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Republic Of Korea

Wed 26th June, 2013

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Mr_Rawky commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Opens Pre-Orders ...:

Holy crap! The three amiibo pack bundles have all sold out. I'm not too fussed about amiibos, but Splatoon's seem quite interesting. Does anyone know if there's any difference between what all 3 amiibos unlock?



Mr_Rawky commented on Nintendo Treehouse Live Broadcast Kick-Off Tim...:

That'll only be 2AM for the UK, on a Friday night too. C'mon, Nintendolife, you're rock n roll enough to handle it.

Disclaimer: Please don't think me ignorant. I am fully aware that some people work weekends and have to be up early on Saturday. I, however, am not one of them :p



Mr_Rawky commented on Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Champions...:

I'm playing, and I just can't catch a break with this. Every time I go into first place, I get hit by a red shell, followed immediately by a blue shell. EVERY TIME!!! It's enough to send someone over the edge.

EDIT: It happened AGAIN!! TWICE IN THE SAME RACE!!! It was Twisted Mansion if any of you recall sending blue shells X 2 my way.



Mr_Rawky commented on Hands On: StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content:

I've actually been having a lot of fun with Battle and Squad. I'm also off to Japan at the end of July, so i may get the other two and abuse the amount of Streetpass hits I'm bound to get.

I got the full Link costume yesterday :)