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idork99 commented on Rush Hour Director Lining Up Hollywood Drama B...:

I'm not to fond of the director but it can, if done well, be an entertaining movie. On the topic, I'm sooo glad that I purchased the Game Boy version from the eShop. It's one of the best ways to play Tetris IMO. I'd recommend a purchase but I believe it was removed from the eShop earlier this year



idork99 commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

I'm not sure what brought Mii to this site but I'm glad to be a daily reader and to be a part of a great community. YOU ROCK NL!!! Cheers to everyone in the community and a special thanks to all that have contributed to the site over these pass 10 years! Let's keep gaming!



idork99 commented on Video: Nintendo Focuses on a Mix of Old and Ne...:

@Angelic_Lapras_King True. If it weren't for my kids breaking my 3DS XL in half, then I wouldn't have purchased the "new" XL model. But on a positive, I always play my 3DS with the 3D all the way up so the steadiness of the "new" model is truly appreciated. Also, RE Revelations is a joy to play on the new model. Great for Halloween



idork99 commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 8 - 2014:

@Blue_Blur I never knew of this technique! Although I did purchase from day one, I didn't really get into it till the 2nd pack came out. I was still playing MK7 since that's all my friends had. But slowly but surely they've been playing more MK8 so I've finally made the full transition myself. I'll have to try this tonight! Thanks again @Blue_Blur!



idork99 commented on Mario Memories: Mario Kart 8 and Discovering t...:

I've always liked the Mario Kart series, but it wasn't until MK DS came out that I fell in love with the series. I'd gather five friends and play six player for months. I tried the online component but it was the first Nintendo on line game so the experience was a bit flat. Played MK Wii for a little bit but despised the 12 racers. MK7 and MK8 have to be the best in the series but if I had to choose one it would be the latter as it is the pinnacle of Mario Kart racers! So much fun that who knows when I'll stop playing. Looking for more friends if interested...see you on the track



idork99 commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:


Awesome for you!!! I think that's where the trouble was! Unfortunately for Mii, I was so frustrated yesterday that I ended up formatting the system memory on my N3DS to see what it would do (idiot idea!). So now, I re-entered my NNID on my N3DS and reformatted (erased) my micro SD card. I tried to drag both "Nintendo 3DS" and "DCIM" folders onto the formatted micro SD card and connect it to the N3DS but no luck . I can access my photos but no save files nor Mii's or StreetPasses in tact!! Now, I'm reformatting the micro SD card and I'm only going to drag the "DCIM" file with the hopes of when I re download all my games, all the save states will be in tact. Crossing my fingers!!!



idork99 commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

@Bizzyb said: "Did you make sure to replace the "3DS Folder" Completely with your old 3DS folder? If you place the old folder "inside" the new folder it won't work. You have to replace the entire folder."

I think that's where I made my mistake. Now, I'm reformatting the SD card and doing the "Re-download everything with saves erased" option after talking to a Nintendo rep. I tried to explain that the game files were in the micro SD card but I could not open them on my N3DS. I thought maybe it had to do with my music files so I erased them all. Then I started clicking through the folders and did see that when I clicked open my "Nintendo 3DS" file, there was another file with the same name in it. I know the guide here stated to just drag the files from the desktop to the micro SD card but I don't recall if there was any indicator of erasing the folder "Nintendo 3DS" from the micro SD card that you remove after system transfer is complete through the systems. Oh well, my SD card is halfway through the formatting. Let's see what I can do to retrieve my precious little games back. Because it is all about the games. Without the games, it's just a shiny new cool looking machine #vita



idork99 commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

Super infuriated!!! Followed everything here step by step (beverage included) and could not get any game to show up on my menu!!! All the folders were in tact but no game could be found. When I'd go to system menu and look up software info, there were no games to be found. Strangely, there was a 32 GB SD card plugged in and the memory space that it should be taking up was there, but no games!!!!!!!!!!

Any help



idork99 commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 With Nintendo Life in a 10 ...:

"The tournament will have a limit of 32 races per player, which is a few hours of racing, so it won't be entirely a case of the winner being whoever hangs around the longest."

This is great news!! Since I've yet to set up a tournament (community), I never knew that you could make a limit on the number of races people can play. This works for me as I used to loathe playing catch up when joining a community late in Mario Kart 7. Now, the probabity of winning will come down to how strong the group is that you're playing against. There could be a chance that an excellent racer will be in a room of subpar racers and gain massive points while in another it can be all tough racers with players rotating first place. Still, it's a major improvement!

