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Sun 15th December, 2013

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SavoirFaire commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

If it is wishes and dreams, may as well go crazy:

-lack of sunspace emissary was just a distraction, it's in
-5 player local play on wii u (4 and gamepad)
-cross promotion for owning both is steep discount and allowing stages to be used on either platform (local only)(I expect 0 cross platform promotion)
-bayonetta is a new fighter



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: A Round-Up of the Best Nintendo-Relat...:

A good joke would be Nintendo announcing they are getting out of console business and would go exclusive software to the highest bidder. Would love to see the Nintnedo hatedom beg for them to go to their fav "big two" console!



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (Europe):

@whodatninja My sentiments exactly. I would like to think Nintendo would try to get a game out of each grouping (NES/SNES/GBA/Other), each week. It seems they are too focused on putting out the NES games just to make ready for NES Remix 2.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

I think this article got the point, almost by accident: most Nintendo games don't need demos, they sell themselves. The games that probably could use a demo to promote themselves were done rather poorly. I find it hard to believe there are people on the fence about SSB or MK8, and I find it even harder to believe they don't have access to the internet to read articles about these upcoming games, or, when they are out, read reviews and see people playing it.

I will be the first to admit MH3 demo kept me from playing the game. This seems to be a non-issue except to give people another anti-Nintendo talking point.



SavoirFaire commented on Wii Sports Club Free Trial Swings Into Play in...:

Once this comes out on disc, if there are enough games, I will likely pick this up. Just seems this is a natural thing to be on disc to promote the Wii U, and yet... it's almost invisible from an "outside the community" promotional standpoint.



SavoirFaire commented on Unepic Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U:

Really enjoyed this game, well worth the 10 bux. One of the very few games where I beat it on normal (~20 hours) and then started immediately after and started on Hard++ (that took ~10 hours, knowing fights and whatnot).
Did have a bug with one of the challenges that messed things up, but hopefully the patch fixed that. The humor was hit or miss, but you can skim past a lot of that with button presses.



SavoirFaire commented on Famicom Remix 1 + 2 Coming to Retail in Japan:

If Nintendo had an account system less like they do now, this wouldn't even phase me. Knowing this is coming to Japan makes me want to hold out hope that it will come to the US, then I can pick up both versions (been working on clearing my backlog before I get the first). As it stands, Physical Copy >>>>> Digital Copy under Nintendo's current policies, at least in my book.



SavoirFaire commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

This should be a wake up call to Nintendo to take mini games in some of their series (Kirby or Zelda for instance) and make them into 99 cent phone games.

However, before you all wish for Nintendo to jump into phone and tablet games, go look what EA did to Dungeon Keeper. I would hate to see nintendo sell their souls for micro transactions.



SavoirFaire commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for February:

@Ste if you get it on your Wii U via the Wii ummm program, when it comes to Wii I you get a discount on the update. Worked for me for ALTTP and hopefully super mario lost levels in the near future.

I missed punch out when it was almost free, will likely get it and super mario rpg



SavoirFaire commented on Rune Factory 4 in Short Supply in North America:

I picked this up just recently, took me 5 GameStops to find it (their reliability on low stock seems bad). Really glad I put in the effort to pick up this gem. Actually holding off on bravely default until I finish this because I am enjoying it so much.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Scoops Two Awards at D.I.C.E:

The only thing I can hope is that 2014 is as strong a year for gaming as 2013 was. Nothing worse than an awards season where the winners are a slam dunk because of poor competition!



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (North America):

I may pick up Ninja Gaiden just to see if I can still beat it ~20 years later. I'm not too hopeful...

Already ordered BD and I may even pick up Retro. I really should avoid the VC and Eshops until I clear out my backlog tho.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

Wow this turned into a beat-up-on-Nintnedo thread really fast. Shocking!

I've got 19.99 extra in my eshop account, and when I look back on the DLC I have for Origins, and what was coming, I don't feel bad in the least.

The larger picture is how does one break out of this chicken and egg scenario with 3rd party devs? Frankly I think it will take the death of the Xbox or PS to do so, as you can bet the same thing will happen again with Nintendos next console. Nintendo's business mode should be to plan to go it alone, and any additional help is just icing on the cake. Ps3 and 360 support will linger until ps4 and xbone get a strong install base and the tune will change from install base to console power from the devs, and when the new console comes out, it goes back to install base.



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

Is the 3ds Xl not compatible with Ds games or something? Maybe people sold off their games or systems, but I still have mine (some on this list) and it just seems like an odd selling point to go back into what isn't really the distant past. Id be more interested in actual n64 support for VC.



