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Finntendo commented on This Handsome Infographic Shows Off All The Jo...:

Wait what? None of you ever played FFV? Just talkin' about lots of classes.

Have to train peeps for a few classes (black and white mages, paladin, monk, ranger ... NINJA). I wonder tho if Geomancer is as stupid as it was in FFV. You fight against fire monsters so geomancer calls... CREATURES THAT MAKE FIRE DAMAGE.

I don' t know but I preordered the LE.



Finntendo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses...:

I was last spring in Stockholm, it truly is amazing. But I have other trips planned for the next year so no to those European locations.

The worst problem was not having extranal sd card in phone and I was so out of memory and deleted as much as I could games and stuff and then I thought I had lost the Gerudo Valley piece because it was only thing that mattered to me but then I found it! HOORAY!

...I still haven't got frames for the poster I bought (and t-shirt too - tho it does not need frames).



Finntendo commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

I was sure SMG would be leading but SMW Yay! Voted for it, even it was our first SNES game, thinking back it was so ...good. So much to do and stuff.

So after that it is Galaxy and Super Mario 3d world...and land.

I still hate the fact that I lend SMW for a kid (son of mom's friend) and never got it back...



Finntendo commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:


I am not amazing at Splatoon in any forms. Yet I often play where 7 others are Japanese (or so) because of timezone. And still I manage the same than with western people. Sometimes it's all crap and those insane Japanese just kick my ass and then sometimes I kick their asses...

Tho my connection is also kickass, even get kicked out of servers now and then.

BOOHOO! People just cannot stand losing and make excuses. With MK8, I always play global.



Finntendo commented on Collectors Rejoice, Rare amiibo Figures Are Ge...:


Wellll I've seen Peach everywhere all the time.

Here many online retailers are selling the amiibos they have and probably not orderning more. Got Fit Trainer that way. Haven't bothered with Little Mac even I've seen them here and there.

I finally caught Rosalina few weeks ago, I've got Villager, Marth, Ness, Lucina and Ike (and yarn yoshis) in release. I finally gave up and ordered Shulk and MetaKnight from Germany since doesn't appear in stock in here and I did order Robin too, but not quite sure did the complany fell short on stock or something



Finntendo commented on Masahiro Sakurai Celebrates His 45th Birthday:

He does look young. Happy birthday!

..on the other note, I am 30 and I still get asked ID when buying beer (agelimit here for that is 18).But it's the law, when you look like under 25, they have to ask. I can understand it here, but actually happened in Germany. Lady nicely told me I have to be 18...

But on the other hand, I am woman so basicly we don't get older than 27.



Finntendo commented on Video: New Japanese Splatoon Advert Teases New...:


I was such a roller girl, but I do like N-ZAP '89.

AND IMHO NOT FAIR, using splattershot jr in ranked and going for bubble in tower ride and give it to your friend who is on tower too.... and then two other teammates swim up, get bubble (by accident or were they seeking it) and you get pushed down from the tower XD
...well they thanked for it and we won



Finntendo commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

Eternal Sleeping Girl here. Now 18 snails richer

It was strange, because husband was Team Eat and when he played, it was very rare that the Team Sleep would have been sleepers but another eaters.

Wait what? US has coins instead of seasnails? How uncool...



Finntendo commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

I HIGHLY recommend Child of Light, if you do not own it.

(and doh, Rayman Legends if you have missed it for some reason ) Cloudberry Kingdom has been...well it is different, challenging and rather interesting (aka. screams, bad words and finally turning Wii U off).

As For Shadow Wars. I think I bought it two years ago for 4.99€ from local electornics store. they seemed to get rid of their gaming section (chain, which is odd because statewide they are still selling gaming stuff but not this store). I just looked what they had there (Spyro DotD was too 4.99), googled Shadow Wars with my phone and though oh ok. Probably something hubby would play when travelling and he loved it

So erm....recommendding that too.



Finntendo commented on Dark Pit and Palutena amiibo Are Retailer Excl...:

^I had once books delivered from Amazon UK and it was barely holding together XD I was amazed that the books were not damaged.

