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Hordak commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

It makes me laugh that it's still so difficult to accurately emulate a chip that made its retail debut in 1993 and was running at roughy 10.7mhz in the first iteration. 22 years later, with systems on a chip that can produce millions of polygons with no hassle, we don't really have a reasonable way to handle games that were only rendering a few hundred polygons. I, by no means, am a systems/software engineer, but this is still funny to me.



Hordak commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

Not surprised. In addition to certain governmental fees and regional regulations, it feels to me like there are about 300 new games released every week. Sadly, I've begun to feel completely overwhelmed by the entire video game industry. Sorry to the "indie" developers, but the market has become so completely oversaturated that I just don't even bother with very many games from new companies anymore (Shovel Knight being the main exception) unless there is an actual physical release. I STILL cannot get myself to purchase digital only content.



Hordak commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (North America):

Has anyone considered that MAYBE Nintendo isn't putting many Virtual Console games out because Club Nintendo is almost officially done, the replacement service might somehow include an actual universal account system and they are holding off until it's launched so people don't keep buying games and eventually feel burned (more so than they already will) when the new service allows for cross platform play with a single purchase?

I'm sure it's wishful thinking on my part, but a [35 year old] boy can dream, can't he?



Hordak commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

I'm not sure if this is true or not but, from my perspective, mobile gaming caused all video game markets to become so ridiculously oversaturated with bedroom indie "artists" that the entire market is heading for a massive implosion. It's almost an identical situation with what happened to the Music Industry.

Once computer recording became so efficient, affordable and portable, every music consumer with a laptop became a "musician" and started writing, recording, publishing and distributing their own music. Major record labels crumbled leaving only giant publishers (Sony, BMG, etc.) standing and the industry as a whole is in disarray.

Now, video game consumers themselves have the affordable, pre-packaged development tools guessed it...write, create, produce and distribute their own games. Major companies (Sega, Capcom, Konami, etc.) are feeling the effects and the Giants like EA, Activision and a few others are really all that's left. It can't be THAT coincidental, can it?

Don't get me wrong. There are some AMAZING games from small developers (Shovel Knight comes to mind), but as a whole, there are just TOO many games coming out for consumers to care about everything.



Hordak commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

My list of wants in no particular order:
1. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
2. Kid Niki (Kid Niki Radical Ninja)
3. Bonk (Bonk's Adventure)
4. Ryu (Ninja Gaiden)
5. Rygar
6. Mikey (Goonies II)
7. Master Higgins (Adventure Island)
8. Nemo (Little Nemo the Dream Master)
9. Boy and Blobert (A Boy and his Blob)
10. Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain (Metroid)
11. Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus)
12. Bucky O'Hare
13. Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins)
14. Firebrand (Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest)
15. Darkwing Duck (Darkwing Duck)
16. Gizmo Duck (Duck Tales)
17. Little Samson
18. Earthworm Jim
19. Toejam and Earl
20. Vectorman

I realize some of these definitely cannot happen, but it's fun to wish!



Hordak commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I can't stand touch controls for phones and tablets. Unless the console and phone/tablet games are 100% identical and have a cross buy feature, I will not be partaking in it. Also, when Nintendo (Sony and MS as well) go all digital, I'm done with gaming. There are VERY few digital games I have ever purchased and have no interest in it in the future. Physical copies or no copies for me.



Hordak commented on Video: Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review - King Of The ...:

@vitalemrecords I always called it the Super Nintendo so no one could ever wonder what the heck I was talking about. If I said S-N-E-S or "snes" I would, more times than not, get a look of confusion or a question from somebody which would then need explaining and take longer than just calling it by the real name. In the 80's, everyone knew the NES as the Nintendo. There was no need to call it the Nintendo Entertainment System. When the SNES came out, it still only needed to be called the Super Nintendo. I must also point out that I never once heard anyone ever call it the "snes" or "snez" for the same reason I never heard the U.S.S.R. referred to as "ussr" or the U.S.A. refered to as "usa."



Hordak commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS eShop Games That Ar...:

How the heck did Shovel Knight get omitted? That might actually be my game of the year on any platform! I can easily get a 5-10 minute play session in or a 2-3 hour session and feel just as fulfilled either way.



