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tudsworth commented on Live In The UK? You Could Find A Sega Mega Dri...:

@GammaNoises I imagine that this won't be it - a lot of these clone systems come pre-loaded with the games the average person cares about - the Sonics, the Streets of Rages, the games people have nostalgia for and are likely buying these systems to play. Nobody's going to waste their money buying any old cart when the games they're here for are part of the asking price; and anybody looking for the more obscure/expensive stuff will likely already be a part of the Mega Drive collectors market anyway.

@RupeeClock If it's manufactured by ATGames, then it generally uses the same godawful Firecore System-on-a-chip they've always used - in which the sound emulation seems to be based off of an ancient emulator's codebase, and outputs sounds a whole octave higher than they're supposed to be.



tudsworth commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

@123akis yeah, my home menu is very, very cluttered, and some sort of batch-move for icons or folders would be lovely, especially considering I easily have over 100 games/apps saved on my system at this point. Hopefully Nintendo includes some way of allowing this in a future update.



tudsworth commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

I worry for my own sanity sometimes - 62 badges collected, and £9.90 spent on plays. I do, however, have the majority of the current Animal Crossing badge sets, and can see myself only really spending money on further Animal Crossing sets, unless a franchise I like as much, like Picross or Chibi Robo, sees representation.

Ultimately, I acknowledge that badges are a waste of money for something that's just further customisation for a home screen myself and maybe five other people see, but I am having fun with the crane game, probably not a tenner's worth of fun, granted; and I find messing around with my 3DS home screen relaxing for some odd reason.

As for free plays, I've not received any Yesterday or Today, but that's partially my own fault, as I've not done too well with the given practice games.



tudsworth commented on 3DS Firmware Update Now Available, Stability R...:

@brewsky I still receive new stuff whenever I pass by a Nintendo Zone in the UK, and the Zone in my local GAME is currently distributing an Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer event you can only get from Nintendo Zones. No idea how the situation is in Japan or North America, but the application is hardly dead in at least one territory. Pointless? Maybe. Never really exploited to its full potential? Definitely.



tudsworth commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

@DiscoGentleman Personally, I feel like culturalisation is a necessary evil in localisation - sometimes, humour just doesn't translate over, and I get that to keep the intent of the original text, some degree of rewriting or rewording will be required to maintain certain aspects of a story or character. On the other hand, seeing instances where a perfectly innocuous line gets changed into a reference to an Internet meme or a slang term like "adorbs" is used instead of the more timeless and accepted "adorable" or "cute" both heavily dates a game's localisation and, in my opinion at least, feels too much like the translation team is there to write their own script instead of just translating the original.

As for why I find this insulting to audiences - largely just personal preference. A straighter, more "dry" translation isn't to everybody's taste, granted, but I've seen the extreme other end of the scale with some of the work of localisation teams like Working Designs, where entire segments of the original Japanese script were sometimes outright ignored when writing the more "cursory" elements such as minor NPC dialogue, or item descriptions, in favour of letting the writers largely just ad-lib what they felt was funny at the time. Now, those RPGs are very good games, and they're games I'd like to go back and play again; but I cringe at the references to stuff and slang terms that just hasn't been relevant for at least 20 years now; and can only see the same future for more modern examples of culturalised scripts in games. The only real exception to this for myself is a game on the PS4/3/Vita called Akiba's Trip - where the protagonists are a bunch of otaku who frequently make references to memes and in-jokes from 2ch's VIP board in the Japanese version; and these are changed to equivalent references to 4chan in the English localisation. That makes sense. It'll make sense 20 years from now, even if the actual humour makes me cringe 20 years from now. Hell, the humour makes me cringe -now-, but at least it makes sense in the context of the game, and I therefore find it more excusable than an entirely out-of-context inclusion of similar humour.

To put my views into a nice little soundbite for people to take out of context - I understand the intent behind culturalisation, but find certain specific examples to go a little too far for my personal comfort zone, and would prefer a more "dry" localisation that keeps rewrites and changes to a minimum. I, also, acknowledge that I'm in the minority here, and I'm perfectly okay with that; the world doesn't revolve around my standards, and I don't expect it to.



tudsworth commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

@whodatninja For a particularly text-heavy game like Animal Crossing, beyond some minor revisions for the European release, they generally will use the exact same translation in both regions; but for smaller games or games with less text to go at, they'll generally re-translate the entire thing and beyond some minor differences in wording, come out with the exact same end-result.

