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Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of the 'New Gen' Environment for Wii U?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It ain't about 'next-gen' any more

So can everyone stop talking about 'next gen" now, or do we have to wait for the One to complete the Triforce of systems? No doubt there'll still be talk of "next gen" experiences and bickering over resolutions and framerates, all while Mario casually says hi with 3D World. There's arguably a sense that the more changes the more it stays the same, as Sony and Microsoft engage in a never-ending arm-wrestle while Nintendo does its own thing. Substitute Wii U - PS4 - Xbox One for Wii - PS3 - Xbox 360 and, actually, the arguments remain largely the same.

What has changed since the respective launches of those 'last gen' systems is much of the games industry. Back in 2006 the DS still represented a pinnacle of touch screen gaming, and the iPhone — which would arguably be the prompt of a smartphone and tablet explosion — was still in development in the bowels of Apple HQ. So that's happened, and the three big fish are sort of joined by two enormous fish in Apple and Google — let's treat Microsoft as the gaming division, here, so small compared to Apple — with the difference that the masters of iOS and Android support games in a very hands-off no-buttons sort of way. Though plenty of small and big companies are eyeing the dedicated games market — step forward, Valve — we still have Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft wrestling over a smaller pie than before.

The Wii U has struggled to date, hoping for a major bounce this Holiday, and it's currently unknown how the PS4 and One will perform once the hardcore fans deliver those "launch sell-out" headlines we all love; the Wii U had them too, remember? Perhaps none of the systems will hit the heights of their predecessors, maybe one or two will, but despite the changes in the landscape the familiarity has its comforts. Dedicated gaming consoles still excite millions of people, and the arrival of two new boxes gives us that 2006 buzz again. It's fun, provided silly people are ignored and fans are nice to each other online.

That buzz, which we enjoyed ourselves a year ago, is certainly being felt over on our sister-site Push Square, which is dedicated to all things Sony. There's been excitement over confirmation of Uncharted 4 — don't sneer, it's only the same hype we have for undated Zelda and Smash Bros. titles — as well as plenty of quickened pulses as the PS4 lands in North America. There have been features to look at reader's favourite games of the generation that's passed, an opportunity for early adopters to share their first impressions of the PS4, and the site's main man Sammy Barker has shared his perspective on why greatness awaits the PS4.

So with the PS4 here (well, in North America at least) and the One imminent, it's time to revisit a theme we last raised when asking you about whether you watch rival console reveals earlier in the year. We may be Nintendo fans, many of us, but not everyone will necessarily have or be planning to get a Wii U, and just like with Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 it could be the norm to own multiple systems over the coming years. With the landscape laid out before us, where does the Wii U stand with you in the new current generation of game consoles? For the record, we're sticking to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony systems for simplicity, perhaps we'll count Android microconsoles and Steam Machines in future years.

So below are some polls and a comment section, so hit us up with your opinions. If you are into this PS4 launch stuff, meanwhile, our pals at Push Square have you covered.

Do you currently own a Wii U, or plan to in the future? (1,107 votes)

Yep, I have a Wii U already


Not yet, but I'm definitely getting one this year


I'm planning to pick one up next year


I'm not sure and am currently undecided on buying one


I don't think I'll get one, actually, but could have my mind changed


No way, I'll never get a Wii U


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Which 'current gen' games consoles do you plan to own? (1,053 votes)

I'll have a Wii U and get / already have a PS4


I'll have a Wii U and get a One


Only a Wii U


Only a PS4


Only a One


I'll have a One and PS4


I plan to own all three


None of them, I don't need or want any of these consoles


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Over the whole generation, how do you think Wii U sales will stack up? (1,083 votes)

The Wii U will be the top-seller out of the three systems


Tough to say, but at a push I'd bet on Wii U 'winning'


I think the Wii U will end up second behind PS4


I think the Wii U will end up second behind the One


The Wii U will be third in sales


The Wii U will be a distant third and struggle to match GameCube sales (21.74 million units)


How would I know?


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Warruz said:

If you ask me Nintendo's goal should actually be to not compete with Xbox and PS4 in terms of similar features. PS4 and Xbox are so absurdly similar this round that at this rate one is bound to die out or at the very least repurpose itself. Nintendo needs to be seen as the 2nd Console purchase you make because the other console doesn't offer enough exclusives and build themselves into a niche position. In all seriousness the most cost effective way to get the most games is either PC + Wii U or PS4 + Wii U.



GalacticMario28 said:

I think it's way too early to tell how sales will turn out in the long run. It all depends on the games.



Dyl_73 said:

Too little too late from Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft will probably wipe the floor with the Wii U.



NintyMan said:

How would I know which console is going to win this gen? Because I don't. It's too early to be making such bold predictions. A lot can happen in a year.



DanMan82 said:

I think Nintendo will be successful this generation. How many console's they sell is still widely up for debate. It should be interesting to see how the Xbox One fares since they put off a lot of people with their DRM crap (like me), even though they took it back.



Risingelement said:

Nah, nothing will go wrong. Ps4 is already bricking literally right out of the box, coupled with all the bad news they kept under wraps until a few weeks before launch is taking a toll on their reception with the public.
Microsoft lost their footing with the recent bad press as well.

If I were to give to a prediction, the Wii U wont be doing as badly at all. But it would be a little far to claim that it will dominate the market as well.



BenAV said:

Between my 3DS and Wii U I don't think I'd have the time, and I certainly don't have the money, for one of the other consoles.
If that changed at some point, I'd consider a PS4.
No way I'll be buying another Microsoft console.



Legromancer said:

Wii U will be third and gain Gamecube numbers. Next year we will get almost zero support from third parties.
Seriously, what the eff happened? I still remember this developers reel from E3, the launch linup that promised support from large companies like Namco, Team Ninja, WB...and now we don't get any from them. Sales must have been abysal low. I don't see the other consoles suffer such fate. At least they have advertising. Really, you can't buy a PS4 if you haven't pre ordered. That wasn't the case with the U.
And to all that say ,,I don't care for 3rd parties'': it is also a form of advertisement. When i walk into a supermarket or a Gamestop i walk past tons of shelfs featuring logos of XBox and Playstation brands. And in one lonely corner the Wii U games. My local gamestore doesn't even have anything Wii U related. And that is really something, that shop is the No.1 destination for gamers and is supported by the gamers even if the prices are higher than the local electronic market (MediaMarkt) directly on the other side of the street. Nintendo lost bigtime
Well, at least i got the 3Ds which is a beast. Can't wait for Zelda and Bravely Default. It is so great that you can unlock rewards for the full game by playing the demo.



meatballmas said:

Its way too early to predict yet because the ps4 is also facing a rocky start plus due to bugs etc and
there a weak lineup and the xbone isnt released yet.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Nintendo's games are what make them a special video game company, and the Wii U is a suitable console for them. It's not the best, technically speaking, but it's not bad by any means. I expect Nintendo to take full advantage of their hardware. I just wish they'd tap into some of the games that haven't been around for a while, such as Star Fox or Earthbound for example. New IPs with new gameplay and mechanics, not just new characters and names, would be welcome as well.

As far as sales goes, it really doesn't matter to me. As long as the console sells well enough for Nintendo to fully support it I couldn't care less if it "beats" PS4 and XB1 in worldwide sales. Would it be nice? Sure, but some gamers these days are, frankly, idiotic and only care about a console's horsepower. They won't pay attention to Nintendo unless they release something in line with the other companies. I suppose as long as it stays close to the other two it will be just fine.



ferrers405 said:

So i wish to see Wii U on the top, but to be sincere i Think WiiU will sell "ok" and be in the third place.



TruenoGT said:

This generation more than any other, I don't see a reason to go with a PS4 or XB1 over a modest gaming PC + Wii U. I think there's going to be less exclusives than ever (aside from Nintendo's games), and the flexibility and long term ownership that PC gaming has over PS4/XB1 obsoletes these consoles outside of a few exclusives here and there.



MixMasterMudkip said:

To be honest, I think they'll all struggle, But with Nintendo's one year lead will help, and allow it to get a bit of a lead before the other two. I've yet to see anything that warrants getting the PS4 as of yet, IMO. Personally I have no interest in the One at all. Either way, console launches going well never happens, so I don't think it will be possible to tell for around a year or two.



Hunter-D said:

I'm happy with my Wii U, PS3, 3DS & PS Vita.

I'll probably trade in my PS3 for a PS4 towards the end of 2014.



sinalefa said:

No predictions from me, as gen "winners" aren't decided until 3 or more years into the last console's timeframe. And going by history, the less powerful console usually ends up selling more than the other two.

As for me, if I had to buy a new console this holiday season, I would get a second Wii U, as none of the other two's offerings entice me at all. But in a couple of years or so, that may change. Right now I would lean towards a PS4/Wii U combo, but again that may change as I don't have a crystal ball to see which games will be released on each console, and games are what is important to me.



ScreamoPichu said:

All three are going to struggle, no doubt about it. (Especially since Wii U already is) I literally have no idea who will be on top in a year. Wii U does have the brightest software future at the moment, but Nintendo needs to advertise the hell out of them upon release. Obviously, Mario Kart is going to hopefully put it on solid ground (if 3D World wracks up a decent amount, at least) I'm really afraid Smash Bros. 3DS is going to kill the Wii U version. I think X could be a huge system seller, if they advertise it right.



SCAR said:

Did you ever take a statistics class in school? The first page of the book says that statistics can be anything you want them to be, and are only reference to that of which should never be regarded as "set in stone".

Even with the stats, that in no way guarantees an absolute.

You'd have to be a fool to believe that any of these consoles is a sure top-seller.



Falchion said:

@BlatantlyHeroic no matter what? What if it suffers awful press with the early failures or cannot get good exclusives? Its way to early to tell even though i think the ps4 will win



JadedGamer said:

I don't have disposable income for more than one console. I have a wiiu and the kids have 3ds' I'm giving Nintendo enough money. Plus ps4 and one are hype machines. I had 3 ps3s traded them all in. Nintendo has the most enjoyable gaming experiences and bang for your buck..



nomeacuerdo said:

Currently the WiiU is laughing at the "so you said that our system was crap and you got... That?" From PS4 and XBone. That and the arrival of the big hits to the console is reflecting on the increase of sales.



bizcuthammer said:

PS4 will win this gen, as it is true nextgen with 3rd party games, good 1st party content and is cheaper than XBO. I wouldnt be surprised if Wii U came in last, but i think XBO wont do as well as its hardcore fans wish. At $500, and basically being the same as PS4, but without much to talk about in terms of 1st party offerings, i think XBO may be last gen's PS3. Not many people want a $500 console, like how not many wanted the PS3 for that price back in 2006 when the economy was better than it is now. I think WiiU has a chance to beat XBO if Ninty can continuously pump out great games and maintain its popularity with kids and young families, as well as keeping WiiU at a cheaper price.



AMR said:

Prof_Elvin_Gadd said: "As far as sales goes, it really doesn't matter to me. As long as the console sells well enough for Nintendo to fully support it I could care less if it "beats" PS4 and XB1 in worldwide sales." pretty much summed up my opinion on this matter



CargoSushiimira said:

XBOX One is going to be terrible, but the sheep will buy it, like my brother, but I think that Wii U offers the best experience, free online and a social network just for it's games, excellent! SSB is going to boost sales, I hope that GTA V come's to Wii U, and "X" looks grand



Jim_Reaper said:

I'm primarily a PC gamer, so the Wii U is the only console I have. Nintendo's exclusives are the only console exclusive games I have to play, plus there's the continuation of the family gaming that the Wii kicked off. You just can't understate the impact that had, on my family anyway.



Yasume said:

Wii U will suffer even more than it's doing right now and I'm going to love every second of it. It's what Nintendo deserves after years of empty promises and stubbornness.

PS4 and Steam ftw.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I think Wii U will achieve second place, close to PS4. The Xbox One I think it's going to be the loser of this generation, It's more expensive, it's a little less powerful than a PS4, it's launching late in several key markets, has already lost in Japan and has no game that stands out. Outside of the Microsoft faithful, I don't find it being appealing. But that's just my humble opinion, 'kay people, don't get mad at me.



anders190 said:

The Wii U should do pretty well now. It's a year ahead and quite a lot of games have already been released to it and will come out soon.

PS4 has always been overhyped and the launch titles haven't exactly scored well either. Things will obviously get better in the months and years ahead but I actually think that Wii U should do better at christmas than the PS4. Time will tell, as usual.



SCAR said:

That's a horrible comment. PS4 doesn't appeal to me one bit and you're more than willing to say that nothing else compares?

That's not even close to being respectively considerate.



NintyMan said:

The only game that PS4 will have that interests me is Kingdom Hearts 3, which is also strangely going to be on the One, but I'd rather get it on the Sony console. However, I don't believe in getting a new, expensive console just for one game, so it's going to have to wait.

As long as Wii U gets plenty of good games going for it, it doesn't really matter if they "win" this console sales war.



Reala said:

A distant third is my guess, unless one of the android consoles takes off or steam machines do then 4th.



IceClimbers said:

I'd like to point out that despite the PS2 selling over 7 times the amount that the Gamecube did, Nintendo still made more money than Sony, and that's not taking the GBA into consideration. So even if Wii U sells Gamecube numbers, Nintendo can still make plenty of money off it, and that's what matters in the end.

I honestly think Nintendo is gonna see this generation mirror the 6th generation. 3DS/Wii U are gonna repeat the GBA/Gamecube, with the 3DS selling about 90-100 million and Wii U selling about 25 million. However, the Wii U's fortunes could change over time.

Now what will be really interesting is to see if PS4 can outsell the 3DS by the end of the generation.



sr388survivor said:

@DestinyMan I feel exactly the same. I may get a PS4 when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out but that is a couple years away so I'll let future me deal with it lol.

@thomaswhitehead Just wanted to commend you for not playing fan with this article. Stating how Uncharted is to a Sony fan what Zelda is to a Nintendo fan is a very balanced way to look at things that most people ignore. That's one of the main reasons I like this site so much. Thank you!



Yasume said:

@SCAR392 Pretty much, yeah. PS4 and Steam are superior in every way. Have been a Nintendo fan for the past 20 years, but I can't deny the facts anymore.



Luke8400 said:

I don't personally care who "wins" and I haven't cared for some time. I only owned a Wii last gen and I only plan on owning a Wii U this gen. The Wii got a lot of flack for its shovelware (about as much as PS2 had), but there were a lot of gems on the system and I think Nintendo certainly put their full effort behind it with two Zeldas, three Marios, Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy, SSB, and overall a very strong lineup of first-party games as well as some overlooked third-party games like Little King's Story, The Last Story, Xenoblade, and many others. The Wii provided plenty of entertainment and I expect the Wii U to do the same, even if it's been a slower start.

"Next gen" is no longer all about graphics; personally I still find 14 year-old Dreamcast games gorgeous. Some gamers obsess over technical specs and I'm not one of them. If it's that important to you, play games on your PC instead.



Nintenjoe64 said:

They're all going to be victims of their own success in the previous gen. I think the twins will have steep sales drops and take a while to get the games out. Nintendo probably won't have the legs to compete with more powerful consoles so it's almost 2 different races anyway.



SCAR said:

My point was that you have ill will towards something many people still enjoy. It's called being spiteful.

I can recognize that people still enjoy the PS4, so there is no reason to wish poor fortune on something that doesn't exactly benefit me as an individual.



Doma said:

Only a PS4 for me. Buying one at some point during 2014.

Nintendo had a great chance to impress gamers with something, but all they could provide were mini-games and a remake, along with dire support from third parties... The only way i'd buy the WiiU now, is with a much needed management overhaul. One that could maybe bring the company to 2013 standards.

I feel like the system is already done for though (i speak for its status in the UK).



divinelite said:

Well wii u doesn't need to win
Ps4 and Xbox One will be hard to keep both, but having one of them and wii u will make wii u even sold better

That being said, I am handheld gamer so... Just 3ds, vita, and ps4 for me



Peach64 said:

I plan to get all 3 eventually. I love games, not consoles, and never want to be in the position where something great comes out and I don't have the console. Having said that, I'm in no rush. I won't be picking any of them up for a year or two, as the Wii U is only just starting to get games that interest me, and the stuff on the other consoles for the first year will just be slightly upgraded 360 and PS3 games. I only picked up a PS3 recently, so got plenty to keep me occupied.

I don't really care who wins, but this Christmas is huge for Nintendo. If they don't get bumper hardware sales, then all 3rd parties are going to drop the console next year.



Pushtrak said:

@Warruz Cost effective, perhaps. I'll be going another route though. I'll buy a system when it has titles that will justify the price of entry of the console. I got the Wii, 360 and PS3. I plan on getting all three again. As I can afford it in terms of time and money.

I do love reading the other comments. Love reading that tribalism.



fluggy said:

I'm more than happy with a Wii U and PS3... I couldn't care less bout incremental graphical improvements ... If games never looked better than The Last of Us, GTA 5 or God of War 3 I wouldn't care! That's enough for me!



Socar said:



But I'm still positive that the Wii U will outsell the PS4 and ONE sooner than you think. Because next year Wii U will have lots of games while PS4 and ONE will still be making games.



Yasume said:

I don't really care. I'm just fed up with Nintendo and their policies and I feel like they try to attract consumers with empty promises, so yeah I'd love to see the Wii U suffer. Call it ill will or whatever you want, it's just how I feel.

Not towards a piece of technology, to a company.



Reala said:

Now now I'm sure nintendo 9th gen will catch up to 7th gen of the other 2 account wise



Linkstrikesback said:

All I'm going to say is, if the PS4 doesn't do significantly better than the Wii U is going to, the entire industry is in some serious, serious trouble. If all 3 did about what the wii u is likely to do (say 30m , and that's very generous, since it's more likely to be ~20m) it would mean that roughly 2/3rds of the market just vanished in the course of a single generation.



MetaRyan said:

Remember, the PS4 (and Xbox One) still has to get through that awkward launch phase, and the Wii U has already gone through that. When you look at the launch window lineups for the other two systems, they have fewer "great" games than the Wii U had/has, and no must-buy games whatsoever, with the possible exception of Titanfall for FPS fans.



Tasuki said:

I know it's early as of right now I see the Wii U coming in third place unless Nintendo does something big. As much as it pains me to say that Nintendo really really needs to work on their advertising. I have seen commercials all over the place for PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention the contests like Taco Bell is having for the PS4 and Mt. Dew is having for the Xbox One. When the Wii U launched or prior to I saw maybe one commercial a week, no contest's like Taco Bell has for the PS4, instead all I see are confused people thinking that the Wii U is just an add on for the Wii. It seems that only people who follow Nintendo know what the Wii U is capable of.

Nintendo really needs to get the ball rolling or they are going to be eating Sony and MS's dust.



IceClimbers said:

@Peach64 Except Sega. They're still under contract with Nintendo for one more Sonic game that will come out next year. However, I don't think Sega will completely dismiss Nintendo after that, as they ironically have a pretty healthy relationship built up.



KeyMastar said:

@Yasume Wow, empty promises and other such guff? That is ANY corporation. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, even Valve all do this. It's what companies do to create interest. Get off your high horse and realize that it isn't a nintendo-exclusive issue.



Mr_Nose said:

Instead of stirring the pot, hows about a nice article on Shiggy's birthday, or something.



billychaos said:

I really dont want to talk about Playstations or Xboxes on a supposedly Nintendo website. For the record, i have a Vita and will get a PS4 probably, but that changes nothing. I'll talk about those on some other site.



Tasuki said:

You guys need to all stop. If thats how @Yesume feels that's how Yesume feels. No harm in that. You don't have to only say nice things about Nintendo here and if you think that well then maybe you should leave.



banacheck said:

I already own a Wii U obviously have a PS3 and on the 29/11 i'll have a PS4, i think the PS4 will do well this gen. Launch consoles are always the same but the PS4 has had a ten times better launch than the PS3 and its barely out, i cannot wait to get my PS4 in 13 days now. The games i'm happy with it could of been a bit better but early 2014 some games will be here plus new games announcements. I don't think the XboxOne will do as bad as some might think just because of the price point, the PS3 came out a year behind Xbox360 and with a higher pice point but still out sold the 360. I think the Wii U will do alright but not as good as the other two, like it or not i see it going this way Nintendo missed a big opportunity with the Wii U especially lossing 3rd party support.



shingi_70 said:

I'll be going Wii U/Xbox One getting the Wii U next month and a Xbox One around march for Titanfall. Will get a PS4 in 2015.



wiiucompl said:

Wii U is not so sexy like PS4 and have no such good marketing like One.
Wii U is good enouht to have fun, playing 1 or 3-rd party games. Wii U GamePad is the best experience for me in every day gaming. And graphics is good or very good.



Jazzer94 said:

@Tasuki What I don't understand is why visit a website that primarily features news on a company you hate/despise just to repeatedly post the same angry comments.



SubZer023 said:

if im lookin at Nintendo's side i ain't worried bout nothin . look at Sony side: Sonys says to themselves Dam facepalm SMH



KeyMastar said:

@Tasuki I don't have a problem with him being unhappy with nintendo, i have a problem with him just bashing nintendo then praising sony when they do the same thing nintendo was being bashed for.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

In no way was this comment warranted or appropriate. If someone bothers you that much, please ignore them. Thank you! — TBD



Reala said:

expressing dissatisfaction with a company isn't the same as hating it or bashing it, its merely expressing an opinion one that seems to hope nintendo will do better, hardly an anti nintendo sentiment.



MrGawain said:

This gen Xbox and PS4 have to show they can make big profit as well as big sales. I personally think Nintendo is the most sensible with their budget, and the other 2 need to learn how to not let costs get out of hand.

Also a big point everyone forgets is what if we lose any 3rd parties? Can they afford the $50m-$100m costs for a game- if not more? If we lose someone else like Acclaim or THQ, they'll be less product to sell on the Xbox and PS.



MAN1AC said:

I have a Wii U and will get a PS4 when some games that I actually want to play get released on it. The only game that interests me right now is Resogun.

