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SavoirFaire commented on Vital Wii U and 3DS Releases Join the Million-...:

@Dpishere was going to post the same thing. Fantastic game.

Glad to see good splatoon numbers but it deserves even better. Let's hope the game has... Tentacles? Haaaaaa

It is dreadful to see Wii Party U there. What an awful game! I hope it didn't outsell Pikmin 3 or Tropical Freeze. I'd even prefer to see Mario Party 10 ahead of it.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

Amazing how well they have done considering their limited functionality and horrible stock issues in the US. Imagine if they had a dedicated game! If the NX doesn't launch with some amiibo focused game then I'm going to join the chorus bashing Nintendo in every post I make 😉



SavoirFaire commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Details Revealed, In...:

Why does this game have a plain boo but not King Boo? Can the art department not be bothered to add a crown? This plus the fact Waluigi is in this game makes this automatic no buy.

Seriously tho, if the price point is right I may pick this up. $39.99 seems about right. Reading these comments tho, I wonder what kind of tennis games people play anymore what with the ridiculous expectations.



SavoirFaire commented on Angry Sun Game Files Reportedly Uncovered In S...:

I would love to see keys or doors you could have only activate by getting X coins. Of course a 4th difficulty setting as well to shove these 1% completion or less boards, after a certain amount of attempts.

Angry Sun is pretty much pure evil, would love to see it in game. Flame chomps and Cooligans as well. I refuse to make an ice board without Cooligans!



SavoirFaire commented on Video: Admire the Skills on Show as an Insane ...:

@Miles_Edgeworth A friend has uploaded 3 levels so far and they have been played maybe 20-30 times each.

OT: I really enjoy these shows of skill, however this begs for the need of a 4th difficuty level, where one puts these sadistic levels that have a fraction of a percent as a completion rate. There is too much nonsense in the "hard" difficulty setting, and too much easy stuff in normal. Perhaps this will even out over time. I enjoy a challenging level, I've got a few I poured 20+ lives into and eventually beat because they were well done. Way too many though that are not thought out hard, just random crap thrown into it hard. Can't be easy for a computer to distinguish the difference. Most people dont have the patience.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

I'm glad to see they are holding off to touch the game up. Triple a seems to mean big budgets and big patches nowadays, not necessarily great games.

As many have said, what about xenoblade? Nice clickbait I guess.

To make Mario tennis the big release they would have to rename it amiibo tennis and give it full amiibo support, kicking off a line of amiibo themed sports games where you play as the character you want, and giving people an alternative to EA sports games. That would have made Mario tennis a great title to play up during the holidays.



SavoirFaire commented on Community: Create, Share, Play and Rate Each O...:

Ugh too much to do today! I am definitely down for trying other's Mario Maker levels. I've got a few ideas of my own, tho it didn't seem I was getting 15 minute unlocks earlier, do I have to keep playing?

I really hope the enemy selection is as extensive as the games that are in focus really are. There are some flat out nasty enemies in Mario games, things that were wisely used infrequently.... by those with more restraint than I



SavoirFaire commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

@bigislandhikers I think you'd call those blasters. People that are good with blasters (especially the Luna Blaster) are awesome when they are on your team, sucks when on the opposition.
@shani I get frustrated on tower and rainmaker, though I love those modes. My last game of the night we likely would have won if our 4th player was helping to guard the tower instead of off painting the central area... at the end of the match... I would have hoped in the "A" ranks that those type of players get weeded out, but not yet.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

I saw Charizard a few weeks back at toys r us and picked one up.

Have been seeing Pac-Man pretty regularly. I was lucky to snag the Splatoon 3-pack on release.

Really hoping that Nintendo is geared up for Holidays in the US. The sad part is, if we get enough stock, people may start to realize how little amiibos do!



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that someone that goes and publicly speaks ill of their company, even in the most mundane ways, gets fired. I'd expect the same for my job.

Is Nintendo really that much different from other video game companies when it comes to secrecy? If someone was leaking footage of Uncharted 4, got caught, and fired, would we be any more surprised than if it happened with someone leaking footage of Smash? It seems like nintendo gets a rep for being super tough, but I'm not sure any other gaming company would be any different.



