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Sun 1st June, 2008

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siavm commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

I will wait for a officially statement before I start to worry. And it is weird that they say they confirm it tomorrow when the game awards happen. I would think nintendo has something to show there since they, along with others, are making the show.



siavm commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

I will be playing mine today sometime after ups drops it off. I can't believe this game is so close to being on my tv again. The 3ds version is good but I so want to play some event battles and play a 4 player smash with a lot less lag.



siavm commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

@Peach64 shovel knight is still the same price and they are not a big company. They made a awesome game that would be worth waiting for. They had real reasons to delay it in other parts of the world versus Ubisoft just screwing with us.



siavm commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

It is not 50 new things it is 50 must see things. Some of this stuff they are showing will be stuff they showed before. And going off that miiverse post characters that have not gotten their proper reveal video. I would also like a new mode over the new things you guys want. Like a single player mode that was like nothing to do with how the game works but still works in the sense of the game.



siavm commented on Master Quest DLC Details Emerge for Hyrule War...:

Do you all just want woman in pant suits or what? Seems like fantasy games can not be about fantasy with out a comment about this is not how woman should look. It's a game. Last I checked none of the creatures you fight exist in this world. But of course nothing on that in the article. Nothing about one of the playable characters having no legs.



siavm commented on Video: Mii Fighters Get Ready For Smash Bros. ...:

@Dipper723 they use celebrities to promote a lot of their games. They used Ice T when they showed miis at E3. I don't know what they will use when they start advertising it this holiday but it will probably be the hot star in what ever region they are advertising in.



siavm commented on Gallery: It's Time for a Shulk Super Smash Bro...:

Why are people scared of characters being sexualized even though samus's costume is close to 30 years old and shulks costume is how I played a certain part of the game to see if my characters were stronger. Why is bloody gore more accepted than sex here and everywhere?



siavm commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

There is a screenshot that shows pretty much what looks like the whole roster. Seeing how the games is coming out next month these leaks might be real. Of course in the coming days and weeks we will know the other fighters officially.



siavm commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

No use real and game in the same sentence. Games aren't real. I am tired of people complaining when changes happen. But this is less of a change since she had this look close to 30 years ago now. Sure it was at the end of the game but come on. This is just a alt costume. Will a topless Mario help to balance things out? Seriously what is the problem with this. Nintendo is funding a game where the character gets close to naked after finishing her attacks. No whining about that only praise. Make a article damning bayonetta or please stop making an article to tell me samus should not look like this even though she as in past games.



siavm commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

It is not that suprising disney infinity. It was free on pc and other online shops. The toys and the portals are where the money is coming from. So if they can sell more toys they will sell this free.



siavm commented on Retro Studios Ramps Up Recruitment for a Varie...:

They could be the ones making the new star fox game. Seeing they want it up in a year I can see they making it especially since they are fresh off a game. Or maybe they are going back to metroid. Or maybe just maybe nintendo is letting them make something new. Whatever it is I am going to get it.



siavm commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

It's ok with me. If I want to play this in hd I have two systems that I could buy it for. I am not expecting much third party anymore for wii u so news like this does not cause me much nothing. Smash is coming this year and Zelda next year. If you want third party games get another system.



siavm commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

It would be nice for a game like this to have it. I have the one piece warrior games and having a online coop is nice every once in awhile. Local play is not a option I use much so me personal would rather have online only then local. But since this is nintendo I just get games with a focus on single player or a game like Mario kart and smash. I am still probably going to get this but it would be nice if they showed that they can implement features that are stables in other games.

I like they walk their own path but sometimes that path leads to a wall. And with competition passing and catching up with them they need to learn that after you have given them a lot of ideas it's time to take a few of theirs.



siavm commented on The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 U...:

@Genesaur that was for the Japanese release. This is for the US release (and rest of the world) seeing how the esrb warning is the first thing that pops up. And it ends with showing the game coming next year. I can not wait. I just hope they still include the one piece crossover stuff too.



siavm commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

I would care but its past the point I do. Rare made my childhood with their awesome games. Then Microsoft bought rare and it's been the downfall of what was one of the best companies in gaming. I have not been following him but if he is making mobile games now it is not something most here will care for. So unless it is a game that is good I could care less. And this is coming from a man who loved his companies games.



siavm commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

This data they have is crap. 80 million ps3 were sold. Out of them almost 10% got last of us. There are only 8 million ps4's out there the most they can do with this remaster is a million. I bought it on ps3 and I am not getting it again for ps4 when I have one next year. They are only hyping this up because the ps4 went past their expectations but does not have any great games until next year.



siavm commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

I would say three are at my top. Them being ocarina of time, majoras mask, and wind waker. I still need to play the first two games. Didn't have a nintendo system until the late 90s so I missed a lot of games on snes and nes. I do have them on 3ds and thanks to club nintendo I have Link to the past. So after I played those I could maybe update how I feel but I doubt it. It is weird though I have all the Zelda games right now expect the gb and the two capcom did. I also I need to play the new one on 3ds.



siavm commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

Only new fighters to the game have gotten videos and since this is being counted down on a YouTube video this must be a big character. Other characters will probably be revealed in the screen of the day like captain falcon but this has to be a big character to get a three day heads up. The last time we got this we got five characters one of which was new. So I am only thinking this one will be awesome.



siavm commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

I don't see why anyone wants to pay $15 a month for mmo's. Dlc is one thing but this is just crazy to me. If it does not come over I am ok with that. If it comes though even though. I am not buying it I will still be ok. So unless the fee is dropped if it does come here I am not interested in this one.



siavm commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

I would help but I have to big a back catalog of games on all the systems I have. And I think I may have got this in a psn flash sale. Maybe he should talk to nintendo about having a sale on it. Like a week sale for a $1 and its equivalent around the world. Maybe that could bring him a step closer to making profit on it.



siavm commented on Nintendo Highlights Hundreds of Developers Wor...:

Even if the numbers do pick up next year is year three. I just don't expect to see many great third party games coming to wii u past that point. At least AAA ones. At least nintendo has some good games coming.



siavm commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

They care about money more than making great games now. The last basketball game they made after years off was bad. Titanfall is not a full game and I feel cheated buying it on 360 even though I got it on sale for almost half off. There quality is going down hill in the favor of making money now. So even though they are not making games of nintendo systems it is probably for the best.



siavm commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

This is not good news until nintendo does it themselves or more indies do this. Because right now it is just for one game in one region. Now if developers in the US start doing this I will start to think this is something. Shovel knight is a game that cross buy would be perfect for. So the missed opportunity there tells me this is not a thing yet. I hope to be wrong in the future though. I know people would love this for vc.



siavm commented on Don't Fancy Sonic Boom? No Problem, The Sonic ...:

That article title is horrible. I grow up with sonic. Sure sonic has not had the same level of success Mario got but he still has quality games. A crappy fan remake means nothing. I have too much respect for sega to care even if some think sega does not care.



siavm commented on Thank Goodness, The Burning Mystery Of Bayonet...:

If you played the first game you know that her hair is not short. It appears short but the clothes she wears is her hair so it does not matter to me. I like the look though. Definitely looks less like palin.