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Mon 3rd February, 2014

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crimsontadpoles commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

I won't get excited about this until it's officially confirmed. Besides, I doubt they'll unlock anything until the next generation consoles.

It would definitely be great to not have region locking. There were a couple of American games I imported for the DS that were never released here in Europe.



crimsontadpoles commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributes Free Halloween ...:

I just downloaded this, it looks good. I love the 'meow' noise when you open up the 3ds.

@Cargo_AKA_David Perhaps the email isn't displaying properly. It may be worth clicking on the top of the email where it says 'If you cannot read this message correctly, please click here.' If that doesn't work, then that's quite bad luck.



crimsontadpoles commented on Weirdness: Monster Hunter Series Producer Deni...:

Often, if people get a rare item quickly, they won't pay much attention to that. It's much more noticeable when you have bad luck and an item doesn't drop in ages.
Personally, I doubt the desire sensor exists, but I still need to get to the end of MH3U



crimsontadpoles commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

Demos in general are a good thing. There's plenty of games that I wasn't interested in playing until I played the demo. There's also a few demos that put me off buying the game, but that saved me from buying the game and then being disappointed.

It was a good decision to release a Smash Bros demo, but I wish they didn't do it in such a chaotic way.



crimsontadpoles commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I would love to see a system where any VC games bought on my 3ds would then be able to be downloaded easily and for free on my Wii u, and vice versa. Also, it would be great if any VC games I buy now would be available for free on the next generation of Nintendo consoles.

I imagine this would be very hard to implement on the current consoles, but I can still dream though :)