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I love Shonen Jump manga :)

Male, United States

Got a Wii U and a Xbox 1. I may get a PS4 later down the road. I play mostly for fun, wanna play Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, or Monster Hunter? Hit me up. Wanna throw down in a friendly fighting game match on 360? We can do that too. Happy Gaming :)

Wed 18th May 2011

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shonenjump86 commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

I said this in the Fatal Frame game article that it always sucks when a game gets edited/censored from its original Japanese counterpart. Regardless what it is. Anyways, I'm still not sure if I really want to get into this series. Maybe I should check out the first one on 3DS before I jump into the sequel here.