However, I'd rather not have a singular translation for -every- game. You can argue the work is redundant, but NoA has been doing a lot of questionable things with localisation in recent years in a bid to seemingly "Culturalise", instead of just localise; and as somebody who finds such practices insulting to the audience; I'm just glad NoE are refraining from that nonsense to make a product that makes the same amount of sense to an English speaker in the UK and an English speaker in, say, the Netherlands or one of the other countries they do not provide a specific localisation for.



tudsworth commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is Knock...:

@dadajo It's a hunting RPG, which do fairly well with the Vita crowd in all territories, so it's not particularly surprising that it outsold the PS4 version nearly 5:1.

@readyletsgo it's a fairly interesting series that Bandai Namco is seemingly afraid of localising due to the first game being a PSP release in 2011. In other words - it sold very poorly to very little fanfare, anybody interested likely pirated it due to the PSP being hacked wide open. It's a shame, but perfectly understandable when you assume they likely took a big hit on localising the first game and are yet to see returns.



tudsworth commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

While I'm opposed to censorship on principle, I can respect the change... Helps that I think the shorts and boots combination actually looks nice and it's definitely more practical in the context of the game.

What concerns me, however, is that this could just be the tip of the iceberg. I'd rather not have a situation like Fire Emblem : Awakening; where entire dialogue trees and sub-stories are changed seemingly at the behest of the localisation team, rather than because of any actual inappropriate content in them. Seriously, any localisers reading this - cut that stuff out. It's even more stilted and unnatural than a straight translation of the text.



tudsworth commented on Nintendo Download: 17th September (Europe):

Assuming the Dancing pikachu theme is the same one Japan got to coincide with the Pikachu Invasion promotion earlier in the year, I may be swayed towards that. Otherwise, Senran Kagura DLC and the Shovel Knight update are the only things on my list.



tudsworth commented on Guide: 8 Tips to Become an Expert Level Design...:

@SkillToad I feel like people are forgetting that a lot of good levels are based on simple concepts - sticking to one or two enemies and a central "gimmick" makes for a more coherent and satisfying level than throwing an array of power ups and hundreds of enemies at the player. Having said that, my most popular level is, in hindsight, definitely guilty of having no real focus.

You don't even have to make a difficult level for people to like it, particularly for somebody like myself, who has no patience for ultra-punishing Kaizo Mario-style platformers.



tudsworth commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

@SahashraLA The fluctuation in times from player to player probably has another metric at work; it may in fact be tied to the amount of Plays and Stars a user's levels get - if their levels using the limited toolset are popular, give them more tools quicker.

Of course, with Nintendo themselves not disclosing and nobody really collating enough data to determine such things, that's just baseless conjecture.



tudsworth commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

@Captain_Gonru It initially worked for me, but the levels I uploaded to the server didn't show up in the "up and coming" (recently uploaded) section, so there's a very good chance that Nintendo have some on-server check to prevent the levels of time travellers from gaining prominence.

Of course, post-patch, they've since shown up for people, so perhaps whatever measures they had in place have been lifted, too.



tudsworth commented on Super Mario Maker DLC Confirmed, Famitsu's Mas...:

I'm sure that, in the interests of fairness and ensuring compatibility with Japanese level creators, the west will get the Necky DLC. We got the similarly incomprehensible Squid Girl DLC costume for Splatoon; we'll get this too... though likely at a later date and with no real fanfare.



tudsworth commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

@RupeeClock I'm very seriously reconsidering cancelling and re-placing all of my GAME pre-orders, other than Fatal Frame for obvious reasons. The SK Amiibo can be found on both Amazon and ShopTo; so get on that before other people beat you to it.

