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Williaint commented on Splatoon Updates Give More Insight Into Stages...:

Well, I'm certainly more excited for this game now !
The customization, and upgrades... It's looking a lot better than my original view of it, which was: you get a few squid-people, with a few set weapons, and have to cover the most area with ink. As DerpSandwich mentioned, it looked like a $10 e-shop game.



Williaint commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

I'm not going to actively pursue Amiibo...
I might become more interested in one, later, but not right now.

The established Skylanders, and Disney figures certainly would overshadow Amiibo... Something that is hardly advertised...



Williaint commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

I Had a lot of fun, with the N64... not as much as with the SNES, but still a lot of fun. I didn't really like Goldeneye, but I loved Perfect Dark.



Williaint commented on French Health and Safety Body Recommends Child...:

I thought it was Children under 7....
I guess you could say, the 3DS is really not a toy, as it excludes the "Early Childhood" rated games... (Well, it could...)
I usually check out a 3DS game in 3D first, but usually don't leave it on.
@Dinosaurs @Specter_Twilight Great points.
@Dave24 You managed to explain depth perception before eye did...
It gives some people a false sense of vertigo. That's the problem, epicdude.



Williaint commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

I've always been a Nintendo gamer, but I've had a lot of respect for Sonic.
Putting on that Red Scarf has not helped Him in anyway.
Sonic Adventure was fun... they could go back to something like that...



Williaint commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

@Gridatttack I've only been playing Single Player, and I've had a blast! The only thing bothering me about this game is that my friends are never online at the same time, as me!

@ultraraichu I know what you mean, the stage builder is good, but I've spent hours trying to make something, and accidentally double tapping.

For the most part, the online has been great. I've encountered a couple battles where it was very, very choppy, and once spent at least a half-hour in the pre-battle practice mode, waiting for other fighters...
I'd say it's higher than 9, but I don't think any game should get a 10.



Williaint commented on The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Confirmed F...:

I would accept it as gift...
I'd rather get Captain Toad. I still can't understand what people see in the game... If they want bad games a, few were published on the CDi.
It doesn't look much better than Ocarina of Time 3DS.
It's not a terrible game, but it just isn't fun. But it's also a personal bias, being the explore-everywhere-before-moving-on-type of gamer



Williaint commented on Preview: Having a Brawl With Super Smash Bros....:

@Diddy_kong It wasn't that awful, it was the year of Luigi!
@drewb0203 The reason it's so exciting is because it has so much... content. Unless you aren't a fan of the series, and I know some people aren't, it's hard not to be hyped.
Of course, I'm looking forward to "Zelda U" (who isn't?), and they haven't shown a percentage as much as they have for Smash Bros. 4 Wii U.



Williaint commented on Super Mario World:

#SouperChase3000 Then you didn't beat it completely...

ALSO: It is a two player game, 2 player ALTERNATIVE!



Williaint commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

My choice is Super Mario World:

  • Koopa Kids were actually named (not the stupid TV show names)....
  • World introduced a "sports" theme... You could say it influenced the hundreds of Mario Sports games to follow, though it probably didn't...
  • Also, As Legend has it, Miyamoto wanted to give Mario a Horse... so Yoshi Probably would have happened, inevitably, but it may not have been a Dinosaur / Dragon.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is influential, only because it came first...



Williaint commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

Now I have nothing else to add! Thanks for beating me to the punch (Now I don't have to write anything) : ) Also, the book "Console wars" is a pretty good historical document.

The CD format would have made the N64 a lot slower; would you like to change disks after going into every other painting, in Mario 64?

Thanks for the link. That's a great reference.

Gamecube's handle should have been removed... It served no purpose.



Williaint commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

My predictions: Whenever they do the Smash Bros. U date Reveal, they probably will have a complete "Direct", which will contain more information on early 2015 games, like Mario Maker, as well as Amiibos and the PACK 1 MK8 DLC. The Direct's date will probably be within a week (give or take) of October 31, just before that MK8 DLC. Then, About November 10th, they'll have a big Treehouse presentation full of Amiibo stuff, and a 5 hour Super Smash Bros. for Wii U demonstration. The Public demo should be launched shortly after, and about two weeks later the game launches...

To answer the topic (as if anyone cares): If it doesn't come out just before the astounding Black Friday, it's launch will probably be mid December. I'm getting it at launch, and at retail, because it would be days before I'd be able to finish downloading the downloadable version.

Nintendo has done something brilliant with the "Only a few can play the early demo" campaign. It seems reasonable that they would do the same thing with the Wii U's version. I hope they expand it, though... More like "If you got the 3DS version, you can play the demo"

UPDATE: I guess I was pretty close to the mark!



Williaint commented on Video: This New Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo...:

@drewb0203 According to NintendoLife, you'll be able to transfer your old stuff to the mini SD.

I'm really excited. I thought it was coming in late October, but it's only a few weeks away (Well, okay, about 5...). From what I played at the demo, earlier this year, the 3DS game really piqued my interest. I was thinking "Oh, I'll just get the Wii U version",but I've since changed my mind... Now, As long as I can change the control schemes, I'll be happy!



Williaint commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

@shibbyduckegg You know you can replace that battery, right? I had the same problem with Silver, and just changed the battery, it worked like new.

