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IceClimbers commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

@AVahne The actual definition of the word skell actually makes the name fit somewhat. After all, they are made and controlled by the humans, who can be considered homeless and are forced to take refuge on an alien planet where everything is foreign to them (and they are foreign to the natives). It's completely possible that the humans are seen as criminals in a way by some of the natives.



IceClimbers commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" Tease Sets...:

Speaking of Deus Ex, why isn't there an article on Square Enix announcing they will be holding a press conference at E3 yet? They could be showing Bravely Second after all (on top of FFXV, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, and KHIII)



IceClimbers commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@IronMan28 The irony in that is that Nintendo created Nintendo Direct because of the negative press twisting their words.

The media likes control just as much as Nintendo does really. Gotta wonder if Nintendo Direct has created more negative press for them or not. At least all of the news is clear and not scattered :P



IceClimbers commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

While I'm not gonna defend the creators program, Nintendo flagging videos that contain their IP isn't always them. A lot of it is YouTube's Content ID system. Google deserves a lot of criticism for this system because it makes other people and corporations look bad, as the system automatically flags videos that have copyrighted material in them - one of Nintendo of America's videos was taken down because of a copyright claim "by Nintendo of America" once.

Overall, if Nintendo were to go third party, then Xbox and PlayStation need to die ASAP. Consoles hold the industry back. Xbox and PlayStation offer nothing I can't get on PC other than a handful of exclusives, they offer less options and are now stuck in the past much like Nintendo is (just not as severely). Xbox and PlayStation are too busy trying to play catch up with PC. They're failing at it. Sony's sales numbers make it worse for them as more people realize they aren't being offered what they could be.

If Nintendo were to go third party, their games may have the potential to sell way more and reach a far bigger audience, but we all know that the cold harsh truth is that it's FAR more likely they'd be niche like they are now, essentially reaching pre-existing Nintendo fans that may have left, but no one else. That's reclaiming lost ground, not actually expanding their audience.



IceClimbers commented on Famitsu Unleashes Xenoblade Chronicles X Score:

@pyrotek85 At the same time though, if the reviewer gives the game a good score despite not having played enough hours to fully grasp the game, it can be (not always though) indicative of a really great game. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a great example of this. They definitely didn't play enough to get the full idea of the game, yet gave it a great score based on the few hours they did play.



IceClimbers commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...:

@Technosphile Actually, Nintendo does advertise on Comedy Central frequently depending on the game. Pokemon X/Y was advertised there first. It wasn't directly advertised on kids networks at all actually.

Also, there's far more to advertising than what you described. That would actually be pitiful advertising if Nintendo, or any company for that matter, only did that.

First thing: TV ads are not the be all, end all of advertising. I don't get how so many people seem to still think that. It's not the 2000's anymore. It's 2015.

The big issue of Nintendo's ads aren't the direction they're going, it's the lack of branding. Take a look at any PlayStation or Xbox ad (TV commercial, web banner ads, video ads, in store displays, etc). What's the big thing you always see at the beginning and end of those ads (or around them for non-video ads)? That's right, the PS or Xbox logo, color, and sound. Nintendo doesn't do that.

At this point, Splatoon has actually had better marketing than MK8 did. Only Smash had better marketing.



IceClimbers commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...:

@rjejr Pretty sure that Uncle Grandpa, Normal Show, and Ninjago are all on Cartoon Network, not Nick. Nick has mostly live action shows these days, with the exception of TMNT and them running Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents into the ground.

All three channels (Nick, CN, and Disney Channel) are a shell of their former selves really. Long gone are the days of Recess, Rugrats, and Dexter's Laboratory.



IceClimbers commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

@DarthNocturnal I'd have to agree.

With Sakurai making an appearance at a Fire Emblem concert for the series' 25th anniversary (why aren't we getting that Nintendo?), I think Roy is almost a surefire inclusion.

I could see this being the schedule:

Mewtwo - April
Lucas - June
Roy - August
Ryu - October (this is when the Fighter Ballot ends)
Wolf - December
Fighter Ballot Pick #1 - February/March/April 2016
Fighter Ballot Pick #2 (?) - June/July

I don't see them doing any more than 2 characters from the ballot, and even then I'm not sure we'll get more than 1.



IceClimbers commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I'd like to see DLC for both, but too much DLC will hurt the next Mario Kart iteration.