For those who want to compete against me, I'll join around 4:30PM Pacific (12:30AM UK) and will race until my 32 races are up. I'm not going to say I'm the best at Mario Kart but I am super competitive! See you all tomorrow



idork99 commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 With Nintendo Life on Twitc...:

I'm tempted to join but I have this little tradition going since MKDS. I like to get all 3 gold stars on all classes/cups before jumping on line. If I can manage to accomplish before the tourney ends, I'll join



idork99 commented on Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Traini...:

Also, since I know I asked this last time and you guys said it was okay, I took the liberty of making announcements on my Miiverse account about this. The more racers, the more fun IMO. We Should all make the announcement on all of our Miiverse/Facebook/Twitter account/s!



idork99 commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

We NintendoLife-ers love to rant about games we don't have on our Nintendo systems. Personally, I don't get all the fuzz about this game. All I've seen and heard was that it was a game that grew inspiration from the original Legend of Zelda for the NES with a dark plot. If that's the case, I'd rather just play Zelda



idork99 commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up SXSW 2014 Best M...:

@Blast Nothing odd about that. It's a great game. Period. Whether one wants to enjoy the game solo or with multiplayer just know that it will be good fun. I have had the pleasure of enjoying this game with all 1,2,3, and 4 player action. And depending on who plays with you, the experience is always going to be different every time. That's the beauty of this game.

I like to think of SM3DW as the 2013 Super Mario version of TMNT: Turtles in Time the arcade game. To me, it's the same game with the added character abilities. With a whole lot of more levels of course



idork99 commented on Dedicated Video Game Platforms To Remain Ninte...:

It's anyone's guess what "new business area apart from (their) video game business" Nintendo will venture into but only time will tell if it'll improve my QOL.

Hope/Prediction: Since health is the first theme they are venturing into, I'd personally would like to see sort of pedometer like the ones used on Wii Fit U that tracks daily activity, heart rate, and have SpotPass that compares your daily activities with others with ease. You can have it sync to 3DS or Wii U via NFC on GamePad. Something along those lines would be cool.



idork99 commented on The 3DS Celebrates Its Third Birthday in Japan:

On 9/9/11, I wrote a little Blog for IGN in regards to my thoughts on the 3DS and concluded with:
"I've come to recently realize that this little system covers many of my favorite home console and portable games of all times; in portable form! It's a great feeling to know that you can play the original Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Link's Awakening, and Ocarina of Time all in one system! Pretty much, the 3DS is my golden age of gaming all in the palm of my hand! So it is with great surprise that I'm proud to say that the 3DS is my favorite Nintendo system of all time!"

Happy (3DS)rd Birthday to my favorite system of all time.

@ThomasBW84 LOL! I'd probably do the same. In fact, I worry more about not having my 3DS with me than my mobile phone



idork99 commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

Sonic the Hedgehog was THE system seller for Sega. And although Nintendo pulled out the big guns with F-Zero, Super Mario World, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to push the system, it was Street Fighter II that arguably became the system seller.

That's my memory of the console wars. Hopefully the movie will be entertaining.



idork99 commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

@unrandomsam I, too, enjoyed Wario Ware Touched! My comment was directed at the younger gamers that only play games on a touch screen. I should edit my comment to say: "What fun can come from JUST tapping and sliding? NOT MUCH IMO." There are simple games that benefit from touch screen controls. But I'm old and I am biased towards traditional (joystick and buttons) controls. Just like Cranky



idork99 commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

Anything to get these young "Whippersnappers'" attention and lure them into quality gaming! Not just tapping and sliding gestures at a screen. What fun and skill can come from tapping and sliding? None IMO.

(Gosh, now I'm starting to sound like Cranky )



idork99 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (North America):

Since I never purchased DKCR for the Wii originally, I decided to pick up the 3DS version last year and was quite pleased. But since I played it less than a year ago, I'm not quite in the mood to purchase this one right away. I'm still having a blast with SM3DW! If the magic of 3D World ends before the release of MK8, then perhaps I'll make the purchase. Otherwise, no new games until MK8 (just 99 more days from today)!



idork99 commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

To say that I'm hyped is an understatement. I'm already counting the days!

Something that would be nice (like the big number of character selection) to see, but most likely won't happen, is to attempt to have more than 32 courses! Go for 40+!



idork99 commented on Bowser's Koopalings Join the Cast of Mario Kar...:

@BAGBOY said," I really hope nintendo doesn't make the same mistake here because mario kart 7 was the breath of fresh air the series needed so much after the wii installment, I really hope it plays like it."

Completely agree! And I have a great feeling that it is going to play like it! With the added anti gravity courses of course! Along with the coins that are sooo underestimated in MK7!

Since MK DS, I've usually just stuck with one player, one cart combo and never change. I picked R.O.B. in MK DS. Koopa Troopa on Wii. Lakitu on MK7. So, wonder who I'll choose this time around? It's looking like they're going for a huge roster and I'm all for it!



idork99 commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

I saw my nephews playing this game constantly on their iPad that it drew my attention and made me want to have a try. My thoughts: there's only one control command in the game that makes it an easy game to get into. But the control is horrible at best which makes for constant failure in the game. Since it looks easy but hard to control, one cannot help but try and try again.

I think that Nintendo goes after companies and individuals that use similar character and control schemes; not background settings.



idork99 commented on Weirdness: New Scientific Research Reveals The...:

"As we all know, texting behind the wheel isn't a wise move — it has caused countless accidents on roads all over the world, and you should never, ever do it. Ever."

