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Tue 6th Aug 2013

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VictahVonDoom commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

I just came here to read how full of poopiedoodlecacapoopsiedooples people can be..It's like AA but opposite... let us not admit that the Wii U haves a sales problem.

Happy New Year! Nintendo just remember it's going to get a lot worse before its gets any better.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



VictahVonDoom commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Congratulations Sony, truly deserved. Got to say that my PS4 and all of my friend's PS4 have been working flawlessly since day 1.

Playstation 4 - 24hr - over 1 million console sold

PS2 took 3 days to ship 1 million units,

Wii U - 1 week(168hr) - 400 000 console sold

Wii - 8 days(192hr) - 600 000 console sold

Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold

Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold

It should Pass the Wii U within a few weeks (1.75m NA) 1.39M sold through



VictahVonDoom commented on Iwata Looking To Return To "Nintendo-Like Prof...:

I love Nintendo... but let's be real... they are really falling apart as of late. Wii U is as uninspired as it's name. Why is there no new Zelda? Why are there 34 different versions of Mario. What happened to all the titles that built a legacy on Nintendo first. Games like Castlevania, Metal Gear, and so many others left their platform a very long time ago. They've failed to secure many new IPs. They failed to build strong third party support. They developed a console that gets bashed monthly by a different developer. Their key titles are missing in action like Zelda, Metroid, and so many others. They have become the system for little kids with titles to match that preference.

Everything that made Nintendo amazing is dying. I was there in the beginning. I had the original NES console. I stuck with Nintendo through all their consoles up to the Wii. This is the first time a console of theirs had zero interest for me. They loved up. If you love Nintendo that's great. I do to. But stop living in denial. They are in serious trouble. They are not going out of business. It isn't that dire. But they may be one console away from being a software only company if they don't pull their head out of their donkey.