As for Smash, well, I hate to say it but the more DLC it gets, the further the next Smash is pushed back. It's currently sitting at swansong status for the NX as it is. Release too much more DLC for Smash and I think the NX may not even get a new Smash Bros.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

@Quorthon @FlaygletheBagel

That's probably the only reason Mario Party 10 sold that many copies - lack of other new games on the system. Otherwise it would have failed as most Nintendo fans don't care for the Mario Party series anymore. Most feel that the series went downhill (it did) and they absolutely despise the stupid car mechanic.

Had there been other new games, I doubt MP10 would have even sold that many copies.



IceClimbers commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

This particular sequence seems to be the only one that was downgraded though. Other parts of the game were shown to be upgraded, including some of the environments.


Overall, parts of the game might have required a graphics downgrade to smoothly run that big of a game.



IceClimbers commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

@DarkKirby Appealing to hardcore gamers simply won't work though. The market has shifted for too long. Appealing to hardcore gamers means appealing directly to Xbox/PS gamers, who won't be phased by Nintendo trying to appeal to them. They'll stay on the platforms they are on. 3rd party multiplats on Nintendo aren't appealing to those hardcore gamers because they can already get those games on their current platform.

Simply put, those hardcore gamers may switch between Xbox/PS, but they'll never switch to something outside of that ecosystem, unless it's PC. Nintendo has absolutely no chance at taking that demographic back. Trying to now will be seen as laughable, desperate, and too little too late.



IceClimbers commented on Unity Support Is Coming To The New Nintendo 3DS:

I don't think this particularly means anything about the 3DS line. DSi was released in 2009, and the 3DS was announced in 2010. New 3DS in 2015, NX in 2016. Only reason we know about the NX at all is because they had to say something about it when they made the mobile announcement. If it hadn't been for that, we most likely wouldn't know about the NX until next year. Not really any evidence towards one over the other - could be a handheld, could be a console.

Anyways, great to see Unity support on New 3DS.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Project X Zone 2: Brave New World Head...:

And it's confirmed for a Fall 2015 release not just in Japan, but in the west as well! Thanks Namco for confirming it for the west.

Square must be still waiting for that check from Nintendo for Bravely Second to announce it for the west.




IceClimbers commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@rOOski187 @MasterBlaster In that case, the only games considered considered successes are Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros, with 3D World and Wind Waker HD selling moderately well.

That also makes the 3DS not as good as people make it out to be, as there's no excuse with the install base it has. Zelda did actually a lot worse than people think on that system. Tomodachi Life outsold both OoT3D and ALBW, if that gives you any clue.

Edit: Ok, let me rephrase that first sentence of the second paragraph. What I meant is that many 3DS games that people consider at least somewhat successful are actually flops, such as Fire Emblem Awakening, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and arguably Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

Basically, "successful" is a manipulated term that can be taken in different ways when different contexts are used.



IceClimbers commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I'm excited for Splatoon, and I think the game will do well. Will it sell systems? No, nothing will. Will the game do well? I think so.

Marketing for the game has been better than any other Wii U game with the exception of Smash Bros. It has hands on demos at events like APEX, WonderCon, and PAX. It has media coverage. It has a positive reaction (minus the voice chat thing). It has word of mouth, especially on social media. There's in-store displays with a great tagline. It's featured in EDGE (on the front cover even!). It has amiibo. It's been in Nintendo Directs. Only things missing are TV commercials and other merchandising outside of the amiibo. It'll get a TV commercial soon enough.

Just because something doesn't have a TV commercial, doesn't mean they aren't advertising it. Also, if you only put out a TV commercial and call it a day, then you fail at advertising. TV commercials aren't the only form of advertising, and it pains me how so many people think it is.



IceClimbers commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

@JaxonH Agreed. While I'm not against Nintendo getting 3rd party support or on par hardware (which would still be underpowered as the PS5 and XB4 will be in comparison to PC), those are, as put rather well somewhere up above, treating the symptoms rather than the disease. Nintendo's overall problem is much more deep rooted than that. As to what that problem is precisely, I don't know. I don't think anyone knows what that problem is - maybe it's the fact that it's Nintendo. Maybe it's Mario and Zelda. I don't really know.

