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They call me the Game Master;)

Male, 36, United States

I'm a gamer(obviously) and a collector of video games. I've been playing them since the Atari 2600 when I was 5 years old.

Fri 28th December, 2012

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KnightRider666 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America):

@Windy: Yeah it looks that way. I'm pretty ticked off about that too. At least We're getting Sonic 2 3D next week:) I'm going to wait for a review and maybe a price drop on that new rpg. I just started playing Bravely Default about 2 weeks ago, I'm hooked. Hope you're doing well brother.



KnightRider666 commented on GAME Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Orde...:

@Mario_maniac: Are you serious??? This guy got screwed over like many other people, and yet because he works for NintendoLife; he's not supposed to be upset or give his opinion? People like you shouldn't even be allowed to comment on this site with their blatent stuidity.

@ThomasBW84: Don't even pay that moron any mind. I'd be furious in the least with GAME. You are completely in the right here.



KnightRider666 commented on Ninterview: Dave Higgins And The Quest For A C...:

@WindFish: Actually I only have 22 N64 games. I do have around 450 DS games, 207 3DS games, at least 200 PS3 games, 34 PS4 games, at least 150 Wii games, at least 150 Game Cube games, around 100 PSP games, at least 100 SNES games, at least 350 NES games, 37 Genesis games, 63 Atari 2600/7800 games, around 90 PS2 games, 11 PSX games, oh & 2 Dreamcast games:) Yeah I guess I'm a big dork;)