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Fri 19th June, 2009

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mshope10 commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

these games are so good.i still have prime 1,2 on gamecube and 3 on wii plus the wii collector's edition!i have beat them all twice!they play better with the wii remote.

i think even though i have 2 copys of each games i still my buy a the digital download



mshope10 commented on Spidey’s Arch-Nemesis Venom Is Receiving His...:

this is a day one purchase for me.i love venom he is one of my favorite marvel characters.and zen make the best pinball games i have ever played!!!

plus there wiiu support has big great so i like to buy games from good 3rd party developer.



mshope10 commented on Nintendo States Its Wii U Case With a Holiday ...:

I'm glad they are showing off Nintendo tvii cause it's awesome for football games and sports trash talking others teams fans live is fun! And nobody knows about it and its free! Plus you can draw on the screenshots from nfl games its pretty cool.



mshope10 commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy.but I also owned and liked my 360 so I will watch the show cause I'm a gamer.

but unlike all the people who must have unlimited gaming time. I'm very happy with my wii u and the ten retail games I have for it so between them and future games it will keep me busy.



mshope10 commented on Insomniac Not Working On Wii U, Considers It M...:

who cares what they are doing they never made games for Nintendo so what if they don't start now.

we ubisoft,activision,and hopefully rockstargames and we will be fine.they make the top 3rd party games and two already make them for wii u.

plus when HD Mario kart,3d Mario,HD Zelda come out things will be fine.Nintendo are always a masters of there craft and will show off some amazing graphics.



mshope10 commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

I'm getting it for both systems tomorrow!I got a good deal from Amazon 80 for both.

I will use my wii u for online play and sense I'm a bus driver I have two 30 mins periods at work I can do small quest and gather stuff until I get back home it will be perfect.



mshope10 commented on Activision's Bobby Kotick Is Disappointed With...:

what crazy is wii u is such a great system and so many people don't know cause playing it in a store does not show the benefits.

Nintendo needs to make 3 commercials.the first should be like a psa.telling the public that wii u is an all new full HD Nintendo game console.that it plays brand new HD wii games and its still plays all wii games and works with wii accessories.

then a features or things to do with wii u commercial.showing off TV play,miiverse,movie and TV watching options,great web browser,eshop,and its many options.

then and this is major a 3rd party game wii u has call of duty,assassins creed 3,Madden 13,mass effect 3,zombiu,and show they are all in HD and have gamepad features that are nowhere else.

because it seem only people who had there wii u for a week or more understand what a great system it I hope Nintendo gets the message out there.



mshope10 commented on Wii Street U App Finds Its Way to Wii U eShop ...:

its free and fun but people sound like they don't want it.

it's a fun time waster to use Google maps at home and now with wii u and the gamepad it look more fun and its free and some people don't like it?

does this make sense? i just don't get it?don't get it if you don't like it.

but some people might



mshope10 commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Delay Is Due To PS Vi...:

because everyone will write off the 3ds one right away that's why it's a big deal.

even though its made for 3ds with great 3d effect and graphics and option to use the circle pad pro.

all we will hear is the vita version has twin stick control even though monster hunter 3 played great with 3ds'es touch screen. and it will have the slightly better graphics eso that must make it better that's the point.

we all know this to be's not us hating on vita cause good for them.all they will they will do is hate on us all day its the truth.



mshope10 commented on ZombiU Now Populated By Over 300,000 Undead Pl...:

this is the scariest game I've ever played the tension is amazing.and I mean that all in a great way.

I hope every core wii u owner picks it up cause its also a great game that uses the gamepad in great ways.

and its fun cause your on your guard alot planning everything.I hope more people support this great 3rd party hardcore wii u exclusive.

we ask for these games then no one buys them its crazy.



mshope10 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th January 2013 (North Am...:

i downloaded the 3d deer hunter game and for 4 bucks i got to say i like it plays like the classic deer hunters when the deer just run in front off you on-rails.

but whats nice the 3d is pretty good so it works well with this type of game.



mshope10 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Wii U):

I had all the other c.o.d.s on 360 and this is my favorite game in the series.and I like it on wii-u best.

and yes I've played it on 360.its the first HD c.o.d. I haven't owned on my 360.



mshope10 commented on Events: Nintendo Life Is Coming to Eurogamer E...:

I think giving away the 8gig is cool I wish I was there to try and win it for my nephew.