Still, I find it very hard to believe that the pre-order system can work just fine for some of the biggest releases of the year, like MGS5, and it takes a single Nintendo game to cause everything to break horribly.



tudsworth commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

I'm slightly more fortunate than others, with GAME "only" taking four payments from myself, though two of those came to "surprise" me this morning; which makes me think the refunds have been postponed. Still only received two emails for some reason, mind you.



tudsworth commented on Man Goes On Quest To Buy Every Single amiibo I...:

It's very much a similar story in the UK. All of the current wave are in decent stock, and even some of the rarer figures are getting a decent supply feed - figures like Rosalina and Ness are more of a "wait a week or so and we'll have more in" than a "no idea" at every store I've been to; and the only figures I have trouble finding at retail are the Splatoon figures and Yarn Yoshis; and at least the former are likely to get a reprint soon, so I doubt that will always be the case.



tudsworth commented on Itagaki Accepts "Fair" Devil's Third Criticis...:

Despite being more than a little cautious, I picked up Devil's Third on Friday, and have been really enjoying it. It's not a great game, hardly even classes as a "good" game, but as I get more used to the gameplay systems, I'm really enjoying it in spite of the technical difficulties. It's definitely not as deep as something like God Hand or as intuitive as a game like Bayonetta, but it's something unique in the Character Action genre, and I guess that's enough to keep me playing. Multiplayer's pretty unique, particularly for the Wii U which is lacking in these kinds of games, to boot.

@PaperMario64 @DrkBndr clearly, the wires got crossed somewhere =P



tudsworth commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

I really like the Senran Kagura series, and I can't say I'm particularly surprised by the general consensus on the game from NL's staff - it's a perfectly solid beat 'em up that has geared itself towards a small, predominantly Japanese, audience; and anybody outside of said audience is going to be at the very least baffled by its popularity with this small group. That's not to say outside perspectives are somehow bad - they're definitely not, and a more critical review can sometimes highlight the more negative aspects of a game that a fan will try to gloss over.

I'd say this review has more merit to it than the 0/10 BAN THIS SICK FILTH level vapid nonsense I expect once the American games media gets its hands on Senran Kagura 2; and I consider that a good thing overall. I don't really agree with the review, but Alex has clearly given it a fair shake, and it'd be unfair of people who do like these sorts of games to be hostile towards that.



tudsworth commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Shift Its...:

@Mew While I generally agree - the majority of big third-party games really aren't much to write home about; they definitely do sell consoles. The PS4's easily sold itself to a good amount of its 25 million strong install base entirely on the sheer wealth of third-party titles it has... which isn't particularly difficult when its first-party lineup is comparatively weak.



tudsworth commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

@ninty4thewin I registered these codes just fine. In fact, I had a stack of like twenty I registered to afford the Kirby blanket, and managed to do the surveys and receive stars for them. Whether Nintendo of Europe are just absurdly generous and have kept code registration open until the death of the service, or I live within a time vortex localised entirely around my computer; my stars are apparently just fine.



tudsworth commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

... for all nobody who cares, I did it. I somehow managed to gather enough stars worth of surveys from a few latter-day Wii games and a few unregistered digital games. I think that's it for Club Nintendo for myself, and I look forward to receiving this, the MK8 soundtrack and the Kirby blanket hopefully soonish. Until then, it's been a good ride, here's hoping the new reward scheme is just as good as this one has been to me.



tudsworth commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

Pachter's probably right about QOL. I don't know the specifics, but I'm under the impression that more established brands offering similar products are having difficulty selling themselves to people and, similar to smart-watches and other "smart" wearable tech, nobody's established a real market base beyond the absurdly brand-loyal.

Bear in mind, that does not mean the whole concept is shelved - there's likely been too much investment and research to just shelve the entire thing. I'd say temporarily prioritising the mobile market and returning to QOL when there's a clearer niche for such things (or when Nintendo thinks they can carve out such a niche) is probably the most sound decision Nintendo could make for expansion out of the traditional gaming market.

"I also have UK views on Nintendo.jpg if you want." - that sounds like something I'd be interested in.



tudsworth commented on Rodea The Sky Soldier Special Edition Now Avai...:

@ottospooky Yeah, all first print copies, limited or otherwise, will come with the original Wii game and a reversible cover sleeve, which NIS America has been quick to state every single time this question has come up on their official Twitter feed.

I've had the non-limited version of this game on Wii U pre-ordered for a while now, but the appearance of this game on the Nintendo store is tempting me to pick up the Limited Edition of the 3DS game, considering I did the same for Persona Q's limited edition. I don't really care for NIS America's actual storefront, so it's nice to see their limited editions turn up elsewhere.



tudsworth commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

@Sanicranfast I... really don't know. Nintendo just decided to pull its release at the 11th hour for some unspecified reason - in spite of retail code being sent to magazines and websites for review - and just haven't released it. When I last asked NoE support about it, they were "waiting for the right time [to release it]"; which could mean absolutely anything.

