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Sun 22nd September, 2013

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uhhhhhhhh commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

Such a cheesy video. But very satisfying to see a 3rd party amiibo and Nintendo exclusive 3rd party content. Even if its a timed release.

I never played this game but its always been on my radar, i think I will be getting it soon



uhhhhhhhh commented on Future Of Trine Series In Doubt Following Nega...:

I really love the aesthetic and concept of trine, but sadly I felt a little bored actually playing it...perhaps I could give it another go, maybe I was expecting something different at the time

The trailer for trine 3 looks amazing, IMO. Too bad its getting bad press



uhhhhhhhh commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

He's right. It really is the only innovation this gen. The rest is more of the same: add some better graphics or more online stuff but that's about it.

I would argue that nintendo bit off more than they could chew, and that the gamepad could be the most innovative gaming technology EVER. Just underused.



uhhhhhhhh commented on Feature: Five Key Moments from Nintendo's E3:

If they had never made a mention of star fox Las year, this E3 would have been remembered as epic.

Afditonally, the reason there was no zelda U is obviously because next year will be the 30th anniversary. Remember the 25th anniversary skyward sword in 2011? Yeah, clearly that's what they're doing here



uhhhhhhhh commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

When they localize it for the west, they should should turn it into heavy metal music which summons the shin megami tensei demons, playing at festivals such as ozzfest or at least Bonnaroo or glastonbury or something

Hell yeah!!



uhhhhhhhh commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

They are going to make zelda U a 30th anniversary thing. It is so obvious. Nintendolife, you should post a story of that. 25th anniversary was 2011 skyward sword. Zelda U 2016 is a 30th anniversary thing just like mario this year. Confirmed



uhhhhhhhh commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

They will announce other titles during regular nintendo directs. They have been trying for years with the directs to make the big reveals during directs instead of E3. Anyone remember a few years ago when the direct 2 weeks after the E3 was 10x better???



uhhhhhhhh commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

I'm guessin amazon got like ... 20-30 lucinas. Maybe 50, but with the rate everyone was refreshing it may not even show up for that split second on most people's browsers.

Like they said, they cannot guarantee that everyone will get one



uhhhhhhhh commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

Lol I meant wario. Funny thing, lucina is the only one I was going for out of all of these. Well I wanted the 3 pack as well.... but my daughters like amiibo and they have all of the female amiibo (so far) but it will get pretty hard with lucina, palutena, or zss

I think it's really cool that amazon did this, it actually gives most people a chance. If they could go back in time and do this for wave 2 I would be very happy 😆



uhhhhhhhh commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

Lucina has a much higher demand. The servers prolly went crazy, not to mention teams of friends constantly refreshing. The entire allotment could have gone in 1 second that way. Funny there's still boy inkling and pac man