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Mon 3rd February, 2014

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crimsontadpoles commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

This is disappointing, but not unexpected. It just further reiterates that the Wii U is not the console of choice if you want to play triple A third party games. It's probably too late to get third party games back to the Wii U, but Nintendo needs to do everything possible to encourage them to the Wii U's successor. Hopefully Nintendo will make something more powerful than the current playstation and xbox for their next home console and give it an architecture that's easy to work with.



crimsontadpoles commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

I'm quite enjoying this game. It's fun to play for a few minutes at a time, but it isn't great to play for long periods at a time unless you want to waste Poke Diamonds. My main complaint is that it costs a lot of Poke Diamonds to get all of the balloons in order to go to all of the areas and get all of the Pokemon.



crimsontadpoles commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

I don't blame Nintendo for initially underestimating amiibo's demand. When they were first released, I didn't understand their appeal and didn't expect them to do that well. However, they now need to hurry up and make lots more of them.

Obtaining some of the amiibos is insanely hard. I checked my local GAME and Argos this morning for pacman, but they never have anything except for the really old and common amiibo.



crimsontadpoles commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

I had an interesting experience on the Nintendo UK store. When preordering Zero Suit Samus, I accidentally bought 2 of them. I noticed my mistake and sent a request to cancel one of them. The next day, I got an email saying the order was cancelled due to high demand, but I'd have priority with "today's" amiibo. By "today", they were meaning yesterday's 4 sold out amiibo. However, I've checked their website and it looks like only one of the Zero Suit Samus preorder has been cancelled.

Also, I'm a little worried that Amazon hasn't dispatched Charizard yet. The pokemon amiibos are the ones I want most, so hopefully they'll post it tomorrow.

Edit: I've double checked Nintendo UK store's website, and it looks like both Zero Suit Samus are now cancelled. It's unfortunate, but I'm not too bothered about that one. Since I really enjoy Kid Icarus and Legend of Zelda, I'm really glad that my Dark Pit, Ganondorf and Palutana preorders have survived for now.



crimsontadpoles commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

Interesting read, I agree with pretty much all of the points. There's many things that Nintendo do brilliantly, but they don't appear to understand how YouTube is used. Right now, Nintendo could do with as many people as possible discussing and seeing their products. I think it's the wrong decision for them to try and stop this.



crimsontadpoles commented on Super Mario 64 HD Triggers Surge Of YouTube In...:

I hope Nintendo don't try to take down all the fan videos. If these videos didn't exist, then less people would be talking about Super Mario 64 right now. Nintendo could do with as many people as possible talking about their games to different people.



crimsontadpoles commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

I'm guessing that this is fake. We've already got Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D remakes for the 3DS, so I'd be surprised if a Twilight Princess remake was made for the 3DS any time soon. Besides, it can still be played on a Wii U, so I don't think a remake is needed just yet.



crimsontadpoles commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I like how the DLC is handled in Mario kart 8 since it seems like such good value for the extra tracks and characters and adds a great amount of content. I'm less keen on smash bros though since it seems a bit and doesn't add that much gameplay.



crimsontadpoles commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

None of the new games look that appealing to me this week. Also, the smash bros DLC seems too expensive for a few mii fighter costumes (who I never seem to use). However, I'll get the Puzzle and Dragons demo and see what that's about.



crimsontadpoles commented on Akihiro Hino on Why Fantasy Life 2 is Not Comi...:

I'm not convinced by their excuse. It wouldn't apply to the market I live in. It's always annoying when companies make excuses instead of telling it like how it is. I've still got to play the first one, but won't be getting the second.

Still, I'm amazed at how much money mobile games make. It seems a lot easier to get a 3ds owner to spend £40 on a good game than to get a smartphone gamer to spend any money.



crimsontadpoles commented on Video: A Closer Look at the Protagonist of Etr...:

Looks great, and I'm glad there was an announcement for an announcement for a European release. I'm still fairly new to this series, and have only completed IV and I've just got to the end of the main story in Untold, but I love these games.



crimsontadpoles commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

I don't mind DLC to a certain extent. For example, the Mario Kart DLC added a lot in terms of gameplay. However, there's a fine line between DLC done right, and a cash grab. Nintendo are starting to try out different DLC options, and I hope they don't continue heading towards the bad kind.



crimsontadpoles commented on Mega Blastoise Event Launches in Pokémon Shuf...:

The main reason why I'm avoiding this game is because I've already missed some of the creatures only available through events. I would much prefer it if all items and pokemon were available through normal gameplay, while events like this could still occur for very hard to obtain items.



crimsontadpoles commented on It's Not An April Fool, The Binding Of Issac: ...:

Yay, I'm very glad that this is coming to Nintendo consoles. This game doesn't appeal to me, but I really despise corporations deciding what content should be restricted. It's great that Nintendo are now starting to be a bit more relaxed about what games they block.



crimsontadpoles commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

Even though young kids shouldn't be ultra-violent 18+ games, I don't think this is a matter the police should be involved in.

Perhaps the focus should instead be on raising awareness of the meaning of the age ratings and the content of games instead of just trying to ban something and getting the police involved.