SavoirFaire commented on Review: Mario Bros. (3DS eShop / NES):

They need a Virtual Arcade as another side-business when the Virtual Console falls short, as it often does with arcade ports. It seems almost useless to port over console titles of arcade classics when what people wanted back then (and still now) is a legit copy of the arcade title. I wonder if there is a behind the scenes answer to why this just isn't done. Loved this game in the arcade, and hated every port of it. Same goes for a lot of classics.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

You don't have to use the gamepad for a game anymore than you have to use motion control. It's an option, and if it doesn't fit the game, so be it. Any dev that thinks they must use the gamepad feature because it is there needs to be smacked upside the head. The most annoying thing in a game is when it tried to shoehorn in a feature of the controller (like the ds did with blowing in the mic) when it isn't needed.

Injustice used the gamepad to display a move list. Great idea! Many other games use it to show an expanded map, another great idea.

My hope is the next system uses the handheld as a portable device and also a controller option, we shall see though. I for one am not bothered by using the gamepad, though I don't fault those that find it too bulky, it may be to them.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

What about online services? Wii U hasn't caught up to XBL or PSN yet. To me this is one of nintendos biggest issues. Sure living room game nights are fun, but so is online play and they aren't mutually exclusive. When I see the kids playing mine craft with each other, it is pretty obvious graphics isn't what they are there for. It's the fun of playing with your friends for an hour at night after your homework is done or whatnot. This is largely not possible with a Nintendo system, and it needs to be.

So says someone that is still shocked Pikmin 3 had no online multiplayer. It will be the solid online experiences that save the Wii U, so let's hope MK8 and SSB get it right!



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

What I really want to see is Nintendo laying the groundwork now for the next system. Things like a unified account system, an online service similar to XBL, PSN, or (even better) Synergy between handheld and console. There's a point where you have to admit that gaming is evolving, and go along with it, and not act like the old ways will work forever.

Speaking of dying consoles (which apparently from the 6 articles on the front page, it must be...), you would think Nintendo would harp on their hardware reliability. I know people that are on their 3rd X-box. My NES still works just fine, and I assure you, it had many years of use.



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

I'd like them to take the smash brothers roster and turn it into a beat 'em up game, along the lines of those x-men or avengers 4 player beat 'em ups. I know we all like beating each other up in ssb, but it'd be fun to work together against a common for, and with all those franchises, there are plenty of foes!



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

I'll be the first to say that online play in SM3DW is not something I thought about trying, or thought would be fun. It COULD be fun, but I think it's a great on-the-couch game, so I don't necessarily miss the online play.

However, Pikmin 3 is another story. This is a game that screams for online play, and yet we only have "couch play". I am as big a Nintendo fan as the next guy on this site, but I wont hesitate to bash Nintendo on this point: Get with the times, and make multiplayer options where they make sense.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

@Superstick To be fair, EA (with me personally and I am sure many others) has such a horrible rep that it's not surprising that nobody touched NFSMW. Fool me once and all that. EA would have to do a massive turnaround to get me to pick up any game of theirs, for any system, just based on past history.

I do however wonder if there are other behind the scenes things that keep people away from Nintendo development. Perhaps their QA standards are too high, they demand too large a piece of the pie, etc. It would be really great if one of these indy developer interviews really talked about what porting a game to the Wii-U really entails.

On the topic at hand, I tried the latest castlevania entry on the 3DS, and thought it was way too easy and too short, and it has made me gunshy on the series (The GBA ones from way back were the last ones I played). I am not of the mindset that re-running the game on hard difficulty is extra content. I picked up Super Castlevania on the VC not long ago so I am looking forward to giving that one a try as I never owned a SNES.



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

What about SMT x FE? I hope that is a 2014 release as I have just discovered both franchises in 2013 and enjoyed them both.

I think Nintendo has a good chance to blow people away at E3 this year. Let's hope the focus on 2014/early 2015 titles instead of 3-4 years out like other consoles did in 2013.



SavoirFaire commented on Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo:

I will echo what a lot of others have said: release droughts are killers. 2013 was a great year for Nintendo releases and gaming in general. I am not too confident of 2014 being as good, and if nintendo can't lock up some more 3rd party support then it'll end up like the late years of the wii where all we have is Nintendo releases and shovelware.



SavoirFaire commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

Although it didn't get any of my best game votes, and it isn't a category, my favorite moment in a Nintendo game this year was in Dream Team, when Luigi...powers up to take on the big bosses. What a great fist pumping moment.



SavoirFaire commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Golf (Wii U eShop):

@Yosher those are my sentiments as well. As soon as there is a disc copy (which I think everyone expects) this is an insta-buy for me. I am a little concerned about putting the controller on the floor with young kids around, but it does look like a solid, fun game.



SavoirFaire commented on Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U ...:

Thank goodness for the 3rd party devs that are supporting the wii u. I am hoping a strong library of games you can't get on ps4 and xbone, starts to give Nintendo enough of an edge to do well this generation. I am concerned Nintendo can't produce enough first party games to keep the console interesting (aka the end of the wii).



SavoirFaire commented on Mario Kart 8 Jump Festa Impressions:

I'd really like to see a smash brothers style selection for items where the group can elect to ban or allow items in multiplayer. Id also pay good money for remastered track/racers from past MKs as DLC.