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Old&new way to play!

Male, 26, Brazil

Old School plataformer gamer since Mario Bros, but like new good plataformer games too!

Wed 5th June, 2013

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ferrers405 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Nintendo 3DS T...:

Street Pass don't work unless you live in a big city, go to a event or live in Japan.

Virtual Console is yet a promise, just GB and NES games don't cut, where are at least the GBA and SNES games?

eShop is tough question, if you don't have any model of 3DS there are truly great games on the eShop to experience, but lately Nintendo has drop the ball with the support of digital games, so I wouldn't recommend it for the future.

Glass-Free 3D is bad on the old models, you can't game without move your head and that bother the experience, hopefully the new 3Ds corrects this "problem".

And for last not less the true motive to have a 3DS, games and games, great first-party quality and this why you have to own one, 2015 doesn't look promise now but I'm sure Nintendo will reveal some game surprises for 3DS in the upcoming months beside the remake of Majora's Mask.



ferrers405 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

There's no need to a 3DS redesign, can't be bigger (XL) can't be smaller (3DS), a new model with more process power would be bad because most of people wouldn't buy just for this, what Nintendo need is just more great games who appeal to a lot of people.



ferrers405 commented on Stick It To The Man Will, Erm, Stick It To The...:

@ricklongo well, it's your choice most people play on-line, Nintendo don't charge us for on-line but their infraestructure it's recently and not much good, even them will have to charge some kind of "monthly" payoff to maintain and "upgrade" their structure, we're going to see how this free of cost on-line will work with massive on-line games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros...