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Tue 11th June, 2013

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Emblem commented on Platinum Games’ Producer Thanks Wii U Owners...:

Awesome game, got it day 1. People who skipped it are missing out period. One of my best games this year alongside Transistor, Dragon Age, Age of Wonders 3, Mk 8, Endless Dungeon, Smash, Infamous first light, Shadow of Mordor.... Whoa its actually been quite a great year for games for me lol.

The only sad thing is knowing i won;'t play another Bayonetta game anytime soon, its a good thing Bayo 2 has so much replayability and alt characters.



Emblem commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

If Iwata is not CEO or part of Nintendo by next generation I don't expect Sakurai to be doing much Nintendo work at all to be honest. I'd like to see what his next project will be though, Nintendo or not.



Emblem commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

I doubt its true but i hope it is cancelled and Nintendo are doing a Wii U Fire Emblem instead, SMT & FE are polor oppersites, the game will/would end up as one of the games but with assets of the other with a few cross over mechanics.

Fire Emblem with the graphics of FE:A cut scenes would be sooooo much better.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:

This is cool and all but Nintendo really need a December Direct to give us release dates in the UK. I just checked my Amazon pre-orders and i have no 3DS or Wii U games on my list with release dates while I have 6 PS4 release dates (None for my Vita either though).

People buying the system now have an awesome backlog to go through but the horizon is uncertain with only a few titles given rough release estimates, this gives the impression there is not much actually coming in the future which is not the message the Wii U (or 3DS) should be sending.



Emblem commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

My Amazon pre-order was shipped by royal mail Thursday but I have yet to receive it. If it doesn't arrive today I'm just going to buy the stand alone at GAME tomorrow morning on my way to my brothers and then sell or cancel the adaptor order.

If my Wii U wasn't at my brothers house I would be super pissed right now. However I'm still playing and loving Dragon Age on my PS4 so I'm only mildly annoyed at the moment....



Emblem commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I can't take this article (or comments) seriously when it rates a console by its sales... This is a game site leave the business talk to business sites. Games, hardware, fun and experiences are what you should rate a console on as a gamer. Lets talk about what matters for the gamer and not what matters for the investors please.



Emblem commented on Twili Midna Joins The Battle In Upcoming Hyrul...:

Im still on the 1st adventure map lol, i really need to complete it and get working on the second one for those sweet alt costumes and 8bit weps. This year has been great for games, so many great ones and not enough time is my problem now.



Emblem commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Evolved From a ...:

Toon link would have been cool but i prefer Toad even if i'm not that interested in this game (i'll likley still pick it up to give it a try though). Reason being is that even though Toad has been around for ages this is his first full game and if it does well it could encourage more spin-off games with existing but under used characters.



Emblem commented on Amazon amiibo Pre-Orders Hint at More Retailer...:

@sinalefa I find it hard to believe that the NOA store won't even be selling them, that's a very stupid move on there part. I hope NOA are getting a good deal out of this exclusivity because Nintendo fans don't like crap like this and Nintendo have alot riding on these things.

As others have said before, this is a new market and beyond nostalgia value Amiibo have no real hook so making them difficult to get is not a good idea.



Emblem commented on Video: Take a Closer Look at the Awesome GameP...:

Awesome game, haven't tried Co-op yet as I got stuck while unlocking levels lol. I generally hate puzzle games but the Stealth Inc games are so cleverly creative I can overcome my usual puzzle game frustration and play them.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Discusses Plans for amiibo Cards, Fra...:

@Captain_Gonru I think Nintendo fans are very (too?) vocal so as soon as Nintendo make a wrong step they will be called out and hopefully correct their course.

In anycase lets see where it goes. The market has already shown they are okay with having levels, characters, etc locked to a figure so it would be hard for Nintendo to screw up too much... I hope.



Emblem commented on Feature: Does Super Smash Bros. Wii U's Smash ...:

@rjejr I'm sure someone asked at Gamescom and they said possibly November on one of the Youtube vids floating around. Hopefully we will hear about it in the direct tomorrow. Worse case scenario it gets pushed back to early next year, it was originally expected late 2014 early 2015 after all.



Emblem commented on Feature: Does Super Smash Bros. Wii U's Smash ...:

@datamonkey That sucks, I feel the same way about most Mario games so I understand. I wouldn't expect any bombshell announcements tomorrow in regards to games for this year since all the below games are releasing within the next 4 weeks:

Sonic Boom
Planes Fire & Rescue
Penguins of Madagascar
Lego Batman 3
Shovel Knight (EU)
Swords & Soldiers 2
NES Remix 1&2 retail
MK8 1st DLC
Hyrule Warriors TP DLC
Capt Toad (not eu)

There are also about 15 more indie games missing from the "Over 40 indie games coming out in the next few months" early October quote.

Hopefully something on that list can hold you over until Capt Toad hits our shores on the 9th Jan.



Emblem commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

@DualWielding @GAMEandASH Certainly the price point should have been alot better considering this is a trimmed down version of the Wii U game.

It may well be a lazy port but since i own a Wii U i'll never find out as it brings nothing new to justify getting it on my 3Ds (Especially at that price), which in itself is a wasted oppertunity by Nintendo to get an additional sale i guess.



Emblem commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

@GAMEandASH I wont pretend to know the technical side of it so i have no idea how difficult or easy it would have been to replicate on 3Ds. I do know however they didnt think it was a good idea originally and only caved due to fan demand.

In anycase this is the same issue Playstation faced with the psp and vita, every game that already had a version on a home console was unfairly compared and always came up short, we all know how that story ended.

I have not played the port so cant speak on the quality so im not defending Nintendo, im just stating that no one should be picking up a 3DS game and expecting it to match up to the Wii U version.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe):

Nothing for me this week, Advance Warfare is out today for PS4 so ill likley pick it up for multiplayer weekends. Still trying to get through Stealth Inc 2 and unlock everything for Bayo2 anyway.



Emblem commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

Are people seriously suprised that a 3DS game isnt as good as the Wii U version? People are already saying the same crap about Smash bros 3DS being gimped. The 3DS is not a portable Wii U they do not even come close in terms of specs.



Emblem commented on Sounds Like Super Smash Bros. Director Masahir...:

@Artwark I think your looking at it the wrong way, your seeing him as a standard game dev when he is in fact an artisan. He's not working hard to please a boss or too earn more money, he is crafting a game that embodies his vision of what video games should be. People worship him mostly in jest (i hope) but its not hard to see why people love him, if you read his Famistu column or his interviews he embodies everything that people love about video games and truly loves his craft.