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Tsusasi commented on Star Fox Zero Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer,...:

Nope. Not for me. The biggest selling point for me for Star Fox 64 was the multiplayer. By that I mean I would have eventually bought the game... probably used, or after a significant price drop. But I bought it day one after playing the multiplayer at E3 that year. There is no excuse for this kind of step backwards... especially with Nintendo talking up their online experience/community on the Wii U.



Tsusasi commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii...:

Another Mario Tennis game... in a year that sees Zelda slip away and 2 new rather bland entries in the Animal Crossing franchise (why not at least an expansion for New Leaf?). Even Star Fox ultimately looks somewhat unimpressive (not saying that it still couldn't be fun). I'm more excited for the 3DS games at this point...which would be fine if the Wii U didn't need to impress. I can only hope that Nintendo still has some surprises waiting for us. Digital event fail.



Tsusasi commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii...:


It's not a 3D experience in the way that Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy are. In the context of those games, no... although it's an incredibly fun game. I REALLY want to see a 'Galaxy' game for the Wii U. I'd love to see what they could do with the gamepad and asymmetrical gameplay. Perhaps even a proper two player experience...



Tsusasi commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 DLC is a Winning F...:

I think it's time for Mario Kart 7 DLC! New tracks and Karts!

As for the so-called battle mode in 8… no. Just no. It's horrid. Give us a couple of Battle packs with new Karts and characters, and bring back a couple of the old battle modes like Bob-omb Blast and Shine Thief!



Tsusasi commented on Best Buy Nabs Exclusive Splatoon Wii U Hardwar...:

Good idea, missed opportunity. If you're going to go the ridiculous and obnoxious exclusive route yet again, at least make it truly exclusive. Where is the custom graphic treatment on the system or at least the gamepad? Downloads? At the very least, Splatoon itself should have been a physical copy. And where is the exclusive Amiibo? Or at least the Squid Amiibo as a bonus. For the full $299, that should have been how it went down. As it is, you're just getting the same black deluxe system anyone can get, and the privilege of using up a a lot of your storage immediately after opening the box.



Tsusasi commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

@unrandomsam Um… no. There may be graphical enhancements, but I've played the Square Games and to say that they have 'physical controls'… just, no. A phantom 'joystick' UI graphic mapped to a corner of the screen does not constitute 'physical controls'. If you are talking about control cases, attachments or Bluetooth, then also no. They may be physical, but they are not superior to the original controls. Most of all, I really wanted to play Secret of Mana. That too controlled for crap. Just, no…

Of course, everyone has their own opinion and some people inexplicably enjoy those sort of games on mobile devices. I have yet to experience one that has changed my mind. Turn-based rpgs are easier to swallow (but not preferable) as mobile games, but action games/rpgs. Nope.



Tsusasi commented on Fantasy Life 2 Is Skipping 3DS In Favour Of Sm...:

This sickens me. Instead of a great game, we'd get piecemeal b.s. on a device just not made for gaming (sorry fans of swiping/gesturing for fun and profit - it just isn't). I wonder how much it will cost to progress through the game. Greed has claimed another soul. Suck it, Level 5.



Tsusasi commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

@UnseatingKDawg Except where it limits or interferes with gameplay or game progression… which is a major issue. Beyond that, once Nintendo purposely begins withholding content and designing around the notion of slicing up game content to make more money, and releases a game that really isn't the finished game it would have been before DLC, it ceases to be a Nintendo game in the truest sense. By their own statements, releasing a game in this manner is a disservice to their audience, cheapens the experience and isn't a complete experience.



Tsusasi commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

When it first started, including the idiocy of the Mercedes DLC, I said it was a slippery slope and that I though we were going to be surprised at just how aggressively Nintendo would pursue micro transactions. Everyone said I was wrong, a 'whiner' or some troll from the land of XBONE or PS4. And here we are… and the mobile situation hasn't even fleshed out yet.

Yup. This WAS one of the reasons I had some respect for Nintendo as a business. Not so much any more. The only positive thing I can say is, they got the pricing/value right for Mario Kart DLC. Who knows going forward, though.



Tsusasi commented on Pokémon White Makes Surprise Appearance in UK...:

Lol… I love how the bait-y title spins a niche game that most 3DS owners probably had zero exposure to as 'struggling'. Smh.

If we were talking about a Mario game, then yes…

This game is the tortoise, not the hare… it will do ok, but it's numbers won't impress and soon enough people will be paying ignorant amounts of money for a physical copy on ebay. :)



Tsusasi commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

I have nearly all of them, but I don't have Yoshi. I'd take that… if I could actually log on and have CN recognize my Platinum status. Or log in at all for that matter. Sometimes shows me as logged in, but doesn't even show my name… or any of my info. Tried for two weeks to finish a survey. Never worked. Says I'm not Platinum, even though I am. Won't show my accrual. Just pathetic.



