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SavoirFaire commented on New Super Mario Bros. Receives ESRB Rating For...:

Fun game. I remember having to put my nephew in his place on the "versus" style of this, and mario kart ds as well.

however, isnt this game still readily available? I swear i still see this on best buy shelves. I just dont get the need to put DS games out there when they arent yet that hard to find.



SavoirFaire commented on Iwata: 3DS Has Plenty Of Room For Growth, Fema...:

Damn someone made the Super Princess Peach joke already! Appealing to "female gamers" is nebulous corporate speak. Perhaps ramp up more releases for the 3ds and you'll sell more, tho I also think the point was already hit on: it's price drop time. I can't imagine at this stage of the 3ds there are people still on the fence waiting for "that one game" to make it worth buying the 3ds



SavoirFaire commented on Video: Teenagers React To Duck Hunt And The Ic...:

@OneBagTravel Thanks the laugh, something I dont get around here much anymore :)

On the subject, I'd really like some more light gun games, there are so many fun, mindless shoot-anything-that-moves arcade games, current and back in the day, that I can't believe nobody tries to port them to consoles. I'd love to play operation wolf or operation.. thunderbolt i believe it was, at home. Lots of good times in the arcade from those shooting games of old, and i'd say it's a genre more neglected than side scrolling shooters (which seem to be making a comeback). Granted, I dont consider these a FPS, which there are plenty of.



SavoirFaire commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Explores the Fasci...:

As much fun as the Mii concept is (didn't MS copy that too, or were avatars co-created?), I really hate the fact that the Mii's arent tied to savegames/accounts the way that is done for PS (not sure about xbox as I never personally owned one, just used a friend's).



SavoirFaire commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

Well until we see how this next set rolls out, I will give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. I am not sure how a website that over-promises their stock is Nintendo's fault.

that said if this next set's figures are hard to find, any of them, then Nintendo is just letting this opportunity waste away, which is just a shame.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

I think the biggest danger is when the next generation comes, how do you put out a new game that tops a Mario kart with 100 tracks? Or SSB with a roster of 80? Eventually the DLC thing should play out, I would think a year or two after the initial release.



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I cant understand all the hate on the smash costumes. 100% optional, and since Mii's are (to my understanding) 100% local, 0 impact to online either. They are a bit overpriced for me, considering what they offer so... I didn't buy them! I'm not sure what the price point on the costumes would be for me to pick them up, very low I'd imagine.

Mario Kart DLC is great. Let's just call it Mario Kart Infinity here on out :)



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

All this will do is be another game that pushes people to pick up the Wii U because of the already impressive (imho) library. I think a price cut in may + Splatoon would do a lot more for the wii u than just a single game. A one/two punch has the potential to really move units. The games are there, people just need that extra push.



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

I made a realistic vote, and picked Simon Belmont, who I think is deserving and has a chance. Most votes people make don't have a chance.

Being the cynical person I am, I expect 2-4 more new DLC, Nintendo may be iffy on one at best, and any planned character that gets a ton of votes will be played up as Nintendo listening to the fans. I don't think Nintendo is putting that much faith in internet!



SavoirFaire commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

I wonder if there was this much rage against Disney, by Disney fans, when the infinity figures had exclusivity in some stores.

I see GameStops site is hosed atm. A hard look can screw up targets site. Good thing I'm not too keen on Ness. Tho if this was Ganondorf or ZSS Id be going nuts.

I would hope ~6 months into amiibo insanity Nintnedo has realized what they've done and are making enough to keep up with demand. The lack of king Dedede restock however makes me skeptical.



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st...:

Let's see:
-no mention of a unified, more friendly account system
-no info on rare amiibo restock
-no seppuku from Iwata for the zelda delay

There, now that I've bashed Nintnedo a bit I can say nice things without being branded a drooling fanboy.

Enjoyed the direct, was excited to see smtxfe was alive but wasn't thrilled with what I saw. Atlus has earned giving them a chance tho.

