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Tue 19th February, 2013

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Fazermint commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

@Finntendo So true. Nintendo players don't have time to be whining, we're too busy playing awesome games.

X1 and PS4 owners will just have to do with the commodity titles being developed for those consoles and the occasional, overhyped AAA+ title that actually isn't that good (like the recent disaster, Destiny). If you chose a console based purely on the promise of better graphics, well that's your problem.



Fazermint commented on Rock Zombie Is Bringing Hard Rock And Side-Scr...:

"Let's make a game that has N64-like graphics, in the most boring genre ever conceived. We're not going to do anything to expand upon the genre, but rather keep it generic and simple. And then let's add an uninspired and repetitive guitar riff to the whole thing."



Fazermint commented on Interview: Eiji Aonuma and Yosuke Hayashi on H...:

This is why Miyamoto is the boss. Making a Zelda game with DW elements would only disappoint Nintendo fans for having one of their most beloved franchises infected with DW - we'd rather have a regular Zelda game. But now (at least in my eyes), the DW franchise has been made worth checking out by adding Zelda elements to it. Considering it's a Wii U exclusive, this was the best decision.



Fazermint commented on Gallery: It's Time for a Shulk Super Smash Bro...:

@Portista I think that stupid points of debate will only foster stupid arguments from both sides. Why is Shulk in a bathing suit even a point of debate? What I find disturbing is that the topic of sex pops up as soon as people see skin, be it female or male. Jeez, would you guys die of hysteria if you ever went to the beach?



Fazermint commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

I think that when people don't know the difference between cause and effect, or between escapism and addiction, they shouldn't be writing articles. The masses are ignorant and swallows these things raw, so they are contributing to the downsizing of the collective intellect.



Fazermint commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

@XFsWorld Wow, now that you mention it... I didn't even realize I was basically describing HW. That's not really what I had in mind, though. I'm thinking like... enter room, aw shi... 20 flying enemies coming my way! Pull out bow, shoot them all down, and win.

And for gods sake, make link able to jump.



Fazermint commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

The puzzles work for top-down Zelda games, but for the 3D titles they are the dullest moments of the entire games. Give me dungeons filled with hordes of monsters and bosses, and maybe some skill-based platforming, not non-intuitive puzzles that are not at all rewarding to complete.



Fazermint commented on E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors Not Part of Zelda Tim...:

Ugh, enough with the Zelda timeline already. The games barely have any story, and for each new game they make up a new one (although all of them are basically a retelling of the same thing). The timeline is made up as an afterthought. Don't swallow everything raw just because they put the word "official" in front of it.