Hordak commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring...:

For me, if Nintendo announces at E3 that the Nintendo Network ID will now all be tied to one account rather than hardware, they will effectively win E3 regardless of any other announcements. That's for me. Although, I would still appreciate:
Zelda Wii U
Metroid Wii U
Star Fox Wii U
F Zero Wii U
Kid Icarus Wii U



Hordak commented on Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Confir...:

I absolutely loved Out of this World. I had it on PC (with that stupid code wheel) and only ever beat it on SNES. This is an instant download for me on Wii U, and possibly 3DS and/or Vita. People complaining about the visuals are going to miss out on an unbelievably epic mood, story, etc. this game was truly amazing in its day and it still feels the same to me now.



Hordak commented on EA Releases Lengthy List of Online Services to...:

So, basically you only leased part of these games? I have always felt that single player or local only multiplayer is the best option for me for this reason exactly. I can play my Nintendo (EDIT: NES, Gameboy, SNES, N64, GameCube, etc) games forever without ever having to worry about my service being shut off. I suppose this is me being old and standing on a soapbox, but I just don't and won't support "digital download only" or any games deeply rooted in online based play.



Hordak commented on Koji Igarashi, Best Known for the Castlevania ...:

I still don't understand the term "Metroidvania" for some reason. Iga basically took Castlevania and used the Metroid format. Shouldn't they just be referred to as games like Metroid? Granted, Metroidvania sounds cool, but it seems as though Castlevania is getting credit for doing what was already done to perfection in Metroid 1, 2, and Super Metroid.



Hordak commented on Twitch Claims Victory in Pokémon Crystal:

How about TwitchPlaysBattletoads on the NES without any cheats or emulation. That game is the ultimate test of skills, if you ask me. I've still yet to beat it and I got the game within a month of its original release in the U.S.



Hordak commented on Video: Yacht Club Games' Sean Velasco Digs Up ...:

Just out of curiosity, growing up in the 8-bit era, advertising tried to imply more bits equalled a better console. If bit numbering had followed the trend could anyone fill in the "bits" for GameCube, Wii, and Wii U on this list? I doubt it's as simple as doubling the previous number.
NES = 8-bit
SNES = 16-bit
N64 = 64-bit
GameCube = ?-bit
Wii = ?-bit
Wii U = ?-bit



Hordak commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

I have a free download code for The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages on the 3DS eShop for anyone who wants it. It's from Best Buy in the U.S. so I'm not sure if it works anywhere other than North America. First come first serve!



Hordak commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

Not to beat a dead horse, but naming it Wii U was the biggest mistake Nintendo has made so far. I absolutely LOVE the system myself, but the name pigeon-holed it for the "hardcore" crowd and confused the heck out of the casual crowd. Many people still have no idea that it's a completely new system. In my opinion, had they even played on their past and called it Super Wii, it would have at least distinguished it enough to imply it's something different. Wii U sounds like a tool for learning...Wii University.



Hordak commented on Talking Point: The Uncertain Collectible Futur...:

This is why I only buy physical copies of games. I still have my original copy of Kid Niki Radical Ninja that I got on Christmas morning 1987 for the NES. I can still put it in and play it to this day with no need to connect to the internet, no updates to install and no risk of a sever being shut down that prevents the game from even functioning.



Hordak commented on 3D Versions Of Shinobi III And Streets Of Rage...:

Let me get this straight. Sega is willing to put their Genesis/Megadrive Classic games (in 3D, no less!) on the Nintendo 3DS, but Nintendo isn't putting out descent NES or any SNES games at all on their own system? What's the deal? Everyone take to the internet and get #SNESon3DS trending.



Hordak commented on Capcom Teases More Mega Virtual Console Releases:

If it was a core, sidescrolling Mega Man game and was ever on a Nintendo system, I will buy it on Wii U and 3DS. Every tweet I send from now on will have the hashtag #SNESon3DS. I encourage others to do the same.



Hordak commented on Mario Kart 8 Drifting Onto Wii U in Spring 2014:

The stream didn't work at all for me on any device or network. E3 ran fine for me last night on other websites. All in all, there isn't an announcement on the list I've seen that gets me excited. Maybe I'm just getting too old for video games now.



Hordak commented on Darkness Falls Early For Shadow Of The Eternals:

@polynomer Ummmm...not a single link you provided contained a "fact" that stated Dyack was the reason it was pulled. There have been a lot of "opinions" (strong ones, at that) about Dyack, but no "facts" to support your "proof." Just because you gave an example doesn't mean you have proof. I can give examples of things too that most hold to be proof that actually aren't. It only takes one counterexample to debunk a proof. Stop the circular reasoning (that circle does not begin and end with you), use logic, and accept that people have opinions and they have the right to their opinions whether right or wrong. A "gut feeling" is what many of those who do not wish to support this type of business plan might be going on.