I'd be annoyed with these "exclusives too"

If you want it for collection, Japan and Europe would probably be good choises, at least in Finland there is plenty of stock for Dark Pit. Palutena seems to be bit less of stock, but available. Someoen said it is nice amiibo but face looks weird.
For some reason, I haven't seen Fit Trainer in MONTHS and ordered it few weeks ago when someone said there was stock. yes, Discshop had 15 and they were cleaning their storage.

One online retailer Darkpit stock: 100+, Fit Trainer stock: 25+ Villager stock +5, Marth +5 Kirby +5



Finntendo commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:


I was reading tweets and had to stop because I started to cry so badly. Uh oh.

NL. Well written, very well written.

Ps. You never know with these diseases. My grandpa was told "it's all gone" from his cancer and two months later there was new growth and that was it. 5 months. This very same cancer, same area.



Finntendo commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:


Or they can just delay the process with arguing. We have prenup for a reasons even young and not wealthy Every couple should have one, even it sounds silly when you are oh so in love and not going to divorce ever.

But man, even as revenge, wouldn't sell that cheap

And yes, as a teenager I had bf who loved his pc more than me and when it ended (nicely after all) I just "forgot" to return his FFVII and FFVIII plus a few other games 0



Finntendo commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

XCX! ..then Yoshi's Woolly World (preordered and probably won't arrive next week but I assume soon in the beginning of the next week)!
Devil's Third is also interesting. And Star Foxy.

I couldn't care less for Mario Makers or Skylander. Just not my thing.



Finntendo commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

These were released in Eurooe few weeks ago and I managed to get Lucina and Ness. I still see some retailers selling NESS for 70€! RETAILERS!

Also today arrives some Amiibo, and my JIgglypuff is coming with my Splatoon Squid edition.. didn't order Inkling Boy or Girl because I thought they'd be more available but... SO far I haven't gotte for what I want is Rosalina, MetaKnight, Shulk and Robin.

My only chance is to buy online.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

Oh. The online retailers here have already getting greedy themselves. One is selling (in stock) Ness amiibo for 70€.
Fit Trainer and Marth can be found at 40€

ANd I agree, if everything is sold out, there is damn well space in shelves

I have one order in 3/4 of amiibos is reserved, waiting for Robin and all they know is "28 days". Maybe.

Damn it if my Splatoon is held back because Jiggypuff is in same order.

Also my MetaKnight/Shulk order is somewhere with N/A



Finntendo commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

You do realise they try to get as much as they can people on servers at the same time? Like someone commented yesterday, demo is for them, not for us. And who knows if they make it playable demo before realease.

(I have Inklingbundle pre-ordered. Jiggypuff amiibo is released on same day so I have that in same order...I hope it doesn't hold back my Splatoon)

But time is nice. First one I miss since I am working at 06-07, but others are 14-15 and 22-23 - hooray!



Finntendo commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

And these kids weren't at school I think. Well, they already locked the iPad so no that for kids, but still. I don't store my card info anywhere even it is just me and my hubby.

I guess they are getting their money back and in their case the bank had closed the card when there was "strange" activity so it could have been worse.



Finntendo commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

Oh I'd like these, but no hits where I live and I don't even know if there is any hotspots in my country anymore. In Stockholm I also checked few places that should have those, but nothing.... I think only ones I've ever seen was in NYC and Berlin.

(Now that Zelda Symphony was pretty good to get SP hits )



Finntendo commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:


Oh we have lots of these! We've also fined MS for IE and WMP being preinstalled...and was there something else? Now Google is sued for something similar.

And I agree this is good thing. I mean, how someone can be bothered that it is set this way in Europe? Safety thingie for kids, teens/adults don't care or don't think it's anything special.

So eShop can be put behind password. Last week one friend wrote his card is be misused and 400€ gone. Then he realised his kids had been playing with iPad and buying stuff and their mom had stored card information and kids had seen her typing the password. I told wouldn't it be easier not to store the card info.

As for someone mentioning baseball games. Now who on earth in Europe would like to play those?

