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Mon 17th Jun 2013

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UTXGamer commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Haven't seen the presentation, but have seen what was announced.

1. I believe Nintendo said this was going to be focused on games coming out the rest of 2015, so I'm not surprised that the event was a letdown for most people.

2. That said, the "unannounced games" they kept pumping over the last few months were underwhelming to say the least. Mario Tennis, and 2 Amiibo games. Come on.

3. I've said this before but we really underestimated just how unprepared Nintendo was to make the jump to HD.

4. Another thing that has been said before: Nintendo doesn't really care about the press conference portion of E3. If they are going to take that approach, they need to have more directs and make sure to have new footage, news, etc in these directs.

5. The lack of any big announcements has me wondering if everything but Zelda is being pushed to the NX? Are the games we expected/hoped for(next Metroid, whatever Retro is working on, next 3D Mario, etc) already pushed to the NX and being developed for that system? What exactly is this mysterious device? Do they actually believe they can support 3 different consoles when they've had so much trouble getting games onto 2 consoles and have the bare minimum as far as 3rd party support?



UTXGamer commented on Feature: Breaking Down What Nintendo's QOL Pla...:

I'm thinking more and more this QOL technology will be a partnership with a company. The key point with QOL/AAL technology is: ease of use, something Nintendo is very good at. They also have experience in gamification(with Wii Fit obviously as well as Brain Age, etc) and bring brand name recognition.



UTXGamer commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

Lag, regional online play, and lack of voice chat seem to be the most common complains from everything I've read.

Regional online isn't that big of a deal, it would be nice for a tournament mode and global mode to be added.

If they fix the lag and voice chat I will be getting this though.



UTXGamer commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

Regarding Wii games on the gamepad, I think the bigger picture here is that this eliminates the need for the sensor bar and(with the recent deal Nintendo struck w/ Panasonic) positions the Gamepad to become a hybrid sensor bar/PS-Eye/Kinect device, in addition to being a fantastic controller.



UTXGamer commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

It'd be nice to have some of the new 3rd party games coming: Killer is Dead, Dying Light, The Division, Destiny, etc. However, I didn't buy a Wii U expecting to get all the 3rd party multiplats. I bought a Wii U because I wanted to play the next Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc.

If 3rd parties end up completely abandoning the Wii U, and those titles appeal to me, I can always pick up a PS4 or XboxOne later when they drop the price(the life cycles for those consoles will probably be 10+ years).



UTXGamer commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

Yep. Batman is 60 on the eShop.

I can get it for 30 at BestBuy or Gamestop.

They need to do a better job being aware of the prices stores are selling. There is really no benefit to buying digital with the current set up.