As for sales or "winning" this gen, I predict the Wii U will be far behind the competition with 20-25 mil and a 4 year life span.



mookysam said:

I honestly don't give two hoots who "wins", so long as games I want to play continue to be released. I'll probably eventually have all three. At the moment I've got a load of 360 and PS3 games still to play.



TheLilK98 said:

If they want the Wii U to succeed, Nintendo needs a management overhaul. Iwata just comes off as stubborn and either ignorant or cocky(can't tell which) these days. Not to mention the fact that they have like zero marketing in the US. That being said I have a Wii U and I'm probably going to buy a PS4 when I get the money. As for Xbox One....well, in the words of Dr.Seuss, I wouldn't touch it with a....39 and a half foot pole.



HollowGrapeJ said:

A majority of the votes say you guys will only own a Wii U? Haha. That's hilarious. I'll be getting a PS4 next year.



AlternateButtons said:

I honestly think Wii U will win. It will be a close race with the PS4 but honestly, I think families and gamers alike will see the value of Wii U and that it plays differently from anything else on the market. The Wii U will have the most unique, creative and innovative games for sure. The PS4 will be tough competition though due to its immense audience. The Xbox One on the other hand will probably come far behind in dead last. No original IPs, weaker technology under the hood, a mandatory accessory nobody wants all for $500 bucks. Who is going to buy that? Hardcore Xbox fans.....and noone else. This race will be between Wii U and PS4. Though no console is going to see the sales numbers they've seen in the past.....the economy just isn't that great in this day in age. It's going to be a tough 8th gen for everyone.



unrandomsam said:

@bizcuthammer True next gen ? What does that mean ? My PC which hasn't had anything done with it for about 2 years is more powerful. Next gen should be more powerful than anything else at the time of its release by an order of magnitude.



KayOL78 said:

People, there is a few elephants in the room that nobody seems to be looking at...the first, the amazing expense in art assets for first party games on those 2 in a couple sony programming engineers for a dozen high quality artists will help sony stay in the red for a long a nice worldwide credit crunch. if sony are consistently reporting losses with its games division now, how is it going to pan out in the long run? there will be less AAA games also as they will be more risk based and only for behemoths to make...both xbone and ps4 however will be flooded with indie stuff...hardly what most people will fundamentally be buying it times will increase as well...ps4 and xbone owners may have to get used to either much shorter games, more paid dlc, or substandard(for the machine) art. Its an interesting time but not without compromises...nintendo consoles will mostly sell nintendo games to gaurantee healthy profits. but its still all quite unclear.



Tasuki said:

@Jazzer94: Because its a free country. Seriously though not everything is peachy king. Why ignore the bad and only voice the good, thats being one sideed. Just because you like Nintendo and voiced it deeply doesn't mean others have to have the same opinion that's what makes this place grate. The problem is though whenever someone around here has a different opinion then others they are beat down for having it.



seronja said:

i think the wii u will be third but not a distant third... i think the wii u will sell just fine after more 1st party titles come around, let's say around 40-50 million units worldwide... make a brand new f-zero, metroid, zelda, fire emblem, star fox & a brand new IP & you get a system seller if you ask me



Yasume said:

@Jazzer94 and Prof Elvin
Because there's also the 3DS, which I think is a decent system. Plenty of reason to visit a Nintendo related website, I'd think.

Of course, but companies like the ones you mentioned do know how to keep the consumer satisfied.



IceClimbers said:

@MrGawain If we lose any 3rd parties, it will be Square Enix. They're struggling financially and if FFXV and KH3 fail to sell well enough to actually make profit, then Square Enix is done for. They struggle to break even on games, let alone make profit. Expect Sony to buy out Square Enix by the end of the generation.



Jazzer94 said:

@Yasume Fare enough reason I enjoy the 3DS more than my Wii U atm to be honest because thats where Nintendo's priorities have been game wise.
@Tasuki Negative comments can be constructive spiteful ones are not thats all I'm saying.



electrolite77 said:


You feel emotions towards a company? That's weird. They don't feel any towards you chief, they just want your money.

And if video game companies failed because of broken promises or dodgy policies, they'd all have failed by now. Including the Sony you (bizarrely) love so much.



Kirk said:

I think it's going to very be tough.

If the Wii U had sold much better up to this point, around the ten million mark, and had been receiving a lot of high quality third party games that also managed to sell in decent numbers then my opinion would be different.

No, I think Nintendo's going to have to pull out a bit of a miracle if it hopes to do anything meaningful with Wii U now.



unrandomsam said:

@IceClimbers Why Sony ? (Sony is doing very badly across the whole company 500 million profit on about the same revenue as Microsoft). If Microsoft bought them the dynamics would change drastically. If Sony gets ahead MIcrosoft can throw money into reversing the situation without really affecting the company.



Nintend0ro said:

I need two home systems and two handhelds in my life: Nintendo and Sony. MS has little to offer at the moment, so they're out



Minotaurgamer said:

Unlike previous generations, I just see a lot of apathy and indifference towards this next generation altogether. And I am talking about the real world, not the forum-dweller, otaku, nerd one in the web.

Even Nintendo fans have no hurry to get a wii u. There's no excitement towards any of the next gen machines and most people are in the "wait and see" approach.

It may be many reasons with the economic recession being the first one. Most of the gamers that started with the nes or even the 16 bit machines are grown ups and they have families to get care of an gaming comes as the last option. If not then they have mortages to pay or cars or careers to get taken of...or even worse, no job, no future and spending in games it's a no-no.

Also there's nothing interesting in gaming out there with indie games being puzzle snoring sessions that only costs a mere dollar and "AAA" games being the same old repeated formula over and over again only cattering to their niche fanbase. People look at game consoles and thet don't see anything that makes them "invest" on a game console. The last console that did that was the Wii and the industry quickly ignored it, making the big picture much worse.
I dont't se a good ending for this generation. I won't even doubt that it will crash or have an implosion in the next couple of years making many companies close and even one of the 3 consoles leaving the race. I also don't see any console selling 100 million or even the half of it. Any console that wil eventually win will be because of its niche and fanbase but not because it attracted mainstream gamers.

I hope I am wrong and things get better but I seriously see a very grimm 8th generation.



bmprsvz777 said:

I consider myself big nintendo fan, I own 9 nintendo consoles but still I am very pessimistic about Wii U-s future because support for this device is absolutely strange, everytime I read about some new game for Wii U I run to shop to get it and it just isn't there, so I try another shop and it's the same story. I had problems to find physical copies of Pikmin 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect 3, COD Ghosts or Duck Tales in capital european city which has a population of 1.2 million people!!! When Splinter cell was released they had ONE single copy!!! Nintendo department is just full of unsold Zombies and Nintendo lands for reduced prices. This is not the way how to make a product successful. Customer support is another story, I ordered some stuff from nintendo club, they confirmed my order and withdrew points from my account but it never arrived! So I complained to They didn't bother to reply! Are they so dumb or arrogant or just stupid? I don't know but I'm sure I don't like this approach as a customer.



Flux_you said:

The thing about the Wii U is that it had an entire year on the market alone. This year was the year of the Wii U it was it's time to shine and show the world what it can do, but Nintendo squandered the opportunity. Most people still have no idea that it isn't just a peripheral. Games are just now starting to come out. Nintendo should have had these games ready to be launched early 2013. Oh well, I hope their games will pick up so I can hold off on getting a ps4 for another year or two.



Reala said:

this article is about the wii u though :/ yes it mentions PS4 but its about wii u too so I don't see the problem here



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Yasume You haven't stated any facts at all. You don't know anyone on this website personally, so don't act like you do. I play games for games. Your opinions are fine, just be mature and show some respect. Is that so hard for people to do? Others would be more apt to respect your opinions if you did so.



DanMan82 said:

I think this picture sums up the comments pretty nicely


EDIT: BTW, I'm the guy standing behind the dudes with megaphones.



Laxeybobby said:

I'm a Nintendo user for years since the SNES and still have all the consoles past but concentrating now on the WiiU. I am not planning to purchase any other console. However I honestly feel as soon as these two, PS4 and XBOne are released the WiiU will struggle and become a distant and soon forgotten 3rd, struggling to reach the kind of sales the Cube achieved.
I base this on reading the MiiVerse communities and hearing a vast number of Nintendo WiiU owners stating that the WiiU is going to be traded for a PS4 or a PS4 will become their primary console and the WiiU will be for when a Mario game is released.
This Christmas season is the beginning of the end for WiiU.
I think the WiiU will be my last Nintendo Console as I am fed up of backing the lame horse. They even got it wrong with the Wii - The Wii should have been the WiiU in terms of it processing and graphical power. If they had made the Wii HD and more powerfull there would not be the discussions of lack of 3rd party support. The WiiU should have been closer to these new two in mucsle and it should have been named differently to differentiate it from the Wii. Nintendo got it wrong and have done so over the last three consoles.
The WiiU is probably my last console ever.



Yasume said:

So I'm being weird? You're going to tell me that you've never felt any emotion towards a company when they delivered you a broken product for example? I'd call that weird, chief.



Jazzer94 said:

@Flux_you I feel the same at this point at least the virtual console should have been fully supported with platforms rather than the current offering of NES and SNES to tide gamers over.



Chris720 said:

Vote 1: Use to own a Wii U.

If Nintendo don't get in gear with selling the Wii U then I can see this console being dead before too long. Everyone is treating it as the console in the corner, and that's exactly what it is. Its not pushing to the front of the line, its not telling people why to buy it and its not getting any third party support.

I'm not saying the One and PS4 have crushed the Wii U, but I think it will soon if Nintendo doesn't do something. Its becoming harder and harder to defend Nintendo's... Qwerkiness.



BenAV said:

It's pretty hard to really tell what's going to happen with the Wii U yet.
I'm sure most people buy Nintendo systems for their first party games, which there are currently a lack of.
With Super Mario 3D World coming out (and looking pretty nice), and Mario Kart and Smash Bros. on the way amongst others, things could possibly start to look a bit brighter for the system.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@DanMan82 lol. I'm going to invent an internet argument portal so when people start arguing they get sent to the same location, and are now face to face. I'd like to see how many people talk then.



GraveLordXD said:

@Yasume wait till you have serious issues with steam like I did then you'll probably change your tune talk about getting screwed over with DRM least I own my Nintendo games, sad that you loath a gaming company so much for such small reasons but whatever



IceClimbers said:

@unrandomsam Sony just seemed to be the company that would be the most interested in buying Square Enix. I forgot about Sony's financial troubles though. Also, I don't think we would want Microsoft to buy them out. We all know what happened to Rare. Then again, it would probably kill off Final Fantasy for good, and the last of the creative pool would leave and join some other company (Monolith Soft).

Who knows? Maybe Nintendo will buy out Square Enix and absorb them into Monolith Soft, making Monolith Soft stronger than ever. Nintendo already owns part of the rights to the Dragon Quest IP, so that could be a good reason for them to buy Square Enix.



net34a said:

Hahahaha I almost die laughing with this bunch of comments. Seriously? Do you believe will win this gen?
Back in 2011 Nintendo introduced Wii U as a hardcore videogame console, full of third party support. Since then, they started to appeal for the casual market again, leaving core fans. "That doesn't matter, as long as there's Mario I'll play Wii U". Bullcrap. Nintendo's first parties doesn't even use the Gamepad! That's freaking riddiculous! They charged us with a piece of junk which is barely used on games.
Also the console doesn't even have features: no internal hard drive, no ethernet port, no messaging system, no invites from friends, no chat or parties, no achievements... a piece of crap just like Wii but with better graphics (I mean come on, do you relly believe Wii U is "HD" as Nintendo claim? Even the X360 has better graphics).
Miiverse? You all talk about Miiverse as if it would be the super innovation. Have you been in a forum earlier? That's all about Miiverse, is nothing but a service to say hello and leave. You can't customize your profile, no backgrounds, no nothing: just a gimmicky service.
I'm not a hater, in fact I own a Wii U and I've been a long time Nintendo fan, but honestly there's no way to rescue Wii U unless they manage to understand how the videogame industry is today. Nintendo still believes they are in the 90s. The Wii U is not next-gen, it's not only about the games (which are always recycled), it's not about sells, it's all about gamers. That's why PS4 received positive feedback, because Sony focused on gamers and PS4 attends any need a gamer demands nowadays, something Nintendo has forgotten since 2006.
Wii U sucks and I don't think it will gonna make it. The best thing Nintendo can do is stop it's production before it's too late or they will carry the very same fate of their console.



electrolite77 said:


To want something to fail completely so that other people can't enjoy it? No. I'd start worrying about myself if that were the case. Especially in the case of a console when I'm sensible enough to realise the other companies are just as capable of behaving badly.



electrolite77 said:

The Wii U displays HD graphics. Ergo, it's HD.

It's this gen too, a generation is decided by time.

And as good as the PS4 will likely turn out, bit harsh to criticise Nintendo for 'recycling' games but give Sony a free pass for launching with COD, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed and the 6th Killzone game in less than 10 years



IceClimbers said:

@net34 You lost all credibility when you said that the Wii U isn't HD and that the 360 has better graphics. Wii U is HD. Go look at Pikmin 3. A game that was originally supposed to be for Wii, yet it completely blows away half of the PS3/360's library in terms of graphics.



Technosphile said:

Microsoft had a lot of bad press, but Nintendo has worse: apathy.

For example, I live where both Microsoft and Nintendo's US headquarters are located. The local news did a feature on the midnight launch of the PS4, then described the console war as a two-horse race. Not one mention of Nintendo. Now you may scoff at that and say its just one instance, but I think there is a great deal of that sort of general public ignorance to Nintendo's products. And that is 100% on Nintendo.

I've said it before, but if this Christmas is very bad for the U and it finds itself outsold by its four competitors, Nintendo can go ahead and panic.



unrandomsam said:

@Yasume I have that emotion towards Sony. I bought an Xperia Play Sim Free at full price. (My choice early adopter) only to have them not provide the firmware update needed to run any of the modern stuff properly. Refused to fix the manufacturing defect with the compass. Not provide any of the games they originally sold the thing on the promise of. (It is in the ethos of the company to never do the right thing and screw over the customer as much as possible).



Ultra_Mario1001 said:

Man, you guys are all really pessemistic. Give the Wii U some time and some more games and it will be selling like hotcakes. Remember, the Wii U is basically the same price as the wii. Most One and PS4 owners will jump to PC gaming soon.



Yoshis_VGM said:

You know, we must also consider that Super Mario 3D World launches on Friday, and that game currently stands at the #27 most-wanted video game product on Amazon, the highest I've EVER seen a Wii U product since launch. This whole year, anything Wii U related has been hovering around the #500-1000 spot. 3D World is highly anticipated, as with a lot of the major games coming out next year.

The Wii U is not dead yet. We can't call a console a "failure" after only a year on the market. The console will have another chance to redeem itself in the spring. No matter how much Sony and Microsoft will deny it, they will have a post-launch game drought. Every console has a drought, and with Donkey Kong and Mario Kart launching in February/springtime, the Wii U will have a chance to redeem itself.

Give the Wii U a chance, people. Most of you haters out there have probably never even touched one. If the Wii U is still doing this poorly this time next year, then Nintendo should have a reason to worry.



Emblem said:

I own and love my Wii U and I'll be picking up a PS4 when more JRPGs and Japanese influenced games come out for sure. I doubt Xbone can offer me anything this generation i can't get on my PC so i'll pass unless they get some exclusive RPGS i want to play.

Its worth noting that Nintendo have made more actual profit than Xbox or the PS every generation. Selling at a loss and spending craploads on marketing etc has done neither brand any favors. MS can of course afford it as they post a overall profit each year (however investors don't like the gaming division at all) but Sony cannot so i believe they will pull out all the stops to make the PS4 successful and profitable.

In any case enjoy the games and f%&k the politics is what i say.



IceClimbers said:

@Technosphile What are those 4 competitors? PS4, XB1, 360, and PS3? If so, then there are really 7 competitors. The Wii U is competing with the 3DS at this point, as well as the Wii Mini and the Vita. 3DS isn't competing with the Wii U though; it's just stealing all of the sales.



unrandomsam said:

@net34a The PS4/Xbone are both junk. Even the launch stuff is not 1080p/60fps. Which means the only way it will look good is on a plasma (Which have universally bad latency - mine is about 30ms which is about as good as any of them).



Knux said:

I bought a Wii U in February, and will likely buy a PS4 sometime before the end of 2014. I'll probably buy a Xbox One two to three years from now after the library builds up and the inevitable price drop.

It's good to own all three consoles so your options in gaming are vast, which is all that matters for you in the end.

But Nintendo is probably going to be in third place during this generation unless they pull off a miracle.



Jampie said:

-Wii U not HD? Just lol...
-No messaging system? So what was that about with all the MiiVerse 3DS complaints for it not having messaging like the Wii U's MiiVerse?
-Nintendo's first party games don't use the gamepad? What is Off-TV play? What is Game & Wario, Nintendoland, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Wii Party U, etc? If you don't like those games, then so be it, but it doesn't change the fact that there are Nintendo first party games that use the gamepad.
-MiiVerse to just say hello and leave? It doesn't seem like you have used it much at all. If MiiVerse isn't your cup of tea, then that's understandable, but there are many others that use MiiVerse not to just say hello and leave.
-Recycling games? You act like only Nintendo does that. Sony certainly does that as well as any other gaming company.
There are definitely some issues with the Wii U, but what system doesn't have issues? Nothing is perfect. But whatever, think what you will, but I hope you refrain from calling everyone that talks positively about the Wii U as a fanboy right off the bat the next time. People have different preferences/opinions and if you want them to respect yours, you should definitely respect theirs.



Technosphile said:

@IceClimbers Well, if you want to include the Vita then the situation is even more dire, since the Vita has been beating the U in Japan..

And why do you think they're killing off the Wii?



WebHead said:

I think Wii U will be third place behind XBO and PS4 when all is said and done.



jorgem696 said:

It dont matter I already own a Wii U and me and my brother are getting the PS4 just for online multiplayer and for Uncharted and infamous but I just have my Wii U for all the Nintendo awesomeness



DanMan82 said:

@unrandomsam Not defending @net34a or anything, but to be fair, most of the Wii U's launch games weren't native 1080p 60fps either...

EDIT: I'm pretty sure Killzone Shadow Fall is 1080p 60fps



arrmixer said:

Well I'm happy with my games so far... Honestly whatever happens as long as Nintendo continues to support the wii u and the 3ds I'm good.

In the end, whichever console wins is irrelevant to me.



unrandomsam said:

@Emblem Fairly sure that Rockstar / EA etc get a special deal from both MS and Sony (Playing them both against each other saying we will release first on the other platform etc).

Investors are very short sighted. (Microsoft has lumped Surface/Windows Phone in with Xbox so that will stop them seeing the full picture even more. (Maybe the patent money from Android goes in there as well.)

Sony won't give accurate figures for the PS3 either (Which obviously means they are not good).



Caryslan said:

@unrandomsam I have to go find it, but I read something about the PS3 breaking the 80 million mark a few weeks ago. Plus I could be wrong, but I think PS3 sales are above the Xbox 360 in Europe and Japan. NA is the only place where the 360 still has a lead.

Ok, I found a link where Sony reveals how many PS3s they have sold. Its at 80 million, which surpasses even the NES , SNES, and Genesis in sales.

Not counting handhelds, I think this puts the PS3 at the 4th or 5th best selling console after the PS2, PS1, and Wii. I'm not sure who is ahead between the PS3 and Xbox 360 since those numbers do swap.



nano43 said:

Wii U will be pushed in 3rd. It always happens to Nintendo. When I hear why people would choose other systems, it usually comes down to graphics.



Luke8400 said:

Unlike some of you, I haven't even had my Wii U for 6 months, and I've already picked up NSMBU, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders II, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Rayman Legends, Sonic All-Stars Racing, AC3, and Arkam City, and I have yet to play Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101. So I'm quite satisfied with the lineup and my Wii U has been played every day since the day I hooked it up. The thought of buying a new console now (or quite frankly anytime this gen, as I'm nearing 30 now and don't play video games as much as I did when I was 15)'s just not going to happen regardless of how MS/Sony do.



unrandomsam said:

@Caryslan The thing is for ages they were losing up to £200 per system. To accurately look at it then it would be necessary to work out how many were sold and what the profit or losses were on the hardware at that point. Microsoft turned it around much quicker with the hardware in terms of reducing costs. Plus most people with the system paid for xbox live. Sony never had that.



kidicaroots said:

My 2 cents: the Wii U will not win this gen, but it won't do worse than the GameCube either. More importantly: after this gen, we will see a big change in strategy for all console makers.



Captain_Balko said:

It's obviously too early to make any remotely viable predictions, but I think that in the next couple of years, the Wii U has a chance to get on top. The reason is the rise of "smart TVs".

Both the PS4 and (ESPECIALLY) the XBox One are focused on marketing their consoles as multimedia machines. This is where they will make the real money - not from "hardcore" gamers, but rather from people who do enjoy video games but are also looking for a multimedia "console" for their TV. Part of the allure of the PS4, that Sony is trying to play up on, is the social aspect, the fact that it has a blu-ray player, the emphasis on being able to browse TV shows and movies, and the ability to go on various internet based platforms (Netflix, Facebook, et cetera). Xbox One focuses on this even further.

If Sony and Microsoft respectively focus a lot of their resources on this aspect and predominantly market their consoles as a multimedia hub, they're going to be in trouble.The fact of the matter is, who would buy a "multimedia hub" for a large additional sum of money when a "Smart TV" gives you all of those features for much less and is actually built into the television? Yes, Nintendo has somewhat of a focus on these features too (Nintendo TVii, et cetera), but nowhere near the emphasis that either Sony or Microsoft puts on them. At the end of the day, the Wii U is all about games. Smart TVs cannot provide that sort of gaming experience, and won't be able to for quite a while. If the PS4 and Xbox One become synonymous with being a multimedia hub in the public, and are looked at less and less as dedicated "gaming" consoles (which is seemingly what their creators want to occur), they will be in trouble. Meanwhile, the public will see the Wii U as accomplishing something that Smart TVs cannot, and likely elect to buy a Wii U rather than a PS4 or Xbox One. Of course, this is dependent on Nintendo executing some strong advertising that focuses on games.