I went to Yankees game when I was in NYC and jeebus it was boring. I thought it was about the game, but apperantly it was about hot dogs and beer. We have our own version of baseball in Finland and it much faster and more exciting to watch



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):


Nope, supports also Wii's classic controller (or that's what my cover said).

I try not to spoil too much - I really liked the game, it's bit different and in a way, horrorish - and, one thing that may annoy is that dungeons are kinda time limited. But with that price - you cannot go wrong.

And Torrent Peak boss... 'nuff said :/



Finntendo commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:


Yes you should.
I always planned to play just few hours and ended up playing 6. Finished with 167h, tho didn't finish everything that could have been done. OST is also one of the best - ever.

I am not going to buy copy of this, but I do have Monado covers on my N3DS - oh so pretty (okay, basicly that has my hubby's NNID and it is "his" and he got really excited about the colours and changed those right away)



Finntendo commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):


Oh Bubble Bobble! Somewhere around level 30 that music really starts to get you....

I've never had this MK since I never owned DS. But I don't mind lack of online, I never even played MKW online....

..the only thing I don't get is why this is on Wii U....



Finntendo commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st...:


I've had SNES with few games, but I bought N64 used from a friend in 2000 or 2001 - three controllers, four games (V-Rally, F1, Goldeneye and NHL97) - then boght Perfect Dark and both Zeldas for it (and recently F-Zero X). That time games just were difficult to obtain and I'd never ask my parents (I was 15 at 2000) to buy me a game and money I got from work was used to other stuff. I bought Perfect Dark locally (we somehow had Nintendo retailer near but I disliked that couple and still do) and it cost damn 75e! (But ha! THey were selling GC Zelda bundle+memory+two used games for 70e. I bought it, noticed no memorycard so they let me choose from new games. I chose Zelda Four Swords and sold the console for 45e since I already had one (Read: WW and LoZ Four Swords for 35e) And 2013 I went to see if they still have Nintygames, so for 10e I got Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX (platinium, but still new) )
So even Gamecube I got bit late since it was given by my sis 2006 or 2007, Wii I did buy on 2007. And first DS was the Fire Emblem Awakening edition

So yes, I will buy the game and I think being old isn't problem. I am still enyoying SMW (even I borrowed cartridge to one boy and never got it back * sob * )



Finntendo commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:


Well it is turning 11 this year... (see, since I've owned handheld only few years, I've barely paid attention to Zeldas released to those systems )
LTTP was so mindblowing experience for me when I was a kid, borrowed it from kid living in the same village, the map that came with the game and all..
But now that you mention Minish Cap, I really should play it since I bought it for Wii U....

But yeah, others like cats and others like dogs.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):


Wohoo! Someone agreeing with me about the English voice in XC! Besidse, now that Jenna Coleman (Melia) has been in Doctor Who, I don't think I could take it seriously..

For me, I don't think discussion in English would be that bad but since they shout all the time in battle, it annoys me and it is less annoying in Japanese.



Finntendo commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

So do you like any of the old Zelda games? (except Zelda 2)

I, pesonally, am just so obsessed with LTTP that LBW was, oh so good!

For those making to top 10, I didn't vote OoT (even it's awesome game, but N64 for me), Smash or Luigi's Mansion. I had Tomodachi, Kid Icarus and... something. Edit: That something was FF CC



Finntendo commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

..the thing with Ninty. Then can still slap you with some amazing stuff on E3 (or Nintendo Directs at that time). Nothing, nothing, nothing, you watch ND and BAM. You are poopitypooping you pants when you realise it's something mindblowning Nintygames are on their way and fast!

I mean, LBW was bit surprise. MM release fast after official announcement. I mean, E3 is in June, they have plenty of time to once again, catch us all pants down (and sceam at our screens OMGOMGOMGOMG! )

I love Ninty. I love their non-buggy games. I watch gameglitches on youtube and wonder why I don't see the funny stuff in my games, but it's Nintendo.

Okay fine, AC III and IV, but the first one is so buggy that I don't know if it's even funny.