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Wed 27th Jun 2012

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Kohaku commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:


Nintendo does not need it? Did you see the sales of the Wii U and its games?

For me this is another example that Nintendo don't know what's going on in the real world. For me are those streams a good way to check a game, do I like the game or not?



Kohaku commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

That's why I like my Vita, no region lock on it. Make that possible on the 3DS also Nintendo and people in Europe can play more games than they can now (Rune factory 4 anyone)?
It is not that hard to ignore the ratingsystem.



Kohaku commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@Mary Yati:

I agree with you now. You can not blame Nintendo, it's all the decission of the developper. That's why you never have timed exclusives for example on the Xbox or Playstation. because only the developper decides what to do and the bag with gold from Sony, Nintendo or MS is not interesting for the developper.



Kohaku commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@ Mary Yati:

Why should I blame 3rd party developers? Nintendo has RPG's on the 3DS like Kingdom Heart and Tales of Abys. Why not asking those developpers to make also RPG's for the Wii U? Look at the PS3 who got several Tales games and Kingdoms heart is coming to the PS4 and Xbox 1 but not the Wii U. Final Fantasy exactly the same. It is not only the developper who is to blame but also Nintendo.



Kohaku commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

The gamepad has a terrible batterylife. Nintendo would have done a better job with using tablets like MS is doing now.
Watch the sales of the X1 and PS4, they both don't have a tabletcontroller so it seems that gamers not really want that.



Kohaku commented on David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But ...:

I think that Nintendo needs new blood. More new games, less remakes. And do like Sony next time, ask devellopers what they want when you are working on a new console. Now it is only Nintendo who has to made the Wii U succesfull, I don't think that after Watchdogs we will see more 3rd party games which can help the Wii U.
There are a lot of nice RPG's on the 3DS, why is no one at Nintendo having the idea to bring some nice RPG's to the Wii U? Focus more on games for everyone instead of only Mario and Zelda.



Kohaku commented on Wii Fit U And Wii Party U Both Delayed Until L...:

I know that Nintendo does not release garbage but we are still waiting for a launch game like Pikmin. And now more games are delayed. Why don't we see delayed games on the 3DS like now on the Wii U.
A bad planning causes a lack of games and with the PS4 coming, that is not an advantage for Nintendo.



Kohaku commented on Hardware Review: Mugen 3DS XL Battery Replacem...:

I have now a 3DS XL and before that I had a normal 3DS. I bought a battery replacement on Amazon and was able to play over 14 hours in 2D mode. I want that for my 3DS also but not going to pay that much money for it.



Kohaku commented on Out Today: Fire Emblem: Awakening (Europe):

Downloading now because Nintendo again failed with delivering (enough) physical copies. Nintendo wants to boost the sales of their own eShop it seems.
Not the first time that they didn't deliver (enough) copies at a release this year.



Kohaku commented on Reggie: Pace Of Wii U Software Launches Is "Sl...:

Mario Kart can help to boost the sales but the problem is that when games Like MK will be released it's also the time that the new consoles will be released.

Maybe Nintendo needs someone who can do some planning. We have also someone at the office for planning, it works great.



Kohaku commented on Introducing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Beg...:

I tried the demo on the 3DS and Wii U but it is totally new for me that you can use a button for pointing the camera to the monster. I will try the demo again and when it works for me I will buy MH later this year when I am done with some other games.