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Finntendo commented on The Legend of Zelda New Nintendo 3DS Cover Pla...:

Ohoh! I preordered this before the news here! I've been furiously searchng when they appear. Finnish stores seem to have preorders open.

I actually have order in two places. First I preordered those from cheaper place but then I don't trust their stock system, I ordered from website that I know will stop taking preorders once full. I really have to cancel the other one and hope I do get the latter.

I have so manypreorders running that it's hard to keep up with! :D

CDON still has both available for preorder (MM and Xenoblade - it's the site tho that I am not so sure can they keep up with preorders)



Finntendo commented on GameStop Italy Lists Majora's Mask New Nintend...:


Finland is in Europe so it has the same region than Italy :P

Of course console rsing in Europe doesn't really help those in US.


I thought CDON uses same stock for all the countries, but doesn't seem so. Finnish site has no that console left.Webhallen shows the same thing (that it can be ordered) ...Webhallens website is so basicly is in Finnish but, there is still Swedish mixed and some odd translations.

I kind of like that Limited Edition is limited, but why we start to be out of stock with everything ...? Well games are still there, but everything else. Doesn't Ninty believe that they sell or do they just create anger and fuss so their items would get more desirable...?



Finntendo commented on GameStop Italy Lists Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

A Finnish webstore Verkkokauppa had a few yesterday, but seems those are sold out now - besides, wouldn' t matter since they only deliver inside the country. (I was pretty annoyed since I thought they were already sold out in pre-order so I went with basic 3ds)

There seems to be one on Finnish online store called VPD, price 329 :/ (I guess you can order from other country, you just have to contact them beforehand)



Finntendo commented on Club Nintendo in Japan is Full of Delightful T...:

Oh and make it digally downloadable!

Meanwhile Europe gets nothing new, The Nordic Countries are still left out like all this time CN existed. Yes, we get codes from games but no use - with Wii you could use stars to get Wiipoints, since with Wii you could change your country. I think I have some 8000 stars...



Finntendo commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:


AAH! Forgot to visit GS when I was in Helsinki. I was planning to but I got distracted :D

Last wawe, the only one I actually got from my PreOrders was MegaMan.

We don't have hoarders but seems like the country itself is getting very little of Amiibos. And in a way, only a few carry those (like my both two local Gigantti, neither one has Amiibos - other is crappy with games anyways)... Which reminded me that I have to check BR Toys today. I always forget they have Nintygames and yes, amiibos (I checked it when the first ones came).
Link doesn't seem to be problem anymor here. I see plenty of stocks.

So far I got Link, Zelda, Sheik, Cpt Falcon, Pikachu, StarFox, MegaMan, Villager , Yoshi, Ike, Marth, Samus, Kirby, ToonLink.

About the stories... eeew that manager. Since it's a chain, I'd contacted someone on upper level.



Finntendo commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

Here getting MegaMan doesn't seem to be a problem (it still available from CDON) but everything else in this wave. 30days - Dedede, Shulk, MetaKnight. Basicly everything else is out of stock except Link, Zelda, DK, DiddyK, Pikachu, Luigi, Mario, Samus.



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby. Even not 10e discount, 19.99 is still cheaper than trying to find it phsyical (and when you do, it's 40e).

Upcoming Sin and Punishment... bought it year ago for 14.90 and still available for that in stores, if you can find it.



Finntendo commented on GameStop Pushes Back Some Wave 3 amiibo Pre-Or...:


I feel sorry for US too :/ I finally got my Marth, restocked on CDON (seems they sold all). Hubby brought Kirby and Toon Link from one store - Rosalina, Ike and Sheik I ordered, but Rosalina got delayed. I am worrying about MegaMan since it's all hubby wants. But truly hope I can get it.. pffft. Maybe I have to put up another preorder, haven't really done it with Amiibos.

I've barely seen any Kirby's, now I cheked the store site hubby bought one from (they show all their supplies online, how much and where) and it is gone. I am glad I asked him to buy it :)



Finntendo commented on Hironobu Sakaguchi to be Honoured with Lifetim...:


Oh FF VI is so great - I do like all IV, V and VI, but even with all sadness and madness (and refers to nazis IMHO), the story is just. Wonderful. And makes you laugh every now and then (yay for Edgar!) - and it has my all time fave villain : Ultros :D

My FF games have stopped at X



Finntendo commented on Ubisoft Launches Yet Another Massive eShop Sal...:

I just bought Rabbids land for 4.90e from eShop before Christmas :P

I have some of those, but Rayman Legends and Child of Light really worth the money - if you can :P

And hasn't RL being cheaper than that - 19e? Or has it been that just in Europe?

And the bad thing with bigger games that yeah, you can get physical games cheaper.