@kensredemption At the expense of ignoring your many other, perfectly valid points - American gamers are -waaaaaay- more cynical and whiny than any European I know. Just look at all of the nonsense petitions (the one to cancel Metroid Prime : FF comes to mind) aimed at Nintendo of America or Reggie Fils-Aime specifically. Oh, and the recent uproar over Europe getting one game and a couple of toys a few months early. Oh, and while we're on the toy note, how annoyed some people are that European stores are starting to geo-lock pre-orders of Amiibo to prevent the majority of them being import purchases by scalpers. All very American complaints.

The idea that gamers are entitled, cynical and whiny is one that originated from and is largely perpetuated by American gaming press... which is not to say all Europeans are automatically the patron saints who only make valid complaints and are constantly beaming about the future of gaming; because that's a complete lie. I'd say that the percentages of people who really are that way are about the same on either side of the pond - just that the Americans who are that way inclined are louder... and more likely to do incredibly stupid/laughable things.

To address your main point - I fully agree, I think NoA has a strategy in mind for Devil's Third, even if it is currently unclear. The strategy may very well be to place Devil's Third as their "big" shooter to compete with titles like Call of Duty and Battlefront; though if that's the case, it displays a shocking amount of ignorance on NoA's part - Devil's Third looks to be a character action title at heart, even though the main character uses a fair number of guns and the game has TPS elements. It's hardly the kind of game that can compete for that market, even as somebody who is massively excited for Itagaki's return to a genre I feel he's one of the few masters of (Ninja Gaiden Black is the sole reason I bought an original Xbox. Ditto for NG2 and the 360).



tudsworth commented on First Impressions: Getting Into The Spirit Wit...:

@Fandabidozi I've played the entirety of the first game and part (maybe the first 5-ish hours) of Honke. My opinions on the series are mostly influenced by my enjoyment of the battle system - it's not as "involved" as Pokemon can be, for certain, and there's less strategic depth to be found overall; but I have more fun with the battle system, and that's 100% personal preference, likely dictated by fatigue with a more traditional turn-based battle system in RPGs. I should probably have prefaced my opinions with that on top of my irredeemable fanboyism for level-5.



tudsworth commented on First Impressions: Getting Into The Spirit Wit...:

@Iggly They did the same with Inazuma Eleven, which results in more than a little awkwardness when certain plot-points, both major and minor, rely on the fact the games are set in Japan to make sense. I understand why localisers are less opposed to erasing the cultural context in a game intended for a younger audience and all, but I feel like games like this -can- be used to teach people (not just kids!) the folklore of other cultures - if localisers and the marketing bodies had enough integrity to stand by such a product, rather than just resigning it as something that "wouldn't sell".
(Edit - this was actually intended for @Mr_Zurkon; but my browser was displaying Iggly in his place for some reason)

As for my opinions on Yokai Watch in general - if Nintendo markets this right, it deserves to be the next big craze on Pokemon's level. The actual games are so much better than Pokemon, and the tie-in anime is generally of much higher quality to boot. Even if they don't, I'm just glad I get to experience yet another RPG by my favourite developer available in my native language. If Nintendo had any sense, they'd acquire level-5 sooner rather than later - they're a company who fits in very well with Nintendo's general ethos, and having them develop games exclusively for Nintendo systems would be a very powerful asset in the long run.



tudsworth commented on Feature: Our Impressions of the Full Nindies@H...:

As far as the Nindies I've played go -
Typoman just isn't my thing. It reminds me too much of titles like Limbo, Braid and Thomas Was Alone; which also just aren't my thing, and even with the launch discount, this game's a hard sell - if the word puzzles are used frequently enough in the full game, though, I'll be happy with that. Won't necessarily buy it, but I'll consider it more than I otherwise would have.

Extreme Exorcism reminds me of games like Super Crate Box and Woah Dave! in terms of both graphical style and how fast-paced and challenging the gameplay gets in later levels. I really like the setting, the gameplay's solid, and it's a game where you can play as a shrine maiden mowing down ghosts with a machine gun, what's not to love?

