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Sun 17th March, 2013

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MadAdam81 commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

@PokeMarioR I don't think the gamepad has anything to do with slow sales, if it was so bad why are Xbox and PS fans excited about the ripoff their consoles have of the gamepad? People are so excited about second screen, using either Vita or a Windows tablet, not realising the Wii U has it properly implemented and you can buy and Wii U for the same price as that Vita or tablet.



MadAdam81 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Set Sal...:

Not as fun as X & Y, but still pretty good.
X & Y would have sold more if they didn't sell out, which is why Nintendo smartly shipped more OR AS here and launched the New 3DS & XL here at the same time. At least one gaming company actually cares about ANZ market.
PS Thanks to Ninty ANZ staff member who gave people the EON ticket at TTP today!!



MadAdam81 commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

The only Wii U eshop game I have actually played is Pure Chess, so I voted for that. Probably the best chess game I have ever played, looks amazing and has a great system, great AI, with good amount of difficulty levels and great learning tools.



MadAdam81 commented on Weirdness: Sony Uses Art From Super Smash Bros...:

@Takerkaneanite6 @readyletsgo If it's from a Nintendo game then Nintendo made it from material they licensed. Being from Smash, it's a Nintendo image. However I don't think Nintendo will actually care, especially as it will help promote Smash Bros to Mega Man fans (look how amazing he looks on the Wii U and how Nintendo have given Mega Man fans the only new Mega Man game worth playing).



MadAdam81 commented on Platinum Games’ Producer Thanks Wii U Owners...:

I'll wait until the double pack drops in price, there's heaps of copies in many stores in Australia and they aren't selling and I'm broke and there's other games I want more. But if it drops to $30 it would be hard to resist.



MadAdam81 commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

In Australia I have been able to preorder them all from EB and price match them at $13 for wave one (a particular SA Gametraders had them for that price on release day) and wave two for $14 - thanks Target.
I think Nintendo were surprised about the amount of demand for the GameCube adapter, and I won't be surprised if they announce a full production run, an update allowing full compatibility with Wii Mode and also adding the controller's details to dev kits, with various big games getting updates that add in GC controller support and many new games getting it as well.
I also wouldnt be surprised if they at some point release a new console with built in GC ports and at some point release a wireless GC adaptor (which everyone would buy).



MadAdam81 commented on Nintendo Dismisses Rumours That The GameCube C...:

Nintendo thought only a few die hard GC controller loving Smash veterans would want it, they were overwhelmed by the demand. I am not going to be surprised when Nintendo announce a full production run, making it compatible with Wii mode and adding the controller to their dev kits as well as maybe adding it to some of their other previous big games like MK8.
If I cared for it 8 would have pre-ordered it like I did with Amiibos.



MadAdam81 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

@WaveWarlock I did first play it in stores back then, and the graphics weren't enough for me. It needed better game play and controls.
3D World thankfully was done right and is the best platformer ever made.



MadAdam81 commented on French Health and Safety Body Recommends Child...:

Nintendo have shown that they take health warnings seriously, at least regarding 3D, with their warnings and release of the 2DS.
One issue people not realise with 3D and children is if a child needs glasses but hasn't been to an opt mistrust yet to get one, they struggle with 3D especially when the eyes have differing levels of vision problems.



MadAdam81 commented on Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Poké...:

Some Pokemon have an animated tail visible, such as Skitty and Pikachu.
Thanks to DexNav I have used an incredible amount of Pokemon. The best thing about your search level is that it includes ALL encounters with that pokemon whether in the wild or in trainer battles. You can also find Pikachu's Light Ball as well.
Also, remember that horde battles increase your search level by 5...



MadAdam81 commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

When homebrew is mostly about playing emulated ROMs - including DS emulators - it's really hard to say it's not about piracy. Yes, many emulators are for old games from NES, SNES, Mega/Genesis etc, but there are also ones for DS and GBA, which are 10 years and under. And considering most of these emulators as well as the other homebrew stuff can also be done on smartphones, I don't know what is the point of 3DS homebrew anyway.
Out of all the poeple here who play on emulators, is there one here who only ever plays games they already own on a different platform (which means different license required any so it's still illegal)?



MadAdam81 commented on Thousands In Australia & New Zealand Attend Mi...:

@hydeks They didn't have enough to launch anywhere else. They had two choices - a limited release in A&NZ or no release anywhere until their stock levels were high enough. By doing this limited release they will receive a lot of feedback so all other launches should be better, and also they will probably learn about bugs that can be fixed by the time they launch in the rest of the world.
Usually we get stuff months behind, but Nintendo are the only company that appreciates how much Australia spends and doesn't double the US price when working out how much to charge us.



MadAdam81 commented on Thousands In Australia & New Zealand Attend Mi...:

I took my 8 year old daughter to her first midnight launch at TTP EB games in SA, as we both got our Pokemon OR & AS, and she won the New Nintendo 3DS XL!
She was so excited she couldn't sleep much.
I would say that the New XL is worth the money, particularly if you love 3D mode, it tracks your eyes so that the 3D is always orientated for you so you dont have to hold it in the one position.
I hope the Pikachu amiibo does something for OR & AS though.
And as for Pokemone OR & AS, it is great, I love the new DexNav feature, it has made me catch about 10 times the amountof pokemon I have in previous games, it's great for people who want the best pokemon to breed with as well.



MadAdam81 commented on Details Uncovered of Upcoming Update for Zelda...:

@Spoony_Tech As a big fan of the Warriors Musuo games, I knew what to expect, and it's the best one I have played, even better than Dynasty Warriors 5 and expansions which I sunk thousands of hours into.
If I didn't have so many games to play I would be trying to complete this at 100% as well.



MadAdam81 commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

Sorry, but emulators = piracy, especially when the 3DS not only has backwards compatibility but also virtual console.
I have a phone on me at all times that has all the apps I need, who cares about having stuff on a 3DS or home console that does things worse than what you already have? It's like trying to turn it into am Xbone.



MadAdam81 commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

@Dave24 I always enjoyed Wario Mine, but I think this is less madcap fun (or maybe I am getting better) and I liked the simplicity of Rainbow Road. Mute City was my clear favourite, I thought Excite Bike needed more in it as well as Ice Ice, maybe a remake of GCs Baby Circuit (a similar shape to Excite Bike but was more fun drifting) and a Tropical Freeze level would have been more fun for me, but probably less fun for many others



MadAdam81 commented on Splatoon's Japanese Twitter Account Inks Out a...:

@millarrp this could be the one that draws you in to some multilpayer action, due to a better multiplayer fun than regular modern shooters.

I am hoping this game holds up to my expectations of having the right levels of arcade action and strategy, with different types of play catered to, allowing different players to find their niche and be able to work in a team, more like TF2 and less like Halo of Duty.