Totally agree! I'd also argue that, specifically, touch screen smartphones are more of the culprit than texting itself. If anyone can think back to 10 years ago, there were no touchscreen phones and the majority were flip phones with the traditional 12 button lay out with digits 0-9 plus * and #. Since there were physical buttons, many people got used to texting without even looking at their screens (utilizing predictive texting). With touchscreen being the majority UI on many phones, it is inevitable to do anything without looking at the screen.

This was a very insightful experiment and one that needs to be studied more. I'd go as far as hypothesizing that touchscreen UI is to blame, not the texting itself. Nonetheless, everyone should avoid multitasking when operating a motor vehicle.



idork99 commented on A Tokyo-Based Business Will Get Your 3DS Runni...:

I'm a huge 3DS fan but I can't help to know that it is an isolated experience. That's the beauty of home consoles: although one person can be playing, everyone watching can join in on the fun. This would make my 3DS sessions at home more social. And would also give me bragging rights to show everyone in my household how good I am at MK7



idork99 commented on Mario Kart 8 Drifting In For a May Release:

I'm feeling really good about this game! I'm actually glad that they've taken their time with this one. I love MK7 but I do feel that they did rush it to get it out on time for the Holiday season of 2011. This will be an EPIC MARIO KART! I can feel it! 10/10!!!



idork99 commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

This game was a huge deal in '98/'99 as it was the first portable edition of an all time classic with extras!

Fifteen years later, there are better portable editions of this game that doesn't make the sacrifice for screen space.

SMB Deluxe: you will be remembered as the first portable Mario Bros. But that's about it : /



idork99 commented on Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - The Re...:

Like my avatar, I am on cloud 9! I've had so much fun in the past so I'm happy to see this community active again!

Question to all: Would it be appropriate to post the community code on ones Miiverse account to invite more players or just keep it amongst fellow NLife staff and readers?



idork99 commented on Ninterview: Stepping Into The Nintendo Arcade:

Nice interview. Great collection!

Growing up next to an arcade, I was fortunate enough to play about four of the games mentioned above in their original arcade form. Although you would see the majority of these games transferred to the NES, some of the challenge and quality of these games would be lost in transition. I recall in "vs Super Mario Bros.," one would have to reach 300 coins for a 1-up. Plus, the levels were a mix up of hard SMB levels and SMB:The Lost Levels from Japan. In other words, it was a tough game to beat at the arcades.

Great interview again. Arcades: a magical place that the new school cannot relate



idork99 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

Although gaming is as popular as ever, all this reveals to me is that the dedicative gaming systems is a smaller market than it was six years ago. Times have changed drastically and the numbers will not be as they were before. Still, Iwata leaving Nintendo would be counterproductive. He has a lot of knowledge of the industry and his resignation would not benefit Nintendo.

With that said, I can't wait until MK8! Hoping Nintendo has a stellar 2014!



idork99 commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

Super Mario 3D World: a great 1P game; a superb multi-player game.

Just grab a couple of friends & family, grab a couple of spirits (or milkshakes for the kiddies), put this game on, and let the good times roll!

This game has been the talk of the holidays amongst my family and friends! A true Nintendo classic



idork99 commented on Review: EDGE (3DS eShop):

Nice to see a game like this on both eshops. Having read both this review and the Wii U version, the ladder seems to be the most enticing. But for the asking price, one can have both versions without dipping too deep into ones pockets.

I've been a Wii U owner for about three months and my appreciation for the system is growing slowly but surely. After having a 3DS as my only go-to system for a couple of years, I would argue that one didn't need all that power the Wii U, or any other current or next gen system, provides. Plus, there are many game titles that are offered on both systems. Hence, I strongly felt a new system was obsolete. Now, I clearly see what the Wii U brings to the table. As a child of the 80's who'd get lost at local arcades around town, the only way to explain the difference between the 3DS and the Wii U is that the 3DS is like your home console of the 80's & 90's that would provide arcade hits such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat while the Wii U is the equivalent of the arcade cabinet version of those titles: fast, accurate, with responsive tight controls and great visuals.

To conclude, if the same game is offered on both the 3DS and Wii U, know that the 3DS is the home console version in portable format while the Wii U is the ultimate arcade experience in the comfort of your home.



idork99 commented on Clash Of Clans Creator Supercell Doesn't Want ...:

No one can be the next Nintendo. They were right in saying that they do not want to compete with them. That said, that's great that they're finding success. I don't play games on my phone any longer so I would have never known of this company if it weren't for this article.



idork99 commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

I agree with @Einherjar in that this game looks like a training tool for old school NES games. Also, there's huge potential to leverage sales of the classics (this game is advertised next to the classics in the eShop). The concept seems like a brilliant idea but not for the asking price. Hopefully they offer this game at a discounted price soon. Otherwise, I'll pass.