Freedom Planet's a game I've already played and loved on PC, and the port seems solid enough for me to consider double-dipping on Wii U in the future. It feels like a lost Mega CD or Saturn platformer from 20 years ago, and despite some nitpicking about physics and a story that gives latter-day takes-itself-too-seriously Sonic games a run for its money; I'd highly recommend it to others, particularly those who miss the Mega Drive era of SEGA's games.

Lovely Planet is... okay, I guess, if speedrunning happens to be your thing. For myself, the lack of gyroscopic aiming on a console that has just recently proven how useful gyroscopic aiming can be in a shooting game focused on speed and fast-paced action is just criminal. If the full port surfaces soon -with- gyroscopic aiming, I take this back and look forward to getting completely slaughtered on the leaderboards by everybody. I'm not a big speedrunner, but I've enjoyed what I've played enough to want to just play this game for its own sake.

RIVE is excellent. It combines elements of platformers, shoot 'em ups and twin-stick shooters into something that I don't think has been done in this manner before. If the general pace of the action remains in the full game, this game is easily a must buy, and assuming it's Wii U exclusive, it's easily another title to add to the expanding list of reasons to buy a Wii U.

Runbow is a solid platformer, but clearly requires more friends than I can rope together in one place at one time to make it a worthwhile purchase. Looks damn nice, though, and I like how the changing colour of the backgrounds changes the route you can take through a level. Again, if this is an exclusive, it's a powerful one to have for people with enough friends to make it worthwhile.

I'm yet to play Mutant Mudds, Soul Axiom or Forma.8; but they either don't interest me, or I haven't yet had the free time to give them a fair shake.



tudsworth commented on Freshly Translated 2001 Interview Between Shig...:

I think that Shigeru Miyamoto's dismissal of Lord British is the single most interesting and amusing part of this Interview. Like, it's nice to see that Naka and Miyamoto respect and compliment each other - but I've always suspected that a lot of the more revered game designers felt that kind of mutual respect regardless of company ties anyway.

I'm just glad Miyamoto can sum up how much of a talentless hack Garriot is and always has been (and has-been really is the phrase for Garriot in 2015!) with a simple "Do you find this interesting?".

@DarthNocturnal - especially amusing in light of how it took two years and two games, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) for the Sonic the Hedgehog brand to be ruined in the eyes of the mainstream. Of course, I'm of the opinion that the two best 3D Sonic games are Colours and Generations; and they were released well after those two years, so it's worth remembering even a "ruined" brand can be used to produce gold.



tudsworth commented on Three 3DS HOME Themes Available Now From Club ...:

It's worth noting, since I just found this out by giving it a go, that while PIN code surveys no longer work, digital surveys do. As somebody with waaaaay too many digital surveys to do, I may actually be able to afford these, and that's made my day.



tudsworth commented on Nintendo Ditches Plans To Create New Hardware ...:

To my understanding, Sony and Microsoft are currently taking quite a major hit on their releases in China. There are just no games worth their salt available, and the localised hardware/software is considerably more expensive than grey-market imports. Oh, and networking services, if there are any, have to be region locked.

The barriers to entry in the Chinese market are high enough that people are, quite rightfully, remaining in their comfort zones of free-to-play PC and Mobile games. China is a huge market, definitely, but the public have spoken - unless you can find some worthwhile way to "convert" your F2P players into paying console players, they have no need for a home console, especially not at the expense they're expected to spring for right now.



tudsworth commented on amiibo Tap Gets A New Title In Europe, Availab...:

@gingerbeardman NoE is strange like that. Until its eventual cancellation, Concentration Training had an absurdly long mouthful of a title over here, for example. I have no idea why it happens, but if I had to hazard a guess, they typically use titles that are closer to the original Japanese title, in cases where there's a regional difference between US and EU titles.



tudsworth commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April (Europe):

Based upon what I've seen, Affordable Space Adventures looks like it will live up to its moniker, even with the questionable accolade of being one of the most expensive indie games on the eShop. It uses the gamepad in a pretty interesting way and, really, isn't that what Nintendo sold the console on in the first place - new ways to play using the Gamepad?

Besides, I've spent more on worse games, so it'd be pretty damn rich for me to complain about a decent game being a bit on the pricey side.



tudsworth commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

@DragonbornRito I'm fairly sure the joyless individuals who found ZSS so objectionable are getting ready to find Senran 2 objectionable, too.

