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Gamer of 20 years, Not slowing down

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I grew up playing the NES and the N64 and consider that era to be the one that holds my most treasured gaming memories. I do not however feel that the more recent Nintendo games are of any less quality, as I love them all and will continue to play them well into the future.

Fri 1st March, 2013

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Dpishere commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

The Amiibo looks really cool but I am not sure if I want to pick it up. That decision will likely be made for me due to how rare it is probably going to be anyway. Still, amazing game. Yacht Club deserves the success they have received and the fact that this article practically confirms a Shovel Knight sequel has me excited for it, though that is obviously a long ways off since they still have work to do on the expansions.



Dpishere commented on Treasurenauts Development is Getting Back on T...:

Dementium looks interesting since horror games are fairly rare on the 3DS. Still need to play the original Mutant Mudds so until I do that I will have to wait on harder levels for it. As for Treasurenauts I am glad that the game is continuing development since I was looking forward to it up until it was put on hold.



Dpishere commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America):

I definitely recommend Sin and Punishment Star Successor for those that have yet to play it, though it is a shame that the online leaderboards were affected by the Nintendo Wi-fi service discontinuation since that was a large part of the appeal for me. Still worth the purchase though.



Dpishere commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiib...:

Happy Home designer is a day one purchase for because after 500 hours in New Leaf and seeing as it has been over a year since I last played it I am looking for my next AC fix, and judging by what I have seen this should fit the bill perfectly! As for Amiibo Festival, I am still undecided on that one.



Dpishere commented on Review: Woah Dave! (Wii U eShop):

I actually really enjoy this game to the point that when I have nothing to do I find myself booting this game up and what was supposed to be a fun time passer ends up being an addiction. It certainly helps that the music in the level is amazing and with the free update to the deluxe version this game is an excellent purchase, though I did get it for just a buck a long time ago. Either way that was a dollar well-spent!



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

I will always have a soft spot for this game because of all the good times me and my bro had playing this game before and after school. We would even utilize the time trial mode in order to simply explore the levels in order to find out every little detail in the levels and the fact that this entry has some of my most favoured courses makes this game quite possibly my favorite in the series. Also, that rainbow road music!



Dpishere commented on Talking Point: Pokkén Tournament May Not Be a...:

If this game has fighting inputs like Street Fighter then I have to say that I won't be too interested in this game. Those types of games never really were for me though if it is simplified to where it is a bit more like Smash I may be willing to give it a go.



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Is...:

I will always have great memories of going over to my Aunt's house and much of the time I would spend all day playing Yoshi's Island on her SNES. All these years lately this classic title still holds up wonderfully.



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 ...:

I still own the original cart for Wario Land and I have had good times playing the game mainly on the GBA when that system was released and I loved how you could change the colors for GB games when played on the GBA.



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

The first time I played this version of the games was through the collection that they released on the Wii back in 2010. While I enjoyed it I definitely felt they should have put in a little more effort to celebrate their mascot's anniversary, though the booklet and soundtrack cd was pretty cool to have. I even put the songs onto my phone and sometimes hear Mario tunes on the way to and from work every now and then.



Dpishere commented on Review: 3D Gunstar Heroes (3DS eShop):

Man after reading this review I feel like I have been missing out all of these years! This may be the first 3D Classic that I buy, though I want many of the other ones too!



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Super Mario Kart - 1992:

You have to respect the game that started the phenomenon that has evolved into the Mario Kart we play today. I definitely feel that the series has steadily gotten better with each entry but for me 64 will always have the most memories.



Dpishere commented on Mario History: Super Mario World - 1991:

This game has always been my favorite 2D Mario game and quite possibly my favorite in the series altogether. The Super Mario World template is likely going to be my preferred design in Super Mario Maker as well. Great game and great memories though I feel the GBA version is a bit better thanks to Luigi's jump being floatier like it is in SMB 2.