I already preorder my deluxe model but the 8gig would be perfect for my nephew he is a young Nintendo gamer and he loves Mario.



mshope10 commented on Capcom Explains Wii U and 3DS Cross-Play in Mo...:

I loved tri on I'm getting it on wii-u.cause it adds 50 percent more content.there's new monsters and monsters from the PSP games that's new for Nintendo fans.

I like the idea of cross play but hate the idea of buying the same game twice just to play away from home.if they do a bundle for like 80 for both I would do it.and If I could get it in the eshop that my convince more.

I getting 4 for sure!



mshope10 commented on 3DS Enjoys Sales Increase in U.S. Chart:

I don't doubt vita is a good system
but I'm telling the truth when I say me little brother and I laughed when we saw how big it was.Im not tall at all.and I carry my 3ds in my pocket no prob everyday
I would have to get a bag to carry it around and it joy sticks are way to small.

but uncharted did look great!but I have 19 great 3ds games and like 40 on the system with my old dsi games and new games like 3d classics ect.



mshope10 commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

i hate when people say it to hard or they dont understand how to do it.when really he meant i just hate nintendo.

i must be a genius cause i understand everything about wii u and i never played it yet.when i play 3ds i never have a hard time knowing what screen to look at.but i'm over the age of 3.i say that cause my 4 year nephew plays and understands ds fine so he should even be able to tackle the huge challenge of wii-u's two screens lol!.

this is like on wii. people would say i dont like motion controls cause they dont work or i can't understand how to use it with certain games.but again my 4 year old nephew and me must be at a genius level cause everything from wii and ds,3ds we both never had problems with.and we understand the benefits of having an extra screen so we must be smarter then peter man it feels good to be a game genius!lol!



mshope10 commented on Review: Shinobi (3DS Virtual Console / Game Gear):

this is the only shinobi i have ever played and i remember loving it!one of my best friends who i grew up with was one of my neighbors so he let me borrowed the gamegear and this game and the first sonic game made for it.

and if anybody is fan of megaman games and ninja games this game is for you!



mshope10 commented on Rumour: Donkey Kong 3D Swinging Into View:

i know this might be pushing it.but i heard nintendo is going to have somebody else do smashbros. on maybe its capcom,sega,namco, who all make the best fighting games and it would have all the normal nintendo characters,and a decent amount characters from each company.and with them 3 on developing,it could come out this year or early next year.

and then nintendo could take there time on the Wii U version.



mshope10 commented on Nintendo Announces 2D Super Mario Title for 3DS:

i hope it's new super mario bros. 3ds!i hope it's 2d with graphics better then new super mario bros. wii, with great 3d effects like mighty switch force,and mutant mudds. cause the 3d effects works amazing with 2d games!!and a level editor where you can share levels with friends and post them to a nintendo server so the whole world could share levels would be awesome!plus a QR code option would be great!and then nintendo could put out a free official level every week for a year!!

then i think it should have 4 players local co-op cause if eveyone has there own 3ds it would let us explore different parts of a level without having to stay right next to each other,think how amazing that would be!!!then i would hope for a 4 player co-op online but i would be happy with 2 player co-op online and 4 players locally!!

and i know the new super mario bros. are alot like the old games but thats what i like cause my little brother and i have been playing mario games sense the nes days!!so when i got new super mario bros. wii my brother stayed over my house for the weekend and we had so much fun playing the game for hours at a time like we were kids again!plus i haven't laughed so hard playing video games like we we did playing new mario bros. wii cause it would be funny as hell when one of us would accidentally kill the other one or we would laugh or asses off when one of us would do something stupid and die!

it was so much fun and it was so funny and then sometimes my girl would jump in and make it more fun!!and thats what nintendo and mario games are about fun!!and if you are a more serious gamer you should get mario galaxy 1 or 2 thats why i was happy they made 3 mario games for wii cause one was more serious and one was more for fun!!!



mshope10 commented on Plenty of Action in Resident Evil: The Mercena...:

i think this games graphics are great and and if it plays like the other mercenaries i think it could be a great game!and as long as you know what you are getting i think alot of people would enjoy it.i hear alot of people saying i don't want this cause there no story but this is made to be all action and give people who never had a chance to play the mercenaries bonus mode new chance to play with out beating res 4 and 5.i love those mode and getting them both and new maps and characters and weapons sound great on a portable cause you get 2 minutes to kill as many zombies or what ever they are now and rack up points sounds like it was made to be portable.and local and online co-op sounds like a great time killer!!! i can't wait!!!!!