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Wed 9th Oct 2013

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OliverAdam commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

I love how people say this isn't Nintendo's fault. There you have it. The developer of a damn fine Wii U game, saying that both Nintendo and EA didn't give a love, and still you blindfold yourself, you try and "explain" things without a foot in the industry - how about you just listen to the damn guy. His statements are pretty loving believable considering the poopiedoodoocacapoopledoople amount of retail games appearing on the Wii U - What are we getting up until Mario Kart? 1 or 2 games? Loving drought once again. I thought i disliked Nintendo, but the fans are.... You have the damn explanation right up there! It's not what you wanted? Well i wanted a Nintendo console with a ton of retail games, look how that turned out. Just accept things for what they are and move on.
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OliverAdam commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

I wish i was able to dive head first into ALL the software that comes out, but i am not, and as such there's hardly anything for me. Once this issue was covered by plenty of great quality 3rd party games that are no longer on the Nintendo platform. I wish i had at least 1 good retail game coming my way, but i have to be lucky for one to even come out. I don't care about the PS4 or the Xbox One and what they might not offer now, because those consoles aren't in my home as of yet and two wrongs don't make one right. Aside from that, we know that those consoles are prioritized by big publishers.

I earn enough money to purchase a couple of games each month, but Nintendo is obviously not targeting me, and since the backlog is neither interesting 'nor big enough (i won't play the same game for 200 hours unless we're talking MH3U) i understand perfectly why people distance themselves from the Wii U. I like indies, but even on that front, it looks like the Wii U is becoming worse and worse with games that are visually horrific, and i know gameplay might outweigh that, but i didn't buy "next-gen" to play something that could potentially be made on last-last-gen... Or could be played on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One that all offers more on top of that.

This is NOT the same situation that occurred on the 64 or GC back in the day.

I like Nintendo because of nostalgia, but i will not be blinded by it, and though Super Mario 3D World has been a lot of fun and definitely one of my favourite games as of late, one could easily do without it, if they have Galaxy 2 right next to it.

The Wii U simply doesn't offer anything new or innovative, and its everything they ever tried to, as a consequence they have distanced themselves from developers, their audience and obviously their own developers internally (since their creativity can't harmonize with the GamePad's potential)

Nintendo done goof'd.



OliverAdam commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Listen, it's fact that the PS4, Xbox One and PC has a FAR larger lineup the coming year. Quantity might not mean quality, but it looks like there's a good bunch of games coming out, so stop using the current state of the PS4 and Xbox One, when your argument is invalid in a few months.

That said, it doesn't mean ANYTHING. I like Nintendo. I want to play on Nintendo consoles. Why would i care what the PS4 and Xbox One offers, now that i bought the Wii U and have hopes for that machine? It's no competition, the issue here isn't that "The Wii U has a thin lineup in comparison...", it's that it has no lineup at all. We have no idea what's coming after X and Bayonetta, and we don't even know the dates of those games.

What makes me even more worried is, that Nintendo might actually give us something like Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf - heck Yarn Yoshi, as pretty as it is, is just going to be another platformer, and likely a ridiculosly easy one.

Do you understand how ridiculous the consoles library is going to be in a years time, if Nintendo follows the usual pattern AND they have no third party support.

LOve the PS4 and Xbox One, those are not the issue at hand, and they have their games coming and their continued third party support, so please, don't even bother with those ridiculous arguments, they don't help Nintendo.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



OliverAdam commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

@TheRealThanos I guess that's true, but if that's the case, maybe Nintendo should in fact consider quitting the home console market, like many have speculated. This ridiculous lack of games is absurd. It is NOT like the N64 days or the GC days, even if people like to say so. This is something entirely more pathetic.



OliverAdam commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Okay so there's never a time for 'doom and gloom' and loyal Nintyfans always shout at the great fortune Nintendo sits on, but why the HELL are they unable to make proper use of it then?

I'm sorry, i know Nintendo has investors to please, but by not offering any value to the customers and there by not increase sales, it's not going to help out either.

I don't understand how Sony can pump out a ton of exclusive and solid platformers like Ratchet and Clank, Puppeteer and Sly, and on top of that, they are able to give their fans stellar games like The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6, and plenty more. They drown their fanbase in great exclusives and economically they're in the doggeyoopsieter.

Yet here's Nintendo - able to produce ONLY platformers it would seem, and whatever alternative we might have our eyes on, it's far away. Why the HELL is X the only JRPG on the console, when the Wii was home to some of the greatest JRPG's!?

What the love is going on.. Even the damn Vita is seeing more retail games, even if they are only ports.