Finntendo commented on Weirdness: Even Masahiro Sakurai Struggles to ...:


Ah yes, would think they'd stock more once it comes out.

I just ordered Rosalina, Ike and Sheik - only Rosalina it says from "4-6 days". Stupid me, could have waited for a week since hubby is going to city that has one gaming store that has (for now) Rosalina in stock. But since I'e paid already, I really don't bother to change my order. I hope they do get Rosalina this week or I'd prefer to change it to something they have.

Pit, oh I saw those too. But only a few left - I may check tomorrow, if those are still there and maybe buy. Maybe.

I'd still like to know what's the point with this lack-of-stock. Didn't Ninty expect them to sell this well?



Finntendo commented on Weirdness: Even Masahiro Sakurai Struggles to ...:


I was wondering should should I start a business, since my only local store that sells Amiibos had Little Macs (didn't buy one since he doesn't interest me) :D And the store hasn't had Marth or Fit Trainer or Villager or wave two was also missing a few characters.

I managed to grab Villager from CDON (they also have this "get email notification once it's again in stock and ordered right away when I got the email - the same thing never happened with Marth)

Is that Germany pic from Saturn..? Visited one in Berlin a year ago, now that's a size for electronics store :P



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (Europe):

I, too, have tried to find Trilogy cheap. But have failed and then not bought it since some other games came and so on.. I do have the first Prime for GB, bought it for 5e I think two years (as new - I got F-Zero GX and Prime for 10e together)



Finntendo commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:


Same here. I really don't care for the English dubbing, didin¨t use it in XC more than had to (changed to Japanese first thing when it was possible) and same is going to be with this one.

Besides, even I do watch lots of English spoken shows without subtitles, those are still easier to keep up with than spoken language (well there is probably subtitles on/off even with dubbing)



Finntendo commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:


Yeah. It kind of looks so basic but I like the logo on it. (tho I was bit sad when LBW edition came out). It's not too much. And now I was sure I'll get the next Zelda edition, but I am not going to spend 300e (plus postages): GameStops here has reasonable price for it, but nearest is 200km from me so... and I guess you have to visit store to get stuff.

If there is still stock later this year after the buzz is gone, maybe I get it and sell the regular that I am orderning now.

...And then they say Nintendo is dying :D



Finntendo commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:


Well, it's Bergsala that has Ninty under its wings here in Nordic countries and I don't know why they haven't joined CN network. Few years ago in Finland it was AMO that had Nintystuff here and then Bergsala bought them (or something). I think they could create one for the Nordic countries, we already have several online retailers that ship to all to nordic countries (Webhallen, CDON, Discshop).

But our games include those PINs :P

And now amazingly in online stores have bundles that have console+MM physical game and Skull Kid figurine :O

EDIT: But I do understand that somehow stopping this kind of robbery (even there is two sides). eBay banning preorder sales would be one.



Finntendo commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I'd have a change to pre-order MMedition but it's damn 300e!
And one store is giving the figurine :O

But then again, I own now XL - will I be disappointed if I buy regular 3ds? Because I don't want plain colour one (I have XL FE edition)



Finntendo commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:


And then the countries that DON'T HAVe Nintendo Club (like the Nordic Countries) are left out.

I'd never dare to buy preorder from eBay or so. And I blame those who go to buy from them.

I checked some Finnish (and Nordic websites). CDON doesn't take preorders anymore, Verkkokauppa is sold out, VPD and Coolshop has preorder still available - I guess.
The problem is that I don't know how fast they update their stock.

Of course US is more problematic since you seem to have lots of these "only at" thingies going on.

Heck, I ordered LBW special edition from uk, got everything until day when it should have shipped they said they don't have it. Sorry (tho I got the poster :D )

I am mostly just thinking should I go with XL MM edition or just to buy normal 3DS with MM covers :P (have FIre Emblem XL atm)



Finntendo commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

MM edition has the game preinstalled. Who says it is not?

CDON seems to be here the only one who as it available, for wonderful 299.95e price!

Of course that site is known for slapping items there for sale with made up price and then they fix it when they actually know what's the price. Today's Xl seems to cost there from 190e to 200e.

And the basic black model seems to cost 230e



Finntendo commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

One thing is sure, I think I need to put some money on the side...

It's hard to decide one, even I voted for Zelda. Zelda, X and Splatoon.

That list, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is the one I don't except that muchies...



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe):

There was a reason why those are released for Wii U and not 3DS. I am sure I read about it last summer or so. Was it that 3DS could not emulate those and the ambassador games were just something unique they created.

Bit disappointed that Shovel Knight is on sale already :P But it has been totally worth the money.

Anyways, FE for me. I just managed to transfer funds and I am downloading the Xmas offers so enough for me to play...



