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  • Deals Buy a Deluxe Wii U from Nintendo for $200

    Making up for Black Friday

    While the Wii U didn't receive the discounts many were anticipating this year, Nintendo of America has come through with an after-holiday deal for its 32GB Deluxe System which comes with Nintendo Land; it's a refurbished unit for $200. You can buy a system from Nintendo here. These Wii U's are straight from Nintendo...

  • Talking Point Splatoon May Be Winding Down, But Its Legacy Could Be Significant

    Modern trends with a Nintendo touch

    In the remainder of 2016 we'll re-share some of our favourite feature articles from the year. This article from 4th August reflects on the end of an era after the final Splatoon Splatfest, and how the colourful shooter established a DLC model for Nintendo that's sure to return in the future. Recently we had the...

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