That's my prediction, anyways. As I said, it's far to early to make an accurate one, but it is what I believe has a decent chance of happening in this generation.



Mecha_Boo said:

my personal opinion, everyone likes to attack wii u for a lack of games however i think the early launch will benefit them in the long run and get them the time they need to get a steady line of games, while xbone and ps4 are going to have to catch up. im currently unsure how this will affect sales but as long as they get out some big ticket games like they have on 3ds such as animal crossing, zelda, mario, and pokemon. then the sales will be just fine. one last thought, if nintendo can do similar with wii u a they did with wii and market it as a huge innovation and get it out to familys everywhere. then they can pull a new wii and win this generation like the last. but thats the only way i can see them winning this gen.



Senario said:

@TruenoGT I was waiting for a comment like this, thank you! Exactly my sentiments when it comes to PS and X box becoming more and more similar to PC and exclusives going extinct on those platforms. And with X 86 architecture, porting to PC will be so easy that third parties can't resist.



Dummpymonkey123 said:

@2Sang I disagree when people realize the only difference between the ps3 and ps4 is slightly better graphics and more social media availability people will flock to the only console still bold enough to reinvent traditional gaming itself ... Nintendo



GraveLordXD said:

@net34a Nintendo always recycled games lol but yet your praising Sony and calling everyone a Nintendo fanboy did you actually see what Sony launched with ac4 ,cod and another killzone oh and naughty dog is making yet another uncharted which will be the same exact gameplay as the last 4 uncharted games seriously do you even read what you type before clicking the reply button



Mk_II said:

Somebody pointed out to me that this Holiday season, a casual shopper will have almost zero chance of buying a PS4 or Xbox One off the shelf. The launch editions will quickly sell out, mostly on pre-orders. This could help the Wii U sales.



luke17 said:

This may sound strange as a Nintendo fan, but it could be a good thing if the Wii U tanks. Why? Because it might be the only thing that wakes Nintendo up out of their customer-unfriendly, stubborn slumber. Give us a true VC lineup with Gamecube and more retro games, give us a true account system tied to purchases, and not the console...give us a system with more power and storage, give us more ONLINE play in games. It may take an epic failure for them to wake the heck up and start paying attention.



Wolfgabe said:

My the pessimism is strong here. I doubt Wii U will be kicked into third place. Xbox One seems more likely to wind up in third because of the high price and how Microsoft has blundered in past months. Sony and Microsoft will be heavily constrained in terms of supply which basically means if you didn't pre order then you are probably sol.



unrandomsam said:

@DanMan82 So if I want to get a Wii U I need another TV then. (I have an approximately 30ms Plasma) and a pretty cheap HDTV that only is ok at 1080p. Digital Signage monitors or Gaming monitors are pretty expensive at 32"+. The only thing I cared about from Sony is the thing they decided to axe. (LCD technology with CRT type response time I forget the name of it).



Cyberbotv2 said:

I really thought about a PS4, but the fact the system was not backwards compatible killed it for me. I do not want multiple systems in my house. So right now, the Wii U and PS3 may be it for me.



unrandomsam said:

@Akai Most of the benefits of Steam are lost if you look at games supporting big picture and Linux then it is about 90 games nearly all of them are indie's. If they used Windows Embedded the benefits would be greater.



DamnTrigger said:

I think it is naive to think that the Wii U will be anywhere near these 2 machines in the next couple of years when all the PS3 / 360 crowd finally make the change to the next gen. I would love Nintendo to stop dribbling out these sub standard consoles and actually give us a machine worth buying. As much as I've played the likes of Mario and Zelda since NES (and I could even be referred to as a Nintendo fan boy), I wont be buying the Wii U just to play the new instalments. I am willing to bet that there are literally hundreds of thousands of gamers (if not more) thinking exactly the same thing. Nintendo has been left behind. Time to go back to the drawing room and release a machine worthy of the brand. The days of dominating the market with a truly great machine (SNES era) are long, long gone.



Garios said:

It's still way too early to tell, especially since the PS4 launch is so underwhelming. The thing will be sold out for the holidays along with the One, but once all the pre-orders have been shipped out, will they still be able to keep their momentum? Unless they're able to crank out some killer exclusives, it might be a struggle for them as well. Personally, they don't offer enough to make me dish out $500+ and add more clutter to my TV area.



Warruz said:

@Pushtrak With PS4 and Xbox One being so focused on becoming PC's in terms of not only how they function but in their design, there will be less of a reason to own a PC,PS4,and Xbox One as most games available with be available on the other. At the very least said point will be further out then before due to the far fewer differences between them.



Megumi said:

Eh...I don't care anymore...I enjoy the stupid system...that's all that matters...other people can continue to call it a children's toy or whatever they're saying these days.



allplatfrmgamer said:

@2Sang It's hard to say right now, if the PS4 will win, considering the fact that its launch line up was no better than Wii U, and there aren't any worth while games that will make me throw money at Sony just yet.



Marakuto said:

Some of you are gullible, I mean, just because somebody doesn't see Nintendo as a company as highly as you do but can justify why they don't doesn't mean you have to get so emotional over it and throw a missyfit comment at them...

Anyways, regarding this I'm mostly playing on my PC & 3DS for gaming in general now. I rarely play my Wii though unless friends/family come over to have Gamecube or Wii action. I'm seeing that both the Xbox One and PS4 are going to be having a little struggle for some time due to similar hardware capabilities and either of the two will do better this gen. For the Wii U, I see 2014 as an opportunity that cannot and Nintendo shouldn't, miss. They can build up on titles during the next year and plan ahead on which games will launch on the right seasons to help boost sales. I'm looking to get a Wii U and PS4 either next year or 2015 since they've got some pretty decent games that have grabbed my attention, but I'm not sure how long I'd be playing them for since I'm so hooked to PC gaming. Too bad console wars still are a thing though...



allplatfrmgamer said:

@Warruz Or it can be the opposite, there would be less of a reason to own a PS4 or an Xbox, since a PC you can keep upgrading your hardware to higher specs than the consoles at any moment that you choose to, while a home console you have to wait at least 6-7 years.



Sceptic said:

Nintendo dropped the WiiU off in the wild with a backpack full of what they claimed was 'content' but turned out to be just a peanut butter sandwich, an old carrot, a diet coke and 40 pounts of rocks and sticks. The WiiU tried to call for help by spelling the letters "SOS" with the rocks but didn't have enough of them and now is too weak to move, much less find new 'content' on it's own.

It has taken shelter in the old wreck of a school bus where it will probably die, unless by some miracle the fungus on the walls turns out to be premium content and some passing aircraft correctly interprets the letters "SO..." out front to mean "SOS". But then maybe it does mean "So..." As in "So what."

If I could chose again, I'd stick to my PC. I don't see what the big deal with consoles is. I got the WiiU in the hope of local multiplayer with the family and even a year later there's still barely a game that has it. The whole motion control thing isn't nearly as well implemented (anywhere) and games are so insanely expensive it's just not worth it.

The kids just played two hours of minecraft and got more enjoyment and intelligent gameplay out of it than from the last 12 hours of WiiU (whenever that was. I'm the only one playing it these days).



JetArtois said:

I think Nintendo need to pull their finger out tbh and stop thinking that everyone will buy a Wii U like they did the Wii or at least upgrade from Wii to Wii U, it aint gonna happen. VC and eShop need more content, especially VC. The amount of games that could be on there that aren't is stupid. They seem to release the same old stuff and at stupid prices. Towards the end of the Wii Us life they'll still be missing great titles on VC, then the next-gen Nintendo console will be out with a VC and the likes of Balloon Fight, SMB, Wrecking Crew etc etc will be released once again week by week. Get Sega on your side more Ninty, get some DC games on VC. Imagine if Shemnue was released as an exclusive to Wii U, big sales boost. Never played it myself but its always being talked about that much i wanna play it. Dont get me wrong, i love my Wii U and Nintendo, they just annoy me how slow,stuck in there ways and sometimes old fashioned with things they are (online, friend codes). No PS4 or X1 for me yet as Wii U has the best to offer and still have a load to play n finish on 360 & PS3.



Bennyt said:

I have no regrets about buying the WiiU last November & it's been nothing short of a blast & tons of fun with family & friends. Yes, Nintendo could have done things better (but they're slowly getting there, lil' by lil'), the lack of third party support has been a tad disappointing & that i prefer to draw nowadays on MV instead of gaming, i still love the console & thoroughly enjoy the current games on it -The Wonderful 101, LoZ: WW, Pikmin 3, MHU, Nintendo-Land & others.

There's lots to be excited about the console for 2014 with X, MK8 & more on top of the upcoming indie games, so i think the console will do fine. Not great but good enough. But i think SM3DW will be the deciding game for Nintendo - it looks absolutely fantastic & definitely has nailed the Nintendo factor but whether it is successful or not as much should show where Nintendo future stands with the console.
But hey, who knows whats gonna happen this gen with the xbox one, ps4 & WiiU - the world is full of surprises - just sit back, enjoy the games & please give all these arguments/bashing Big N back & forth a break.

Happy gaming.



Warruz said:

@allplatfrmgamer Perhaps i didnt make my point clear enough ,if not my apologies. In my Mind there is two groups, the main one(the one everyone is concerned about) is currently: PC,PS4,and Xbox one and are all competing against each other due to their absurd amount of similarities to each other. Because they are so close with such similarities this means you can for the most part consider them the same thing. This gives a LARGE drop in marginal utility because you get very little satisfaction purchasing another in the same category, thus are most likely only going to have one of the three.

This puts Wii U out in its own land not competing on the same points and if done right should come off as an attractive second console purchase as it offers the most if you already own one of the other systems.



Neram said:

Why is everyone on such a PlayStation high? To me it looks like the boring counterpart to the Xbox One. Why does nobody want an Xbox One? Microsoft actually listened to feedback and changed what people were complaining about. As far as I'm concerned Xbox One is where all the developer support will be, and Wii U alongside it will be the way to go, just like Wii60 last gen. Xbox One for the AAA multiplats and better exclusives than PS4, and Wii U for the best 1st party money can buy.

People complain about Microsofts business models, but nobody is even noticing that Sony is now expecting people to subscribe to PSPlus in order to play games online. So, it was bad when MS was doing it, but now it:s okay because Sony can do no wrong?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I suppose the gaming market will split up into two markets, as I already theorized on another topic.
The New-Gen Market: this will be the battlefield of XBone and PS4. Publishers who can afford it will use their technology to make their games bigger, better and (for better or worse) more photorealistic. So only the big international companies will develop for those, alongside a good number of Indie developers.
The Creative Market: might sound biased, but read on. This will be the market for developers who lack the funds to make games on New-Gen platforms or who don't want to switch to New-Gen yet. Also a good number of Indie developers who can't afford New-Gen development as well.

But all in all, this arms race will only harm the gaming market in the end...



Dpullam said:

Personally, I am going to probably end up getting a Wii U and either the Xbox One or PS4. I can't imagine missing out on the next Zelda, Mario, and Super Smash Bros game so I'll certainly be getting a Wii U at some point. As for the other two consoles, I could make do with either one of them so I can get my Kingdom Hearts and Elder Scrolls fix. I am leaning more towards the Xbox One though despite it costing $100 more than the PS4. Kinect would simply be far too useful for me to ignore. I guess time will tell.




The only people getting a PS4 at the moment are the fanboys, but who is left after that ? anybody with half a brain can see this console is nothing but hype. A name and brand can only get you so far, nintendo have been very stupid this past year.

But things have changed, the wii u now has games worth owning it for and that is more than I can say for X1 and PS4.

There isn't even any big games announced for the 1st quarterof next year ? make no mistake, these 2 consoles will suffer the same growing pains as wii u did, maybe worse.

Wii U has a very strong line up for next year, and as we all know games sell consoles.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm placing my bet now: The Wii U will be third. Maybe not a distant one, but I don't ever see it surpassing either Next-gen console unless a miracle happens.



siavm said:

The reason the wii came out on time was wii sports. I bought a lot of new people in. Us nintendo fans were there but were pretty outmatched by the new gamers young and old. Now that was died. It is pretty much us nintendo fans supporting it now and a very small number compared to the wii numbers of new gamers. Unless nintendo has another wii sports like game coming out next year third is sadly were they are staying. Smash and Mario kart are big but they did not bring the numbers like wii sports brought in. I am still going to support it but I may get a ps4 before the first price drop.



hYdeks said:

that last question is and is what makes gamers sound dumb in general, which console is gonna win?!? Who gives a ****!! Just buy the console you love, geesh lol

And honestly, PS4's touchpad and video sharing,and One's more advanced Kinect are a joke to me,but people will buy them and laugh at the Wii U and it's gamepad, which is honestly way better than what Sony and Microsoft are offering with there plain,boring,supped-up consoles.



Marshi said:

SALES SALES SALES.Always about sales! It annoys me,do better sales make me enjoy my console more?NO!And if it does you are one shallow individual.
Alot of talk on ps4 wiping the floor with wiiu. Thats probably true in terms of sales and I cant wait for the uk midnight launch on 29th,but does that mean ps4 will beat wiiu on the most important thing:games? Well theres no right or wrong opinion there, some will see killzone,destiny and infamous as the second coming,others will be very put off and rate mario 3d world, wii party u and smash bros as the next gens highlights. At the end of the day if im enjoying what in playing,and there are new games I want to play on the horizon,i couldnt give two hoots about how many people are playing it,and neither should ANYONE who has a hobby involving playing video games rather than moaning about them



Chris720 said:

@Kaze_Memaryu You forgot the Budget Market... Like the OUYA, Gamestick and Steam machine. The Gamestick alone is only £9.99 and runs all Android games. OUYA's emulator alone is worth it...



One-Winged-Pit said:

I am going for the Wii U and PS4. The 360 was a waste of money, I cannot imagine One being any better. There are a total of six exclusives for the 360 I think are even good (I hate Halo) and the rest are on the PS3 but PS3 has a ton of exclusives.



nungi said:

Told you that they were coming out with another Piece of Sheet 4 and garbage box 1 (soon out) I have a wii u and 3ds and can't even afford to upgrade my library yet so nothing new on the other 2 consoles just more memory(u could buy) and better graphics,probably same as the wii u.i think that the wii u and whatever it's got under the surface has more potential than the two of them put together.Right now the wii u needs good games and not something called a port or ports.theres a lot of games for wii u now than what's there for the next gen consoles.Oh sorry another three or four shoot em up and that's whatever these fools that spend money brainlessly and buyed thre or four of the other consoles.nobody can't stop you now



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

I feel that none of the next gen consoles will come close to the current gen sales during its lifespan. None will teach 100 million units. The PS4 will ale the majority, followed by Xbox then WiiU . But as of right now, besides the preorders of the new systems, I don't know why anybody would pick up a PS4 or xbox1 over the WiiU. Until the heavy hitter exclusives come out for those two, the WiiU's library is superior for the remainder of this year and early next year. I'm a fan of all systems. This is only my opinion of course. But what does the PS4 and xbox1 have compared to Mario 3D and Wind Waker Hd? Once Destiny and Uncharted come out however, my view will change.



idork99 said:

Off topic:
The console wars now remind me of 2006. And if I recall, back then, Sony was saying that the PS3 was built to be a 10 year machine. I guess they couldn't wait till 2016 but they should have. Realistically, I don't see any must have games for PS4, One, or U for that matter. With so many ways to game, many consumers are better off waiting then going "next gen." The current gen has so many great games IMO so I don't see the PS4 or One flying off the shelves like in the past. It'll be different this time sales wise.



1wiierdguy said:

I feel the Wii U will come third in sales but it will do better than Gamecube that's for sure. As long as Nintendo stays profitable then the games will continue to come. That's what's really important, games that can't be had anywhere else.



MasterWario said:

I honestly don't care. I buy the games that I like and that's that. As long as the Wii U doesn't do too badly that it stops short, I have no problems with who wins the console war.

On a side note, with all the games coming out I won't have money to even consider the PS4.



Expa0 said:

I bought a Wii U mainly for Smash Bros and the SMT X FE crossover (What happened to that btw?), but much like I excepted it hasn't been good for anything so far. PS4 looks pointless atm, but once the series I bought PS3 for like Blazblue, Disgaea, Tekken and King of Fighters start to move onto PS4 I will be forced to get it. As for Xbone... No thanks!



TruenoGT said:

@Senario I think the biggest things one could miss out on by skipping PS4/XB1 for PC will be a lot of Japanese developed games, such as those from Grasshopper, Vanillaware and Namco that have never been on PC. A lot of Japanese companies like Konami, Capcom and Sega are all putting out a lot of PC releases lately though, so hopefully others that don't develop for Wii U will follow suit!



nungi said:

First they criticized the name,it's just a wii,it don't even have enough memory,the list went on and on.Sony come out with ps4 most are defected.shhhh,never had a problem with my wii u yet.there is no console war only a war between being innovative and keep repeating with more horsepower wii u could do better for less.I'm not a hater just keeping track of whats going on with these people out there



Zael said:

the wii u will recover after zelda u and xenoblade, but i dubt it will outsell ps4 because ps4 is the perfect hardware for this next gen.
Probably it will outsell xone and place 2nd
It will outsell the gamecube because, after the wii which sold 100 m, many people will finish to buy it after the release of mario kart zelda xeno etc.
But all the mistakes on hardware unfortunately will prevent the wii u to be the top seller
On the other hand i predict better games on wii u, especially zelda u that will be better than skyward sword
At the end we will be satisfied of the wii u but with some disappointment for what it could have been with a better hardware and support



Dpishere said:

@Dpullam Agreed, that is my plan as well. In the end the amount of sales a console receives is irrelevant to me, I just care about the games. All sales statistics provide for is a useless fanboy war, just like this topic has proven. Will people never learn?



electrolite77 said:

"i couldnt give two hoots about how many people are playing it,and neither should ANYONE who has a hobby involving playing video games rather than moaning about them"

Don't try and tell me or anyone else what to be interested in please.

Sales = more games and a longer life for the machine as has been shown over and over and over again



Luffy said:

When I was 8 I got the NES got every other Nintendo since then. So I only care about Nintendo game.s I'm 31 now!!! I have a business and family so my game time is LIMITED. I only play marios/zeldas/ AND SOME 3rd party. I'm on world 2 of Rayman Legends. Great game btw. So Wii U is all I have time for!!!

Butttt I just bought a 3DS XL preordered Gold Zelda bundle. Because LINK to past is my fav game of all time STILL.



Luffy said:

i'm sure I'm a rare case and most original nintendo gamers are long and gone.



ricklongo said:

If I had to bet, I'd say consoles will sell significantly less than last generation. It's hard to predict who will be on top, but I think the Wii U has good chances if Nintendo drops the goodies. The 3DS, which is the most succesful system this year, has next to no third-party support in the West, so that excuse for a lack of Wii U sales doesn't convince me.

To be honest, as a PC owner, exclusives are the only reason I see for owning a dedicated gaming console, and in that regard no one beats Nintendo. The PS4 exclusive launch lineup is a disaster if reviews are to be believed, and I can already see Xbox One games like Ryse: Son of Rome following suit. If we get to a point of constant first-party releases for the Wii U, I believe it has every shot at ouselling both competitors (especially since no generation was ever won by more powerful / more expensive machines). We'll see.



bloodycelt said:

Hmm, given how expensive they are and how the gaming market is mostly shooters now, I actually see the PC coming back and taking that gaming segment with it.
I think Nintendo's problem is the majority of Casual Wii Owners will not buy another system ever again period. They are perfectly happy with Wii Sports.

So I imagine all of the next-gen systems are going to be below expectations. And without the shooters, the other games will be niche and not have the budget to fully take advantage of the XBone/PS4 power. No doubt Naughty Dog will craft an amazing couple of titles for the PS4, but I actually think Sony's winning strategy will be the Vita TV.



nilcam said:

These are curious times. Neither the Xbone or PS4 have anything out or coming soon that even remotely appeals to me. Add in the fact that the PS3 has interesting games coming out well into next year and the upgrade makes no sense. The Wii U has a few good games and some promising downloadable games coming soon. The only must-have console at the moment is 2DS/3DS. It has a deep library, is cheaper to buy and get games for and has some really strong titles coming soon. As a long-time fan of handheld gaming, I'm excited and shocked by these facts.



Gorlokk said:

The PS4's launch is looking pretty lame to me in all honesty. I never had a PS3, so I was thinking about getting a PS4 to play PS3 games until I found out it's not backwards compatible. I think I'll just get a nice cheap used PS3 this xmas along with a bunch of cheap used games and start playing what I missed out on.

The Wii U definitely had better launch titles than the PS4, and in all honesty, I think the Xbox One has a better launch line up at the moment. If I had to be honest with myself, I would actually get a One over the PS4 right now. Well, if it wasn't $500, that is, so I'll probably wait for a price drop of some sort.



hotlfusion said:

Coming last is not a big issue as long as the wii u sells enough units to sustain itself, whatever that figure maybe.
As for the other consoles the PS4 is more appealing to me. The only title that looks interesting on the xb1 is Titanfall and I don't need the console for that, my 3 year old PC will run it better.



Jayvir said:

Anyone talking sales and hype needs to look again at the 3DS. It was supposed to be crushed and deemed irrelevant compared to the Vita and smartphone market and it's dominating right now. It's far to early to call the shots on ANY of the three consoles.



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 like I told you last time if that was the case why are they not making games for the Wii anymore considering it sold way more than the competing consoles
It won't matter if the Wii u sells 30 million consoles or 130 million consoles I'm pretty sure it would have the same life expectancy either way not to mention it is way to early to even tell who will come out on top but then again who cares you think if Nintendo ends up 3rd place that they'll stop making games? As if they haven't been in a bad place before they know how to run their company with out bankrupting themselves



Subie98 said:

@KayOL78 uh, you know that development times for ps4 are faster by far than it was for the ps3. Infact back to how easy it was for the orginal ps. Xbox is going to take longer than the ps3 did, im betting. Companies have already said they have difficulties. Sony should be a lot better off this generation on cost of development for games.