SavoirFaire commented on Editorial: Paper Mario is 15 Years Old Today, ...:

It seems to me that the Mario and Luigi series knows what kind of game they are, and has fun with it.

Paper Mario after only playing the super paper Mario and sticker star seems to have an identity crisis of what kind of game the paper series wants to be. Still need to sit down with the original (in my endless backlog) and give it a shot. Get the feeling it will make me mad about the last two lol.



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

My first splat fest where I didn't cap my rank. Blast my busy Saturday! I'm now traveling for work, and don't even know who won in NA!

I too have noticed more connection problems since the patch. I'm wondering if they tried to alter something with matchmaking and it is somehow impacting stability in a negative way. I had maybe 10-15% disconnects which is a huge increase from normal.

@Robotron2084 I'd strongly advise the single player experience as well. it is short but quality stuff.



SavoirFaire commented on Splatoon's Big Update is Coming on 6th August:

Not really sure what the problem with the underpass is. it's a good stage in my book. The side corridors are good in my book, a bit harder of an avenue to take and flank people, especially on tower control.

Not to keen on raising the level cap to 50. Why? Level means very little. Perhaps it is just for progression oriented people to not ding 20 and say "beat the game, done!" If it's just something else to fill up, I guess it's not awful, just seems rather pointless.

50 more outfits. I thought I almost finally had them all! Am I the only one that levels every piece of gear they get? hello? anyone else insane?

@rjejr I'm all for 3 map rotation, if we are allowed to blacklist one of the 3! I don't really have a most-hated map I would blacklist, but it would be nice to see the option if you had 2 small maps and kelp dome, I know I'd be more prone to blacklist kelp dome.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I'm fine with my Wii U library, and there are still a few games coming that I want, and who knows, maybe more down the line once we find out what the NX really is and if the Wii U Library really falls off a cliff in July 2016.

That said, nobody can seriously expect any Nintendo system to be on parity with 3rd party releases until it is on parity with power AND release date of the MS and Sony systems. Release it late, get the games already out on the other systems, that wont sell, and it's over.

It is unfortunate that Nintendo is in this chicken/egg problem with 3rd party releases. I picked up a few 3rd party games on Wii U, and some were good (Arkham City, ACIV), some weren't (Arkham Origins, Lego Series, Injustice). There "weren't" games were because of the lack of the full DLC, and oddly enough, were all WB games...



SavoirFaire commented on Reminder: Amazon-Exclusive Palutena amiibo Ord...:

Yah having issues myself (only by luck am I home today!), I'm guessing they have good stock and it'll sort out soon enough.

I also picked up Charizard from TRU earlier, so apparently the restocks are coming, at least for the rarer ones, not the mythic rares tho



SavoirFaire commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

So without bothering to sift through the back and forths of Quorthon and those he is arguing with, can someone tell me something: Did the devs of project cars promise a Wii U release and then take money for it, and, since the release is not coming, do people get their money back? To me that is the only relevant question/answer. I'm not a big driving game (without weapons on the car that is) fan, so missing this isnt a big deal to me personally.



SavoirFaire commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

Proud Team Water Slide member. It was a fun splatfest yet again. I was a King Dog last time, and King Water Slider this time. The prizes:

Dog: 24 snails/720,000 coins
Water Slide: 18 snails/540,000 coins.

difference of 6 snails of 180,000 coins. Considering a match is ~1000 coins, that's one heck of a loser's purse for a day long event.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

Got Blaster Master finally! Hurrah! (as well as earthbound beginnings, shanta, and giana sisters).

Now to start hoping to see Bubble Bobble and my nostalgia collection will be complete.

Still want to see some of the classic Square games from way back, but I'm not holding my breath.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

Good to start them on it, but Nintendo has always had issues with third parties, for a LONG time. zero reason to believe this will be any different.

Here's how it will go: we will get ports, some good, some not, of games that have been out for PS4/Xbone for 3 months to a year, and they wont sell because... people already have them! Third parties companies will declare failure yet again, bemoan how they tried again, and go back to business as usual.

If Nintendo is trying to go head to head with MS and Sony, they need to get into their console cycle and have comparable specs. if they don't, then we'll have another Wii U, which has a lot of good games, but doesn't get the "core" gamers, and ends up being a console people have along with their PS4.