Tsusasi commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

I downloaded it. Played it. Wouldn't call it a 9 from a gameplay standpoint, although I could see it garnering a 9 in a design capacity for hitting it's mark; it definitely does what it was meant to do. It feels closer to the handheld Mattel LED games I had as a kid in the 80s, and less like an Atari game. Not for nothing, but I think some of the originals did it better. The cabinet art is cool, and I give them props for bringing together a package with some polish, but I won't play this all that often (though I will play it). It's neither substantial enough to warrant playing for any lengthy amount of time, nor is it addictive enough for me to want to pick it up daily. I have yet to play it passing the controller with friends, so that might give it a bump… or it may further reveal it's lack of substance. Time and a game night will tell. Not a bad game and your mileage with definitely vary, but I would consider a 7 to be a fair score, with and 8 being a stretch and dependent upon personal taste and a 9 being somewhat of a gift. I don't regret picking it up, but I'm not exactly jazzed either.

Edit: To a few people's point, I think this would have been a better fit on the 3DS. I'm not a graphics whore, but it does seem a bit sparse and short lived for a Wii U game. The 3DS seems like a more logical choice.

Again, it's decent for what it is and the Wii U can use all of the games it can get... even C+/B- games (imho), so I'm not knocking it.



Tsusasi commented on Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS):

@Taedirk And yet, all this game represents is a nail in their coffin. Why bother to hang on to an IP if you can't do it justice? Bare minimum, I would have been on the phone with Nintendo to pitch a joint venture/mashup. Nintendo has so much to offer, and the IP still carried some weight with fans… before this game, that is. Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon crossover?



Tsusasi commented on Nintendo Download: 19th March (North America):

The Mario Party 10 bundle arrives on my doorstep tomorrow, along with my Toads… Klonoa has been a favorite of mine since the very first game. This one has a pretty solid group of positive reviews from it's original launch, so I think I'll give it a go.



Tsusasi commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

There's nothing wrong with adding gameplay mechanics if they make sense. Adding them for the sake of adding them or because a focus group leaned a certain way is ass-backwards design. Focus on the core gameplay, see what is organically driven by the world, characters and existing gameplay and then expound upon those concepts. Bolt-on gameplay rarely adds anything of substance and usually feels forced and is a disrupter, breaking the flow of the game and taking the gamer out of the experience. As far as coop/multiplayer: Again… if it makes sense. I have no freakin' idea what he is taking about regarding Boom's multiplayer. What exactly worked well? Because I must have missed it...



Tsusasi commented on Games Industry Analysts Somewhat Divided On Ni...:

@rjejr Yeah, after looking into this company's mobile strategies and positioning, I think 500,000 to 1 million is a good jumping off point, but that could be blown out of the water with the right game and marketing at the right time. And so again… 2.5% conversion rate would equal a LOT of 3DSs sold and games along with them.

As for Nintendo Land: It's mission was a bit more transparent and it didn't have the appeal of Wii Sports. Don't get me wrong; I love it. It just wasn't as universally well received. The Wii Sports games followed the evolution of the motion controller to its finally motion plus form and Wii Play was a way to really differentiate between the Wiimote and the Wiimote with motion plus. I think that Smash was the Amiibos launch vehicle/teaching moment.

Honestly, with the Gamepad and gyro controls, I'd rather see a sequel to Link's Crossbow Training! :)



Tsusasi commented on Square Enix's Failed Attempt At Combining Game...:

Pulling it for any other reason than licensing would be sheer idiocy. I'm hoping that it's licensing, because I would have deep concerns about the company's leadership if it were just a move to cover up bad sales. It's not their fault the anime didn't do well. If it's a good game, let it ride and promote it through other means.



Tsusasi commented on Games Industry Analysts Somewhat Divided On Ni...:

@rjejr Well, 1) Those aren't app games… they are mini games in the vein of Mario Party. By that measure, Nintendo pioneered 'app games'… just on the big screen. (Well, and Game and Watch games if you think about it) 2) I doubt there will be a Nintendo Land 2… at least on this system. It was mostly one part Gamepad tech demo and one part tutorial for the system itself and for asymmetric/asynchronous gameplay. SEGA has a decent Sonic runner as well as a Peggle-like Monkey Ball game that are actually quite fun. I could easily see something in that vein, as well as some version of the Brain Age games or Nintendo's puzzlers. Nintendogs makes perfect sense. There are a lot of opportunities. A Pictures with Mario variant or a Chibi Robo photo game. I also think that if it's done right, this is an excellent way of pulling in those mobile gamers who haven't considered a dedicated device. Introduce them to an IP, give them a taste and have them watch a trailer of that IP in action in a fully fleshed out game. Boom. Say you have a 100,000 downloads of an app and you have a 2.5% conversion rate for new 3DS customers. 2,500 new 3DS gamers. And maybe it's a 1.5 attach rate at POS plus a download or two. And even if that is just an extra 1000… all from exposure to an IP through an app. Nintendo still makes money off of their systems, unlike the competition.