Caryslan said:

@JetArtois This is what I don't get about Nintendo, the Virtual Console should be a major asset and an advantage that Sony and Microsoft simply can't match. Nintendo alone sits on a goldmine of classic games that cover everything from the 8-bit era to modern gaming And yet, we are getting the same tired games over and over again. Its ok to put the SNES on the VC, but where's Super Mario World 2, Star Fox, and other games that did not make it onto the Wii?

And I don't buy the augment that their emulation can't handle it. If SNES emulators made by hobbyists in the 90s and early 2000s could handle Super FX games, than surely Nintendo can make them work on modern systems! There is no excuse as to why in 2013 neither of those games are still missing on the Wii or WIi U!

This does not just apply to the Wii U, the 3DS Virtual Console has some issues of its own. Namely, the fact that GBA titles are still not on the service! Again, the GBA is a popular platform and the games are being requested. Why are they being withheld? Is it because they don't want to upset the small number of early adopters who got their games through the Ambassador Program? How long will Nintendo withhold them? Honestly, its been two years. Nintendo needs to put GBA games on the 3DS eshop. I f there are not emulation issues, then what's the hold up? A few early adaptors of the 3DS who might lose their exclusive titles to the general public?

I love Nintendo, but it frustrates me how they view the VC as an afterthought. They really need to take a lesson from Sega.

No matter your view on Sega's modern output, they have done a better job than Nintendo of getting their old games into the hands of modern gamers. The have collections, modern versions of the Genesis in the form of plug and play consoles & handhelds, and tons of output of their older games on modern systems.

I'm not saying Sega is perfect, but they have done a better job than Nintendo on the Virtual Console. The Game Gear emulator has more options than Nintendo's Game Boy emulator, they offered online play in two Genesis games, and even went to the trouble of translating Monster World IV. Nintendo is a much bigger company, why not have a small team translating the NES and SNES Fire Emblem games or finishing up the NES Earthbound prototype for the VC?

Why is the VC so neglected and treated like an afterthought? Nintendo has a backlog of games that Sony and Microsoft could only dream of, and it seems like they don't care. When Sega is doing a better job than Nintendo on their own service, than Nintendo really needs to review how they handle their VC service.



suburban_sensei said:

I could care less about the console wars. I feel if you have fun playing, who cares how much it is selling? Of course the investors and people at Nintendo care, we don't want them to have a failure, obviously. However, I think the Wii U is far from a failure, it's still finding its footing. 2014 will be a big year for the system, and I for one am happy to own a Wii U, and while im finishing college over the next 2-3 years, it will probably be the only console I have (other than my 3DS XL). After college maybe i'll spring for a PS4 if it's dropped to $300 or lower.



ricklongo said:

@Caryslan That is my one big complaint about Nintendo nowadays. The state of Virtual COnsole, in both platforms, is inexcusable. I have no idea why that is the case.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Chris720 I know, but I don't know enough about their intentions and game lineup to guess where they could move... they could end up anywhere as of yet... well, except for the Steam machines, those are definitely on the same competition level as PC's, simply because they are gaming-optimized, but affordable.



electrolite77 said:


It makes me smile that you think you're telling me anything or indeed, arguing with me. You're arguing against video game history for some reason.

The Wii sold more than the 'Cube, got more games and a longer life-in fact games are still being made for the Wii 7 years after launch. Even PS2 still gets the odd game.

Saturn and Dreamcast struggled for games, struggled for sales, Sega out of hardware manufacturing. See also Jaguar, 3DO, Virtual Boy in fact pretty much every Console ever.

If Wii U bombs and doesn't make money there's more chance of Nintendo changing direction and maybe pulling out of making consoles. I'm not saying they definitely will, but it's an entirely logical suggestion with precedent.



Void said:

I might be interested in a PS4 and Xbox One if I somehow get rich, until then, my PC, Wii U, and 3DS seem to be good enough for me.



WanderingPB said:

Everyone should enjoy the console or consoles that have the games they want to play…

Its silly to take a poll about what people personally choose for their gaming experience…i remember when we used to play games for fun

Im happy for anyone whose happy with the console that gives them their gaming experience regardless of what console it is…im happy with my WiiU because its the best gaming experience for me right now…great video games are fun to play regardless of the system its on



pukka-pie said:

If the rumors are to be believed Microsoft are planning selling the Xbox brand, depending on the buyer this could signal the end of the 'console wars' as we know it. The PS3 also suffered from colossal losses, if the PS4 shapes up the same then who knows what the future holds for that too. They both seem infallible right now but who knows? My prediction; Nintendo will be making consoles long after both Sony and Microsoft give it up, Nintendo are all about games but it is only a tiny part of Microsoft's and Sony's strategy so their consoles are not going to be around forever, I could be wrong.

Certainly they don't appeal to me for the first time; a WiiU and a PC are all that I need. But then again I seem to be the only person that is totally bored of generic, bland, unimaginative, shoot-em-ups which is all that seems to be on offer on the One and the PS4. I may have to buy one for Metal Gear though..



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 the Wii got more shovelware than the cube that's about it as I've been a part of that " gaming history" for 30+ years now yeah I'm getting old my argument still stands on two feet and strong because we aren't talking about the Wii u failing because its far from that we are talking about coming in 3rd place and as me and @Marshi are basically trying to say who cares? The cube and the 64 both got less 3rd party support both came in third but also had better 1st and second party support both around for 5 years and were both considered better than the Wii by most Nintendo fans including myself. You might want another Wii but I'll take another GameCube hands down no questions asked and BTW Nintendo seems like they do a better job when they are in the position they are in right now vulnerable



JetArtois said:

@Caryslan Completey agree with you pal. Sega have pushed alot of their games out on all platforms and ive been there buying/downloading them again. Nintendo and Sega had that Wii U 3 game exclusive thingy, but it needs more. Read that Sony have been hearing for the call of Shemnue, wouldn't be surprised if they nipped it in the bud and Nintendo just carry on old style.
Great comments pal.



AJ_Lethal said:

Some people's pessimism in here makes me physically sick.

I for one I think the Wii U might sit either in second below the PS4 or 3rd overall, but still over GC's numbers.

Meanwhile, whoever ends up being the MS CEO might end up axeing the Xbox division and if the PS4 screws up, that's it for Sony, so there's a bit of uncertainity on them. If Wii U definitely tanks for A/B reasons in the next 3-4 years, Nintendo can just pick themselves up and try again, although they ain't gonna slack off in that timeframe.



TechnoEA said:

I'd get a Wii U but there really isn't a point at the moment, none of the games interest me as much as the PS4 line up. There's Super Mario 3D Land and Smash Bros Wii U, but that's about it. When Zelda U comes along then I'll have my final game to justify a purchase.

I never buy Nintendo Consoles before I buy a PlayStation Console. So PS4 first for me, then the Wii U.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm just guessing, but I voted Wii U will come in second. I'd honestly love for it to do even better though.

And sometimes I wish everybody would stop bashing whatever companies or products they don't like, stop insulting each other, and stop with all the "So and so console is gonna kill so and so console"garbage. Sheesh, just play the games you like.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@net34a don't agree entirely because I think Nintendo would be a software company by now if they weren't hell-bent on being different, but they definitely didn't figure their core market out for Wii U and their idea of damage control is annoying most of us. 2014 needs 3DS levels of support for Wii U to not fail.




I'm sticking with my PC and Wii U. As long as it is required to pay for online to play online on the other two, then I'll pass.



OliverAdam said:

I stil don't understand why people compare the Wii U to the GC. The GC did a lot better by now, it had a lot more 3rd party support, and there's simply no bright light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Wii U. GC sold around 23 mil units, and N64 32 mil, but the Wii U is soon done with its first year on the market, selling at heavy loss, and it's managed about 4 million. The console won't have a 7 year lifespan like the Wii, there's no way, and with the numbers it's selling at right now, i don't think it will even round the 30 million. I honestly think the Wii U will only sell arou 17-20 million units. Nothing redeems its poor value in comparison to what the rest of the market offers including PC's. There's no way. Nintendo enthusiasts might want it, and i'm not denying that Nintendo games are still amazing, but a casual gamer don't go into the store going "hey you got a game with great game design?!" they say "hey what's the new stuff?", and it seems no chain of stores will even mention the Wii U.



MAB said:

Alright, I have dug up a official soundtrack for the Sony fanboys that are scrambling to return their faulty PS4 systems after one whole day of use

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube



Royalblues said:

I'm going to get all consoles eventually, starting with the XB1 and the PS4, and lastly, the Wii U. I am actually doubtful that the wii u is going to be a success here this time around. Largely in part to it's inferior hardware, and lack of 3rd party support that it will undoubtedly cause, but also partly because of Nintendo's unwillingness to modernize their console, and have a better online experience. There is no way that Mario, Smash, Zelda is going to carry that system. Not any more.

Having said all that, people who say they aren't going to buy such and such console, and generally being fanboys here should stop kidding themselves. If you call yourself a real gamer, you would see things as they are, and not how you want them to be, and buy all 'gaming consoles', and enjoy only the best each has to offer. That is what being a gamer means. Not joining some camp because it has one or two games.



Darknight1261 said:

Times like these distinguish the true true, die-hard Nintendo fans. I only wish I could afford a Wii U.



retro_player_22 said:

Considering the PS4 that my brother pre-order broke the moment we try to play it, I had to say the Wii U will be doing just fine.



real_gamer said:

Nintendo had 1 whole year to get the numbers, one whole year! I love Nintendo but they messed up horribly. The Wii U had little to no promotion and lack of new games to give a reason why to buy a Wii U. I'm hoping Super Mario 3D World will give it a push but console and handheldarket are two different areas. The PS4 and Xbox One has been promoting like crazy and they have way more appeal to the consumers. Nintendo needs a new marketing team and they need to seriously grind.



Platypus101 said:

@BlatantlyHeroic what statistics? You have never seen a major sporting event, clearly. Have you heard the word "upset"? It's a term they use in sports when the "favorite" team loses to the "underdog"... Let the real numbers speak for themselves I say, and let the race begin!



luisesteban said:

PS4 is a excelent bread toaster.

Wii U is a excelent gaming console.

Xbox1 is a "I don't care".



Olmectron said:

I only know I'm getting Super Mario 3D World next week. And I only think 3DS will still rule the selling charts for one more year (until any home console actually get good games).



ducktrapper said:

Sorry but I think claims that many people think the Wii U is just a peripheral or that people do not realise it is a new console are just ridiculous. Nintendo have used this excuse to try to smooth over its poor sales, but the plain fact is that the hardware hasn't impressed, and it is clear to most people that Nintendo's console seems a generation behind the upcoming big consoles. However, Nintendo still have the ability to reach a mass public through the power of their big guns like Mario and Zelda. The new Mario 3D World might make a difference but even with that it seems a case of updating an existing game to an extent rather than something completely fresh like Mario Galaxy. Same with Wind Waker. An all new Zelda game is called for. Games can make the difference for Nintendo.



Jllanos22 said:

The wii u is going to be fine. Been the only online free console and after watching from games like AC4 and CODG the wii u is at side to side with the PS4 and unlike PS, Nintendo has a great list of exclusives and the only thing to do now is that Nintendo start making them. The wii u a better price than the PS4 with game included and extra control and now at 2014 Nintendo has a good lineup with mario kart, super smash bros, bayonetta 2, a unknown game that they are working on and other surprises that Nintendo might make there move to release it for the wii u. Finally we all have to remember that Xbox and PS are known for their hardware problem from the start but nintendo doesn't have that problem. At the end, the games are the ones who will attract gamer to buy one console. Unless you are hardcore and want to have all three. Last year I made my decision to buy the wii u and support it all the way till Nintendo's new console arrive in the future.



Chris720 said:

@Kaze_Memaryu True, very true. They seem to have hit the spotlight and then disappeared, I haven't heard a thing about the OUYA for months... Its as if people hate the thing already.

It'll be interesting to watch how it all develops next year as the rat race begins. The Wii U is already trailing behind, the PS4 hasn't had a great start and still needs to launch in Japan and Europe, so all is left is the One...



Olmectron said:

@OliverAdam So, PS4 and ONE are going for the casual players now? It would look like that, since the second one in there is actually a big TV antenna.

I still think Wii will do it better than Wii U this december (including old Wii models as well as Wii Mini). That's the way to go for the casual gamer even nowadays. However, in the long run, I see Wii U being more sold than GameCube, with Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. being the culprits.



Daemonite said:

Wii u will be third (sixt, if you still count ps3 and x360)... Seriously, 2 or 3 first-party games will not save the console from its inevitable doom. No fricking way!!!
Virtually no 3rd-party support, dated hardware, no accountsystem... all that combined with the company's total disrespect towards their gamers :s
Sorry, but Nintendo should fire people for their WiiU disaster of a console!!!



Turbo857 said:


"The new Mario 3D World might make a difference but even with that it seems a case of updating an existing game to an extent rather than something completely fresh like Mario Galaxy. Same with Wind Waker."

Dude, am I reading this correctly? Are you really dismissing Mario 3D World as a rehash/remake or update to an existing game? Especially in the same vein as Wind Waker HD? Ya gotta be kidding me.

I don't see how 3D World can't be considered as fresh as an exclusively 1 player affair as Mario Galaxy. Ok the Galaxy series was excellent but their originality came from the mini spheres with its own gravity. Seriously, big deal.

3D World shows a whole lotta variety in its powerups and multiple characters. It looks to me like the most original Mario game we've gotten in quite some time. Dismissing it as rehash simply on the fact it's a spiritual sequel of a 3DS game is just ridiculous.



Williaint said:

@MadAussieBloke Thanks for some Benny Hill!

The Wii U may sell the most, it's unlikely, but here's why:
PS4 and XBone — which are frankly more popular, with their advertising being stuffed down every form or media — are splitting the "gamers" up. Splitting up the gamers even more, are their 'subtle' differences between games. Then, of course, there are more people than ever that DON'T buy consoles, and just iPhone/tablet game.
Being in the middle, Wii U has an advantage. like the Wii, more appealing to the middle-class, uninformed, and others. However, these same ignorant-gamers that have no idea that the Wii U isn't just the G-pad

Was PS4's Launch a success? All I have heard is problems with PS4s overheating, and other problems. Sony may have sold out more consoles, but that's probably because they had more in stock.
Yesterday: ME: Did your PS4's Sell out? BEST BUY GUY: Yeah, they were gone within about an hour, I think.
Well, so did the Wii U, but they only had 15 deluxe consoles in stock (No whities).
I wouldn't doubt a few people have mistakenly bought PS3's or Xbox 360's (perhaps again), instead of PS4's...

I'm interested to see whether XBone's launch goes better.

I'm sure that Wii U will gradually grow into a more popular console; within half a year, I'd assume a better result than last year.



Olmectron said:

@Turbo857 Yeah.

@ducktrapper Saying that Super Mario 3D World has no innovation because it is based upon Super Mario 3D Land is like saying Assassin's Creed IV is a mediocre crossing between Caribbean Pirates Movies and a rehash of Assassin's Creed III. Oh, and, what would people think about Ultra Street Fighter IV? Really brand new, huh?



jackdaw80 said:

right now as of today i think this is xbox ones's race to win or lose. now first off i wanna say i have a wii u and love it its great, but they completely blew the year head start they had to get a great install base before ps4 and XB1 came out. now when i say blew it don't mean just the games sucked they came out with. i mean nearly no after launch and they even said look we are sorry but no new games for while. now Sony as a company is not doing great, the problem with non selling vita its been just horrible. like most places i been to like my local walmart and gamestop. if i didn't see the system for sale i would think the vita didn't exist at all cuz i see like nearly no games at gamestop and NO vita games at my walmart. now the ps4 thing with hdmi port problem. really sony a hdmi problem....i say again "hdmi port" the one thing every last gen system had and every tv u buy now has....and u screw that up!.... i mean really sony cant dog on xbox for the rrod thing now at least theirs worked out of the box for while. even major gaming review sites are getting problems with the ps4 units they got and thats bad really bad cuz sony needs these sites to say their product is great and well uh so far far not quite so much. so like i said xbox its yours to win or lose.



WiiLovePeace said:

I love my Wii U & 3DS. Might get a PS4 when the next Uncharted comes out for it & Mass Effect if that doesn't come to Wii U & Mirror's Edge & Star Wars Battlefront etc.. But for now I'm just managing to buy all the latest games that are coming out on Wii U & 3DS. They're just so much fun to play! Haven't recently played anything on my Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP or DSi XL sadly. There's just so many new & old games for me to play, it's a pretty awesome problem to have!



lilman390 said:

I can tell you what the prettiest console is. The Wii U is the prettiest 'next gen' console. The PS4 and Xbox One have similar specs, and both systems look alike. PS4 and Xbox One are not going to win the 'prettiest' competition, anytime soon. Unless, Sony and Microsoft release their cute slim-line editions.



Mr_3DS said:

@Jazzer94 What did Nintendo do wrong? Marketing.

I feel like the Wii U will be 3rd, and Xbox will once again outsell both Playstation. Once Wii U gets some awesome exclusives like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. sales will definitely pick up.

I really don't understand how anyone thinks the Wii U will outsell the Xbox One and PS4 though...c'mon guys...



jeb_leeds said:

If the used wii U sales goes down a bit (below 200) it's gonna fly off the shelves. I guess they would be losing tons of cash at that point though. I'm honestly still confused however if you need 4 of those wii u controllers to play 4 player games. So if I wanted to play smash with 4 friends would we all have to use wii u controllers?



JuanitoShet said:

The Wii U seems, unfortunately, set to be the console that'll have the least amount of success. The Wii U will recover, I'm sure; but it's like people say, Nintendo has just done too little, too late for the console to have any major success. I plan to get both a Wii U and a PlayStation 4 in the distant future.



ducktrapper said:

"I don't see how 3D World can't be considered as fresh as an exclusively 1 player affair as Mario Galaxy."
It isn't as fresh as Mario Galaxy. Mario Galaxy was a completely innovative approach to a Mario game. Mario 3D World is a sequel of sorts to Mario 3D Land. Lovely, but not a new direction.
"Saying that Super Mario 3D World has no innovation because it is based upon Super Mario 3D Land is like saying Assassin's Creed IV is a mediocre crossing between Caribbean Pirates Movies and a rehash of Assassin's Creed III."
Olmectron, you put them in their place! Who said that Super Mario 3D World has no innovation??!! Shame on them. It wasn't me, as you will see if you actually read my post. I am sure it will include lots of good stuff, and lots of surprises, but nevertheless it is a sequel of sorts to Super Mario 3D Land as I stated. See, something like Mario Galaxy is really innovative as it takes the series into a whole new direction. Same with Mario 64. Breakthrough! Eureka! Get it?



TreonsRealm said:

My personal rule of thumb is that a console has to have at least 5 truly exclusive must have games (games not available on any other console) before I buy. Sadly (or some might say happily), last generation left me with only the Nintendo Wii as I simply could not find 5 must have exclusive titles on either PS3 or 360. There were some great games but I could only find 1-3 on either system I would consider owning each console for (on the plus side it saved me a ton of cash). This generation is shaping up in much the same way as the PS4 and XBone only seem to feature FPS, Sports and Open World games that feel REALLY derivative of everything from last gen. The Wii U has been a game changer for me with its Off-TV play allowing me to have access to its games with or without the TV (a massive plus when you have a family). Also, while the third party support is garbage, the Wii U will hands down have the best "exclusive" library and best indie game selection of all three consoles. Nintendo doesn't need to be the biggest seller to be profitable and I expect total sales numbers will fall somewhere between SNES (49 million) and N64 (32 million) which will be quite respectable and very profitable for both Nintendo and the companies who provide exclusive titles for the system.



thanos316 said:

Its all about power. innovation. games. experience. advertising. good promotion. the wii u is suffering i think because of lack of games, advertising and not enough power for some devs... the wii u still has a chance. the smaller games and the game pad.. just one killer app can change the tide to wii u favor. lets just wait and see. i see the push for the 3ds but the wii u needs a great push. stop the waiting and talk. its time for action. and its long over due



Dr_Corndog said:

As consoles have become more like PCs and games have been released across all platforms, consoles have become less relevant. A console should offer something unique, and have plenty of good exclusive games. The Wii U already offers one, and will soon have the other.

As I already have a good gaming PC, the only console that's worth buying to me is the Wii U.



Turbo857 said:


Mario Galaxy is a sequel of sorts to Sunshine as Sunshine was to Mario 64. They have their own flavor but in essence they are improvements upon the same formula... and that's cool.

But Mario Galaxy's innovations are mainly it's mini spheres with their own center of gravity and the space setting. It didn't completely change Mario, just greatly improved upon a formula.

Also, ya haven't played 3D World yet so you can't really judge all its innovations yet. I also wouldn't be surprised if 3D World winds up being the best Mario ever made. Who knows?



MarioMan247 said:

There have been reports of PS4's with flickering video card issues. Others don't start at all. (source: Reviewtechusa)

Once again, it's the games. Remember the Atari Jaguar? More powerful than the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it died off quickly due to the lack of interesting and functional games (AVGN)



unrandomsam said:

@Dr_Corndog Depends on how stuff is optimised what happens. AMD showed something running like dirt on an i7 and well on a next gen console and a bulldozer under clocked at 2ghz. One thing I think can be counted on is people porting put in as little effort as possible when it comes to the PC. Nintendo stuff still plays like a traditional console game problem I have is they make them so easy.



unrandomsam said:

I will just go for whatever I need to play the next gen titles at 1080p/60fps when the first GOTY editions of them come out. (Even if it means a dual gpu configuration that I have never needed up to now).



Jazzer94 said:

@Mr_3DS I don't think I've ever claimed that it will outsell PS4 and Xbox one ever.
And I never posted "What did Nintendo do wrong?" I posted "What exactly have Nintendo done thats so bad?" and I was addressing Yasume so I don't understand why you are addressing me.



unrandomsam said:

@ikki5 If it wasn't for the Playstation most games would be better. Sega and Nintendo would still be competing and improving. The PC would be playing its own games and everything would be better.



unrandomsam said:

The PS3 could have been totally different to anything else but it wasn't because cheap ports were more important.



