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Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

Watch Dogs for WiiU has been ready for month, they just haven't released it. And keeping the price that high, the sales will be bad and now SSB coming out (after that people have already spent their money on HW, Bayo and MK DLC :P )

Not with that price, no thank you. I'll just wait. Besides, I'm still playing HW like mad, now MK8 DLC is out and even haven't touch Bayo's (1 and 2) and still theres SSB waiting to take my money XD

As for Ubisoft. Raymans are great (and Child of Light).. but seriously. The amount of bugs their games have, AC being extremely great example (I don't know should I laugh or cry when I've watched clips of bugs on Unity). I bet first time wee see WD on sale will be after Christmas.

it's almost like AC is meant to be always full of bugs so we can have a laugh :P



Finntendo commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:


French was 20e cheaper. Postage from UK was almost same number, only currency different ;) I was always just so used to order from UK when they had their super saver delivery but then they had to end it.

In my country, we also used to have place we can order cheaper, island called Åland (it was like Jersey was to UK). Anything below 42e had no tax so lots and lots of stuff was shipped thru there. They even built a new building for post there because increase was so mad. .... and then the state ruined it :P Our VAT is 24% with all of this kind of stuff...



Finntendo commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:


Oh I thought Link maybe preordered full. German Amazon has Link Amiibo, but it doesn't have controllers or game with adapter :P

I've been comparing and that I plan to buy two controllers as well and that will buy online since Finland one costs 45e (without shipping).

I usually check all UK, France (bought HW LE there, speak no french :P ) and Germany. I am always wondered if other countries have the websites that compare item prices.

We have two websites that you can check prices and I always use it for games, accessories or any other gadget I may buy, to see where is it cheapest.

...And I haven¨t even preordered the game. I just hate that if I preorder now, they'll just email me and say that sorry, you'll get yours in two weeks when we get more of these (happened to some with Bayo). So I guess I take my chances to see what my closest stores say on release day.



Finntendo commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

16,90e cheapest in Finland, of course shipping (going from few euros and up). Amazon has 10+ pounds, just counting as well which is cheaper.

Link of course (meh, and Zelda and Sheik and Toon Link) and MegaMan for hubby.

Coolshop (since you mentioned Denmark) has those for 21,90, even with free shipping it's insane. Maybe they drop it some point (they are nice, at one point you got minifigure of Danish football palyers :P )



Finntendo commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:

I'm just calculating here... I'd get two SSB4GC controllers in price of 58e.In my country, you get one for 45e. I have two contollers (one normal and one wavebird). Why I did not buy these when I'd gotten for 20e.

I will buy physical copy so if I ever get 8 to play... it's four for the GC and rest can use motes and one pro controller (well, I also have two Wii CCP)



Finntendo commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:


Ha, I didn't like Wario Gold Mine on Wii and still don't like it.

As for Mute City. The music just brings so much memories and it being the last track, the music change when results are up, made me laugh. Kind of nice tribute to F-Zero (at least in SNES version, I don't remember if others had it). And Mute City music as still kind of MK feel to it :)

But it may be that Jet Bike will be changed to Blue Falcon..... :D (not sure about driving with Link tho)



Finntendo commented on Video: Nintendo Unleashes a Super Smash Bros. ...:

I thought Wii U would support only 4 (plus GamePad) but I guess three more then if they say it's 8 player. Unless it's like StarDust4Ever said: 4x GC contoller and.. erm... 4 for CCP or Mote? or one plays with gamepad?

5 people on my sofa and the rest next to it. I think my 42" Bravia can handle this.

Except..I only have two GC controllers.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Reveals 11 amiibo Super Smash Bros. F...:

MegaMan. Oh my husband will be so happy! He's been very upset MegaMan not being amiibo (yet) :D

I first thought I'll just get Link. But Zelda would be cool too. And now you offer me Sheik, Toon Link and Shulk - even Shulk looks awful XD

Maybe I'll eventually buy and just hide from my hubby :D
(and Rosalina and Bowser) Even if I don't use those, I'll just admire them.

