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Mon 13th Sep 2010
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Yadoking commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

From the perspective of college students, I honestly never hear anyone talk about the Wii U. I always try to throw that reminder in there when I get in gaming discussions. So, from my vantage point it seems Wii U will fall short - since a lot of the people this age have the means of making purchases, like gaming systems, on their own, the fact that many aren't even discussing the Wii U when talking about games leads me to believe the college crowd will likely be the lowest contributors to its sales. Because of this, the One and PS4 will likely be recipients of those sales forgone by the Wii U. Vice versa however, the younger market and the more adult market (with children) will be supporting Wii U sales much more closely. Unless the adult market, without children, can be convinced the Wii U is different in some positive way, other than game selection, the PS4 or One will probably seem like a more worthwhile investment.
This is also an American point of view.



Yadoking commented on EarthBound Translator Shares Insight Into Prep...:

A perfect video game where the majority of its fun isn't derived from combat. Some games are combat-based for the goal of entertainment. I believe Earthbound's main source of enjoyment is not from that, and therefore it provides a perfection in that respect.



Yadoking commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

Always loved this game, and definitely in my top 10 mario games (probably even top 5). My brother and I played it constantly. One day I came to the internet and found out that other people don't like it. I then crawled back into my beach cavern.