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Fri 31st May, 2013

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NandN3ds commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

No reason to watch Ubisoft or EA's press conferences for me.They won't release any of the software that they show on Nintendo systems. Even with the 3DS doing moderately well it gets no 3rd party software.I will probable watch it anyway. When ever they say nothing about Wii U/3DS I will scream into the monitor.



NandN3ds commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I have a Virtual Boy and enjoyed it before I got a 3DS two years ago. I still like the Virtual Boy and would never sell it unless I needed the money for something really important. It would be cool if Nintendo put some VB games on the 3DS virtual console. I have never gotten a headache from using a Virtual Boy and people tend to over state headache problems.