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Wed 15th Aug 2012

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technotreegrass commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

Outside of the marketing campaigns on TV, I never felt any Nintendo/Sega console war crap on the playground. Didn't matter if you owned a SNES or a Genesis, both systems had great games. Both sides acknowledged it. Skip ahead to the N64/PS1 years...yeah...that's when crap got brutal. I was the only person I knew who owned a N64, everyone else had a PS1, and loved to rub it in my face that I owned a "baby's console." I love my "baby's console" to this day, thank you very much.

After that, the only time I saw any console war stuff was online. Gamers I met in person (even strangers at conventions) talked about the pros and cons of each gen's systems, or politely insisted you invest in a gaming PC, but also acknowledging that PC has its problems, something I NEVER see online.



technotreegrass commented on Sega Scrapped A Golden Axe Remake With Odin Sp...:

I hope M2 can put Golden Axe games on their 3D Classics list, especially that Death Adder arcade game. I saw a lot of gameplay videos and it looks AMAZING. I think Sega could benefit from rebooting old IPs rather then do Sonic over and over AND OVER again.



technotreegrass commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Happy Birthday, NintendoLife! I first came here in 2011 while looking for info on a DSiware game. I wanted a review to see if the controls were okay and that I wouldn't waste my money buying a crappy game. I stuck around when I realized that you guys did reviews for retail games and tiny, indie eshop titles, and here I am years later, visiting daily.



technotreegrass commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

I had no idea Wave Race was on the GB; I have to check that out. The buttonless control scheme sounds interesting, provided it works and allows for tight controls. To this day, I LOVE Mario Kart Wii, but I usually play it with a Gamecube controller cause it allows for better vehicle control then the Wiimote steering wheel. Sad to see the franchise stuck in limbo, but I play the hell out of Wave Race on the N64 and Gamecube.



technotreegrass commented on Masayuki Uemura on How the NES Controller Came...:

My first video game console was an Atari 2600. Switching to a d-pad was strange but I quickly got the hang of it, and after getting a secondhand NES Advantage, I mastered d-pad and joystick for many different games. I sadly lost that skill. Give me a fighting game arcade stick and tell me to play the original Super Mario Bros, I'm going to fail at precision jumping.



technotreegrass commented on More Details Emerge on How Nintendo Accounts W...:

Not crazy about the name, but I haven't been crazy about Nintendo's naming system for a while now, so it doesn't come as a surprise. The details sound pretty interesting, and I'm glad to see "digital rewards" are a thing. I hope we're able to somehow add our recently purchased games and systems to the points system. I broke down and bought a New XL. That's a hefty nest egg of points right there.



technotreegrass commented on Awesome Super Mario Maker New Nintendo 3DS Cov...:

I hope NA gets this. I think it's one of the best-looking faceplates I've seen. When it comes to physical items that aren't electronic, I think they should release everywhere, if not simultaneously, then at least give listed dates. "Available now in Europe, XX/XX/XX in North America and Japan" for example.



technotreegrass commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I'm not happy when games I want are sold at a retail price but are digital only (Ace Attorney series) but I fell in love with the series and in the end it's worth it. On the rare occasion I do buy digital retail games, it's because I managed to catch them on a fantastic sale ($15 or lower). I settled for an entire digital library with PC because I had no choice. I like my consoles/handhelds to be physical retail. If the NX is digital-only, I will be VERY pissed but I love me some Nintendo games, and I'm sure they will drag me kicking and screaming to NX ownership.



technotreegrass commented on Nintendo Increases Investment in Niantic, Deve...:

Call me old school, but I'll stick with the mainline games. I appreciate what Nintendo is trying to do, give us a unique experience that can't be done on a 3DS, and it sounds like they chose the perfect developer to implement their vision. It's a better gesture then "Now you can legally play Super Mario Bros on your phone. $5 please." I just hope that they don't require you to travel the world to capture every Pokemon (because some will always strive to do so) because kids are still a large demographic.



technotreegrass commented on The Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Editio...:

I briefly played Puzzle and Dragons on my phone, and then nearly broke it when I ran into a cooldown timer and the option to bypass it with money. I bought the Super Mario Edition and I've been really enjoying it, and spending all my time on the Mario levels. Never once went back to the Puzzle and Dragon levels.



technotreegrass commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

Very cool that a April Fools video is now a reality, but I'm not interested in the game. For the sake of those who are, I pray IAP are reasonable, and that it won't take far too long to grind to unlock something without a purchase.