Dandalfa00 said:

I think the Wii U will start to pick up steam with the general consumer finally understanding the next iteration of gaming consoles has arrived. But I have this sneaky suspicion that Wii U sales will explode when they announce... Metroid U. I honestly believe that is the franchise that could take on a whole new level with the Gamepad. It has just enough meat in it's past for everyone to recognize it, but enough diversity in it's past and willingness to change for the future that is going to make whatever Nintendo does with it amazing.



MarioMan247 said:

By your logic, PS4 should not make any more due to thier video card issues and taco bell scams. and XB1 shouldn't make any consles due to the Kincet failure.

for PS4 you will HAVE TO BUY a vita for some games to use as a second screen. The reason is that the tablet is OPTIONAL. There are some games where the wiimote is better. Imagine having to turn the tablet and shake it to shoot. sounds bad doesn't it?



Tra_Venous said:

Wii U will pick up momentum this holiday, as Nintendo is now advertising Wii U stuff on TV, plus they'll be advertising all over smartphones soon as well. Not only that, the online gaming community (namely NeoGAF) is starting to warm up to Wii U - I see it as the secondary console of the 8th gen....but then again, there's that Steam Machine wild card.

Bookmark this page for user screen grabs of all 8th gen titles (lots of Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD praise thus far)



Franklin said:

I think the Wii U will sell poorly, and partly because Nintendo in some regards are working against themselves.

There are so many good games on the 3DS. With even Smash Bros. appearing on the handheld, I can't see much reason to get a Wii U.



AVahne said:

Seems like many of the voters agree that Wii U won't be top seller this gen. I can definitely see Wii U in third, but I hope it won't be a distant third.



WaveBoy said:

The PS4 and One look like the most appalling consoles to come out in some time, i honestly don't understand the excitement. I'm more disappointed than a lemming without his sugary PixelPop rocks! Aside from Nintendo's awesome sauce, i wouldn't mind getting a PS2 over the PS4 just so i can play a few games, then strap it to a rocket and send it off to the sun.



Rafie said:

Ooooh I knew once I saw a PS4 picture on the article that trouble was a brewing. sigh

Well here's my take on this. STOP WITH THE BLIND SPECULATIONS!!! I didn't know either of you were psychics! No one knows who will win anything. That's just that. The Wii U is slowly lagging right now, but there's nothing to suggest that it just plain out lost. PS4 and Xbox One will have a successful launch. big numbers have already been poured in with well over 2 mil for PS4 and I'm sure Xbox will do the same.

HOWEVER.....we all know that specs don't mean squat here. What we'll have is a standoff with exclusives. Nintendo is already the company to look out for since most of the 3rd party titles will be shared between the other 2. It's all about exclusives. The games will sell the systems here.

Also, what does it matter whose in "3rd" anyway?! What matters is how much you enjoy your console of your preference. I'm a guy that gets all consoles and I did buy my Wii U at launch and I got my PS4 at launch. My Xbox will come during tax season (still got to buy Christmas for the kiddos!). These console wars gets old. It's not even fun anymore like it was back in the SNES and Genesis days.



unrandomsam said:

@Jazzer94 If all the PS1 stuff was on the Saturn that would have changed things quite substantially. (They wouldn't have gone on the N64 I don't think Nintendo would have let that happen at the time). Sega were still making good interesting stuff up until Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.



BrightShadows31 said:

What i think the Wii U needs to do? Pump out those games. The PS4 and Xbox One will probably at some point in their first year have the same issues that the U did, and the U will have some amazing games by then. 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. Those three will have quite the impact.



FluttershyGuy said:

Here's what's driving me nuts. 3rd parties don't even bother making excuses anymore for why they aren't porting to Wii U. They're just acting like it doesn't exist. You have Metal Gear Solid V & MSG: Ground Zeroes going to PS3, PS4, X360, and Xbone (last I knew).

If instances like this continue, where gamers see greatly wanted 3rd party games ported to even last-gen systems, but not Wii U, I don't see how it winds up anything but a distant third place. Nintendo's franchises are the best in the world (IMO, and I'm sure many others), but they can only do so much. There are people like me, who'll be getting PS4/Xbone for 3rd party games they know they can CURRENTLY expect to miss out on with Wii U. I'll be getting a PS4 later on, just for Final Fantasy XV and future FF games that I know have about a .001% chance of ever showing up on Wii U.



WaveBoy said:

How dare you haunt me with one of the worst video game memories of my tweenagehood. Look guys, the only way I'll get a PS4 is if it's amanda bynes approved.

In the mean time, i'm losing precious pixel sleep.....Losing sleep more and more every day because Konami won't release Elebits 2, hats off to you, goolay!



V8_Ninja said:

I see the Wii U in an interesting position. While it seems like the PS4 is primed to win the next console cycle simply because it didn't have the downright horrible announcement that the Xbox One had, it has quite literally been less than 48 hours since the console launched (at least in the US). There's no way you could pull up sales data and make an accurate assumption about where's the console heading, even with the knowledge that the pre-orders of the console were maxed out days after its announcement. All of this still applies to the Xbox One as that console won't release until about a week from now. However, from what I've gathered by simply following websites and my faux-analysis it seems that the PS4 will have a good few years of being top dog while the Xbox One and Wii U will be competing for a time. Now, it won't happen immediately; The Xbox One will appear to do very well simply because, like the PS4, the pre-orders were maxed out. However, after the launch period I believe sales for the console will just stop. The announcement for the Xbox One really hurt Microsoft's customer loyalty, at least in the early adopter crowd. Unless those pre-order adopters convince other people of the Xbox One in the face of the hugely publicized criticism, I don't see Microsoft's console burning up the charts better than the Wii U. If Nintendo addresses their non-hardware issues (noncompetitive online, lack of game variety, etc.) I can definitely see the Wii U pulling some punches after this holiday season.



AugustusOxy said:


What statistics? Internet rhetoric and bad publicity on Xbox's part does not = instant success for the PS4.

The wii-u and the ps4/xboxone are not even competing on the same plane and people need to stop looking at it like that.

At the end of the day, developers will not be dishing out the ridiculous amount of money its going to cost to make games for the PS4/Xboxone, they will turn to PC gaming (where their product will be pirated beyond belief) or go to the Wii-u. This is how the Wii dominated the first two thirds of the last generation, appealing to the budget of smaller developers and japanese companies who will still be developing games for the ps3 for another three to four years.

And if people forget, the PSP and PS3 where the two most returned/traded in consoles of all time. OF ALL TIME.



adrenochrome said:

i think the wiiu will win in terms of units sold, like the wii did.
but like the wii too, the wiiu may not win in terms of quality games ratio per units :/



2Sang said:

@MrWalkieTalkie It's been over a year now. This is a hard time to be a nintendo fan outside the 3ds. The only good things the wii u has done so far is pikmin 3 and to a lesser extent w101 and from the eshop earthbound's rerelease. Everything else is either a rehash or remake. I usually hate when people say rehash but the only things so far are literally rehashes. SM3DW might be decent, and Smash bros looks decent too, but nothing groundbreaking.



2Sang said:

@AugustusOxy @Platypus101 @MarioMan247 @Hyperstar96 @Falchion @SCAR392

If you want better say you want better games, if you're content with the wii u right now, then I want you to be my future customers for when I remake the virtual boy.
I have faith nintendo will come back next gen with something legendary, but for the next few years I'm not expecting much and if you are you're kidding yourselves.
Insults aren't necessary to get your point across — TBD



DemolitionMan0 said:

PS4 is already turning out like the 360 launch, except instead of a Red Ring of Death it's a Blue Light. If the One doesn't have any significant problems out of the gate and positive reception from the early ships is held, then in the long run it'll likely take hold.

I'll be rooting for the Wii U, though.



Olmectron said:

@ducktrapper Oh, ok. Sorry about the missunderstanding. In fact, I read your comment, but I didn't comprehend its meaning at all when I wrote that. I just wanted to state a general point of view. Sorry again if I was rude with my comment.

Anyway, I think there's none between us who have played deeply through the game, since it's not out yet. So, our thinkings about how much innovative Super Mario 3D World will be, could be really inaccurate right now. After all, there's not better way to feel the news than experiencing them.

Galaxy is great, but if we think deeply about these matters, there's not a single Mario game with real innovation since the original Super Mario Bros., since every Mario game is about that: "Run, Jump, Beat Koopas, Get Coins, Save Someone", aren't they?



gregrout said:

These articles always give me a snicker. The one thing that always makes me shake my head is this island mentality. You can't isolate a company from itself. Sony has been hemorrhaging billions for at least 5 years. By the same token, Tablet sales are to surpass PC sales this year... Things don't look good for Windows 8, MS Surface, Windows Smartphones... These are all things that could greatly impact Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo could get hit due to their choices in hardware. Both PowerPC chips (used to be used by Apple) and the resistive touch tech (new tablets/smartphones use superior passive touch tech) are obsolete and manufactured by few. Should their supply line get hit (just like an earthquake hammered 3 of the 4 major RAM factories in Asia 4 years ago) could decimate Nintendo's ability to manufacture Wii-Us.



Nintendude789 said:

Well, here's what I think:
The Wii U is still struggling because it lacks games. 3Rd party developers are still making excuses but to develop games for Wii U. Sooner or later, they'll run of excuses and will look dumb in front of the world, just like EA.

People are complaining about Wii U being expensive. If people couldn't afford a a Wii U, then obviously that can't afford a PS4 or One . So I can say that Sony and Microsoft will need to lower the price other wise, they won't sell very good.

XBox One event was a huge waste of time, only focused on media while the PS4 focused on games, which it was ment to be. That pissed off fans and instead went to Sony. PS4 preorders went up, Wii U sales went up, and Ouya preorders went up too after the One's event. And it's too overpriced, $500! More than buying a Vita when it was $250! So I think One will lose the gen.

Wii U is the most creative console of the gen. But we have to face that there are haters, and fanboys.

Overall, I have no idea what will happen. Only God knows what will happen. So let's just sit and watch the war, then we can judge .



Falchion said:

@2Sang i am completely content with the games right now. Could it be better? Definately. Could it be worse? Of course. Even though I think PS4 will prob win this generation it is too early to tell and i have faith in nintendo and their upcoming line up.



2Sang said:

@Falchion Well I guess the lineup couldn't be much worse so far. Maybe the hd zelda will be amazing. Of course they could always pull of something amazing like f-zero or starfox, but that won't be at least until 2015 or even 2016.



Platypus101 said:

@2Sang wow! I have no idea why you just insulted me for being optimistic... So I guess you're better than me for being a pessimist? Whatever...



2Sang said:

@Platypus101 No I'm being a realist. SM3DW will sell maybe 3 million and mario kart 8 & smash bros. will probably bring in another million each. What will the total be then 2 years in after all their major games released about 10 million? Ps4 will probably have 20 to 30 by then and xbone probably not too far behind. Retro's disappointment and the lack of hardcore or even must-have games destroyed the chances of the wii u before the other horses even left the gates. I think the Dreamcast, Jaguar, and Ouya could beat the wii u this gen lol.



gregrout said:

I would have to agree that games will be the major factor for these three companies. My biggest concern goes beyond consoles to include PC gaming. The level of production values people are now expecting today are pushing timetables to the point where a lot of these high production games are taking 3 to 5 years to develop. Right now video game media are collecting up screenshots between the different consoles. After all the comparisons are done, there's going to be an arms race to push that graphics envelope and my fear is more and more developers are just going to abandon developing these high production titles. It take a substantial investment of time and resources to fund the creation of these games. So far developers have been able to counter this by releasing sequel after sequel, recycling code and reusing the same game engine. But as we know the bar is going to keep rising and rising.



adrenochrome said:

i wasnt refering directly to the quality of the games ( there will always exist very good games on every platforms) but i was referring to the good games ratio. wikipedia reports :
1222 wii games, 793 ps3 games, 958 xbox360 games
now if you substract all the shovelware and all the multiplateform games( which are technically inferior to the other versions ), unfortunately the ratio of good game per wii is lower.
i fear even if the wiiu become the top-seller, the good games ratio wont be the best :/



WaveBoy said:

Hm? i didn't even know the PS4 had already launched, just shows you how much i don't give a fruity pebbles.
Anybody else picking up the SM3DWorld + Mario Wii Remote(or Luigi) + 3DWorld official strategy guide?



2Sang said:

@LDXD No I've been gaming for quite some time now and in fact I saw this before with the gamecube. The comparisons are quite similar. Only difference was gamecube had a great launch lineup, arguably the best ever. But when you can't get 3rd party support, your console will fail to the others. Case in point n64 and gamecube both failed because of lack of 3rd party. And at least n64 and gc had amazing 1st party titles, wii u is over a year with nothing.



Falchion said:

@2Sang Rayman, Mario 3d world, Zombiu, and pikmin 3 justify my purchase of a wii u. I think the wii u is very appealling to nintendo fans right now, it just needs to appeal to a wider audience and yes, Nintendo needs to release a new zelda, mario kart and smash bros. Or best of all a new metroid prime.



GraveLordXD said:

@2Sang well like I said then your very shortsighted if you think that one year dictates the life of a console if that's the case so many would have failed into obscurity including the 3ds



2Sang said:

@Falchion the only game you listed that's a system seller is sm3dw, which I think they made a poor strategical choice making it look and sound like sm3dl.
Pikmin 3 and Zombiu are great games but sold and will continue to sell very little consoles
Rayman has sold .11 million globally, I think most people wouldn't buy it for the wii u unless they already owned it.

@LDXD One year in saleswise yes it's hard to judge but one year in with very little promise of good games is easy to judge. I'd be shocked if they break 30 million lifetime sales unless they have a 5 or 7 year plan stacked up for games.



letsplay said:

Which 'current gen' games consoles do you plan to own?

I know it's not current gen but one option I would have selected is:
I'll have a Wii U and get a 3DS



GraveLordXD said:

@2Sang you call yourself a realist then say you expect Sony to sell 20 million by the time Mario kart comes out then go on to say that the ouya jag and Dreamcast could all beat the Wii u then gen.



MadAdam81 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie PS4 preorders at EB Games Australia are twice that of the Xbox One, and more than total Wii U sales. You can still preorder an Xbox One, but you can't get a PS4 until about Feb. There will need to be a big turnaround for the PS4 to not be the biggest seller this gen, something worse than 360s red ring disaster



MadAdam81 said:

@LDXD 3DS has only had serious competition from the DS. PSP and Vita have sold poorly, the Wii U has outsold the Vita.



2Sang said:

@LDXD uh, Smash Bros isn't going to be released for almost a year at least. Given sakurai's past delays it probably won't be until early-mid 2015. Probably holiday alone ps4 will sell a few million.
Check back on this post the day smash bros comes out and we'll see who's right. Facts are already towards my side. Sony sold well over a million its first day.



GraveLordXD said:

@2Sang OK realist so the ps4 is gonna sell 20 million units in a year and the xbone will be right behind that wow I disagree
Please stop with the insults — TBD



MadAdam81 said:

@gregrout Nintendo would just redesign in the worst case scenario, and switch to more available components - they may anyway when fancier components become cheaper.



marko said:

I agree I have a wii U and will buy a ps4 eventually if those Stats are any indication 1 in 3 wii U owners plans on buying a ps4. where as i highly doubt one in 3 ps4 owners will purchase a wii u...
the PS4 is a superior system and will have way more 3rd party and independent support. It can do everything wii U can do with Remote play, it has the PSeye which is better than motion plus controllers.
Only US MARIO AND ZELDA FANS buy a wii u.



GraveLordXD said:

@2Sang "fact Sony has sold 1 million in one day" <-- your words
Fact Nintendos pre orders were around 900,000 which is very shy of one million so what's your point?
My point is your very short sighted and you keep on proving my point



IceClimbers said:

@MadAdam81 PSP sold over 70 million and only within the last year have sales dropped to low levels. That's not poor at all. Vita is selling decently well in Japan now that the price is lower, the remodel is out, and there are some actual games for it.



IceClimbers said:

The one thing that could turn Wii U around completely is if Nintendo announced that Valve is making Half-Life 3 exclusively for Wii U.



Wolfgabe said:

I have been reading about PS4 recently and I tell ya it does not look good. Many are reporting their systems showing up D.O.A. Its practically being shredded on Amazon. On IGN one fellow stated the Target his nephew works for has had PS4s returned all day and another person said at his local Gamestop out of 49 PS4 pre orders almost 25 were cancelled and 19 out of 89 were returned. Sony could be in some deep trouble this christmas



gregrout said:

@MadAdam81 to a degree you might get away with some components, like moving to passive touch screen tech, but something like the PowerPC chip (IBM) is a completely different animal compared to Intel/AMD processors. But I digress here, the point I guess I failed to make is that there are so many variables out there, even ones that seems irrelevant like Windows 8 sales could have a negative impact that hits Microsoft's XBox One. Sony could get called in by debtors (sick of waiting for the company to turn around misfortunes in their TV, smartphone and audio products) this could impact revenue available to Sony's inhouse development. Nintendo has the opposite problem, they're a game company only, they're dependent 100% on development and sales of games. So when titles don't preform as well as expected (e.g. Pikmin 3) it hurts them more that it would hurt a diversified company. I'm not saying any of this is going to happen, I'm saying it could happen. And that alone is why I'm saying no one knows what will transpire between these three companies. These companies aren't as strong as they used to be. Better technology doesn't always guarantee success. Beta was superior to VHS, but VHS tapes were easier to produce. This could be the same scenario here. Nintendo could pull ahead by tapping into the mobile market providing significantly more titles than XBoxOne / PS4 (that depend more heavily on high production titles that take years to make). The library is the key, it's what's killing Windows 8/Windows 8 smartphones (smallest app library) and putting Apple (largest app library) in the driver's seat. Today we're getting news of faulty HDMI cabling for PS4 units. Is this a rare occurrence or is this a fatal flaw that's going to be wide spread, we don't know. It's just too early to call it.



HawkeyeWii said:

I think Nintendo will be luck to get 2nd place and it will be a god forsaken miracle if Nintendo wins this generation. Xbox One isn't looking to hot though
If you don't have a Wii U, I highly reccomend you get one this holiday. It is a fabulous system!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Tasuki Except the way they say it is "almost" (and I say this in an ironic sense since it appears to already have started) flamebait. Just because there is freedom of speech DOES NOT mean that people can simply ignore the rules in place for respectful discussion.

It's getting rather tiring and seems to get worse as the technology makes it easier for people to go online and comment. People simply seem to "forget" terms such as "empathy, compassion, respect, etc" once they go online. It's not just here's pretty much anywhere people can post/comment online.

I can bet you the majority of the people that ignore these rules online would not have the guts to do so in the real world. Kind of makes me wish we had a system in place like South Korea for online accounts just so people will remember to behave.

@HawkeyeWii Funny thing about that considering the Japanese meaning of their name, "Leave luck to heaven."



banacheck said:


I can bet you the majority of the people that ignore these rules online would not have the guts to do so in the real world

There is a big difference between the real world and the internet, on the internet you haven't got a clue who your speaking too. Take a post on here that i seen to do with my little pony, what was the first thing that came into your head when you seen that post? i know what i thought.



XCWarrior said:

All 3 systems are going to sell poorly compared to last gen. That's all that matters.



XCWarrior said:

@IceClimbers You do know that Steam is coming out with their own console, Steam Box, to compete with these 3 systems. And considering you can buy Steam games for like $1-$5 all the time, the other 3 consoles have a big worry on their hands.



banacheck said:

You really think the steam box [PC] can sell as cheaply as a console and be as powerful without streaming?



SCAR said:

There is no proof that ANY of these consoles will outsell one another, so there's no point in arguing.

I don't think it's even possible to get GCN numbers, though. Think about it. The market is larger based on population alone. Then there's Wii U in Brazil. The market has already grown to a few more million without talking about the Wii U at all.

Nintendo didn't try to promote or do much of anything in their first year. Believe it or not, I don't see that as a good OR bad thing.

They'll probably market the hell out of it when they see fit. Everyone complaining about advertisements already knows about the Wii U, so that doesn't make sense.

Most of the people here aren't even considering what would happen during an entire generation. It either looks bleak going forward, or the boat has already sailed to alot of people.



NightmareXIV said:

I would go Wii U + PS4, but because of how much consoles cost I can't have one without selling the other.



Marshi said:

@electrolite77 Did poor sales stop nintendo from making ocarina of time?mario 64?lyat wars? Wind waker? F zero x and gx? Mario sunshine? All these games are widely considered by most to be some of the greatest games ever made and were al made during times of under performing systems sales wise. I prove my point



element187 said:

@SCAR392 strange isn't it? Writing the obituary only one year in.... If that's how people view a console that sells like poop in its first year, we need to add the ps3 to the list of failed consoles as well. I guess most of the kids posting here were too young to remember the launch of the ps3 or even the original xbox



Jono97 said:

I doubt the Wii U will succeed... I mean... I'd rather buy a PS4 for little big planet , get an xbox1 for halo than get a Wii U for mario and Link. I already own a 3DS which does the job for that. In other words, the 3DS just might be why nintendo isn't doing that well with the Wii U. Furthermore, I think the Wii made a bad impression on nintendo when it comes to a gamers point of view.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Jono97 They never should've named the thing the 'Wii U.' To prove my point, my barber's friend saw a Wii U commercial on TV the other night and asked, "That's a Wii, right? What's the difference?" It seems non-gamer types can't immediately discern the difference while I think gamer types hear anything with 'Wii' in the title and cringe and run for something else. But it is what it is.



Nomad said:

If the Wii U ends up in third place behind PS4/XB1 it just means that there are a hell of a lot of gamers that don't like Mario, Zelda, Metriod etc. Really weird when you think about it.



electrolite77 said:


If you or @Marshi don't care about sales figures that's fine. Don't bother with articles about sales or post on the Comments threads telling others they shouldn't care either. I don't care about Smash Bros, so I don't post about it.

