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Sun 22nd September, 2013

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uhhhhhhhh commented on Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With...:

The gamepad is totally under-utilized! Hardly any third party even uses the touch screen as a menu selection interface! Could you imagine a game like anytime or ni nu kuni where you could select potions, etc using the touchscreen?? To me the menu interface is a very simple but revolutionary concept that makes certain things 10000% more intuitive and nobody is taking the time to do it. Look a Lego city, a good example, almost over uses it, the features seem like they should be in metroid prime



uhhhhhhhh commented on Video: New Siesta Fiesta Gameplay Lights Up Th...:

I LOVE breakout games, pinball, and of course, side-scrollers.
First Impressions:
The concept looks GENIUS.
The bed as the paddle = cute
The art style looks heavily influenced by Rayman, particularily Rayman Legends. That is awesome.




uhhhhhhhh commented on These Animal Crossing Plushies May be Hard to ...:

omg i just dropped over $350 on amazon over animal crossing stuff for my daughters for christmas. they are going to lose their minds!!!

and YES they have REAL furniture sets from the game (not the complete sets but 1-2 pieces of some).

and the plushies talk!!!



uhhhhhhhh commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Catch-22 With Retail...:

that said, i will take this time to mention i do a lot of my game shopping at amazon and target. Both have good sales and are convenient.

i rarely go into gamestop at all unless it's a day one or a special edition or something. I CANT STAND the nerds giving me a scripted sales pitch at the checkout. CANT STAND it. The are totally misinformed half the time as well.



uhhhhhhhh commented on Ubisoft Explains Wii U Watch_Dogs Visuals as "...:

Pathetic that they don't utilize the gamepad features!!! THIS GAME WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THAT!!! Will there even be any touchscreen menus,etc?????

I was really looking forward to this game, but now i'm having second thoughts.



uhhhhhhhh commented on US Retailer Lists Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon F...:

This is one of the rare cases where I would buy a duplicate version. I would LOVE this on the wii U (and for possible local multiplayer)

Perhaps this is also a hint that Nintendo would finally put some stereoscopic 3D content on the Wii U as well!!!



uhhhhhhhh commented on Review: Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff...:

I'll be getting this game for my kids, they LOVE this show (and platformers)
My 4 year old will love it.

I'm waiting for it to drop to about $15-20 tho. Def much better platformers out there, but the licensed characters are fun for kids, is about it.