secured so far and he and Shulk were the ones I wanted the most.
Whether they anticipated the demand for amiibo or not, the way consumers are being treated by retailers is nothing short of shocking. I've collected high end collector toys in the past and this should not be happening with non articulated plastic figurines. Damn me for wanting them all



ottospooky commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

The second time I completed this game was a bit of a chore. I'm not yet ready to give it a third play through so I'm probably out for now. It's the most atmospheric and beautiful game in the series but the harsh reality is that it falls short in terms of gameplay.



ottospooky commented on A Book About The Iconic Bitmap Brothers Is Bei...:

I don't really have enough familiarity for this particular dev but if anyone's on the fence I can't recommend their previous Mega Drive book highly enough. It's stupendous. If they apply the same passion and flair to Bitmap Bros then you're going to be in for a treat. '...Collected Works' is the most beautiful and comprehensive piece to Mega Drive history!



ottospooky commented on Zelda-Style Adventure Midora Runs Out Of Kicks...:


I'm not making a generalisation about everyone that uses Kickstarter. Crowd funding is a good thing - it gives people with a dream the opportunity to offer a product directly to their public. It bypasses large corporations and affords people the opportunity to create a project that they assume full control over. But it's far from perfect. Things like those mentioned in this article can easily happen.

And I don't doubt that a Kickstarter page can be genuine and valid but these things don't start to unravel until the money is being used to create said project and that people start to realise that their targets are now not feasible.

My post was not a criticism of the way Kickstarter is run, more that as more people use the site, the more chance there is for things to go awry and for people to be disappointed. It's a platform that's still in its infancy and we don't fully know to what extent it will be used to present projects to consumers.



ottospooky commented on Talking Point: Splatoon Is a Typically Colourf...:

Voice chat is just not a Nintendo thing. And I think voice chat with people you don't know Is often a detrimental experience. theres no way you can moderate what people are saying over voice chat.
People have been saying the same about lack of online full stop about Nintendo games since online was a thing and it's not baffling or misguided... If an experience is more suited to the living room they'll leave it at that.



ottospooky commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

It's a great game but it is not without its flaws. The humour is top notch but it's a touch repetitive. Bearing in mind it was released sixteen years ago I can remember more about Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel than this game. And time really hasn't been kind to N64 games - the controls are noticibly laggy but back in those days that's what we were used to!



ottospooky commented on GAME Launches UK Pre-Orders for Splatoon amiib...:

I preordered two Ness figures from the official UK store BEFORE they imposed a one per customer policy (I wanted one to display mint on card)
However the store canceled BOTH preorders of Ness and told me to reorder when the figure was offered again for sale at a certain time and date. Despite refreshing the page every two minutes for two hours Ness never went back on sale.
Why couldn't they have cancelled just ONE Ness figure??