Some people want to know a machine they've invested in is going to get a lot of software and be supported for a long time. Maybe they (gasp) would like more software than Nintendo put out and don't want to spend money on another machine. It's easy to have dewy-eyed nostalgia about the N64 and 'Cube eras now but any cursory glance at Nintendo websites or magazines from the time shows plenty of grumbles about software droughts and longing glances at Resident Evil/Final Fantasy 7/GTA/Metal Gear Solid etc. Some people are just interested in the industry.

If these things don't matter you that's OK. But don't argue against the perfectly valid reasons other people are interested. Don't deny the importance of sales and third party support. You'd be as well off joining the flat earth society if that's the kind of debate you want.



Marshi said:

@electrolite77 Let me be clear, ofcourse the sales of a system is important, and if you enjoy discussing(not arguing) the current console climat then thats fine!I enjoy that. What I dont enjoy and what annoys me is people linking sales with their enjoyment of the machine or even saying things like "ps4 will sell more,hence is a better system". Thats just shallow thinking and makes consoles less a competition on what offers the most enjoyment and more a popularity contest on whats "cool" to own.
As ive said,i couldnt care less if I was the only wiiu owner in the world aslong as great software was available for it.ofcourse I know sales=more software and support,and more third party suport would be great,but there is and will be a great and possibly even generation defining software available for the wiiu so there really is no point in wondering if the wiiu is first or last in terms of sales! Just like the n64 and cube had some of the best games ever.

And dont tell me what I can or cant comment on please



MadAdam81 said:

@gregrout Xbox One and PS4 don't look that much better, and because of phone, indy and retro popularity, photo realistic graphics is less important than it was 5 years ago. Having a more powerful but more complex system hurt the PS3 a lot - these are reasons why I got a Wii U, about half the price of the Xbox One and PS4 in Australia.



3RIK said:

I always will love Nintendo they focus with gaming more and so I won't let them down.



Senario said:

It seems like it is almost a crime to be optimistic here. I am pretty satisfied with the games I currently have for WiiU. And I am sure it'll pick up steam as the newer games come out. And if it doesn't so what? As long as it makes an overall profit.



citizenerased said:

The Wii U will be a Nintendo-only system, even more so than the Wii (let's not pretend that had fantastic 3rd party support). We'll see more indies, though, which I'm excited about.

I just picked up a secondhand PS3 for all the games I've missed out on, and I'll likely pick up a secondhand PS4 at the end of this generation. I simply care more about Nintendo's games than the big blockbusters, and playing them, I feel I've made the right choice. Nintendo is still all about gameplay.

I have a huge backlog anyway (50+ games). Don't have a Wii U yet, I'll probably get it next year.



XavandSo said:

@MadAdam81 That's the same reason (barring my near-obsessive Ninty fanboism) I got a Wii U at launch. $428 AUD was still alot for me, but considering the $550 and $600 pricetag for the PS4 and Xbox One, it's acceptable. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Down Under, there is a considerable price difference, unlike Europe or NA. That might help the Wii U in our Christmas in Summer.



Nomad said:

Hello fellow video gamers. I have a suggestion that I'm sure you will all love ( well, maybe 4%) . Let's all unite behind Nintendo this generation, that way we can have a game system that has heaps of third party games as well as Nintendo's games. Nobody will have to buy PS4/XB1 and a Wii U. It's a win win situation.



dumedum said:

People act as if the 3DS horrible first year didn't happen. It now sold 40 million units. No third party support. No reason it can't happen for Wii U.



MAB said:

Just thought I would mention those pitiful metacritic scores for the PS4 launch lineup




Pete_Stooge said:

The PS4 will be awesome. In 6 years time it will still have up to date graphics, and what not, while the Wii U is collecting dust...and is forgotten by everyone including Nintendo, because they have a new system out to put there remakes on.



citizenerased said:

@dumedum For every example there's an opposite example. Gamecube, Wii. Nintendo's handhelds always do well. Of course, the PS3 made a remarkable recovery, but I don't think any Nintendo console has ever done that.



Peach64 said:

@dumedum The Wii U situation is far worse than the 3DS, or any successful console. These are the figures from 2011 that forced Nintendo to drop the price in July because it was selling so bad:

April 194k
May 97k
June 143k

Wii U has been selling about 30k a month all through 2013. It's got got to quadruple it's monthly sales just to get to the low end of the 3DS during it's poor period. The Wii, 360, PS3, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, PS1 or N64 never saw 30k sales a month until well after their successors were out. That's why people are talking about bad sales despite the 3DS turning around.



Marshi said:

@LDXD No no I agree. N64 and gamecube had (and still have) some of jhe best games ever made. I'll be happy if the wiiu has a similar performance.
I just get so annoyed with all the doom mongering. People are doing it right now with the ps4, saying its "broken out of the box" and that virtually none of them work,which is stupid. There have been 10 reported cases.10...out of 54k units sold so far. Even if you add another 100 unreported system failiures just to be safe,thats still a minisculer number in comparison to how many ps4s work fine! Gamers have this obsession recently with making sure no system but their own is a perfect thing and they will revert to "system x sold more than system y so system x is better" which is stupid.
I was around when it was snes vs megadrive(genesis in usa) and back then kids were no way near as bad as people are now,its just highly imature. And people wonder why gaming is still portrayed negatively...



RedYoshi999 said:

I find it amusing that 93% of this site will own a Wii U by 2014, yet we are plagued by doom bringing haters and trolls. Just goes to show how the minority can ruin it for everyone.

BTW I misread the second poll and accidentally answered "None of them, I don't need or want any of these consoles" when I didn't realise there was an "only a Wii U" option. /facepalm



taffy said:

Having owned a Wii, 360, DS and PSP last gen I can say I'm done with being a multiplat owner. Sticking with the Wii Uand 3DS this gen. But Nintendo, sort out TVii in Europe already, no BBC Iplayer or any of the other on demand services is just pathetic, the PS4 and Xbone are going to have those things at launch so what's your excuse?



Goginho said:

lol all these comments I'm gonna add into this..
Wii U will be like 3DS, it will reign over all other consoles of its type
People are 'predicting' Wii U to come in thrid place....
..well, time will tell.



FrashMex said:

nah i think if wii u gets great games it doesnt have to hide before the ps4 and ofcourse the one too and will compete well against the ps4



FluttershyGuy said:

Articles like this do not bode well for Nintendo...

You look at it, and articles like it about the new generation of console wars, you'll rarely even see Nintendo or Wii U mentioned. Nintendo is treated like an irrelevant 3rd party presidential candidate. It's all about Sony vs. Microsoft.
Why, I don't know. I'm not sure if the media thinks Nintendo is too "kiddy", and the other two are cooler for covering a console war between (and better for attracting viewers/readers).

The general media playing king-maker is bad for Nintendo, though, because it creates a public perception of them being irrelevant, and that perception can be a powerful thing to impressionable, trend-conscious consumers.

It's all frustrating, because it feels like the general media wants Nintendo to fail and become a 3rd party, so it'll just be Sony vs. Microsoft. I'll bet what the media REALLY wants is Apple to enter the console gaming ring, then squeeze Sony out into the cold, so it can cover a Microsoft vs. Apple contest.



Psyclone said:

PC + Wii U here.... PC will have everything I need including the xbone "exclusives"... the Wii U will provide a different way of gaming with the increadible games coming next year.



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 not saying I don't care if the system sells or not, I'm saying its not a big deal who wins the popularity contest catch my drift? And like I said before with Nintendo its not always true about more games equal better system the Wii proves my point not yours like I said in my previous post 216



Linkstrikesback said:

Well, sony has officially sold more PS4s in a single day just in North America than nintendo has wii u worldwide this entire year.

That about says it all really on how this is going to go down.

If they have the stock, it's quite possible Sony outsells the Wii U by the end of the year



GraveLordXD said:

@Marshi tell me about it people are ridiculous. You know some people actually canceled their preorders because of a few faulty ps4s I know someone who went xbone because of that I tried to tell them how low of a number that was and that Microsoft will have problems too probably even worse but oh well people over react to every little thing



AJWolfTill said:

Well I'm definately never getting an Xbox One, there's just nothing there to put it above Playstation in my eyes. May get a PS4 but since it's not backwards compatable I'll probably get a PS3 instead to mop up the exclusives I've never got my hands on like Heavy Rain, Catherine, Red Dead and the Team ICO games.



Linkstrikesback said:

People are buying PS3/4, Xbox 360/ones and smartphones/tablets instead of Nintendo consoles. Therefore Nintendo has competition.

Unless you're suggesting the reason Nintendo sales have fallen through the floor (And are nearly coming out the other side of the planet...) is because Nintendo games have gotten worse, hence no-one wanting to buy them?



dumedum said:

@Peach64 so the Wii U is doing even worse than the 3DS did. But a turnaround is still a turnaround. There are no more clues as to why it couldn't happen than why it could.



GamerZack87 said:

Darn! The exact options for which I'd vote are missing from all three polls. I'd like to get a Wii U this year but it's not entirely definite; I plan to get a Wii U and maybe - but not definitely - a PlayStation 4; and it doesn't matter which games console sells the most units or proves to be most popular, since everybody has their own preference(s) and enjoy what they own. In the end, everybody's a winner because they play whatever makes them happy.



3wdiisu said:

PS4 was going to have the same DRM policies but they took it off after they saw all the hate from xbox one. And they were also going to put it for 500$ with playstation eye. They changed all this after the XBOX One announcement.



Buduski said:

Wow... So many people saying wii u is doomed when a few months back they where the same people singing Nintendo's praises saying it will be like the 3DS when it turned around... I honestly love my Wii U & my 3DS XL and even though it might not look good for Nintendo's home console only time will tell who's right, I honestly plan on sticking with the Wii U/ 3DS combo this gen (Unless I find a dirt cheap PS4 or pick one up after a pretty heavy Price drop)



darkgamer001 said:


Outright proving it is difficult, but it would be quite naive to think that MS was stupid enough to try to enforce those DRM policies without very clear indications that their direct competition was going to do the same.

That's why I found all the Sony white-knighting to be ridiculous. Sony just let MS go first with the announcement....that's not being "on the gamer's side" or whatnot. That's just being cunning.



8bitforever said:

BREAKING NEWS. Go to Amazon and see for yourself but almost half of the PS4s shipped are bricked and unusable. It seems to be getting worse every day. That is just what was sent from Amazon. Looks like Sony is off to a rocky start because people cannot even get a replacement system yet.



8bitforever said:

I just checked and out of 1,567 reviews, 486 of those reported broken systems on day one. Remember this is just Amazon. This is why I love Nintendo. I cannot remember when a Nintendo product broke on me. Truly a terrible way for Sony to start the next gen console race. If XBOX has no issues, a lot of these folks will likely go buy an XBOX instead of PS4. It will be interesting for sure.



ThumperUK said:

Nintendo has had a year head-start with the WiiU, and completely wasted it. Still I am waiting for a true sales push for the WiiU - I've seen about a hundred Wonga ads for every single WiiU advert, and loads of ads for Pokemon and Animal Crossing. Nintendo can't even be bothered sending out email advertising to Club Nintendo people (which is easy & free to do in case they don't know!), and Nintendo Direct only gets to people who actively use 3DS or WiiU (which aint the way to get console sales!!)

The name is not the problem, Nintendo refusing to give a proper advertising budget for it has resulted in a massive wasted opportunity. Sticking an ad on Cartoon Network is cheap but hardly any viewers, mainstream adverts are required NOW,.
Even WiiFitU has been launched with no adverts - Nintendo just cannot get the basic of advertising, you need to tell people the console exists and why they should buy one, not just imagine people will flock to it when they don't know it is out there. Mario 3D World is out in a few days, yet unless you read NintendoLife you wouldn't know it!!.

I do wonder whether MS and Sony have secretly replaced the entire Nintendo Management Team with corporate destroyers, if so they could not have done a better job.



Falchion said:

@2Sang can u name one system seller for the ps4 or xbone? Its a process and I think nintendo is doing about as well as the other companies, well they did get a headstart...



Daemonite said:

WiiU's problem isn't the name, nor the lack of advertising... The real problem is people just don't want to play a console that is on par with PS3/Xbox360- hardware (8 years old!!!). The lack of 3rd party support and the company's refusal to adapt to modern day standards don't help either!



GraveLordXD said:

@Linkstrikesback no the problem is the Wii u has no 1st party games at the moment
You think if the Wii u was a smash hit all the Sony fans would be like ohh well so much for the ps4 this time I'm gonna get a Wii u now? I doubt it and Nintendo games are just as good as ever most reviews speak for that, the 3ds speaks for that! If no one wanted Nintendo games how do you explain that? What are you people smoking to come up with these ridiculously crazy answers?



Platinumhobo said:

There are quite a few unhappy Nintendo fans here that have some strong negative emotions towards the WiiU. I'm a very happy WiiU owner that feels no need to buy a PS4 or even think about wasting money of a XOne. Mostly because I haven't been disappointed with anything I've bought. Wonderful 101 has been the best so far, TTT2 was great, and so was Injustice. The remakes have been fun, though I will admit I have not paid full price for them. Plus, I have plenty of indie and VC games like Nano Assault Neo and Super Metroid.

If one of you wouldn't mind, and others are free to back them up, can you give me a detailed reason why you are unhappy with the WiiU? And by detailed I mean more than "The games aren't fun" cuz that's a variety of games you're just casually dismissing.



ThumperUK said:

Just to clarify my own feelings. I am happy with my WiiU console, and love games like Wonderful101, Lego City Undercover and Zelda WW.

However, I am really unhappy with the performance (or rather lack of) by Nintendo themselves over their console. A year head start has been wasted. Third parties have now deserted the system in droves, or scaling back development on a large-scale. What has Nintendo done in the last 12 months for the WiiU, in terms of advertising or getting back key players like EA or Ubisoft (etc etc)? An occasional TV advert (extremely rare on mainstream channels). Was there even a Wonderful 101 advert? Need for Speed was best version on the WiiU yet no-one advertised it.
The UK Nintendo spokeswoman was doing an appalling job of explaining her 'strategy' a few weeks ago, talking about 'mum' and 'dad' in a 1950's patronising manner, and completely missing the point is that kids tell their parents what they want (not the other way around!) She also didn't seem to understand that most WiiU owners are either adult or children/teenagers with their own minds & wants/needs.

Where are the ads for WiiU Sports updates, plus WiiFitU? Mario is due for launch in 2 weeks, yet nothing from them. They cannot even be bothered to tell Club Nintendo subscribees about new games, never mind trying to get new people to buy their console.
If Nintendo cannot be bothered to invest in the WiiU, I cannot blame 3rd parties for their lack of confidence in the system. As a result, we get quick ports of multi-platform games (if we are lucky enough to get the game at all), and we suffer as gamers. I love Nintendo games; however the company themselves need a massive management shake-up.

Oops, I seem to have ranted abit there !!!



electrolite77 said:


I'm not sure where you've proven anything regarding Wii and Gamecube. You've said you prefer the 'Cube which is your subjective opinion. I prefer the Wii, so (shrugs). I can show it got better support and a longer life with a calendar.



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 the cube got better support and quality from Nintendo themselves and 2nd party games were of better quality you can't argue that unless you think other m was better than prime and that galaxy made up for everything else incuding the lack of f-zero and a bunch of other great games that the Wii was lacking if so you must be a casual gamer they both got around 5 year support anyway, like I said before Nintendo seems to do a better job when they are put in the position they are currently in. Seems you'll take any games including shovelware doesn't matter tho right as long as it has more games than the rivals who cares? I prefer better games not most junk that was on the Wii better support isn't always better especially if its half hearted



Platypus101 said:

@SavantSupreme wow... have you even done a comparison between the systems you compared, or are you just "parroting" what everyone else says? "Squak! Wii U hardware is old... Squak! PS4 and XB1 are better! Squak!"



Linkstrikesback said:

A no name site, with no source or proof is your argument?

Lol. So anyone who can make a webpage and put stuff on it is automatically telling the truth. Yeah, no. Show a big site or an interview with a sony employee where they said it, because that is trolling, pulled right out of the arse of that webpage maker to get hits.

Sony announced a ton of stuff long before Microsoft. For those with short memories, they absolutely blindsided Microsoft with the PS4 announcements months before microsoft had anything to say about the xbone. At the time, they said that the strategy they were going to take would be the "one that does right by gamers", or something along those lines. I find it very hard to imagine translating that into restrictive DRM.


Then explain why people aren't buying the Wii U. Either you think Nintendo games have gotten significantly less desirable (i.e. worse), or they have competition. Pick one. Or give a valid third option, but that would contradict what you're already saying.



Platypus101 said:

@2Sang You started by called me a "nintendrone". That was wrong. 👿. If nintendo were gonna fail, we would have already seen the beginnings of it by now... I understand "the projections" but many times (in recent history) those projections have been wrong... Not sure how old you are, but do you remember the doom and gloom around the Wii right before wii fit came out? As I recall the projections claimed the death of nintendo in at least one article... Don't be a "drone" make your own path and follow it! It's ok to be in the minority



Platypus101 said:

@SavantSupreme it won't let me reply to your most recent post... Weird. Um, the first half about hardware, sort of... No real discussion other than numbers, we couldn't solve anything there, but... As far as 3rd party support, that's not Nintendo, that's simply 3rd parties not joining in on the reindeer games. Not Nintendo's fault. EA had a TON of titles (even under different badges) for the Wii, there was no real reason for them to stop, except that they FELT this system was not easy enough to work on. Seems to be the whining and crying from lazy developers and programmers. Also, it seems everyone wants Nintendo to fail this time around, "like the GameCube"... I remember that failure, Nintendo shuttered its doors and went out of...wait! That never happened! they came back stronger, knocking both other systems out of the park! (In sales, since that's all people are worried about)



chess227 said:

I actually skipped the GameCube and wii because I didn't love the direction nintendo was going plus my brother owned an xbox 360 and I got that to play online but like so many, I am very put off by the next gen systems. Microsoft lost me completely with their kinect required and drm even through they back peddled, but I will not ever buy a system that requires me to install games onto a hard drive... I have heard reports people with ps4 have installed 2 games and 2 downloaded games and they have 330gb left on their drive. Over the years of downloading games, that will shrink massively and I am the kind of person who likes to play multiple games at times and who wants to wait for that game to install on the hard drive and then if to need the room, you will have to uninstall the game which kind of sucks. I have kind of burned out on first person shooters online as well and you couple that with nintendos amazing first party games , I decided to purchase a wii u a few weeks ago when the new Mario bundle came out. Maybe I am an optimist, but I think people are going to get tired of gaming consoles dictating how they can enjoy their games. If nintendo beefed up their online system, it would really help expand their market. But for now, my next gen console is solely the wii u



VictahVonDoom said:

Congratulations Sony, truly deserved. Got to say that my PS4 and all of my friend's PS4 have been working flawlessly since day 1.

Playstation 4 - 24hr - over 1 million console sold

PS2 took 3 days to ship 1 million units,

Wii U - 1 week(168hr) - 400 000 console sold

Wii - 8 days(192hr) - 600 000 console sold

Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold

Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold

It should Pass the Wii U within a few weeks (1.75m NA) 1.39M sold through



Jazzer94 said:

@VictahVonDoom The only thing is are the non-hardcore fans going to transition otherwise the sales will decrease drastically after launch hype dies down.



Emaan said:

I just know I have a Wii U now and I'll be getting a PS4 sometime in the future. How this generation will play out, it's hard to tell. I definitely don't think the Wii U is going to reach any amount of success close to the Wii, though I'm sure we all can say that confidently by now.



ThumperUK said:

Now publish the total sales for all of the consoles you have listed. Also come back to us in a month and say how many of your PS4's have failed!



GraveLordXD said:

@Linkstrikesback the wiiu has no system sellers that's the only reason there isn't any reason for anyone to go out and buy the system yet that's it.
If I love Nintendo games I'm not gonna go out and buy a PlayStation or Xbox am I ? If I like 3rd party games I have 3 other options besides Nintendo. The Xbox PlayStation and PC are more in competition with each other than the Wii u is with them. The Wii u stands alone but problem is there aren't any stand alone games at the moment you can bassiclly get every other game on all the other systems right now with the exception of w101& pikman3 neither system sellers



Oniinside said:

I'm not an architect XD I talk about user's experience, and I am the first to say that there are differences, even in that case... (i.e. Kinect) but owning a Ps3, I feel fully satisfied on that side of experience, and while I look for WiiU for new things, I wouldn't pay for an xbox because I find there TONS of things in common with Ps3



Rezal_Knight said:

PS4 and Xbone are going to crush the Wii U in sales.
But I still will get a Wii U some time next year,there is far too many games I want to play on it.



VictahVonDoom said:

Lets face the fact ppl the only way Nintendo is going to be successful with the Wii U is when Nintendo fans start denying the success of other consoles.



gregrout said:

@MadAdam81 I'm not trying to disparage any system, it's just that we're caught in technical "evolution" of sorts which is shaking the traditional foundation. If you asked me 10 years ago if I thought Apple of all companies would been seen as a real gaming threat to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, I honestly would have laughed. Touchscreen technology / Smartphone & Tablets are changing a lot of the ways we do things. As for gaming systems, I made my choice based on my family. I have two daughters (8 & 12) so the Wii-U was definitely more appealing to them. Would I have loved to play/try Halo 3,4 or Uncharted? Absolutely. I make do with an Alienware laptop which allows me to play a number of titles that don't make it to the Nintendo platform.



GraveLordXD said:

@VictahVonDoom and not to long ago people including so called experts were saying just the opposite, that Nintendo should get out of the handheld market that there is no market for them there that the almighty cell phone tablet is destroying them
Low and behold the 3ds started picking up sales with 1st party games now people are saying the same thing about the Wii u
Point is its getting old and most people don't have a clue what they are talking about



VictahVonDoom said:

The Wii U can not and will not compete with PS4 and Xbox One or even the up coming Steam Box for the next 10 yrs. I'm sure Nintendo will have a new console by then.