To make matters worse for the NX (assuming it's a home console) - Smash Bros. Will it even get one? Smash Wii U/3DS just released last year, with DLC being worked on into next year. That means that Sakurai will have been working for 6, going on 7 years straight with little break - while injured no less - since development on Kid Icarus Uprising started in what I assume to be late 2009. If Nintendo insists on Sakurai directing it, Smash Bros could end up as the swan song for the NX if it doesn't end up like Twilight Princess or what some are guessing will happen to Zelda U - not coming to the system at all while be retooled as a launch title for the successor.

With Sakurai, he suffered from RSI and was reduced to a trackball at one point, and just a few days ago I read something about him saying that he hasn't fully recovered from that and likely never will, having to use a special mouse for work. Apparently if he tries to button mash on a controller his arm gives out within 10 minutes. That's not even accounting for the tendonitis that he has in his shoulders. I'm honestly wondering if Smash Wii U/3DS is his last game at all.

Anyways, I do think the Vita might be Sony's Dreamcast in the handheld space. For me personally, I didn't buy a Vita because of those ridiculously overpriced proprietary memory cards. They were still overpriced even after Sony slashed the prices. They shot themselves in the foot with that. It's rather unfortunate that Sony had to drop the OLED screen in the newer model to cut costs. OLED screens are great looking and far better than LCD screens - they're much more vibrant and the colors are more saturated.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:

Not interested in this game regardless if it comes to Wii U. I'm done with the Call of Duty franchise as far as new releases go. Far more interested in Rainbow Six Siege and Star Wars Battlefront.

Oh, and if EA screws over Battlefront, they will NEVER hear the end of it. EA and DICE are pretty much at gunpoint from millions of people over the game.



IceClimbers commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

While it is true that the Wii U is winding down, the analyst's reasoning is very flawed. The Wii U getting less exclusives in 2014 than it did in 2013 is not a valid reason. The 3DS also had far less exclusives in 2014 than it did in 2013 - and most of the exclusives it had in 2014 were actually 3rd party. That isn't indication that the 3DS is winding down for natural reasons.

No, the 3DS had less exclusives in 2014 because Nintendo forced it to as a result of the Wii U. The 3DS peaked in 2013 because it was forced to peak then due to the Wii U. Oddly enough, the GBA had peaked early too, but only because of the announcement of the DS. The GBA would have easily sold a lot more if Nintendo hadn't announced the DS when they did.

As far as the NX goes, I'm not convinced it will succeed (assuming it's a home console).

Thing is, there's no guarantee the NX will succeed even if Nintendo pulls all the right moves.

What happens if they do pull all the right moves, and it still fails? What happens then? (Well, obviously they'd go 3rd party. The question is targeting this fantasy that even Nintendo's harshest critics like BLACKB0ND have that the system would somehow automatically succeed and Nintendo would dominate the market if they pulled all of these moves, when in reality, there's absolutely no evidence that this would happen)

As much as I hate to say it, I think the NX will STILL be Nintendo's Dreamcast even if they pull all of the right moves (assuming it's a home console).

I just don't think people will buy it. Releasing the NX in 2016 will guarantee it fails - people won't trust Nintendo. No, I'm not talking about Nintendo's core fanbase here either. Other gamers may not own a Wii U, but they will still see that Nintendo cut it's life short, and that's all they'll see. If that's all they see, why would they buy an NX if Nintendo is just going to replace it in a couple years anyway?

If the NX comes out any time before Sony and Microsoft release their next consoles, it WILL fail, guaranteed. Hell, I'm almost positive that it would fail even if it released alongside the other two systems. Of course, Nintendo obviously can't keep the Wii U around that long, meaning they are forced to launch an already failed console - the NX (again, assuming it's a home console).

To be frank, I'm honestly hoping the PS4 and XB1 are Sony and Microsoft's Dreamcast too despite success. Time for consoles to go away.

If the NX is a hybrid, I don't expect 3rd parties to support it as far as console-type games go. It would just get the ones that support Nintendo's handhelds. I think the idea of a hybrid, while intriguing, will immediately push away 3rd party support as far as console-type games go.



IceClimbers commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

@Quorthon While voice chat can improve the experience, it is in no way necessary for teamwork in this type of game. Considering how short Splatoon matches are, voice chat won't make or break it as there isn't enough time to effectively form a strategy anyway. Obviously, there are some games out there where voice chat is much more important, but games like Splatoon, CoD, or even TF2? No.