Finntendo commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

DD and MK8. Voted for DD. I love the co-op there. MK8 has just so much more, more stuff. I miss Petey from DD and playing that I drove and hubby threw items and punched.

And Wii wasn¨'t bad either :D



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Download: 25th December (Europe):

I actually don't own 3D World... time to move some euros to card that I can use in eShop.

I know Rabbids Land is awful but maybe, maybe. I love Rabbid mayhem.

I already saw on CDON WatchDogs for 22e :P, now seems to be 30e.

Child of Light is totally worth the money - it is amazing game with wonderful sounds and wonderful looks, same with Rayman Legends. probably the only ubi games with little of glitches (and ZombiU). :D

And Goomba theme!



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

Unless in GameStops (there isn't any near me).. the stores don't either have Amiibos or they have only 9 (Mario, Link, DK, Peach, Starfox, Samus, Pikachu, Yoshi - Okay, 8 - I am not sure if I've seen Kirby either.

I went thru the gaming websites and nothing. Especially those four not mentioned (Trainer, Villager, Marth, Kirby).

The store I bought my Link and Yoshi - they must have sold those from their net store, since I cannot find it anymore. So I do hope, when January comes - internet retailers find some in stock and order since I am not getting near any place that I could find Villager. Or Marth.

I wasn't plannig to get these, but damn I just like figures... waa waa waa.



Finntendo commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

Wait... I just bought F-Zero X few months ago!

I bought N64 used from a friend for 600FIM (about 100e) with four games, three controllers. I hated that you had to buy extra stuff, such as Extension Pack.

Golden Eye, multiplayer and throwing knives.

And of course it gave us also OoT and MM. I never really had money or ways to buy games, since I think GC was already out and I was still a teen and less and less places were selling games here. And I remember those mad days at internet auctions trying to get OoT and finally MM. And Perfect Dark.
V-Rally also gave so much laugh when playing with my sister.

Still have few games to buy, even tho I just bought StarFox64 3D (because found it cheap)

Conrtoller is huge, but after all getting used to it. Different ways to hold it.

Would you like to hear it again? :P



Finntendo commented on Nintendo Dismisses Rumours That The GameCube C...:

Thankfully, seriously, I ordered adapter and two controllers on 15th Nov from French Amazon. When they still had those and the price was ok :P

Has Ninty been afraid that the controllers and adapter won't see or what¨s the problem? If they make one, they must have thought of that there's a market for those.
Same goes with Amiibo.

C'mon Ninty! People are throwing money your way and you screw up your chances not having stuff to sell!

I have to say... I've checked 7 of local markets that sell gaming stuff and only one has had Amiibos - and that one didin¨t have Villager. I just have to order online.... (seems to be in stock)



Finntendo commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U Basic Bundle Heading f...:


Well, EU (tries) to save its own, since cannot really let one country crash... (cough Greece cough ). I think every western economy was hit 2009-2011 for what started from US.

Anyways, about the bundles. Buy 8GB and external. Buy 32 and external anyways, if you are going to download anything bigger from eShop :P



Finntendo commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

I'd think Villager, for example, there would be later use. So somewhat I don't believe it. Or they'¨ll be dropped some point but two weeks after release?

My local store where I got Link and Yoshi, it didn't have those three. But Villager I want anyways so I may be ordering online, since there's a store that has free shipping.



Finntendo commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

I think Ninty is pretty good for shutting up and then it slaps us with the data and all and oh, this will be released in 6 months (MM for example. And I think LBW came out of nowhere...for me at least).

But I can imagine difference between those two developers.

And yes Ninty. Now that FE:A gave HUGE boost to FE series, remake of PoR (and maybe RD) thank you.

..I did manage to get RD when it was still available and reasnoable place but stupid me didin't get the PoR.



Finntendo commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Now Up For Sale:


With shipping, I guess you cannot get lower than that Anttila price. Besides, Anttila (at least the one near me) got only Link, Starfox, Pikachu, Yoshi, Peach, DK, Mario (wasn't there more released?)

Local Prisma had no Amiibos, Gigantti I don't even bother anymore (19e seems to be, my nearest two doesn't even sell any gaming stuff anymore). My local stores seem to hate Ninty.

If you order something else from other country, then you may get some cheaper (like French Amazon)



Finntendo commented on PDP GameCube-Style Wired Fight Pads for Donkey...:

I think Yoshi looked cool and so does Link, but. I have two original GCs (wavebird and the original black) and managed to order two more before out of stock (well, I hope those are arriving) or price going up. Bit mad at myself that didn¨t buy those original, white ones before the huge fuzz...

Oh yea. Had 3rd party controller for GC and it wasn't that good and ended up not working.

As for best ever...GC is good. 360 is great (hubby uses it for PC) and WiiU pro is pretty much similar, which is great - especially compared to Wii's CCP.