URAmk2 said:

ign didn't say it. a random ign user on a thread said that. stop trying so hard brah. your failing miserably.



moroboshi said:

To be blunt, the Wii U is doomed at this point. Without a successful gimmick to draw in the mainstream non-gamer crowd, Nintendo are left with their much reduced and rather alienated core audience. If the Wii U had been a current-gen system, and have similar specs to the PS4 and Xbox One, then that would have been fine, as the Wii U would have widespread third party dev support. With the Wii U hardware barely able to match last gen, once devs move completely to current gen, then the Wii U will be left with little but Nintendo first party efforts.

For the super hardcore Nintendo fans. that will be enough (although many will no doubt also own a PS4 or Xbox One), but it certainly doom the Wii U to a very distant third place.

I predict the WIi U will be casually taken away and culled within a couple of years. What Nintendo do after that, I don't know, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it involved iOS and Android support.



Franklin said:

"I'd like to point out that despite the PS2 selling over 7 times the amount that the Gamecube did, Nintendo still made more money than Sony, and that's not taking the GBA into consideration."

Huh. Did not know that.



moroboshi said:

@chess227 Installing games to the hard drive is mandatory on both the XO and the PS4, and the reason is simple - optical drives are not quick enough to stream data for current gen visuals. They could barely keep up last gen.

Installation is largely done in the background however, so you play while it installs.



sevex said:

I played a PS4 last night for a little bit, and was pretty underwhelmed. I'm sure it has some great things coming, but it didn't feel or look significantly different from a PS3.

I only have one game for Wii U so far (Nintendoland) but it has already offered me a gaming experience that is quite unique.

I feel like NIntendo may have an edge this generation among the people that just look at the price, and what comes in the box. "This one is $100 cheaper AND the controller has a screen built in? Cool stuff!"



electrolite77 said:


Chortle. OK this is getting comical now. Your say that third-party support doesn't matter, and your proof of that is that in your opinion the 'Cube got better support than the Wii and anyone who disagrees with you "can't argue" and is a "casual gamer" ? That is a dismally poor argument that looks a lot like a temper tantrum.

But I'll keep it sensible. A quick comparison: -
Gamecube had better Zelda games than the Wii.
Gamecube had a better Paper Mario game than the Wii.
Gamecube got Luigi's Mansion, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero, 1080, Mario Golf, Baten Kaitos and a couple of very average Starfox games.

Wii had better Mario games than the 'Cube.
Wii had better Metroid games than the 'Cube.
Wii had better Donkey Kong games than the 'Cube.
Wii had better Mario Kart, Wario Ware than the 'Cube.
Wii had Xenoblade Chronicles, Excitetruck, Disaster, Pandoras Tower, Last Story, Wii Sports/Resort, Sin and Punishment 2, and Punch-Out!
Wii got a plethora of quirky Wiiware games.
Wii got several of the 'Cube's better games as New Play Control titles.

Where is the big difference? Where is the 'Cube's unquestionable superiority that would show poorly-selling Nintendo machines get better first-party support?

As for the significance of third-party support, the Wii U is coming into it's second full year. In the Wii's equivalent (2008) third-party releases included World of Goo, Okami, Boom Blox, No More Heroes, Megaman 9, Pro Evo Soccer, De Blob, Blastworks, Lost Winds, Tiger Woods 09, Pinball Hall of Fame and Bully. I hope to see their Wii U equivalents in 2014 alongside what we've seen of Nintendo's releases next year, which look great. But if sales continue to flatline that won't happen.



MysticX said:

@LDXD A big difference between the Wii U and 3DS is that the 3DS much less competition to deal with, the actual handheld console market (not counting phones/tablets, they can do great games but are a different market IMO) has the 3DS and the PS vita in it, hardly a contest as far as i can see.

The Wii U on the other hand faces the Xbox one and PS4, bigger threats than Nintendo faces on the handheld market, so comparing the 3DS situation with the Wii U is an apples/oranges kind of deal IMO.

I wouldn't claim the Wii U is "DOOMED!!!", but third place is pretty likely...



sleepinglion said:

It's hard to predict the Wii U's success long-term because there are so many key franchises missing from its roster.
Once Smash Bros. and Mario Kart make an appearance we'll have a batter indication of where we're headed. Once we can pick up the next Zelda and Metroid installments (maybe even a StarFox or F-Zero of Nintendo feels exceptionally giving) it should be pretty darn clear.
Too soon to tell, really.



Luna-Harmony said:

I get nintendo games becouse they are amazing and nintendo exclusive games only as other consoles don't make games like nintendo.
the ps4 and xbox-one have alot of the same games it will be the exclusive's that make a difference like Uncharted, or Gears of war.
Me my self i am going to wait untill destany and mgs come out before picking what console to get and will see the pro's and con's over 4 months.
Id like to hold on for e3 but Mgs is a must.

The ps4 controll pad looks cheep plastic rubish the xbox-one pad looks amazing with rumble triggers but in the end it's what console has the best exclusive's.



technotreegrass said:

The Wii U needs more of their 1st-party classics like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Metroid, Star Fox, Zelda, maybe a Pokemon game or attachment that can let you play your DS/3DS titles on your TV. I bought a DS, 3DS, and a Wii solely for Nintendo's 1st-party games. I'll most likely pick up a Wii U when Mario Kart comes out, because Mario Kart Wii was the driving force behind me getting a Wii.

As long as Nintendo can put out great 1st-party games, and relatively quickly, like sometime in 2014, I don't think they have to worry.



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 I think you made a huge huge mistake by saying that the Wii had a better metroid thats comical and Nintendo doesn't need 3rd party support to survive like Sony and Microsoft they haven had much 3rd party support since the SNES and they are still around who buys Nintendo systems for 3rd party games? Nintendo will be fine without it like they always have and they know this that's why they take the risk they do they don't have to rely on others to survive



unrandomsam said:

@electrolite77 The cube got some quite decent 3rd party support

Sega :
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Sega Soccer Slam
Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2
Crazy Taxi
Skies of Arcadia Legends (Last JRPG I truly enjoyed).

Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO
Megaman X Collection

Warioworld (Short but good - Treasure made not Nintendo).
Alien Hominid
Soul Calibur 2
Rogue Squadron II
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy
Simpsons - Hit and Run
Hudson Selection (Dunno about 1 but I have 2/3/4 and they are great).

Thing about the Wii is that was when everything started to be watered down at least Nintendo's output.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I ain't starting any stupid arguments (like many people before me, but hey, that's inevitable), but I wouldn't be surprised if Xbox One hit last place. I would see either Wii U or PS4 claiming top spot. I really don't see Wii U hitting last place, especially once Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. 4 hit the store and eShop shelves.



Platinumhobo said:

@ThumperUK that, that I can say that I respect that pretty reasonable opinion. Being unhappy about how Nintendo has presented the WiiU is totally valid. Now over here in America I have seen a commercial for 3D World more than a few times so I think they are trying to fix things, but being a bit pissed about it taking so long is totally understandable and kind of expected honestly.

I'm just not upset about it because Nintendo doing things there own way has never failed me before, no matter how skeptical I got. I'm looking at the GameCube as I say that.



Yadoking said:

From the perspective of college students, I honestly never hear anyone talk about the Wii U. I always try to throw that reminder in there when I get in gaming discussions. So, from my vantage point it seems Wii U will fall short - since a lot of the people this age have the means of making purchases, like gaming systems, on their own, the fact that many aren't even discussing the Wii U when talking about games leads me to believe the college crowd will likely be the lowest contributors to its sales. Because of this, the One and PS4 will likely be recipients of those sales forgone by the Wii U. Vice versa however, the younger market and the more adult market (with children) will be supporting Wii U sales much more closely. Unless the adult market, without children, can be convinced the Wii U is different in some positive way, other than game selection, the PS4 or One will probably seem like a more worthwhile investment.
This is also an American point of view.



3Daniel said:

Honestly i hope the wii u doesnt sell too well and more third parties abandon ship. I love when Nintendo takes the reigs entirely and fills those genres that other parties left behind. The gamecube had my second favorite software lineup, next to dreamcast, because nintendo was super experimental and delivered on the goods. If the wii u fails to sell another single console it wont be the end of nintendo so it wouldn't matter anyway.



Bizzyb said:

@Yasume You must really love Nintendo to hate them so much. I never understood ppl who put so much emotional investment in a company/corporation



electrolite77 said:

@LDXD The Wii got Prime 3, the Trilogy disc including 1 and 2 and Other M.

Problem with the theory that they don't need anyone else is that since the SNES, Nintendo's console sales have dropped as the market has grown, with one notable exception-the one that had tons of games including all the shovelware. Wii U sales are unfortunately tracking behind the 'Cube's and there are no guarantees that Nintendo will continue to make home consoles if they don't make money. A couple more flops and while there's no question of them going under we may be faced with the horror of Mario Galaxy 4 on the IPad (shudder). It's far easier to feel confident about Nintendo's future if their consoles sell. While we may not buy the shovelware it helps that (and Nintendo get licensing revenue to help their own projects).

Well yeah that sort of illustrates again the importance of third-party support. I do believe though that Nintendo kept their own standards very high on the Wii, it's just the impact was diluted by what seems like 248 different Party/Carnival games compilations and the shifting of their quirky side onto Wiiware. Whereas e.g. Odama and Chibi Robo were disc releases, the oddities like Maboshis Arcade and Fluidity got digital releases on Wii



ricklongo said:

@MysticX "the actual handheld console market (not counting phones/tablets, they can do great games but are a different market IMO) has the 3DS and the PS vita in it, hardly a contest as far as i can see."

People say that now, but do you remember what it was like when the 3DS was out and the Vita was about to be released? Here's a couple reminders:

Also, I believe the tablet/smartphone market is a lot more significant that you're giving it credit for, which makes the handheld competition as fierce as, if not more fierce than, the home console market.



banacheck said:

Well its official the PS4 is the fastest selling console to date, over one millions consoles sold in 24 hours and thats just the US.

Playstation 4 - 24hr - over 1 million console sold
PS2 took 3 days to ship 1 million units,
Wii U - 1 week(168hr) - 400 000 console sold
Wii - 8 days(192hr) - 600 000 console sold
Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold
Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold



DanMan82 said:

@3wdiisu But wasn't that all that DRM stuff about PS4 just speculation? Was anybody able to get Sony to admit it? (It really wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the original plan).



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 the prime games originated on the cube That's like saying that twilight princess is a Wii game also and its not
At some point you have to admit that the cube had better 1st party support from Nintendo than the wii did. You have to!!
And the cube did overall make Nintendo money correct? Therefore it was a success they would have to have a few virtual boy like consoles back to back to back to even think about going strictly 3rd party which they already claim will never happen



GreatPlayer said:

@electrolite77 Recently Nintendo releases W101 and Sega releases Sonic the Lost World, both got bad review. I just played Sonic, and found that it failed to obtain good review for the same reason of Wonderful 101 - both games have complex control that is not intuitive at first. That is unfortunate because so called gamer reviewers actually do not like hardcore games for gamers! Not to mention that both games are rather difficult for casual gamers. I am playing a later stage of Sonic where I have died over 10 times (due to my fault).

This trend really should make us worry. Bayonetta 2 will probably also get bad review due to its difficulty. From now on the video game industry should just publish easy games with easy control. Should W101 or Sonic get good review then it would have boosted Wii U sales. To survive the sales, Nintendo should just publish a whole bunch of easy games, and tell Platinum games to dump down their games' difficulty.



FritzFrapp said:

To answer the article's question: Thank God for Nintendo. With Atari, Sega, NEC, and SNK all falling by the wayside, I count my gamer's blessings that there's still one videogame company that seems to understand what I want.
I adore the Wii U and the 3DS – both the wonderful hardware and the excellent games.



gronik said:

Wow loads of comments as usual!

I'll say this; this is going to be a great Generation of gaming!
Soo many options avalbile with different niche's to fill.

Really there is something for everyone!

Personally I'll be having a Wii U, 4, One! :L



3wdiisu said:

Even if it's not IGN, there are still many other sites who did say that ps4 changed they're DRM policies after XBOX one was announced. Do your research



cheleuitte said:

I'm a nintendo fan, I'm a gamer too, I have all system to judge the best games., nintendo WiiU will give me quality, best gameplay ever and PS4 the rest of the crap!!



unrandomsam said:

@Pete_Stooge The PS4 is worse than my PC that last had any money spent on it about 2 years ago. (What is more it is a PC).

@electrolite77 The situation is different now the big 3rd parties are making PC games that don't work properly and putting them on to consoles. In the Gamecube era they were making good traditional console games still. (Just with a more suitable difficulty). Those current games are not worth having at all. (Even less so a 2nd or 3rd class version).



supersix said:

Nintendo is going to have 1 of the highest- if not the highest- rated games by a long shot going into the holiday season with 3D World, Amazon is filled with DOA PS4 reviews, and the most anticipated PS4 and X1 games don't come out until next March. The Wii U will be ok but I really hope at least MK and Bayonetta 2 get 1st quarter releases with DK and Watchdogs to keep momentum.



MAB said:

I have acquired some footage of the BPLOD for further analysis




heathenmagic said:

1 million PS4s sold already in just USA? I am biased and would like Nintendo to do really well with the Wii U. Never thought I would get one, but I'm really loving it. And it uses more than 4 times less power - good for the planet! Seems the majority want amazing graphics still. Maybe if Ninty bring out some more games that innovate with the gamepad, and generally top gameplay, it could change a few minds.



WebHead said:

At this rate, for Wii U to come first Iwata is gonna have to join Vince McMahon's Kiss My You Know What Club lol.



Will-75 said:

Wii U will be successful but only when Nintendo releases Mario Kart 8 , Smash Bros. , Bayonetta , Donkey Kong , and a new Zelda / Metroid ! The Wii U has a ton of potential if it's ever tapped into is another thing , the Ps4 and Xbox1 really are not that much an improvement over Ps3 / xbox360 I think they won't sell like people think other than the core fans of each system , to me I think you would be ahead to wait or keep your Ps3 or xbox360 this year . The Wii U is the only one that offers a substantial leap over the previous console !



MarioMan247 said:

@VictahVonDoom Nintendo's game launch will e better next year in 2014. Japan's sales in rising. congratulate Sony for their success. Nintendo needs to step up their game. But when you mad that comment, I hope you took the WORLD into consderation



Traxx said:


Quite surprising seeing you having a Wave Race avatar and at the same time playing down the cube's awesomenes, since Wii didn't have Wave Race, oh and F-Zero.

Truth is, the last console nintendo shwoed pure genius was Nintendo 64.



MaverickHunterX said:

What do I think of the "New-Gen" environment?
Well, seeing how neither the PS4 or the XBone have any worthwhile launch titles, and the rampant reports of buggy PS4 consoles......ehhhhh, I'll wait.

In the meantime, I'll be playing my WiiU, 3DS, and PS3.



URAmk2 said:

considering you're the one making the claim with absolutely no proof, you should do some research or just give up your pitiful smear campaign.



electrolite77 said:

@LDXD Metroid was reworked the same way Wind Waker was on Wii U or Mario 64 on DS. It's a Wii game.

Why would I (sigh) 'admit' to an opinion I don't agree with. It's an opinion, not a fact.

None of this fun and frivolity detracts from my original point. Better supported machines sell better. Better selling machines are good for Nintendo's future. The rest is background noise/delusion/fanboy denial



DarkKirby said:

As much of a disaster the Xbone is it at least has the hardware and software.

So the Wii U will probably fall into the place the Wii is now, far behind the PS3 and 360;



electrolite77 said:


I haven't played Sonic yet due to disliking most previous 3D Sonic games. W101 definitely got harshly treated though a Metascore of 78 is good. Just wait, it'll be in loads of 'cult classics' lists in the next few years....



electrolite77 said:

@unrandomsam I'm not sure the collective output of third parties can be completely dismissed. Even among the endless production line FPS games there are plenty of gems. Half my Wii U collection is third-party-Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, Rayman Legends, Sonic Racing, Need for Speed, Deus Ex are all great and Assassins Creed IV is next on my shopping list. It's good to have a mixture.



Drawdler said:

I'm just tired of seeing all the arguing about it, honestly. Wether the Wii U is "next gen" and how the hardware is and what's up with the sales. I understand why(and I agree with certain points and ideas regarding it), but sometimes I wonder what happened with just wanting to play games. I'm just seeing it everywhere lately.

Sigh. Anyway, my plan this gen is to use my 3DS and PC as my main consoles. I haven't used my Wii U much lately, tbh. I think it will pick up soon like my 3DS did, but meh... I'm just not very enthusiastic for this gen. Like, at all, outside of the 3DS, and somewhat the PC, I honestly don't care very much for anything lately. So many little reasons as to why. It's strange because so many games are delivering, but I think I'm just getting tired of this "NEXT GEN HYPE" right now.
I'm going to pick up a Vita, though- but that's because I need to upgrade from my awful PSP1000 (and want to play LBPVita!) more than a getting-into-that-section-of-the-next-gen kind of thing.



cusman said:

I think the Wii U is great for family friendly games, while gamers that like to play online will be better served with XBO or PS4.

The Wii U doesn't have party chat, and most Nintendo fledgling Online games still don't support voice-chat. They are far too behind of online standard expectations to be successful with online gamers.

I expect over time, the PS4 and XBO will continue to improve and be better as the more used console even if you own a Wii U which will generally only get game time if you really insist on support Nintendo by playing lesser version of 3rd Party AAA games and other than that play the few Nintendo exclusive games Nintendo manages to release each year.



itsamii said:

@Nomad I agree, but people have to have more options to make the idea appealing. People who already play video games will probably play them for a long time, but it's hard to attract newcomers if it's "my way or the highway."



ElementalChaos said:

If things keep going the way they are, the Wii U will almost certainly be a distant third, only selling as much as the Gamecube (or even less).

I mean, look at the facts; it's sold about 1.75 million units in America so far, and the PS4 has already sold 1 million units in 24 HOURS. If that isn't a terrible sign, then I don't know what is.



n057828 said:

Guys think $449 for PS4 game $99 Internet $50 Cont $99 think that! and not able to play PS3 game till next year BUT downloaded only!
Wii U Xmas with Mario kart, 3d land etc Im here for the Next gen Wii U!



Cuddles said:

Having played the PS4 all weekend, and already owning a Wii U..there is no way the Wii U can compete with PS4 and I would assume Xbone as well.



AutumnShantel said:

No way I'd want a PS4 or Xbox One... I'm just not into those kinds of games. And I like consoles that focus solely on gaming. Only non-Nintendo system I own is a PS Vita. I'm very happy with it but nothing else outside of Nintendo has even appealed to me lately...



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 you're missing my whole point but anyway enjoy your Nintendo games on an iPad then if that's what you keep thinking I don't see that happening anytime soon legally
Also when did I every say good sales isnt good for Nintendo's future you're the one thinking if they don't get third party support or outsell the Xbox or ps4 that they are doomed. I'm simply saying they aren't and who gives a hoot



StarDust4Ever said:

Come on guys! Let's make it to 500 posts...

3DS, Wii-U, and Ouya all the way for me this gen.

Oh, and LOL on the DOA PS4s - it's like the Red Ring of Death all over again



GamerJunkie said:

I love my PS4. Day 1 they gave me $10 credit for the store, 1 free month ps plus, 2 free games from PSN plus that would be $15 each normally(nintendo would charge more i bet...).

There are also 3 very good Free to play games I was able to play right on day 1 too Dc universe, warframe and blacklight retribution.

So I had more games on day 1 all FREE than I have for Wii U that I have for 1 year.

The controller is awesome as well and the UI is 100x better than Wii U. Also it has all the apps Wii U has, but has many more and they work smoother on PS4.

I can't wait for Mario 3D, but Wii U overall lost this generation by far already.



tudsworth said:

@Frapp I couldn't agree more. The one thing Nintendo and a lot of the former console makers you mentioned have in common is their emphasis on making bespoke hardware for the purpose of playing games. In a world where every single one of Nintendo's competitors seems to be content with treating gaming as "just another feature" on their latest multimedia black box; I want to see Nintendo continue to make systems for a long time to come, and I hope that the smaller "indie" console makers (Ouya and Gamestick come to mind) and Valve take Nintendo's general ideology to heart.

Admittedly, I know that people who share my mindset are a minority in the industry, and that the idea that the Wii U should succeed because it tries to bring something new to the table and just tries to be a gaming machine first and foremost is wishful thinking at best; but a man can dream. It's too early to make any bold predictions, but I'm sure the Wii U will be at least a minor success for Nintendo, probably not a Gamecube-level "distant third", but that may solely be because it's a cheaper "next gen" (now this-gen, I guess) console, being sold in a down economy against considerably more expensive competitors.