Dpishere commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

SMG 2 was my first Wii game and I loved every minute of it. After 100%ing it four times I kind of want something new for the next 3D Mario game though as a result of that. With Mario Maker coming out Nintendo will have to step up their game in order to make a game that surprises and delights players like this one did since you can now create levels that are possibly better than the ones in the original games thanks to its powerful creation tools. It will be interesting to see the next evolution of the Mario series to say the least.



Dpishere commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

These kinds of things are commonplace in the business world. If I spoke out about my job I would almost certainly be fired too. It's a shame it happened but he has no one to blame but himself. Hopefully he gets another job soon though I doubt it will be as good as working for Nintendo.



Dpishere commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Acknowledges Nintendo a...:

Reasons like this are why I respect Microsoft as a games company and I don't have the disdain that so many others do. I have an 360 and soon will be adding an Xbox One into my gaming room because the future of that platform is looking bright.



Dpishere commented on Mario Memories: Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 In...:

I unfortunately missed out on owning an NES when I was a kid but I did go over to my Grandparent's house quite often and lucky for me they had Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 and every time I was over there those games were the first things I would boot up and play. Great games and great memories!



Dpishere commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

After being a bit iffy on the game now that the game is closer to being released the hype train is getting ahold of me and as a result me and my bro have decided to go in half on this game as a birthday present for each other. Looking forward to playing everyone's creations!



Dpishere commented on Editorial: Paper Mario is 15 Years Old Today, ...:

I have yet to play the first game but all the of the others I did enjoy quite a bit. If Sticker Star wasn't quite as reliant on utilizing particular stickers on the bosses then it would have been truly an excellent game but as it is it was still pretty good, not nearly as bad as people would lead you to believe. I do think TTYD is my favorite out of the bunch though.



Dpishere commented on Review: Ninja Usagimaru - The Gem of Blessings...:

I love any game that has a Japanese art style similar to Okami and after trying the demo of this game out I can definitely say this one is on my to-get list for sure! Great music, beautiful art style, and fun gameplay makes this a purchase for me.



Dpishere commented on Review: Swords & Darkness (3DS eShop):

I tried the demo and actually ended up liking it quite a bit though I can definitely see how this type of gameplay will turn some people off due to its repetitious nature. If it ever gets a sale I am likely to pick it up!



Dpishere commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

For all the bashing the gamepad gets from some people you can't really argue against what Scott is saying seeing as the Xbox One and PS4 are essential the same console as their predecessors just loaded with more features. That is in no way a bad thing because it clearly is working for them as it has brought them quite a bit of success in combination with positive press and support from the many third party studios out there. Nintendo doesn't have that option right now so the only way to get their console into everyone's minds is to offer something that the competitors can't, though that didn't work out so well with the Wii U. Hopefully the NX doesn't repeat the mistakes that the Wii U did.



Dpishere commented on Mighty No. 9 Producer Shares Regret Over Delay...:

His statements make complete sense to me. I prefer to look at both sides before I make an opinion on something like this, and if anyone else was in his position I am sure they would have done the same thing. Not sure if I am interested in the game but that has nothing to do with the bad publicity that has come up lately



Dpishere commented on Oddworld Inhabitants Is No Longer Working On W...:

Looks like I will be getting it for a different system then. Reasons like these are why I hope the NX is easier to develop games for, that way developers don't have it put so much more effort than they do for the other system, which means more games for Nintendo gamers.



Dpishere commented on Rare Co-Founder Has No Idea Why Nintendo Didn'...:

@Rascal0302 I agree completely. Those games were excellent so for me the Rareware quality can still be found in their newer games and there was even a point where I actually considered Nuts and Bolts to be superior to the originals believe it or not. There is so much misinformed hate for the company just because Microsoft owns them basically.



Dpishere commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

This should be no surprise to anyone and for me this just gives another reason to get an Xbox One, as if I needed more. Most of these games may have come out on Nintendo consoles but if I have to get an Xbox One in order to play Jet Force Gemini and Conker's Bad Fur Day on a new console then I have absolutely no problem doing that. There was more love and effort put into this compilation than I have seen for most of Nintendo's own collections.