Oh Nintendo, with all the money I've given you, what else I could have boguht!

Edit: And Captain Falcon from the first release!



Finntendo commented on Talking Point: The Majora's Mask 3D Reveal Sho...:

I think Ninty has done well keepng MM low so long. I mean, they've must have been working with it for a while if it's released in 6 months.

MM is the only one that I've never finished. Like so many LoZ games, got annoyed by water tempe (or Great Bay temple or whatever it is in MM). Also, I wasn't much of a gamer then, maybe I should give it a try now. The point and fuzz about MM is exactly that it's so different from main LoZ games. It is creepy and dark, world is going to end. First 3 days are annoying but once you can start changing the time, it gets better.
Of course this puts off many fans. (for me OoT will always be superior to MM)

So for me, Direct opening with MM, kind of like flying squirrel hitting my face (LBW trailer caused the same reaction).

Treatments must have taken it's toll with Iwata, looked skinnier. But yay for mr. Iwata and oh that silly mr. Miyamoto!

I dared to say "they won't be saying anything about Shovel Knight" and yet they did. Splatoon looks great.

Hmm, so what else. I was watching Direct yesterday in the car so my brain isn't picking up everything.



Finntendo commented on Developers Reflect on F-Zero As It Passes Ten ...:

They say there's nothing new to give. But today, seriously? It has the potential to be a kickass racing game (look at MK and Sonic All Star Racing). There is always markets for driving games and do it well like those three (original, X and GX) and it will sell. Especially there wasn't one for Wii.
I think racing games are always more value to be played again and again than any other game.

I've mostly played SNES version. The whole sountrack is saved in my memory. IT's a kickass sountrack. I am shamed to admit, after playing SNES ;) GX was rather way too speedy for me, I haven't tried it much tho.

Last week I bought X, finally. Haven't yet tried (busy with HW and now Bayonetta)

hums the Big Blue theme



Finntendo commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

With all the updates... there isn't any space left with 8gb. Seriously...
I DO understand, that 8gb + external is as good, but if someone thinks they can go on with only the console... well of course if nothing from eSHop.

I am bit annoyed that you need the space when you buy games from eShop. You cannot buy and install later. Noticed this last Christmas, when tried to buy RER. Thankfully sales brought 1TB WD for me for 70e.

NBA 2K13 is for example 20GB - but of course, you can buy it physical.



Finntendo commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

It has been said many times, but seriously. What ever you use, you accept the agreement.

You create bankaccount, agreement.
You install programme to your pc/tablet/phone, agreement
You install any gama to your pc/phone/tablet, agreement
You register to NintendoLife, agreement
Any service or messageboard or anything - agreement.

If you just play the games they offer, there's no reason to decline.

Hah, the only agreement (ToS) I read more carefully are the changes that Facebook makes :P Oh well, I never post anything that I'd regret later.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Celebrates Super Smash Bros. and Wii ...:


Yeah, NHL I do understand but FIFA and MADDE..c'mon! :p But it's kind of sad that they push those out every year, sometimes with little changes and people buy those with no questions asked. And that's why they keep making those. I'd like to play NHL -game once again...

misses days with SNES and NHL95

X1 isn't really.. well, it is made for US. Europe goes with PS like it has always done. And then Ninty for Japan ;)

As for HW, oh I've played it so much! And Adventure mode, got even my hubby to play with me and he likes the game too (I just don't understand why the gamer like him cannot read what the mission is :D ) I hope the sales go up, if Smahs for U would bring up the hardware sales before Christmas.



Finntendo commented on Guide: How to Catch a Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:


Hah, I'm neary 30 and never played Pokemon since those started to be in when I was 15.. but still went for the code (Nordic Countries, Bergsala) and received it today and played and looked fun tho :D

I wonder if that 1000 for Nordic Countries in total? Probably...