AidenPearce said:

@BlatantlyHeroic it is all about opinion what console you like, if wii u sells good enough it won't matter if ps4 is ahead because it'll get more dev support and strong exclusives



unrandomsam said:

@tudsworth All the modern consoles use PC like graphics hardware (With the associated problems). The PS3 was pretty bespoke problem is nobody used it properly. (Someone will probably do a tech demo showing what it could have done in about 10 years time or so). Even the indie 2D stuff is at best SNES like quality. (Some of the Saturn stuff I have seen but never played is at a level that I think will never be returned to sadly). I don't like the difficulty of current Nintendo games. (Don't really get who they are aimed at - I know a 6 year old who thinks New Super Mario Bros 2 is too easy. He played the DS one first and got better at it.) I might end up playing just indie games



hotlfusion said:

I bought my wii u not long ago knowing that it will be another wii but with far less sales. I bought it to play Nintendo games and I got it at a good price.
Before it's launch their were so many developers singing the praises of the wii u, look it up. Fast forward to 2014 and I don't think there would be any third-party developers left by the end of the year.
That's the reality of it. Some people it seems believed too much of what Nintendo promised. Maybe Nintendo believed it themselves but whatever none of it is likely to come to fruition. It is disappointing when you read through the posts from 2012 on Nintendo fan forums and reflect on the high hopes so many fans had for the wii u sales and third-party support.
I know it is far too early to talk of the next Nintendo console but if they do release a successor to the wii u it would be interesting to see exactly where they go with it.
But back to the present and I am sure the wii u will do well enough.



nungi said:

I'm not going to pay 400+ for no new system because it has 8 gb of whatever memory,pay for online subscription and can't even make it the first week without it failing on me and think its ok.The games ........waiting.with my cheaper Wii u and know that with Nintendo their hardware are always up to par with something that cost more.So like everybody knows that they need games and third party support,which are too lazy to make a port or much less a exclusive for the Wii u.look at Rayman which was a launch title(if it was released would be the only version you'd need and therefore wouldn't sell on the other consoles and start their I see why these so called developers are doing this or look like they getting paid to sideline the Wii u.thats why the U have no third party support and Nintendo gave them a head start before they start putting games out(cause their games won't sell no more unless its good).but N should have lined up the best of their games to develop and pump one hit in a month or two time.try some new games like some mature RPGS,or even something new.its hard to tell when everyone including most on this site are against Nintendo and it shows with the negstivity so why would I be a piece of poopsiedoodoocacapoopledoopledoggiedoo fan or garbage box and be talking about it on a Nintendo site do that on the haters sites saying this and that about the future or who will win their money there's too much innovation on one hand and on the other seeing a past gen tech with grafix on drugs that's what you guyz are happy to spend 400-500 dollars on.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



shonenjump86 said:

Lots of comments on this one. I think the Wii U will be in 3rd place, but I don't really care if it is or not. I see myself having a Wii U and Xbox One. Not right now though, sometime in 2014. Gonna have to stick with the 360 and 3DS for now. Oh, and whatever time wasting games I have on IPad.



faint said:

@Sceptic Um I assume you are telling the truth and are just very misinformed. Every single 1st party wii u game has local mutiplayer as do many of the third party titles. The problem is very few have online play. The good games range from 16 bucks (need for speed) to 50 Sonic/Wonderful 101. Your kids may enjoy pc better but this is probably do to conditioning and wanting to be cool like dad. If you played the wii u all the time so would they. Nothing against pc gaming. I think we should stop lumping them together. Console and PC are totally different experiences at least till everything goes cloud format. So 6 to8 years maybe?



Nomad said:

@itsamii I was only half serious. It's great that there's so much choice for gamers these days. I just think Nintendo's systems always have the best 1st party exclusives, but these day it seems most gamers buy which system will have the most 3rd party support.



kdognumba1 said:

TBH, I don't envision any of the 3 systems selling as well as there predecessors. Much of the expanded market that picked up Wii and DS have moved on to smartphones and social games as well as many gamers who aren't nostalgic and don't have any allegiances moved to PC gaming.

That said, it will be interesting to see how the Steambox does. If it takes off, it'll put some serious strain on all the console companies but especially the higher end ones.



B_Troof said:

I'll tell you, that i'm sure the Wii U won't do what the Wii did... and at the end PS4 will probably be on top.



MadAdam81 said:

@gregrout Each system does have its strengths. I have a wife & 3 kids, we all love the Wii U, as do some of my friends - the gamepad stuff in cross platform games & Nintendo exclusives are what we love. We are playing lego marvel at the moment, and the fact that split screen is a thing of the past is truly next gen in my mind.
The Xbox One is great for those who want just one box (or two if you have pay tv) plugged into the TV - no need for a blu-ray, media box, streaming system etc, with also some family type games with Kinect and decent power to also have AAA games without anything cut back or cut out.
The PS4 is all about gaming, but apparently has very little media playback capabilities. For those who have media boxes galore already, there is no point having another one that will do the same thing 3 or 4 other devices already do.
I might get an Xbox One or PS4, but I'll wait a year, which is what I also did after buying a Wii.



KnightRider666 said:

I think the new bundles and lower price point are going to help Wii U match if not beat out the other 2 more expensive systems... We'll see.



Nomad said:

@StarDust yeah, um, I don't really have anything meaningful to say. Just want to see if we get to 500 posts.
Go Wii U!



erv said:

It's either going to sell and we'll be gaming another 5-6 years on it, or it'll struggle after some main setbacks and we'll be talking new console in 3.5 years or so.

We're going to get great games either way though, and so far, I'm having lots of fun with my wii u



StarDust4Ever said:

@Nomad: Almost there

Honestly, if Nintendo fails to deliver with Wii-U it is their own fault. I saw some ads for 3DS games tonight watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, mostly Mario Party and the new Zelda. Why have I not seen them elsewhere? Oh right, Cartoon Network is normally a "children's" network during the day. Not smart Nintendo. Why is it they are spending their entire advertising budget on 3DS when it is doing fine? I've not seen a single danged Wii-U ad since Lego City Launched. It is getting critical for Nintendo all the while Sony and Microsoft have literally been spamming cable TV networks with the Prime Time ads for PS4 and Xbone. Too bad it's all FPS and sports and other crap I could care less about.



KillScottKill said:

I think the Wii U will finish second, only to the PS4. Sales are ultimately how consumer friendly you are. Sony is in a great set of mind right now. They've created an amazing product and they actually care about the consumer. They're giving the people what they want and doing it at an affordable price.

I wouldn't say the Wii U is completely consumer friendly, but it's not bad. The price is great and there are some nice 1st party titles. But the console isn't as powerful as it could and it hasn't gotten the exclusives as quickly as people would have liked. In general it's missing features and lacks in accessibility.

But the Xbox One and Microsoft... What a mess. Everyone dumped on them this year because the XB1 is the least consumer friendly product I have ever seen. Their primary goal is to bleed you of you money, and they don't care how they do it. The console is the most expensive (partly due to useless Kinect), certain games require you to connect to the Internet (Forza), and they aim to create user specific advertisements. Not to mention all the features you have to PURCHASE by getting Xbox Live. Unless they begin taking a better approach and start looking out for the consumer, they WILL lose this generation. Harshly.



datamonkey said:

"the iPhone — which would arguably be the prompt of a smartphone and tablet explosion"

I don't think there's anything to argue about that being the case. More factual I'd say...



Marakuto said:

I guess the optimistic ones are getting downed by "XD" or "lol!" for seeing their views on what they predict/think will happen this gen. Not surprised people are still constantly bickering here, but atleast some are being rational towards what other's think. No right or wrong. :>



electrolite77 said:


Ha ha. Where did I say I'd enjoy Nintendo games on my Ipad?

I do enjoy engaging with fully paid up Cult of Nintendo members.



datamonkey said:

@nungi - "waiting.with my cheaper Wii u"

Actually my Wii U cost me as much last November as the PS4 will cost me - £350...



Finntendo said:


Oh just what you said! I love games, no matter who or on what they are released. But because of a thing called money, N has been my priority. Actually, I liked to play but never had much money to buy games with our insane gamprices (70€) until in past 6 yrs I found the lovely thing called online shopping. And ordering from elsewhere. I'd get PS4, if had the money. They have so many games that are interestng. Xbone - or it's earlier versiois.. nothing. Or if it hs, PS also has them.
I actually bought PS2 THIS year, so I could play PS1 and PS2 games and in a few months I already owned like 10 So will probably buy PS3 next, when the prices drop to decent level. Because only thing that might be interesting for other consoles are mostly FPS, but IMHO, the only GOOD way to play those is PC. And that I have for them (I always wonder why someone has the patience to play those on console. I've tried and it's crap compared to superior mouse and keyboard). Besides, the other console games always seem to be buggy

To the sales, I think PS4 will win this round, Wii U is there, somewhere, nice and steady. There's no way it would have done the same than Wii. Too bad people don't realise the awesomness of the GamePad. It's an amazing controller. The consoles are like political parties, they have their cycles of ups and downs. And yes, U may be like GC - people realise it's worth much later...

Sorry for the rant

The thing why I like N consoles first is nicely put in this convo with me and my husband
me:" Oh, Arkham origins is released two weeks later for the U"
hubby: "Oh, the time they fix the bugs that the other versions have?"
Me: "Exactly"



startropics3 said:

The polls are missing a response for purchasing a used "last gen" system. I would grab a used PS3 on the cheap for some Demon's Souls and Journey before I consider buying anything new. I don't own or plan on owning an HD tv. Plus, the market is saturated with lackluster games that focus on grandiose visuals or self-important plots instead of on moderation or creativity. I'll take a Fez, Swords&Sworcery, or Proteus over another Gran Turismo, Call of Duty, or GTA. Nintendo still best represents my tastes, and if they continue to make gems like Kirby's Epic Yarn, then I might purchase a Wii U.



Mikky said:

One thing you gotta remember is that the PS4 is not coming to Japan until next year, so Nintendo has the Japanese market at their disposal.



Senate_Guard said:

Almost 80% of everyone here already owns a Wii U?...

I find that hard to believe, especially when you consider users are from all over the world.



Luffymcduck said:

Well I don't really know yet. After Super Mario 3D World and other big names we'll see how big chances it has.



GraveLordXD said:

@electrolite77 in case you forgot you said that's where Nintendo is more than likely headed with the failure of the Wii u This was a few paragraphs above where you called me a Nintendo fanboy in denial lol



Unit_DTH said:

Ok, so I got a PS4 last Friday Morning at 12:02 AM and I cannot say that the console is really a huge improvement over anything. It's great and fun and the controller is waaaaaayyyy better than the DS3 for the PS3, but what games does it have right now?? KZ:SF, Contrast, CoD:Ghosts, Knack, BF4, Insert generic multiplat sports games here... what does it offer that is unique? I have yet to find what is unique about this console. The graphics are pretty, but we can't really judge them off of this multi platform launch lineup. Resogun and Flower are the titles consuming all of my time so far and Warframe. But these titles are not innovative, or even new (I'm talking to you Flower). The controller, while better feeling and more stable than the DS3 has confused me on multiple occasions when I just want to pause the game, for those that want to know you use the options button to pause in games and it's placement takes some getting used to. I'm really not trying to talk bad about this system that I just bought, but I'm kinda disappointed right now with the games on offer and the lack of real innovation. I still have to be sitting in front of the TV to be playing this console, unless I want to drop another $300 on a PSVita, maybe I've been spoiled with off-tv play by the Wii U, but right now there is nothing that really screams "innovative" on the PS4. I'm enjoying it, but I would like to see more games sooner rather than later. I would also like to note that the PSN has had some serious issues with the large influx of people logging in, to setup their PS4 and I bought this console in anticipation of games like The Order: 1886. So for all the fanboys screaming that the PS4 is innovative or kicks the Wii U's butt... where is the proof, because I haven't seen anything on it yet that the Wii U couldn't accomplish if developers only took the time to build the game on it properly. If you want to add me on PSN my Username is Unit__DTH that's 2 underscores See you online.
PSN: Unit__DTH



Laxeybobby said:

Just visited my local and only Game Store on the Isle of Man, and it was full of COD Ghost advertising and games for all the consoles accept the WiiU.
In fact in the run up to Christmas I struggled to find the one small shelf for WiiiU which also contained Wii software. I already have Ghosts and enjoying it, but wanted to ask why there wasnt any for WiiU. The assistant looked at me upon asking the question and stated "Its because Nintendo are no longer making or selling the WiiU so we are no longer supporting it, can I suggest a PlayStation 4 or the XBox One".
I was taken a back at that statement and laughed, politely refused the sales pitch to buy the other consoles and left the store saying I'll stick to buying online in future.
If that sales assistant has said that to anyone else not game savvy, they would no doubt believe him and abandon their planned purchase of the WiiU and buy one of the other consoles.. No wonder the WiiU is not selling!



Unit_DTH said:


Wow! If this type of slanderous and wrong information is being propagated by multiple retailers then Nintendo is in for harder times than originally thought! What an idiot... I hope that you corrected his ignorance with facts?!



Laxeybobby said:

@Unit_DTH Yes I did have something to say to him, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said "Well thats why we're no longer selling WiiU's and Software, so are you interested in looking at the offers we have for the PS4 and XBox One".
I left shortly after this.



electrolite77 said:

@LDXD I said I'm worried that's where they'll end up. Not that I'll enjoy it. Hence the 'shudder'. I think the day I have to attempt to control a new Mario by mashing my hand on an on screen 'virtual joystick' is the day I find a new hobby. Tried playing Sonic using that 'control method' and it was absolutely hideous. I'm out at that point



Unit_DTH said:

@Laxeybobby How disappointing. So, the head of Game stating they would continue to sell the Wii U was a lie then? No real surprise here, disappointment, but no surprise.



booopn said:

As much as I like the system, it's already headed to third place. Just a question whether it'll be a close third place or a distant gamecube-like third place



Laxeybobby said:

@Unit_DTH This assistant in my opinion was either misinformed by his manager or whoever in game disseminates information or dishonest in an effort to sell consoles to gain commission! Either way is poor stuff.



billychaos said:

For me, nothing has changed. Nintendo systems still have the games I want to play. I'm not big on shooters and don't like sports games. Right now Nintendo systems and PC seem to be the only systems harnessing other genres.



DreMurf313 said:

LOOK! You guys have to understand 1 thing.


Do you know what NEXT GEN even means? "Everything else comes first & gaming comes last." This is todays definition of NEXT GEN. Other than stellar graphics, how does the PS4 or XB-1 enhance gameplay? They offer Major social networking, Monster multi media, Universal Online, with games that are visually impressive.

But those games are the same old games we've been playing for nearly 3 generations. The popular FPS's (COD, Battlefield, Halo, L4D, etc), survival horror (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space), racing (Gran Turismo, Need for speed, Forza), free roam car jacking (you already know!), espionage/ stealth (Splinter Cell, MGS, Assasins Creed) & SPORTS!
All of these are fun but they are now ONLINE based with overpriced unnecessary DLC.

These past 2 generations have produced low replay quality games where the"cash cow" known as DLC & online rules supreme. These games for Sony & M$ have a shelf life meaning they have to hit their projected marks during their "shelf life" or they'll miss their target entirely!

Nintendo has never had that problem. I know people who still play their N64 to this very day & love it!Their games have that lasting effect to where even if they don't sell right off the back- THEY EVENTUALLY WILL. (Eventually meaning "After everyone has had enough of buying the violent popular game because EVERYONE is playing it.)

& to be honest, the Wii U is the only console that is DEDICATED TO GAMING FIRST & FOREMOST! The Wii U gamepad (along with the Wiimote) really adds a new element to gaming which brings about fresh new experiences. Instead of being limited to a double analog controller with shoulder buttons.

This so called next generation of consoles is gonna be interesting. I think the Wii U will make money. Im pretty sure of it! But I'm not about to say the PS4 or XB-1 will overtake Nintendo just yet.



earthboundlink said:

Wii U will go roughly the way of the Gamecube. And I'm totally fine with that. I loved the Gamecube generation!

And to be honest, usually when Nintendo struggles in the hardware department, they really shine in the software department (see, Gamecube, 3DS). The success of the Wii was its downfall. Because so many people owned a Wii, Nintendo sat back and let the shovelware roll in the cash, and the self-appointed "core gamers" didn't want to sort through the chaff to get to the good stuff (also, the takeoff of HD TV in the years after Wii's launch made the visuals an issue for many). Nintendo made some good first party stuff, but not at nearly the rate that they have with the 3DS (really, that system is a beast as far as AAA titles go).

When Nintendo faced adversity in Gamecube, and later 3DS sales, they put a huge emphasis on bringing top tier titles to the systems. This was a successful strategy in both cases, especially the 3DS (along with a price drop). Once we see another 2014 price drop on Wii U (I predict July), and some big system-sellers, e.g. Smash, Mario Kart, LoZ Wii U, the system will be respectable in sales and profit.

Really, as long as Nintendo continues to support Wii U, it will be fine, and they'll reassess when it's time for the next generation. Nintendo hardware is not going anywhere anytime soon. Their biggest problem right now is the industry's problem, not Nintendo's, namely, where do consoles fit into the modern world of smartphones and tablets? Where does a $60 game fit into the world of $0.99 downloads?



H_Hunter said:

on your 1st page today, you are saying that Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U has poor performance compared with PS3 & 360..

wii u will be crushed the minute PS4 is out



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Here's an explanation of Next Gen...
Next Gen means the next generation, not better graphics, motion control, high resolution or social integration. It is just the next step, the next level of progression. That just happens to include all of the above. Consoles need to be more to succeed.
Without the proper use of the gamepad, the Wii U is too close to the tech used in the last gen to be considered "the next step". it doesn't do anything new, anything WOW that the Gamecube and Wii didn't really do.
With the right 3rd party support and entertainment apps, I would quite happily have the Wii U sitting under our TV as our box of choice but it's not to be. Nintendo needed the Wii U to be more than just a console to sell it to the masses. The Wii was a great gimmick for the whole family to enjoy but now Nintendo have lost that niche. I love Nintendo but without my Mario glasses on, I fear the One and 4 will push the Wii U off the end of their already shrinking shelf space.



Unit_DTH said:

I meant to mention the thing that I was looking so hard for on my new PS4... something comparable to Miiverse. It isn't there. Sure you can see who liked what games on the PSN Store, but you don't have anyway to see what type of similar gaming interests you and that person may have. Miiverse has turned the Wii U into something far more compelling than my first 4 days with the PS4, maybe my opinion of this feature, or lack of a feature, will change. But, I really like Miiverse and how it enhances the gaming experience, even if it is to just take a break from a game for a few minutes to see what others are saying and doing. PS4 needs something comparable to Miiverse, limited FB integration is not gonna cut it after seeing what Miiverse can provide for the gaming community!



Unit_DTH said:

@Monkeyofthefunk I agree with you in part, but I think the best way to see what 3rd parties are capable of and what the Wii U is capable of would be to look at Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut and Rayman Legends. Those games do a better job of showcasing the uniqueness of the Wii U and Gamepad controller than any other games to date... Nintendo games included. Also, it does all the multimedia stuff that the PS4 can do right now, with the exception of more. The Wii U can utilize external Memory for multiple things, my PS4... can't. My Wii U can stream from all the top providers of movies and tv i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc., My PS4... can as well, no difference there. But it's things like this that will make the difference in the long run, plus I can't watch netflix anywhere in my house from my PS4, unless I pay $200 more for the Vita, I can with my Wii U, for $100 less than my PS4 just cost me and for $300 less than a PS4 with a Vita would cost me. I have a PS4, got it last week, but haven't found any compelling experiences yet. I'm sure that will change with the release of more games, but right now there's just not a lot on offer.



JimLad said:

I think it will be in a good position if they can lower the price more.
I love Nintendo but they need to realise their value in todays market place.
A system that puts out the same graphics as a 360/PS3 and gets about a third of the software support is not worth twice as much money. The slow release of first party games doesn't make up the difference, nor does a controller with a screen in it.
If they can't get the third party support, then they should swallow their pride a re-price the console accordingly. Otherwise in a year's time they're going to be even more obscure than they are now.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Unit_DTH I was referring to the Xbox One to be honest. The cloud AI feature is the one thing I'm really looking forward to. I know it's old fashioned but we have a lot of Blu Ray films as well. You can't play them on the Wii U. The features like Netflix, iPlayer etc have been running on the last gen for about 3 or 4 years. The up and coming gen should be about bringing a new gaming experience to us, the gamers. The gamepad was a great idea, but it's under used. I had the pleasure of playing the Xbox One and Kinect is that new experience. It's much better than the first version and I sort of stood there thinking, imagine what Nintendo could have done with this tech. But then I remembered the hundreds of terrible sports and party games published for the Wii in its last 2 years. I love Nintendo but I honestly think, unless the Wii U sells well when MK8, SSBU and Zelda U are released, this will be there last "under the TV" console. I hope I'm wrong. I think Ninty need to drop the gimmicks and go for all out gaming. Sell the Wii U with a pro pad and not the game pad for about £149 and watch it sell.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Before I get called a Fanboy again, I bought my second Wii U about 4 weeks ago and when I looked for games, there was nothing that jumped out at me. I'm sticking with the console until next year when my all time fave franchise, Mario Kart, is released. I hope Nintendo pull their fingers out and get some quality IP's in 2014.



Henmii said:

If the upcoming Mario doesn't shift Wii u's, then I think the Wii u won't even match Gamecube sales!



SkywardLink98 said:

1. It's a little early for these polls
2. These numbers aren't reliable. "Do you own a Wii U" Odds are most will say yes on a Nintendo based site. I think I'll got to the Apple site and poll how many own a Linux or Windows computer. Those numbers will obviously be fudged by the fact it's the site for a competitor.



Relias said:

I have said it repeatedly. The Wii U finishes second to the PS4. Wii U will have better games in 2014 and beyond and have better exclusives then both systems, but PS4 will be more popular because of the power at the right price point.

I just don't see One doing well after the initial launch.



sadsack777 said:

@Off_The_Wall all we can do is wait and hope Nintendo comes back fighting for there place to be they know they can do it come on they been here for many years and they will be more to come



kyuubikid213 said:

With both the PS4 and One selling 1 million consoles at launch, I figure the Wii U will be either in second (beating the One after launch hype and holiday) or third in overall sales.

Fact of the matter is, Nintendo needs to get out those games. Once we have more titles out (and especially Smash Bros.) I feel the Wii U will sit in the same niche as the Wii did as people's secondary console. No matter how "hardcore" the PS3 and 360 (and to a lesser extent PC) gamers I've met are, titles like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Mario Party always reel them in.



Jax77 said:

I think the WiiU will be a solid selling system, not doing super fantastic but at the same time not failing. The Xbon- I mean Xbox One is probably going to have it really rough this time around, while the PS4 is definitely going to be the most favored console of this generation. I personally think PS4 is brilliant and plan to get one along with a WiiU.



EdacReltub said:

PC plus WiiU is the best option out there . WiiU will come in third place sales wise , but Nintendo will shame the devs on the other systems with what they can do with such " limited " hardware . It will end up being profitable , and hopefully it's life so far will teach them some valuble lessons for their next
" console " . Especially future proofing their hardware & having some games for it off the bat . As a WiiU owner , I'm pretty excited about it's future to be honest .

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