Edit: Just for a point of reference, I had noted after some Googling that the average app download varied between 40 and 60 thousand in 2013 (depending on platform). In 2015 and considering the weight Nintendo's IPs carry, I don't think 100,000 is at all out of the question. In fact, that might be downright pessimistic.



Tsusasi commented on Iwata: We Are Challenging Ourselves To Redefin...:

Not really a fan of this, but I'm willing to wait and see how it plays out. The problem with developing for smart devices and tablets is that they all have their quirks and UI/UX vibe. What has been key for Nintendo games (and SEGA before them… something which I think we can see has really hurt them) is their closed eco system; they control the software AND the UI/UX from nuts to bolts. They know exactly how their game is going to perform, and even warn that third party peripherals may diminish the experience. By opening this process up to all devices, Nintendo loses that incredible important part of the puzzle.



Tsusasi commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

@Timppis That's not really short for a home console… it's right in the window. This last generation lasted a bit longer and broke the curve, but 5-6 years is about right and about the norm before the 360 and PS3. The Wii was a cash cow and that was roughly 6 years. If they are able to roll backwards compatibility of some sort into this next console again, I don't see even a wrinkle of a problem. If they are forced to leave the Wii U software behind altogether, it might be a harder sell for consumers. Especially those who became gamers during this last console race of roughly 8 years.



Tsusasi commented on Mario Kart 8 Misses Out at BAFTA Game Awards, ...:

Destiny? Seriously? Not saying it should definitely have been Mario Kart, but Destiny? And Mine Craft… best family game? And no 3DS games at all?

So... who does one have to pay/sleep with to get an award anyway?



Tsusasi commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

@dizzy_boy That is what is called 'false equivalency'. The CoD games don't hyper sexualize and objectify men; they are dark and violent, but they don't sport pant bulges, or penises swinging around in banana hammocks. No one shoots someone and has the victims butt revealed as a reward.
Not even remotely the same thing.



Tsusasi commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

@Jaz007 You do have a point… a point which seems to be escaping everyone. There is no denying that it is pretty awful in that regard. It's definitely a cultural thing, as games like this and far worse have been fairly common in Japan. That doesn't mean that they are good for the rest of the world outside of that context. People can choose to play what they want… but a little honesty instead of all of the defensive comments or denials would be nice. It IS flat out crude.



Tsusasi commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

That was incredibly ignorant and a slap in the face. I guess they really think that we are just that stupid. Well, I guess I'm so dumb I will forget how my wallet works when they release games. Plenty of other great games out there from companies that don't talk to you like you're an idiot and make up lame-ass excuses.



Tsusasi commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

Having played Core Design's awesome work on the Sega CD (Soulstar and others), as well as the vehicle levels of the Sega CD Batman Returns (and Batman and Robin, actually), there's no reason (albeit with perhaps a diminished color palette) that F-Zero couldn't be faithfully reproduced as a Sega CD game. With CD Audio. In the right hands, Sega's (actually superior, biaxial) hardware scaling and rotation could be very impressive (for it's time of course).



Tsusasi commented on LastFight Looks Like The Power Stone Sequel Ca...:

When I read the title of this article, I was excited… then I saw the footage. This looks really straight forward and not all that exciting. Maybe they are holding off on showing the major 'hook' of the game? A big draw of the Power Stone games was over-the-top arenas and the interactions with them. Power Stone's fighters were really interesting too. The character design in this game so far is certainly not on par with Power Stone. This may end up being a good/fun game, but I couldn't possibly compare it to Power Stone. Not yet, anyway. Time will tell.



Tsusasi commented on Review: Dig Dug (Wii U eShop / NES):

Not to be 'that guy', but are you aware that the box art you show is for Dig Dug II… a completely different game (and different gameplay)? Just saying'...



Tsusasi commented on Rumour: Nintendo Plotting amiibo Super Mario C...:

Really done with Nintendo's Amiibo crap. Nintendo apologists are keen to absolve then of any wrong doing, but this is all Nintendo. Supply manipulation, hype machine… marketing ploys are fine if they are handled well. The Amiibo mess is a crock of crap. And now variants? Scalpers and the secondary market haven't screwed Nintendo fans enough? Where games have content only unlock-able by Amiibo, it's nothing more than extremely expensive DLC.