PS: I'm not saying the machine doesn't have games, but obviously is lacks a lot of retail games, and as such sales are poor, which will lead to less shelf space, which leads to absolutely no sales in the long run. Many of Nintendo fans have grown up, and at least one new solid retail exclusive each month, that's not too much to ask for, only it actually seems to be these days. Wii U shouldn't be a secular machine, but it is.

@OliverAdam I'm not gonna ask nicely next time. Stop using profanity -Lz



OliverAdam commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

In Denmark this game kept at a price of approximately 90 dollars, never on sale, and for some reason UK sites never saw a drop either - Then today, i find it for zeus curse cheap (like 20 bucks - i mean could you imagine how stoked i was!) - i picked it up, and maaaan am i enjoying it! I'm new to the franchise, but i absolutely love it! If anybody wants to give me a helping hand or maybe just show me the multiplayer (which should be the past aspect of the game), hit me up! My english is solid, so don't worry about that hehe. My NNID is 'O-train' (don't ask hehe)



OliverAdam commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

"his leadership won't see Nintendo jumping to match perceived trends or mimic competitors, with great emphasis placed on the company's individuality and ability to innovate"

Their biggest weakness

So far they have totally ignored "trends" that have become standards:

  • Online functionality
  • Achievement systems
  • Unified account service


Nintendo calls it, as it says in the second part of the line: "emphasis placed on the company's individuality and ability to innovate", but this is a bunch of bull. Everybody can slam a second screen on a controller and call it "innovation", touchscreen by itself wasn't innovative, and ironically Nintendo has YET to change the way we game.

I think Nintendo should realize which landscape they're in, and stop saturating their console with platformers. All their 1st party titles have completely ignored the dominant genres like RPG's and FPS's - Look at their output for zeus sake. All their "best selling games" have been platformers, but platformers aren't system sellers anymore, and other companies like Sony can still provide the platformer fans with exclusive titles like Ratchet & Clank, Puppeteer and Sly - maybe they aren't as perfect as Mario, but they are solid entries.

It's the sole reason you don't see a new FPS Metroid or racer like F-Zero. These games don't make money, no matter how wanted they are, Nintendo do not have ressources to put out the "selling software" and "satisfying software", so they put all their money in one corner; the kids corner.

Now i'm not saying the games are bad, but they obviously lack appeal. People want scale too. God knows X will be the only true open world experience, and that's sad, especially considering the fact ,that it will cover another genre they haven't even bothered to touch: JRPG's - what happened? The Wii was packed full of loving awesome JRPG's and now Nintendo is just not letting any get through? Are they afraid that the western market will dislike Japan or form a stereotypical image of Japan? I don't understand it at all...

Nintendo are forcing themselves to become niche, at least with regards to their home consoles, it's rather frustrating, when you have been with them for decades literally.

Profanity is not necessary -Lz



OliverAdam commented on Video: The 10 Biggest Wii U Games Of 2014:

1 of these games has a date. Pathetic. These are the only f'ing games we know about anyway. There's like 8 retail games coming out for the system. Just kill it already and get on with it, the next-gen Zelda deserves a bigger audience, stop kidding around with this dying machine.



OliverAdam commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

@SigourneyBeaver why would it be cancelled on all systems? Granted it there was one trailer with a backlash, but aside from that, it's been one of the most wanted games since its announcement - heck a load of people didn't even buy the Xbox One and PS4 at launch, because this was the game they wanted. They have been working on it for ages, and wanted it to branch out and become an AC-type franchise...

It wouldn't surprise anybody if they cancelled it for the Wii U, because all their games have been selling like poopoodoodiecacapoopledoople on that console, but it's going to flourish on every other system.
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OliverAdam commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

Iwata isn't staying because he wants to save your precious Nintendo, he's staying to save his own donkey. Nintendo is a stern company, and if he fled now, he would be in serious trouble. Plus i doubt he could ever get a position that serves him as well money wise. This is the market he (arguably) knows. What else could he possibly be the CEO of? A 3rd party developer? That doesn't bring in the same $$$
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OliverAdam commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:


What a bunch of utter bullpoopoodoodiecacapoopledoople. The landscape shouldn't shift because of your own personal preferences. This is the apologetic nature of Nintendo fans who seemingly shift attitude as the situation becomes worse. Where was this attitude in the GC era where 3rd party support was still good, but the numbers weren't?

Nintendo should strive to be the main console choice for every game. They do, but in a horribly weird manner. They are a business, and they would never ever try to be 'the second choice'. The problem is talk is chatter these days, and while their inward perspective benefits themselves, it utterly hurts 3rd parties, which these days drives the market e.g. PS4 and Xbox One, which has caught an unstoppable momentum next to the Wii U.