...and now with this I've probably left out someone Pokemon fanboy :P



Finntendo commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

I was wondering what my gamepad had to tell this time, since there was that blue blinking....

I've preorded the game and usually the store ships it so it would arrive on release (24th this time) and I'm going away for the weekend on 24th XD Mayby I can touch the game before I go.



Finntendo commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Release Dates Conf...:

Tax refund is paid on 4th Dec! (yay 950e for me!) A week there or here, I don¨t care. Waited my HW for 10 extra days.

That black controller with the game logo would be cool and kinda "unique" BUT I've had my eye on Yoshi version... and promised my husband he can get the pink Peach version if he really wants :P. But then again, I have GC with one controller and working Wavebird (or what the wireless one is).

My husband got excited about Amiibos but then realised there is no MegaMan (I said probably because it Capcom's).

The language thingie annoys sometimes. Stick with English so even those in central Europe would learn it better :P (It's funny, in Germany you get along even you don't have the same language. In Spain, when they realise that you don't speak Spanish, the situation gets little awkward and then you just walk away because they don't want to serve)

erm.. moving on...



Finntendo commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

Multiplayer and daggers. 'Nuff said.

I never finished the game, problem was my lack of English (or the vocabulary used in the game) back then so I eventually I guess I didn¨t undestand the mission and there was time and something... I do have Wii version, played it once and it crashed and never really tested that if it was the disc or just one time. Problem today is too much games.

Wasn't that bad (playing) once you got hang of it. Now it probably would be horrible when used to today's controlling.



Finntendo commented on Event: Mario Kart 8 UK Championship 2014 At EGX:


Oh I know, you are the one in the pic with Mario Cap, head down when seeing Pro Contoller in front of you!

But the even looked awesome!
Thankfully there isn¨t any in my small country and if there was, they'd be in capital and I live middle of nowhere... :P



Finntendo commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

@Fazermint Exactly :D

It's kind of funny where every you read gamingnews. In Nintynews, there is ALWAYS box and ps players commenting, complaining and whining "die Ninty" "Kid's console" etc. but you never see Nintyplayer going around PS or Box news and doing the whining. We are above that :P ( I do own older PSs)

And do they really think that whining and whining will get them a game?

But like someone said, they really don't have much to play at the moment (give me one OMGWONDERUFLGAME! for Ps4 and XBone that is only for those and not also for 360 and 3)



Finntendo commented on Hyrule Warriors Battles Its Way to Number 3 in...:


I did pre-order but not arrived yet (haven't check today's mail tho). I checked website on Thursday and it said delivered. I actually don't even know where the game is coming from. I ordered HW LE from Amazon France and it said it won't be here until 30th.



Finntendo commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):


Hah, I have no idea what the emails say since I don't speak French XD But it had estimated delivery date!
I usually order from UK Amazon or Germany, but I didn't see one in UK store and when I did - it was gone.



Finntendo commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):


I agree. I'm annoyed when people try to consider this as LoZ game.

It is not. Stop treating it like as. Or saying "this isn't typical LoZ game". Because it is not. Even Mr. Iwata said so.

My copy is sent.



Finntendo commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

I got my black GC from my sister, who had bought it for only MKDD. So MKDD is very special. And then I got Soul Calibur 2, awesomeness. For long I searched for Wind Waker but the price was insane, even when used. Then I locally found a place that was selling WW bundle + 2 used games + memorycard for 80e. (WW alon was 50-60e). So I bought it, it had no memory card, I complained and the owners (not really knowing so much about that stuff) finally gave me a chance to pick one of the "new" games instead. Of course I had my eye on Four Swords! (I saw it when I picked up the bundle). So, with 80e I got WW and 4S and sold the console for 45e :P

Erm so... I never managed to build hge library with GC, still would like some games for it. But I guess I almost knew this was coming, since on Sat I digged GC out to the open and played Double Dash with my husband :D

And the Wind Waker. Made me so happy.