Tsusasi commented on UK Supermarket Giants Wage Wii U Price Wars to...:

This is a war I wouldn't mind seeing waged in North America. Move more systems, increase user base, clear shelves of older bundles then release some very competitive new bundles later this spring… and announce said bundles at E3.

And move software and peripherals… At those prices, and with great software out there (some also at discounted prices) I can see the attach rate easily being 3 or 4 to 1 here.



Tsusasi commented on Mobile Hit Badland Is Coming To The Wii U eShop:

@johannes_v I have to say, I don't get really geeked about too many 'Indie' games, but this one has me pretty damn interested. And when you say local co-op and multiplayer, that makes me smile. I've been gaming online for some time, but there's nothing like sharing salty snacks with friends gaming in the same room. Online can be fun, but local is where you make memories and enjoy friends and family time.



Tsusasi commented on Mobile Hit Badland Is Coming To The Wii U eShop:

@PinkSpider Or you could actually watch the video.
It is more than obvious that this is far, far more interesting and involved than Flappy Bird. The beautiful art style and HD graphics not withstanding, you can see in just this short video many more gameplay mechanics than FB possesses, along with what appear to be puzzle-like elements or at least elements that require thought as you progress. Given that you with also be able to control speed and direction, that alone has doubled the control options of FlappyBird. And the ability to use weapons and interact with the environments. Did I mention multiplayer? Just sayin'… it sounds to me like a) You didn't watch the video or read up on this title and b) you may just be missing out on a fun, atmospheric game,

To each their own, I guess. I just hate to see people pass on quality games based on misconceptions. Especially when the GOOD indie developers could really use the support.



Tsusasi commented on Satoru Iwata States That Around 5.7 Million am...:

I think what may have been missed here is that it was some financial analyst talking about new hardware, not Nintendo. New 3DS next year? We are already getting a new 3DS… and it's here this year! Seriously… analysts don't work in nuances, nor do they always understand the heart of the industry for which they are crunching data. If he could miss something as big as the fact that this really is new, more powerful 3DS hardware with new control options and games that won't even run on the 'last gen' 3DS, then why should I even remotely consider assigning any importance to what he is saying?



Tsusasi commented on Rumour: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo To Be Distr...:

@ouroborous The company wasn't always like this, but it just keeps getting worse. And yes… unfortunately in spite of policy, employees do skim the good stuff through various means, usually involving having friends make the purchases for them.

not all, obviously and there are good employees.



Tsusasi commented on Rumour: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo To Be Distr...:

@Quorthon No it is not. Gamestop/Software Etc bought out Funcoland in the early 2000s, took what they liked about the company, and liquidated the rest, closing many stores and eventually rebranding them. Not too long after that, they 'merged' with EB… and I use the term 'merge' loosely, only because they did. It was essentially a take-over again. So no, Gamestop is not Funcoland and Funcoland did not change it's name. It was bought out. The owner was an entrepreneur who wanted to move on and try new things. Gamestop got Game Informer as part of the deal.

I used to be a 'group' manager at Funcoland in the 90s and I worked at Software Etc while I was in school in the 2000s. Completely different companies. The detailed history is a bit more complicated, and begins with Babbage's, but for the sake of this discussion not completely relevant.

Here's the 'official' scoop.

And an even more detailed history here:

I remember when the first Gamestops opened. They were a spinoff of Software Etc, but also devoted floor space to collectables and other gaming related merchandise.



Tsusasi commented on Best Buy Is Cancelling Majora's Mask New 3DS X...:

@JellySplat Allow scalpers to buy more than one system = equals standing by and enabling a shady and despicable practice = angry customers who will eventually stop bothering with their company out of frustration.

Or limit so that more of their customers can actually get one, and at the same time take a stand against scalpers (a disease).

And of course, they are NOT losing money as the systems are still going to be sold.

AND at the end of the day, their mistake or not, they just changed the way exclusives will be handled, making them more of a go-to retailer… because, fair.



Tsusasi commented on Rumour: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo To Be Distr...:

Gamestop needs to go away. One of the worst companies to deal with in any capacity. Shady as hell. I wish all of the gaming retail stores were still around… especially Funcoland. Competition is a good thing, and the downward spiral of Gamestop and the stores it swallowed up is proof.The monopoly keeps getting worse, the customer service somehow manages to get worse, and their business practices as well. At least in my experience and that of my friends.

And now exclusive demo codes. Does Nintendo want this game to fail? This is definitely one of the games that would benefit from a demo, but not if it only gets into the hands of artificially limited fraction of 3DS owners. And given my Gamestop experiences, many might not even end up in anyone's hands. Because, lazy. They always seem to have drawers full of this stuff left over because it never got into customer's hands.