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Thu 2nd May 2013

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Platinumhobo commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

@Windy thank you sir. Ever since I saw gameplay I said "Why are people mentioning MH? This looks way more like Phantasy Star;.
Very glad to hear my assumption is correct, and I am already downloading the game. Can't wait for my friends to get it too.



Platinumhobo commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and...:

@gamerphil07 Thank you, conversation over. This performance has been wonderful, drop the curtain.
No more dlc (good lord please no more old characters), let Sakurai rest and really think about where the series could go next. I'd be totally satisfied if he decided not to make a sequel, this is an ideal ending.



Platinumhobo commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

Long live my umbran witch and her beautiful series.
I didn't even consider voting her for the ballots but i am so happy to see her win.
I don't see how anybody wouldn't be excited to get her, she's really unique and brings a different playstyle to smash. All the haters on the web need to learn to appreciate good work.



Platinumhobo commented on Super Robot Wars BX Battles Its Way to Number ...:

Aside from being happy to see Ninten doing well, I really like what NintendoLife has done here. I'm pretty sure more than a few people here didn't know anything about SRW BX and now that they've had some exposure they're interested.
I've always wanted to get a couple SRW games localized, so hopefully that'll happen in the near future.



Platinumhobo commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

I feel sorry for Nintendo. While yes they do seem to have an issue with giving fans exactly what they ask for, they also have the issue of having to deliver to an extremely ungrateful market of consumers.

Nintendo is giving us games that look like they will be a fun experience, though a few do look rather lackluster. People are just too caught up in what they asked for to appreciate what they are being given. It's like everyone asked for cake, but Nintendo's cake isn't ready, so they gave us cupcakes.

Weird analogy, yes, but you should get the point. Calm your greedy bias dudes.



Platinumhobo commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

@ouroborous this, this comment is exactly why this practice is crap. It's an endless cycle of "no one will buy the special edition on wii u" - "well the special edition isn't on wii u so I guess I have to get it on something else."
It's a shame Kamiya may have been right about Inafune...



Platinumhobo commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

@Zed101 wow dude, did Touhou like kill your dog or something? That's a pretty harsh attack. It's really not pervy or hentai at all. If you've seen anything like that of Touhou then that sir was a fan work. And there ain't jack diddly you can do to stop those.

Now the models...yeah they are ugly as sin.



Platinumhobo commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

@Kamalisk Dude, your opinion is pretty far off the mark. Unless you meant Lucina and not Robin.
Robin is more of a magic user than a swordsman, does not have blue hair, and actually comes as a pretty nice surprise. That last part was just my personal opinion but regardless, if you can't tell Robin apart from Marth then you may need to see a doctor.



Platinumhobo commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:

This is definitely a mixed bag, and I'm not referring to the opinions.
On one hand we know Nintendo has issues, that's undeniable. Sony and Microsoft have their own as well though many people seem like act like they don't exist.
But on the other hand there seems to be a lot of biased whining against Ninten. They have made themselves open to people working with them, as we have seen, and they have made the people aware of their indie support. Could it be better, of course, but I don't think it's bad either.



Platinumhobo commented on Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Announced For ...:

I'll be hopeful for a localization. I love 3 of the Tales games I've played so my fandom level is just high enough for a crossover. I'm sad about not getting Tales of Symphony HD on Wii U and even sadder about not getting Tales of Heart R period, so hopefully Namco won't make me sad yet again.



Platinumhobo commented on Review: AeternoBlade (3DS eShop):

I would really have put this at a 6. The backgrounds are quite bland, but the game is good. Maybe I'm just a Metroidvania fanatic but I'm happy I got this instead of caving and buying crappy Mirror of Fate.



Platinumhobo commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I hope no one that hasn't actually played through a game or two on the WiiU is even voting on this. Of course they should keep the gamepad. It's fun, which is exactly why I play video games. I feel like 70% of gamers care way too much about what their game console can do besides play fun games. WiiU has fun games, which is why I'm so lost on it selling poorly. Graphics don't make games fun(though if they are like PS2 level it can be a hinderance). Social networking doesn't make games fun. Whatever people's issue is with the eshop also does not make the games any less fun.

Like seriously, there is nothing exciting on the Xbox One and that thing is somehow selling. Mind you that is just my personal opinion but that's my opinion as a gamer. They can throw as many numbers, pixel counts, commercials about sports and movies at me as they want but I don't care. I just want fun games. And the WiiU is slowly but surely delivering. That's my issue with the gaming community, developers and gamers, now. The graphics really should not be stopping anyone from putting enjoyable games on that enjoyable console.
P.S. Before anybody can say it no the WiiU does not have PS2 level graphics. You are clearly going overboard with whatever spite you may have with graphics that aren't on the same exact level as PS4.



Platinumhobo commented on Platinum Games Producer Hates "Pedantic Port-B...:

So...Wii U is getting "hardcore" game and people are complaining? Way to be disappointing fanbase. And if you really want to yell at someone about not getting the game on PS4/One blame Sega. They dropped Bayonetta in the first place.



Platinumhobo commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

@ThumperUK that, that I can say that I respect that pretty reasonable opinion. Being unhappy about how Nintendo has presented the WiiU is totally valid. Now over here in America I have seen a commercial for 3D World more than a few times so I think they are trying to fix things, but being a bit pissed about it taking so long is totally understandable and kind of expected honestly.

I'm just not upset about it because Nintendo doing things there own way has never failed me before, no matter how skeptical I got. I'm looking at the GameCube as I say that.



Platinumhobo commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

There are quite a few unhappy Nintendo fans here that have some strong negative emotions towards the WiiU. I'm a very happy WiiU owner that feels no need to buy a PS4 or even think about wasting money of a XOne. Mostly because I haven't been disappointed with anything I've bought. Wonderful 101 has been the best so far, TTT2 was great, and so was Injustice. The remakes have been fun, though I will admit I have not paid full price for them. Plus, I have plenty of indie and VC games like Nano Assault Neo and Super Metroid.

If one of you wouldn't mind, and others are free to back them up, can you give me a detailed reason why you are unhappy with the WiiU? And by detailed I mean more than "The games aren't fun" cuz that's a variety of games you're just casually dismissing.