I still hope for a 20th anniversary Kanto game and a Snap 2 in the future.



technotreegrass commented on Ace Attorney 6 Definitely Heading to the West,...:

Maybe if Ace Attorney 6 sells well enough in the West, they'll localize Great Ace Attorney. I'm just happy to get AA6, and I still hope for an Ace Attorney Trilogy 2 with Apollo Justice and the two Miles Edgeworth games, the second newly translated obviously.



technotreegrass commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

I personally prefer the XL size, but I am VERY happy that those who wanted the standard size can get it in NA. That being said, PLEASE don't complain and just buy the damn thing whether you wanted Animal Crossing HHD or not. Support it to say Thank You.



technotreegrass commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

I think that turning all past, present, and future amiibo capabilities into plentiful cards is a great way to give everyone what they want: the figurine collectors can (sadly) continue the good fight against scalpers, and those who just want the data capabilities can have them without worrying about figurine(s).



technotreegrass commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

I went to see it, thinking maybe it could be a stupid-but-fun movie. I, who enjoy many a stupid film, whipped out my 3DS to play Donkey Kong 94 when the human characters dominated the screen because of how immensely bored I was. (I was the only one in the theater so no one cared.) Like the review says, the scenes with video game characters are enjoyable, the rest is hard to slog through.



technotreegrass commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

I would love a "traditional" console similar to the Xbox One and PS4, but I doubt that's ever going to happen. Nintendo has been doing their own thing since the Nintendo 64, and I'm convinced they're going to stay like that until the very end. Let's say the NX is on par (if not better, in terms of hardware) with the Xbone and PS4, I doubt it'll help much. I don't think third-party developers will flock to it, making all their multi-console titles available for PS4, Xbone, NX, and PC, and I don't think the average gamer who hasn't owned a Nintendo console in years will say "Of all available consoles and PC options, I choose the NX for my next installment of Call of Duty."

Nintendo needs to keep doing their own thing, and focus on high quality games, but make it accessible. If they want to continue with this gimmicky controllers, fine, but PLEASE make all 1st-party game accessible with a classic controller. Yes the Wiimote and Wii U gamepad (and even the DS dual screen) has added some benefits to particular games), but I would like the option to forgo the benefits (if only for a short gaming session) because I'd like to sit and play with a classic controller.



technotreegrass commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

I admire her for not listing the game at it's typical price and giving up the extra money, and I'm sure the buyer is screaming her praises for her generosity. The seller isn't evil, just acting out of spite, we've all done that when someone pisses us off really bad.



technotreegrass commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

Unless the SNES Playstation focused on more traditional pixel art games (Ex Sonic CD, Castlevania - Symphony of the Night), I don't think it would have done any better then the other CD-ROM systems at the time. The tech wasn't able to match everyone's ambitions with doing things differently from the Genesis/SNES, but the CD-ROM could certainly add some lovely spit and polish to pixel art games.



technotreegrass commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America):

@Kaihaku N64 games have always been tricky to emulate properly. Amateur emulators can't run all games perfectly, and some of the more popular games have all sorts of issues. I still own my original N64 and games but I HATE the analog stick. GameCube and onward have spoiled me rotten.



technotreegrass commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

It's not a matter of "nostalgia" with me, it's quality, and finding interesting titles. You want me to buy more eshop titles? I need one of two things: demos available for every release, or a 2 hour refund period like the Android app store. When so many reviews I see for eshop games that are on the fence about whether or not there's enough to recommend it, I want to be able to play a game without risking money. Call me cheap all you want to have hesitations on a $5-$10 purchase, but I hate throwing money to the wind.



technotreegrass commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

I appreciate that many gamers want an amiibo simply for the idea of owning physical merch of a game character that would never be a physical product to begin with, but it bugs me that there's no other option to unlock certain amiibo rewards in certain games. In Mario Kart 8, I wouldn't mind paying a max of $2 per costume that amiibo figures unlock. I know that Mario characters are extremely easy to find, but I don't want to pay $13 per character when I personally feel I'm not going to get my money's worth out of it.