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Tue 18th Sep 2012

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marko commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for Nintendo to dip their foot in releasing a game on another console giving a chance for other consumers to revisit Nintendo developed games and franchises.
I think that they should release the next Zelda game on x box one maybe 6 month after releasing it on wii u or nx. Minecraft is no small property and a Zelda game should really help remind and show noon Nintendo fans the quality Nintendo can offer.
Sure I'll buy it on my wii u but some ppl will be given a chance to buy it on new system.



marko commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

I am a bit concerned that Takeda would keep Nintendo on a Japanese Centric path.. Nintendo has so much potential they need someone young open to social gaming and broadening the Nintendo brand globally... Takeda will give us an under powered NX and repeat mistakes rather than learn from past mistakes



marko commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

Everyone assumes the NX will replace wii u when what really needs to be updated is the 3ds. Nintendo is moving towards making both these systems into one you can see the hardware now looks the same same button layout dual analog. 3ds is clearly peaked and on the down slope now. Nintendo wants one unique operating system across both platforms a 3ds that can play wii u games on the go



marko commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

I would be very disappointed if E3 wasn't just around the corner.
Got the release date for Splatoon confirmed the game was announced last year and we get it this year so I am happy there is no delay.
I know they are saving Star Fox for E3 thats what i really wanted to see...
I would have preferred gamecube games than N64, sadly N64 games just look horrible by todays standards.. oh well



marko commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

This does not surprise me at all sure im disappointed but Nintendo was very conceited thinking that maintaining the same price for the wii u over black Friday would encourage sales.
The wii u is overpriced despite amazing software. Ps4 Better hardware decent games x one dropped price for the holiday

Nintendo dropped the ball on this one



marko commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

I just hope the Wii U version is better, I have this feeling that they put more time and effort into the 3DS version since there is a way bigger install base.
Already no subspace, no smash run mode.
I want Smash U i don't want 3ds



marko commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:


Nintendo has the information to make that decision if there is a large overlap between 3DS owners and WII U owners than an expensive console that works both portably and at home is very feasible for example if 70% of wii U owners also own 3DS then the consumer is willing to pay 500+ dollars on Nintendo hardware I think that price range can give a very competitive nintendo product.
It all depends on what the market research says.



marko commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

on videos like youtube don't you only get paid for videos with ads,
that luigi death stare video doesn't have ads right?
Nintendo should let their fans post videos since lets face it Nintendo marketing sucks!



marko commented on Mario Kart 8 Sells More Than 1.2 Million Units...:

i wonder how many were wii u bundles.
Please be a lot!!!
Wii U needs to reach 9million units in 2014 to meet expectations!

Nintendo Keep those party games coming I have 4 friends coming over for Mario Kart action tonight!!



marko commented on Mortal Kombat X Announced, Platform Details Sk...:

I am really curious to see how many wii u owners are ps4 owners as well or plan to be ps4 owners. From a developers point of view probably not worth it to develop for wii u since many wii u owners will opt for the ps4 version.



marko commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

This looks like a descent game to pass the time i hope it gets possitive reviews...
I am just hoping for Zelda U in 2015 I expect we will get that holiday 2015 if we are lucky... I just hope the art style is more ocarina of time less windwakerish



marko commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

My prediction low hardware sales predictions for wii u means that aside from mario kart and smash nintendo won't be releasing any other system selling franchises this year... Zelda will probably be q4 2015... "which i think is best case scenerio" the Wii U has nothing else first party on the horizon.... Don't expect Bayonetta to shift more that 250,000 software sales... and X probably the same... and this QOL thing seems like it will very costly in terms of opportunity cost...



marko commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

I know what you mean im the only one i know with the system...
sadly mariokart 8 release won't entice any of my friends to buy the system either...
im hoping the release a new hybrid system and new handheld in 2016 the wii u only should have a 4 year shelf life... they need 3rd party and big time marketing...



marko commented on North American Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set B...:

I have said it before and i will say it again 329.99 is a mistake.
299.99 was the sweet spot price...
And even though you get a free game the decision would have been better for them to not include the 2nd game and just have the bundle at 299.99 bad move nintendo... anyway i will definitely be picking up the 2 games though since i already have a wii u



marko commented on Nintendo Direct: Special Mario Kart 8 Direct S...:

Seriously though 329.99 for the bundle is still a lot... should have been 299.99...
Everytime I think Nintendo is about to do something right they screw it up in the end... at least you get two games...



marko commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

I don't care if its a traditional show or nintendo direct!
but it better be epic. I know we are seeing Zelda wii U. Its better be Outstanding... But I want MORE NINTENDO WII U FIRST PARTY NEWS.
Otherwise you can kiss your job good bye IWATA. All we have is smash bros for the 6 month following the mario kart release... This is a Joke.... So plz surprise me



marko commented on Satoru Iwata Speaks Of The Need To "Redefine" ...:

I love Nintendo and I always liked Iwata but I think he has lost touch with his consumer base... To that effect I think the QOL platform is not meant to target gamers but geared towards casual markets... My concern is that he is removing human resources who could be working on a new game starring one of their seasoned IPs i.e. Metroid or Fox, to bring out a product that could be easily replaced with a smart phone App..



marko commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Okay nintendo this is it. the Big game we all have been waiting for.
Now bundle it in North America so my friends can buy the system and we can play online!!!
DO IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!