I've played many team-based shooters like this on other platforms. Not ONCE have I ever needed voice chat to work as a team. The vast majority of people don't use in game voice chat for teamwork. They use it to either troll others, talk about what they did to other's mothers, shout downright obnoxious obscenities, play music that nobody wants to hear, or uses it for general chitchat that isn't related to the game. Sure, there's a mute button. Thing is, if people are going in and having to mute every single person who uses the in game voice chat, then what is the point of it in the first place?

Want to use voice chat to communicate about the game? Use Skype, Teamspeak, or many of the other apps that people on other platforms use on a regular basis. Far better experience. In game voice chat is simply terrible, regardless of platform or game.

Now, there is such a thing as party chat. However, that's a system flaw, not a flaw with the game.

Is in game voice chat a standard feature on other platforms? Perhaps. Standard feature or not, in game voice chat is inferior to apps like Teamspeak. Many people use those apps in spite of there being in game voice chat.

Note that I am not defending Nintendo over not including it - I actually believe that they should have for those that want to have it. I am attacking the feature itself because in game voice chat is absolutely horrible. It's even worse when compared to apps like Skype or Teamspeak.



IceClimbers commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

Can we please not focus solely on the voice chat in the comments section for once?

Being invincible at the respawn point in order to discourage camping pleases me.

The clothes being based on 90's fashion was kinda obvious, but cool nonetheless. 90's fashion seems to be making a comeback anyway (or at least some of it... other parts can stay in the 90s)



IceClimbers commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

@Captain_Gonru Good point. While it definitely comes down to preference, I do think that the typically more user-friendly interface of an app is usually able to attract more people for whatever reason. Probably some psychological reason. Main thing I hate about apps is all the background processes that drain the phone's battery, especially when it searches for your GPS location. Apps that do that drain my battery quickly.

@PlywoodStick Excellent choices in gifs haha.



IceClimbers commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

Based off of the Xbox One and PS4 (see: Sony's reveal presentation of the PS4), I think this is inevitable for gaming as a whole. Times are changing.

Everything will go to the cloud, and if PlayStation Now is any indication, we won't need actual gaming hardware. Exclusives will cease to exist, as everyone becomes a software-only company. Yes, that goes for MS and Sony too.

The big thing that will slow this future down though is internet speeds. There's still plenty of areas in the US (and I'm sure it's also the case in Europe) that don't have decently fast broadband internet. Some areas still have dial up and DSL. Google Fiber is intended to help fix this, but it will take a few years to begin to roll out in any significant quantities (they're experimenting in different cities now). Google Fiber is actually quite fascinating, as the goal is to have internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps, and possibly even faster in the future.



IceClimbers commented on Empty Slots on Super Smash Bros. Site Suggests...:

Yeah, the empty slots don't mean anything.

I think that there will be 2-3 more characters after Lucas. I think Wolf will be announced for later this year, and then one or two characters from the Fighter Ballot in March/April and June of next year. That's the most Sakurai would be willing to do because of health reasons. I wouldn't expect any more than two fighters to come from the ballot, and even then I'd rather only expect one from it to keep my expectations low.

The fighters I want to see the most? King K Rool, Inkling, Isaac, Shantae, Bomberman, and Shovel Knight. Any of those would make me happy. K Rool seems to be the frontrunner of most polls done by other websites asking who they voted for.



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

@rushiosan That's additional content added to a full game. Plus, the character that comes from the Fighter Ballot will likely be the last of the DLC because Sakurai has been way overworked despite having a form of tendonitis in both arms (seriously, he's been working pretty much nonstop since Kid Icarus Uprising's development started in probably late 2009-early 2010)



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

@HyperSonicEXE Fighting characters take a lot of work for animations, testing, balancing against every other move in the game, tweaking, etc. There's a ton of variables that go into creating a fighter. $5 is a reasonable price point for a fighter for both versions of the game.

You want assurance that the content wasn't created in the main development cycle? Ok. People have data dumped both versions of the game and found evidence of other fighters and stages who were cut, yet have data in the game. Mewtwo and Lucas did not. If they were being worked on and completed in the main dev cycle, the characters would have had data in the main game's code.

Generic? Which games from Nintendo recently have been generic? Other than the NSMB series, I haven't seen anything generic come out of Nintendo. I don't see how they've failed to deliver in terms of quality of aesthetics (they look great), story (most Nintendo games have never had much of a story), or music (again, the NSMB series is the only one guilty of this).