Heck, why would anyone buy a game on NX that is on the PS4 anyway? I'd expect the DLC to be missing (thanks WB!) or half-arsed (thanks Ubisoft!). Account systems? Heck, do we get another half a decade of VC drip-feed, of the same games we have already been drip-fed?

Point is, if the NX is supposed to "turn things around" they have a LOT of work to do. If they can't pull it off, then there should be zero rush to put out this system. I don't have high hopes which is why I hope this is a Christmas 2018 system rather than 2017. I think we all know new systems are around the holidays now (well, November/December range)



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I hope Nintendo is stealing a few ideas from their competition on the NX. I really like the smoothness of the account and save game system on my ps4, and I hope a stronger online presence is planned.

What I don't want to see is options being forced into games to where they become gimmicks. motion control, multiplayer, and the game pad can have their place in a game, but it shouldnt be crammed in for no reason.



SavoirFaire commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

@OldWeeDog I don't understand! I don't! shakes fist

I am slogging through Yoshi's new island (got it free so cant complain too much), and am relieved to hear this doesn't have the baby Mario mechanic. Was expecting an 8/10 so 9/10 is a nice bonus.



SavoirFaire commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

I don't get too bent out of shape about Amiibos. If I am at a store like target that sells them, I check on stock. All Nintendo has done with amiibo's for me is cost themselves money as I won't pay more than $20 including shipping.

What is baffling is how popular they are, when they do so little! Imagine if there was an amiibo centric game! Splatoon to me is their only misstep with how content was locked behind amiibos, as the challenge modes are fun and if not included in the base game, at the very least should have been cheap DLC.



SavoirFaire commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I'm just as puzzled as anyone that fatal frame and devil's third didnt get so much as a nod during the direct. What about more mk8 DLC, or a mention of smash dlc?

i will say i am looking forward to the paper jam mario and luigi game more than i expected. Last 2 M&L games were well done (much better than the last 2 paper mario games). I think the problem with paper mario is that they dont know where to take the game because of M&L games taking the RPG route already. I'd be fine with M&L being the duo, and paper mario being the extended party. this just makes people feel we wont get a proper paper mario for wii u, so i understand the frustration.

also what was all the pre-e3 teasing of a new punch out? that sure didnt seem to pan out.



SavoirFaire commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

To me, E3 is a "when in rome" scenario. Look at all the praise Sony, MS, and especially Square Enix get for showing games that are years out. Wasnt KH3 mentioned 2 years ago? Nintendo shows games that are coming in the next year, and they get lambasted because they set a prescendent last year. they have only themselves to blame.

The E3 direct could have done an ending montage of 10s a game for things nintendo is working on that we didnt see during the main presentation. Heck, the one thing we are sure about is Zelda coming in the future, what else is there, that we didnt know about?

I feel bad for Reggie, though. He knows he is going into "gotcha" land doing any interview so soon after that E3 presentation. He likely has his marching orders from Japan, and has to do his best to follow them. Call him a corporate stooge if you like, but he has a job and his bosses are paying his salary.



SavoirFaire commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

I think I realized what my biggest problem was with the event. It was seeing the amiibo lead in, and thinking we were getting an amiibo-centric game, and then having it be Skylanders.

I also think not seeing games a year+ out coming for Wii u gives way too much credit to the "Nintendo is killing Wii u for the NX" crowd, which is disheartening. A price cut and some year+ direct info would do well for Nintendo now.



SavoirFaire commented on Gallery: Marvel At The New amiibo Which We Wil...:

We are now getting to the few figures i really want. will not pay over $20 (shipping included) for any of them though except Palutena as that one looks really good. Let's hope nintendo gets this supply thing figured out by christmas.

Would be nice if i could even pre-order reliably anymore. can't even seem to do that! when they write a book about Nintendo going the way of Sega and Capcom, amiibo's will definitly deserve a chapter!



SavoirFaire commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

So how did all that hand wringing on the graphics of Hyrule Warriors turn out? It's no wonder other devs show cinematics of games 2+ years away. otherwise they get ravaged by everyone. The graphics > gameplay crowd I would have thought by now would have been drowned out after being wrong so many times. Sadly, they keep coming back.