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Huge Nintendo and gaming fan.

Male, 20, United States

Been gaming all my life and I don't plan on changing that! I'm also a pretty big music/tech fan.

Mon 23rd Jan 2012

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ScreamoPichu commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

Strictly speaking about Wii U, I feel like Nintendo is moving on. Still putting a good amount of work into the software, but there was no mention of their usual "More quality software for Wii U = Better Wii U sales." They seem to just want the Wii U's image to be clear by its, for lack of a better word, death.
Sort of side-note: I have a feeling Miyamoto's new IP could be this NFC thing.

Speaking of smart device stuff: I don't really know what they're talking about. It sounds just like a Miiverse app, but I see no reason for them to not just say it's Miiverse. I'm really curious to see what they're doing with smart devices.

Future of NNIDs: This one sounds fantastic. Though one thing that kind of bothers me (simply because I like stuff) it sounds like digital sales will me a big deal to Nintendo the future.

Speaking of the QOL stuff: I'm starting to understand it. They want their next console(?) to make as much of an impact as Wii did when it released. (Although, they want it to be bigger than Wii.)
Their next thing is going to be something anyone has seen before and they want it to be the next big thing. (Comparable to how "wearable tech" is now.)



ScreamoPichu commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

During my Black Friday trip I never saw a single Wii U sold. But I also only saw one or two Xbox Ones and PS4s. There were a ton of PS3s and 360s still being sold.
I've been seeing commercials everywhere on TV, which is good.

I still have no idea how Wii U will perform this holiday. All I know is there is NO WAY they'll hit nine-million.



ScreamoPichu commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

All three are going to struggle, no doubt about it. (Especially since Wii U already is) I literally have no idea who will be on top in a year. Wii U does have the brightest software future at the moment, but Nintendo needs to advertise the hell out of them upon release. Obviously, Mario Kart is going to hopefully put it on solid ground (if 3D World wracks up a decent amount, at least) I'm really afraid Smash Bros. 3DS is going to kill the Wii U version. I think X could be a huge system seller, if they advertise it right.



ScreamoPichu commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

I love Nintendo, but their advertising the main thing I really don't like about them. They have the worst choice. (Lately, trying to create memes out of Cat Mario) I've only seen three ads out in the wild for Wii U, the console (at launch), Pikmin 3, TW101, and SM3DW.
Besides the fact that Nintendo has done a horrible job explaining what the Wii U is. I still have people IRL ask me what the Wii U really is. I've even shown people some of the future releases for Wii U and gotten people excited, how come Nintendo can't do the same?
Also, when Smash Bros. 4 comes out I hope we NEVER see the 3DS version in ads. It'll do fine, just advertise the hell out of the Wii U version. And Mario Kart. (Hell, just show some stuff off on TV and YouTube ads!)



ScreamoPichu commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

Microsoft is, openly, going for more than just gamers. But they also seemed to have rustled up many fans, in a bad way. By everyone's reactions (on the internet) it was very very rare that I came across a positive post. I don't know how Microsoft will fare with a console that tries to reach outside of gaming. As for games, Xbox One definitely needs to step it up for the release.

Sony has a good line up, and seems to have much excitement among their fans. Even I have some interest in it. A decent line-up of exclusives are on PlayStation 4's horizon, well, hopefully by horizon it's release week.

Concerns I have for both are how backwards compatibility and price affect them. The no backwards compatibility is what scares me about spending $300+ on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Just as a comparison, I've spent more time in Wii Mode on my Wii U than I have playing Wii U games. Oh yeah, another concern, Mario. Mario is probably the hardest game anything can compete with in sales. And if there is a Mario Kart out as well on Wii U, there is going to be some strong competition. I also think they, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will hurt themselves in their fight. With most games coming out "cross-gen" what's the use in upgrading? Why spend $300+ on a game you can get on a console you already own?

Assuming everything I brought up will be released this holiday season, it's going to be a wild ride for us gamers.



ScreamoPichu commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

Hm. Awesome interview. Although I still don't agree with him on most things, I have gained a bit of respect for him. I do think the Wii U has a bright future (stating as a gamer and Nintendo fan) with the amount of first party exclusives releasing (Pikmin 3, Mario Kart U, Super Mario U, Smash Bros. U, Wind Waker HD, X, etc.), a hand full of third party exclusives (Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101), Wii U sales should increase a very good amount. If those don't drive up sales, Nintendo has a real problem.



ScreamoPichu commented on Pokémon Scramble U Set To Be The First Wii U ...:

Am I the only one who thinks it's a cool idea? When Pokemon Rumble first came out I thought there'd be real figurines. Of course, I wasn't a big fan of the original Rumble. But if this is priced right, has online multiplayer and more variety, I'll be pretty excited for it.



ScreamoPichu commented on Four Classics Available Now in the Latest Club...:

I realized this last month of rewards, I was going to get Paper Mario, then I realized I couldn't play it. I said, "I'll play with my GameCube controll- wait....." I can't play it on my Wii U unless I have a Classic/Pro Wii Controller. Which I don't have. And I plan on getting a Wii U Pro Controller, but that won't fix the problem, either...



ScreamoPichu commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

For me, I'll really just read reviews if I'm on the fence about a game but reviews very rarely affect my decision to buy a game. If I'm super excited for a game, I'll buy it no matter what. Pikmin 3 for example, I've been looking forward to it before it was even announced. If, as much as I hope not, it starts getting bad reviews a week before launch. I'm still going to buy it because I've been waiting years for it, but I'll check the score for the game. Mainly because it's hard to avoid and I'm still curious. With a game I'm super excited about, I want my experience to be as fresh as possible. With knowing as little as possible going into the game, so I usually won't read the reviews. (Not saying I avoid all places of seeing the game, I'll still watch interviews with devs and trailers etc.) Now a game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which I've never played a MH game before but the demo was fun and the 3DS to Wii U features sound awesome, but I'm not super excited for it. If bad reviews start to come out, I may put it off but I'll still get it at some point because of my curiosity. Also with a game I'm on of the fence about I'll usually thoroughly read reviews to know as much as possible to get me to see why I want the game or not, with the score not really affecting my decision of purchasing a game if what was talked about in a review (or that I've seen of the game) was something I think I'd enjoy.



ScreamoPichu commented on Miyamoto Discusses Retirement In Recent Interview:

It will be a sad day when Miyamoto retires. But he sounds like he does have a good batch of new blood ready to replace him at Nintendo. Which I'm actually excited to see. Saying that, I'm still excited for his new IP and Pikmin 3.