Good to see fatal frame coming. That game intrigued me. As I don't have a n64 the VC offerings I will pick up as they come, tho I have the ds mario64 so I will sale wait the original. I don't see the appeal of the ds games. Are they that hard to find still?

Dlc for smash is fine with me. Fighters cost money to make. This is industry standard (check out the MK X pricing, if anything it is still cheap!). Mk8 looks good, excited for 200 cc and I hope we see more dlc for it.

Other news didn't do much for me, but overall a good direct. As was mentioned already in comments, I think nintendo was careful not to spoil their e3 info with this.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

The only people writing off the Wii U because of a Zelda delay are the same people who wrote it off already for reason a, b, or c, and are just coming back to troll. Keep feeding them, tho, it makes the comments section fun, if not a bit predictable.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

Ugh lets not spend a lot of time on the NX this far out. Let's deal with the next 2 years of Wii U. No point really in even talking about NX overall as people have been saying same thing about nintendo consoles (Moar power, 3rd party, etc) for some time now and nothing has changed. Need a different mjndset at Nintnedo before we need a new console.



SavoirFaire commented on Splatoon eShop Listing Continues Speculation o...:

Well If Nintnedo is going to shoehorn something into games each generation I would be really pleased if it I s going towards amiibos now as that would be much better than shoehorning in the gamepad or motion control seeing as amiibos are minimally disruptive in comparison, and poor implementation should have little to no impact on the game.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

Hurrah! Will have to find something to complain about next week... I know, my lack of eshop funds!

For those that have them all, are the portable entries worth picking up as well if you also have the console ones? I see a lot of people asking this but not many answers.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo España Appears to Confirm Super Mari...:

I thought these characters showing up was a foregone conclusion as well. I do like the asthetic on these amiibos as they are like game board tokens. Doubt I will get more than toad however (if I get lucky)

I do hope this isn't the direction of amiibo however on a large scale. I worry that nintendo will take an American business approach like ppl are always begging them to, and turn out cheaper amiibos. I prefer the smash line as they ha e some character to them. i hope the super Mario line isn't the "new direction" for amiibo.



SavoirFaire commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I'm going out on a limb here and thinking Nintendo is making an amiibo sandbox game, and the cards is there counter to "high price DLC", so people can get the chars they want for a buck or 2 each, and then collect statues as needed.

Sadly, I check the amiibo set picture that leads into this story, and I total up 9 more I want :( well done Nintendo, my money going to you yet again



SavoirFaire commented on Review: Blaster Master (Wii U eShop / NES):

Really hope this makes it to the US as this is one of the NES games I never did beat, and I beat a lot of them. As I recall I got to this point with a really long jump and could never figure out how to get past it.

Yes I will abuse the heck out of save points on this one. Playing some of these NES games and realizing I beat them without save points blows my mind now on how awesome I used to be 😎 emphasis on "used to" 😭



SavoirFaire commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

Not at all a pokemon fan, but as one that totally doesn't get the freemium, p2win, etc practices that have come along with the advent of mobile gaming, it doesn't surprise me nintendo is taking the plunge. As usual when people wish for Nintnedo to be like other big gaming companies, be careful what you wish for. I'd hate to have to pay $15 a month to play mario kart online.



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I am in "what's all the fuss about" mode. I'd rather play Xenoblade chronicles on a big screen, and if there isn't a substantial list of new 3ds only games I want to play, I will likely never bother. Not to mention my backlog now could last me well into next year if I stopped buying new games period!



SavoirFaire commented on Weirdness: Katy Perry Accessorizes With A Wii ...:

@mjc0961 I remember reading last year that all recent super bowl musical bits are pre-taped to avoid a disaster. Apparently it was a big deal for red hot chilli pepper fans that they lip synced last year.

I thought the show was ok, but honestly I would have liked to see Lenny kravitz as the star with just Katy perry as a guest. I've always thought kravitz doesn't get enough credit.

I'm also not sure of how well people's memories are, but I can assure you all that no halftime show will ever be as bad as the black eyed peas!



