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Tra_Venous commented on Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine C...:

@GunstarHero234 it's simple: the Panta Rhei engine is currently coded for the custom x86 architecture in both Xbone and PS4; what programmers need to do is recode the engine for Wii U's custom PowerPC architecture (good news is that this would end up being smaller code due to the overall nature of PowerPC, and would leave a much smaller memory footprint; I hear a lot of people complaining about Wii U's lack of RAM, but the fact of the matter is, Wii U does not require as much RAM as its x86 cohorts, due to the diffence in coding size)

It all comes down to optimization, and we have yet to really see any of that on Wii U; all these third party games that are currently available on the console consist of either Xbox360 or PS3-optimized coding - they're just not putting enough time into adapting the code properly, and of course, they're using code for older consoles - you can only do so much with that before you get diminishing returns.



Tra_Venous commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Wii U will pick up momentum this holiday, as Nintendo is now advertising Wii U stuff on TV, plus they'll be advertising all over smartphones soon as well. Not only that, the online gaming community (namely NeoGAF) is starting to warm up to Wii U - I see it as the secondary console of the 8th gen....but then again, there's that Steam Machine wild card.

Bookmark this page for user screen grabs of all 8th gen titles (lots of Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD praise thus far)



Tra_Venous commented on Video: Pitching a Wii U to Parents Requires Se...:

@ultraraichu exactly - so many people seem to miss that fact - for whatever reason, people are just more attracted to flash and hype...Nintendo's recent commercials give across a better example of what you're getting, whereas you're treated to mini, cliche-infested Michael Bay movies with the others.



Tra_Venous commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

@URAmk2 I think you mixed up when directing your comments (The PS4 definitely looks a bit better, but it's not a mega leap) I have Ghosts on Wii U, played through the entire campaign and spent the last week online, I've seen no framerate drops/tearing.

A simple google search will reveal several different sources when it comes to framerate issues on PS4, PS3 and PC (PC being the worst)


PC Magazine,2817,2426827,00.asp

Gaming Blend (they go on to udate their articles saying the Xbone version also suffers)




Tra_Venous commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

@URAmk2 Still looks better than the 360 version (which is the version Treyarch was given to work with for the Wii U) if more people bought the game, the DLC would be there (makes no sense if not enough people bought the DLC, because they wouldn't be able to play The Fall very often anyway - that'd be a waste of money) that being said, getting into online matches isn't a pain (like say Assassin's Creed III; now THAT was pitiful!) I've yet to have any issues during online play, either - steady 60 FPS (Which only the Wii U and 360 versions can lay claim to, the PS3, PS4 and PC versions are suffering framerate drops)



Tra_Venous commented on Publisher Read-Only Memory Is Creating The Ult...:

I'm North American and prefer to call it the Mega Drive, as that's what Sega intended to call it (some computer hardware company held the trademark for that name over here...there's an urban legend that states the name was trademarked by an adult toy company instead)



Tra_Venous commented on Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's C...:

Just checked my activity log: I've booted up the game 15 times since I got it - 48 hours and 18 minutes, I beat the game on the highest difficulty, and have 48 of 64 achievements. I plan on starting a New Game + file soon, as well as turn on the developer commentary. The boss fights are much, much funner (though the first boss was the only one I found to be difficult in the original release, that barsteward was so unfairly tough) it was my fave game on PS3 (played it through about 5 or 6 times on that one) and now it's one of my fave Wii U titles (I currently own 20 Wii U games, not including eshop-only and VC)



Tra_Venous commented on Nintendo Download: 8th August (North America):

I'll probably get that Spin the Bottle game once I have a group of people over
Ducktales Remastered Day One
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Day One
Steamworld Dig maybe this weekend
Mario & Luigi sometime this month



Tra_Venous commented on Review: Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel St...:

I'd give it an 8/10 - the on foot missions were lacking, but everything else handled perfectly. the title as a whole was jam packed full of content, it looked and sounded great, 2 player mode rocked, and the presentation was everything you'd hope for in a Star Wars game.