Why become angsty and annoyed when an article start criticizing Nintendo, or in this case simple asks us to look at it in a reasonable manner. I had loads of mates point towards 130 character twitter messages going "it's not hard to develop for the Wii U", though that goes against everything we've experienced so far; cancellations, ports stripped of content, or this Eurogamer article that is pages long and written in detail. Heck a mate point towards Jools Watsham's twitter as an argument, which started out with "i'm no programmer"... HOW THE HELL CAN YOU USE THAT AS AN ARGUMENT THEN!?

And like it is written in THIS article, we need to understand the context. Indie-games haven't yet reached the requirements that a triple-A title has. That might very well be the reason why loads of indie devs feel this is slightly off, but i would love to hear an opinion from devs that has worked on AC, Batman, Splinter Cell or Most Wanted..

People keep saying "Nintendo should just focus on 1st party titles", but that's easier said than done. Obviously Mario and Zelda push units, but they can't make that yearly releases, and so as long as there's no 3rd party to choose from, there will be little to no Wii U's sold.

"But 3rd party is doomed anyway" - OH REALLY!? WHY DO YOU THINK!? Perhaps this article sheds some light on it, and perhaps we as fans should stop looking away and demand that Nintendo at least TRY and appeal to those who want to expand gaming beyond the borders of 2D platformers and pixelated indies, 'cause i'm sick and tired of only those games, and while you might not be, it's not very healthy for a business to appeal to that minority, and trust me, you are the minority, nobody is buying the console - christmas is over, and Nintendo is smart, they will release Smash Bros. this christmas, just to repeat the "succes"...
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OliverAdam commented on Video: Please Don't Let This Wii U Star Fox Fo...:

Nah. "Produced by Platinum" is already wrong It's a Nintendo franchise and as such, it would be Nintendo who would produce it, they would never outsource without absolute control somehow.

Considering how they are targeting families with children (said by Reggie himself, don't get fooled, the Wii U is as casual as the Wii is, if not more so, there's no "core-gamer"-message to it anymore) i don't believe for a minute, that they would put money into Star Fox That's why i don't believe in a Metroid either.



OliverAdam commented on Rumour: Minecraft Is Already In Development Fo...:

If it's a year away, what's the point?
If that's part of the rumour, it's probably not true either, the Wii U runs java, so a PC port wouldn't be hard to make where as both the 360 and PS3 had to be build from the ground.



OliverAdam commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

It was all a loving joke Nintendo was a joke aswell, stop trying to argue that their input was 'fair' just because they had told us, that it would show of a game that had already been announced. They could've shown Bayonetta 2 or X - both of which we have not seen much of, but they went ahead and showed us more of DKTF - and i could swear, i have already played that game on my 3DS and Wii... The way they talked about good graphics and loving Cranky that offers nothing of variety to the game. It's probably going to be solid, but out of the all the Wii U games we've known from E3 2012, this is the one i've always been the least hyped for, i'm simply tired of all these damn 2D platformers pushed out by Nintendo - No Man's Sky is ambitious and i dug it, i liked Trey and Matt, because they didn't give a daaaaaaaaamn, but man i don't like Reggie, he's pompous and talking about how consoles need games... Xbox One and PS4 will be well established in 6 months time, and then the Wii U is done for, it's simple as that, WHY on earth would it increase in sales, when it's only been a rough ride for a year? What on earth makes you think they can turn the situation, when they have already pushed out most of their content. SSB and Mario Kart will of course give a boost, but NSBU and 3D World should've secured so much more! Have as much fun as you want with the system, i still use mine a fair amount, but it is over, the Wii U is done for, and it'll be discontinued come 2015, and if their really dumb maybe 2016
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OliverAdam commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

I think he has a point. I mean releasing Mario on the same day was utterly stupid, nobody can deny that - they should've released it prior to that, so the focus could've been solely on that game. None the less, i think people who dislike the Wii U wouldn't be won over by cats, no matter how good it is! I think the Wii U will survive til next Christmas, but i'm starting to doubt 2015, 'cause i simply don't know what they are going to be able to deliever. I know we can all throw IP's at eachother, but again: those IP's aren't pulling in the masses, and without a solid base, we won't even see 3rd party stuff AT ALL. I'm fairly sure Ubi will jump ship soon, at least with regards to multimillion dollar titles, because they simply can't bring the money home on the Wii U. THat goes for retailers too - i know some retailers who still have Basic sets from release just dusting, that's insane! BUt that's reality. People can clammor to the great 180 of the 3DS, but the Wii U and 3DS aren't the same machine, even if they are produced by the same company and people need to realize that business isn't about "keeping hopes up" when all you have seen is failure for months - they simply start ignoring the Wii U and Nintendo wouldn't want to go: "hey if you won't sell our Wii U, we won't sell you our 3DS" because that would be idiotic.... then again i can't really understand Nintendo and their way of doing business anymore, so they might love up even further. Either way, it's not that i dislike the Wii U, but considering how much money Nintendo has, how much power they had a few years back, how EVERYONE wanted to develop for them, and the way they completely missed that oppurtunity - that's beyond me. "It's just the Nintendo way" is a bullpoopsiedoodoocacapoop argument, because they were capable of so much more, but they refused too. Arrogance born out of the Wii and DS era, and people cling on to the idea, that this time will somehow come again with the Wii U. Statistics can suck it, you got to look at what's going on HERE AND NOW! It ain't exactly going well, even with the improved sales with Mario 3D World.
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OliverAdam commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I stil don't understand why people compare the Wii U to the GC. The GC did a lot better by now, it had a lot more 3rd party support, and there's simply no bright light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Wii U. GC sold around 23 mil units, and N64 32 mil, but the Wii U is soon done with its first year on the market, selling at heavy loss, and it's managed about 4 million. The console won't have a 7 year lifespan like the Wii, there's no way, and with the numbers it's selling at right now, i don't think it will even round the 30 million. I honestly think the Wii U will only sell arou 17-20 million units. Nothing redeems its poor value in comparison to what the rest of the market offers including PC's. There's no way. Nintendo enthusiasts might want it, and i'm not denying that Nintendo games are still amazing, but a casual gamer don't go into the store going "hey you got a game with great game design?!" they say "hey what's the new stuff?", and it seems no chain of stores will even mention the Wii U.



OliverAdam commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

Haven't seen a single commercial, and i don't think there's any for Scandinavia overall.

I don't think marketing would do much good anyway, maybe catch the gullible, but overall it's the machines own appeal that's horrific. If people want something, they will seek it, and obviously the Wii was a fun idea that many lashed on to, but it didn't have a lasting appeal on the majority (i know a lot of the supposed 'core' gamers basically detest it), so they don't go looking for a follow up to the Wii, they don't care -



OliverAdam commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:


They don't fear the Wii U or Nintendo, they never have, they just buy in on a gimmick that potentially could get them some customers. Thing about this is, i don't know a single person in the world actually give a damn about off-tv play, and it's the dumbest thing ever in my book... except Sony has an advantage: their off-tv play is SERIOUSLY off-tv, which means you can actually play a long ways away, as long as you have an internet connection, and not just 3 feet away from your TV.

I'm sorry if this isn't the forum to nag on Nintendo, but in this case i would rather look at it, in a rational way, and i must say Sony has the benefit in every way possible; not only is it a handheld of its own, it's a nice periphiral and not a requirement.



OliverAdam commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

Who cares.

This won't sell at all. It'll drop to 25, where it might push out some units, and then it finally hits the bargain bin.

The game is like 5 bucks on Steam every other day, i even picked the original up for that price in the PS3 and Xbox 360. I know this comes with DLC, but who cares.

Nope, this is business practice at its dumbest.



OliverAdam commented on Iwata: We Never Fear Failure And Always Seek T...:

"When we talk about Nintendo we cannot ignore (former president) Hiroshi Yamauchi who just recently passed away. He always said that if you have failure, you don’t need to be too concerned. You always have good things and bad, and this reflects the history of Nintendo."

Sure took that to heart didn't you? Being the one game company that can probably lean back the most in these times, you sure don't hide the unbalanced view on the market.

Listen i have owned a Wii U since it's release, and everything they could do wrong, they have done wrong, and almost to utmost perfection. They have all the money in the world, but they don't experiment in practice, they experiment in thought. Wii U is nothing more than split-up DS, and it's awkward because both screens aren't in ones field of view. That said, some might feel otherwise, but when so many people are distanced by it, so many refuse to even buy it because of that, maybe you should think about what you're doing.

You can fail as much as you want, the 3DS got your back, but the second THAT turns, you're done for. It's not about being able to fail, it's about having people know that you're failing; if your name fades from the industry, and the next generation don't know you by legacy, what's the point?

This is japanese conservative and traditional business arrogance, and i'm tired that my once-favourite company is going down the path it is. I'm told that i have outgrown Nintendo, but i think the whole industry has outgrown them, that whatever they once had of magic, is gone.

"They shaped the industry, they sold a 100 million Wii's, they turned the 3DS situation" - yeah but that's all in the past. You don't throw a WW2 veteran into battle now, just because he ONCE liberated the world. That might be a harsh analogy, but it's the damn truth.

Nintendo should get some fresh meat into the firm, some understanding of the market, and know that a product will sell itself, if it has reason too, not because THEY say it should.

"We don't compete with anyone else" they say over and over. Funny how that line wasn't appearent when the Wii dominated.