SavoirFaire commented on Target Won't Be Restocking Rosalina amiibo, Se...:

To be fair to nintendo, I think it is fair to say that no -retailer- expected these to take off as they have. Nintendo can't produce a billion amiibos and hope they sell, they have to balance production with retailer demand plus a small cushion.

That said, nothing stopping them from making more. I hope to someday get a captain falcon, little Mac, and pit amiibo. I got lucky and my Rosalina is in the mail, hopefully without any flaws!



SavoirFaire commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Call me an old fart but I think the current YouTube promoters are going to run into a payola type scandal in not too much longer (one may argue it has already occurred) and end up gutting the YouTube market to where people simply view it as another form of paid advertising. I think Nintendo is just being up front about something that I would wager is done behind closed doors as current policy. No proof on my part, just the belief that there is too much money in all of this for it not to be about money!



SavoirFaire commented on The Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC is ...:

I have been sucked into other things but may have to come back and give this a whirl when it comes to NA. I am amazed at how may hours I put into HR, and only stepped away because of other games.

That said, I am still shocked Skull Kid didn't make it as a playable character.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

MPT for me. Question: can I purchase games for wii u through a web portal? I will be travelling the next 2 weeks and don't want to miss what is next. Speaking of what is next, what happened to the previews we were getting for awhile there? Seems they dried up.



SavoirFaire commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

Man I feel for you guys that got your orders cancelled. Until Feb 2 I am cringing when I see an email from best buy as I have a bunch of Amiibo pre-orders and fear they won't meet them (meta knight by mail and shiek, mega man, and bowser store pickup).



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I'll be picking up Metroid Triology when it arrives. Already own Galaxy 2 and Punch Out (and DKCR for that matter).

I wonder if this is pointing towards some sort of wii/wii u interface upgrade, where we can launch wii games straight from the Wii u without a few extra button pushes. I know I have been turned off buying Wii VC games (probably a good dozen insta-buys if they come to wii u VC) because a) it seems like a pain to get there and b) it seems like a pain to buy them.

I also happen to own a PS4 and I consider this Nintendo's answer to all the HD remasters that are coming out for PS4 (and xbone). Seems like 3/4 of my PS4 library are titles I missed as I never picked up a PS3, and that is a good strategy to lure people in on the classics from the Wii esp at a steal of a price.



SavoirFaire commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

As much as I hate defending nintendo on amiibo production, keep in mind nintendo fights for shelf space in stores, amiibo was an untested product, and Nintnedo has been lambasted as a "failure" by a great deal of the gaming "media" for years. They can't make 10 million little Mac amiibos and just hope target and whatnot will buy then. They produce based on what they think will sell, plus a bit. The fact amiibos took off as they did is to me as a fan, a great but frustrating thing as nintendo seems to, as usual, have a terrible time with communication.

That said, a simple statement on the willingness to produce more of the sold out line would go a long way.



SavoirFaire commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

I am part of the problem: I think amiibo integration is weak at best (to the point that I view cost/benefit as worse than Disney or sky landers), supply stock is an embarrassment, and communication was horrible (but getting better) and yet, in spite of all of that, I have purchased 11 of them (more if there was stock), will purchase more as they are released, and may even get the full super Mario set bc I like the style.

Nintendo would do well to make a sandbox game that uses the figures. I can't imagine that people that knew little of the way the figures would work in a game are impressed with their implementation after the fact.



SavoirFaire commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes on the Super Mario an...:

Was hoping for a female robin. Will pick up lucina for sure... and likely all of the super Mario set as they look like board game pieces and are pretty neat. I now need another display rack however, as my current one is going to be full +1 when the next wave hits.



SavoirFaire commented on Toys "R" Us amiibo Pre-Orders Cancelled Again:

When you make a product and stock is hard to find, I think that falls under success.

When you have to explain to people what it does, when it doesn't do what the other 2 "toys in games" product lines do, then that's a failure.

so a little of both I'd say!