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Thu 10th Oct 2013

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KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

Really hoping for a AC WiiU announcement in the near future. Would be awesome if 2 players could play simultaneously on one system using gamepad/TV. Next best thing would be a 2DS player for the WiiU so I could play AC:NL on the TV.



KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

The dev had this to say about the concerns of a high WiiU stretch goal:
"Hi guys! If we don't hit the Wii U stretch goal that doesn't mean that Blossom Tales would never come to the Wii U! It just means we can't guarantee it. Should the project be a success, we would look into porting Blossom Tales to as many platforms as possible, Wii U being at the very top of the porting list. Also, it's been rumored that Nintendo will support a framework we use called Monogame. Should this happen, you can be rest assured that Blossom Tales will be brought to the Wii U, no stretch goal needed."



KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Nintendo Reveals Details on the Third Week of ...:

Was hoping for Metroid 2 or Fusion, but not gunna complain. These games are worth the full price. Buying at full price also shows Nintendo how much I support the franchise and the Virtual Console service. I really want to see Nintendo give more support to VC. More consoles and games released on a regular basis for both WiiU and 3DS would be awesome.



KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Review: Ice Hockey (Wii U eShop / NES):

Somewhere between 8-9 for me. I'm wondering if the author enjoys the sport. Don't know how much I would of enjoyed the game if I didn't grow up playing street hockey or if I wasn't a Pens fan.

Go team Poland!!!



KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Remake Request: ActRaiser:

Such a great game. Love the cut scene when you shoot down to Earth. Hoping we at least see a VC release... along with a VC release of "E.V.O. Search for Eden".



KARNOVsSTACHE commented on Mighty Bomb Jack Is Blowing Up The North Ameri...:

I wish Nintendo would do some sort of crowd funding campaign for their Virtual Console releases. Let us Nintendo fans speak with our wallets and pre-order Virtual Console releases. If a title gets enough pre-orders to make it profitable - it gets produced.

A Virtual Console subscription service could be cool if multiple games get released on a regular basis.