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'av a butchers!

Republic Of Korea

Wed 26th June, 2013

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Mr_Rawky commented on Nintendo Treehouse Live Broadcast Kick-Off Tim...:

That'll only be 2AM for the UK, on a Friday night too. C'mon, Nintendolife, you're rock n roll enough to handle it.

Disclaimer: Please don't think me ignorant. I am fully aware that some people work weekends and have to be up early on Saturday. I, however, am not one of them :p



Mr_Rawky commented on Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Champions...:

I'm playing, and I just can't catch a break with this. Every time I go into first place, I get hit by a red shell, followed immediately by a blue shell. EVERY TIME!!! It's enough to send someone over the edge.

EDIT: It happened AGAIN!! TWICE IN THE SAME RACE!!! It was Twisted Mansion if any of you recall sending blue shells X 2 my way.



Mr_Rawky commented on Hands On: StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content:

I've actually been having a lot of fun with Battle and Squad. I'm also off to Japan at the end of July, so i may get the other two and abuse the amount of Streetpass hits I'm bound to get.

I got the full Link costume yesterday :)