My opinion on ROMs is that they should be eliminated. While emulators have a right to exist, as they are just software, their existence is useless without ROMs. I have played homemade games, for instance a Mario and Sonic game, which was very incomplete. I'm a little on the fence about games tied to dead companies, as they wouldn't be getting any money anyway....
There are a few things I like about emulators is the fact they allow for "Game Genie/Shark" type codes. Having multiple frozen-game-states can be handy. Even though they ruin the original game experience a little...
Another thing I find despicable, is the way that Emulators and ROMs are advertised over the internet. There are several "Why pay for these games, when you can play them free!" popups, or whatnot, on 'top ten list' sites.
I have noticed the abominable price of retro games, which is pretty bad. I've wanted to play Final Fantasy 7 for years, but can't because the cheapest that game goes for is over $100 (comparably, I bought a PSX console with two controllers and four save things for $10).

There is no way to make downloading these games for free morally right. Not wanting to pay, or not have ever played them are not validators.
It's exactly the same as pirating music, videos, or anything else the internet has to offer (hypocrisy-cough).
So, to reiterate:



Williaint commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

My cousin bought an XBOXONE, but as it was just collecting dust, he decided to go for PS4. Now the PS4 is collecting dust. Destiny is a one of the few games I could see playing, but it's really more of a PC game, in my Opinion...
My Wii U may be collecting dust, but that's because I don't move or dust things.
If I got another console, it would be a PS4, but that's pretty unlikely — especially judging from the current line-up. I'm not sure what the appeal of FIFA is... it seems that everyone plays it... Or played it for a while... (Like Battlefield or CoD) Also, I've heard many real-life (and online) testimonies about not investing in a PS4 or XBONE, for the main reason it seems people won't get a Wii U: Not enough games to merit it.

The Wii U may not wind up being a 'primary' console, for the 'Serious-Hardcore' (As far as gaming goes, the Wii U is my primary). It will be interesting to see, in the next year, how much more popular the Wii U will get...



Williaint commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

Mobile games are our future!
There have been a lot (or maybe just a few) of bad software releases for the eshop; You know, shovelware?
I think some people need to read a brief history of Nintendo (or maybe just Rare).



Williaint commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

There Were two pairs of the 3DS version set up...
The biggest problem I had was that I didn't like the control scheme.... I kept pressing the wrong buttons. It's too bad there wasn't a gamecube controller thing set up, and I hope there is the ability to change the controls.... or I'm going to wind up being a button masher.



Williaint commented on FIFA 15 Is Lacing Its Boots For A Wii And 3DS ...:

Well, it's still coming to Wii U, unless they make a block that doesn't allow you to play it on the Wii U's Wii emulator...
I'll liken EA's decision to supporting the NES in 1994.
The Only EA game I want to play is The SIMS 4, but not on my game console (If it was, then Wii U would be the best choice).



Williaint commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

It actually will be fun to fight as Mii, or against another...

"From what we have seen so far, the moves the Miis possess are either heavily derived from other characters (for example, Mii Gunner appears to have Samus' charge shot and Mega Man's blaster attack) or profoundly generic."

Miis are generic, so having a generic move set fits them fine.

If you don't want to fight as them, then DON'T ( Like I won't fight as a Pac-Man with legs.). However, the option is there... and there are probably more people who would complain if it wasn't.



Williaint commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

This game looks like fun, But I'm kind of expecting it to be less than the price of a full game. If there are over 400 puzzles, I would say it would be worth full price. My guess is it has under 100 puzzles, including the boss fights.
Super Luigi U gave people a full games worth of content, at half the price. I can imagine it could be sold for $30.

I don't think that's the final Box-art... It's releasing in the "holidays", isn't it?



Williaint commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

@rjejr "My only disappointment is that after 18 months of Wii U games Nintendo still hasn't taken advantage of the U in Wii U's name.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Mario Universe
I completely agree, there isn't enough U's in the titles. Smash Bros 'ultimate' suggests the final incarnation, nothing can be better than ultimate. It's 'Jumping the Shark'.
'Super Mario Universe' will probably happen (Whether it's a compilation game, or an actual SM64/Sunshine/galaxy-esque game).
I could see a "Yoshi Ukelele and dance", if his/it's popularity increases again...
Kirby's Umbrella Curse... Look out for that one.
I'm glad they didn't reveal a new Mario game for this, or next year (Mario maker doesn't count; I hope they confirm a Super Mario World skin).

I'm disappointed there was no "Wario & Waluigi: Uber Heist" or "Ultra Bounty Hunters"... I'd love to see a co-op game with Waluigi : )

Nintendo may have won E3, but I disagree that there IS a competition. This is basically a fan-based opinion.
The treehouse really elaborated on some of the games, which made me more excited about Giant Robot (make a stupid robot, then make your friend play as it)
@Shambo I know how you feel about the LoZ U Trailer. I sat gawk-eyed with my jaw wide open for the whole thing, especially when Aonuma explained it. I'm sure the map and item systems will work excellent with the G-Pad (like in Windwaker HD).

Nintendo Predictions FOR THE FUTURE:
Captain Toad's treasure trek will not be a full-priced game, but about $20, very similar to Super Luigi. It's going to have to be released a month earlier, than Smash Bros Wii U (unless you get some kind of discount from buying Smash Bros...)
Hyrule Warriors... Well, it will definitely appeal to Warriors fans, and have some appeal to LoZ fans, so it may be worth my time. I'll get it if it has a decent review, from a few websites.
It looked like a few of the games like Splatoon or Mario Maker, could come out this year... Of course, they would probably be overshadowed by Smash Bros....
Amiibo? There's no doubt it will sell. To Kids, collectors, and anyone who likes the idea... or is mildly interested. It would make a simple and easy gift, Maybe more personal than an eShop card.