@LinkSword I suggest you go and ask Atlus why they hate Europe so much. Seriously, it beats me, and it always has. I very nearly bought a US 3DS solely so I don't have to deal with protracted release dates and generally poor attitudes towards paying customers from a single publisher; so that's always an option if you have more money than sense.

Personally, I consider Marvelous more deserving of my money because they at least seem to acknowledge that Europe has a pretty healthy market for more niche Japanese titles.



tudsworth commented on Fans Are Translating Dragon Quest VII On 3DS B...:

@unrandomsam Because it was actually advertised. Let's not pretend otherwise - the DQ IX advertisements that were shown on British TV featured Jedward and were generally awful (listing their crimes in order of severity); but they (and a decent print advertising campaign) clearly worked, the game is still the highest selling of the Dragon Quest games in the west. 6 and DQM Joker 2 also did well (albeit not as well), in spite of having less advertising, but they definitely sold better than either IV, V or DQM Joker did.

@FX102A The same Square Enix that sank hundreds of millions of dollars on Thief 4, a game panned for its sheer mediocrity? In all seriousness, the western division of the company has just gotten progressively worse since the acquisition of Eidos. Prior to said acquisition, Eidos were bleeding money for making the same mistakes they continue to make under the Square Enix name, and if the Japanese HQ had even a lick of business sense, they'd cut the tumour out before it spreads.



tudsworth commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

Sin & Punishment is my personal choice; and more than due a remaster that gets it out to a larger audience. VC was a start, but I highly doubt more than 5% of the Wii's userbase was even -aware- of the Virtual Console. As far as games not on the list go - I'd quite like to see Yoshi's Story in 3D; and while it's incredibly unlikely to happen, Body Harvest. Not that Rockstar would ever acknowledge that their golden goose (3D GTA, duh) was actually born from an N64 game next to nobody played.

@Zobocop If you think Nintendo won't be rolling out the Wii VC downloads in the US at some point in the near future, you're a funny, funny guy.



tudsworth commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

I would be more than happy with free-to-play if Nintendo would let -any- NNID set a spending limit on DLC, even a game-specific limitation.

Nintendo, however, seem to be using Shuffle mostly as an experiment - not only with how to make free-to-play work without the assumption of a constant Internet connection; but also with pricing models. All of which is perfectly fine, the principle of voting with one's wallet always applies; and I trust Nintendo to not take this model, even if it is successful and profitable for them, and shoehorn it in to, say, the next Zelda title.



tudsworth commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why Tingle is Such a Pecu...:

I don't get the "Tingle is Gay" theory amongst Zelda fans, and I never have. I think it's made pretty clear from his speech and mannerisms that he's just a savant who thinks he's a fairy and can somehow draw highly detailed maps despite only being a few metres in the air.

He's also the best possible choice for Hyrule Warriors DLC and one of the most fun "joke" characters in any Musou game I've played, but that's by and large irrelevant to this story.



tudsworth commented on Ninja Pig Pulls The Plug On Wii U eShop Title ...:

@ricklongo I am, personally, of the opinion that there's no pre-requisite to criticism. In other words, I do not believe that -only- other game designers can criticise games or anything like that, and anybody who implies such things is a blithering idiot (since I kind of did imply it... time to go blither, I guess). Any remotely committed gamer will have at least some degree of understanding of game design and will be able to articulate their opinion on a game; usually to a better degree than most actual game designers, to be honest.

However, regardless of your opinions on Ninja Pig's games, his general lack of regard for even the most rudimentary understanding of copyright law is kind of disgusting. The onus is on the developer or publisher to ensure that all resources used in a game are 100% safe for use in a commercial work, assuming they want to sell their games for money - and Ninja Pig self-publishes, so he cannot really shift the blame on to anybody else, here. Sure, he didn't get into any real trouble, but that's beside the point. The point is more that he came dangerously close to getting into very real financial and legal trouble, and if that's not enough for him to at least ensure he no longer steals (intentionally or otherwise, ignorance is -not- a valid defence) other people's resources, then I really do not know what is.



tudsworth commented on Ninja Pig Pulls The Plug On Wii U eShop Title ...:

As controversial a developer as he is, I hope that NinjaPig's actually learned the many lessons he can take away from this. Having a game infringe one person's copyright, another person's trademark, and potentially getting you into some form of legal trouble -should- drill the most important of those lessons into him, mind you.

Well, I say "should", but if he's still at it with his next game, I think it's time to give up on his part.