Finntendo commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:


Well, in euroworld, found LE only 10e more expensive than just the game.
But I must admit selling LE game like this is ...absolutley stupid. It is - like someone said - in Europe, so much "NoE" goes on "only for UK residents only".

French Amazon still has these btw. And in Finland there was a few places that sold these (and were pre-ordered fast).



Finntendo commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:


Oh I know that. And that's what I pre-ordered. Not starting to fight for 15k copies edition :P But "special edition" is how you find that basic two-disc version. And that LE probably won't shop up in Finnish sites.

This is sometimes bit confusing, all the Special editions and Limited editions going around... :D



Finntendo commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

Awww, and just before I landed here on NL this morning, I pre-ordered that special edition from Finnish store for 47e.

I've been ordering special editions lately (like theatrhtyhm curtain call, since the price wasn't much different than just the game in here) but since I paid this advance I don't think I bother to cancel and go for that really special edition.

I DID miss Hyrule Warriors LE, pre-ordred full everywhere I looked :/

I hope these would hit US as well, NOE has been doing kickass job with SEs lately :o



Finntendo commented on Feature: Introducing The New Challengers in Su...:

Wakka wakka wakka wakka...

Eh no, Wii Fit Trainer! ...and Shulk of course.

I am still seriosly thinking that instead of Pac-Man (even he is cool) Bandai Namco should have given Yoshimitsu to the game. I could almost see him doing his katana-riding move on Mario.

Greninja is meh for me, since I've never played Pokemon, don't care and probably never will :P

And this arctice here reminds me again that need to buy that new controller...



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (Europe):


Okay cool. So actually eShop price is similar to physical disc :D

And this time I'll so buy OoA and OoS for 3ds.

OoT 3D is tempting, but I do have original and Master Quest so... :P But it's such a great game that I don't think owning 3 versions is a problem (don't tell my husband)



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (Europe):

So what is this talk about 10% discount of HW? How much it will be priced on eShop? 49.90e? I started to doubt pre-ordering since I missed the LE . In Finland it seems to be from 48e to 60e. Ordering from UK would save a few euros even with postage.

Yeah, counting euros here :D



Finntendo commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

I like Ubi games. I watch vids on youtube about all the funny glitches their games have and it's cool to see those on your own while playing. Because glitches are the thing that Ninty's own games are missing :/

To be serious, releasing games later than to the other consoles doesn't really help the selling....



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):


Yup, I noticed this on Christmas while I tried to download RE:R :D Thankfully local store and 30% off everything between Christmas and New Year and hubby bought external drive before the offer ended :P

I think it's the only time I've yelled at my console and Ninty.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):


Well, the external drives aren't that expensive. I bought my 1TB WD Elements for 78e for WiiU. There it sits, quietly and ready for the games.
The crappy thing for the games are that you cannot buy and then download later, you cannot buy a big game if you don't have the space.

So Ubi is having a sale again. Too bad I own AV 3 and 4, ZombiU and Rayman Legends. Legends is such a great game!

Also, Child of Light - it's just wonderful!

(ps. lower the price of Ken's Rage!)



Finntendo commented on Yacht Club Games Gives a Shovel Knight Localis...:

Umm, you do realise that they won't be translating to every European language? But oh the big ones: German, Spanish, French, Italian.. don't know about Russian.
But I'll wait. Could bribe hubby to buy it on Steam but he'd never let me stay on his PC so long that I could actually play it..

It's amazing how well we played games as a kid even everything has always been in English and we start studing it on 3rd grade. Oh well, back in SNES days the instruction booklet was in Finnish. Or at least a printed paper with some instructions (like F-Zero GX :D ).

Yet my coffee machine is even harder to maintain, since the only piece of instruction I have is in German (lol, studied that for 7yrs and all I can do is order a beer and count numbers.. )